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3/4 A Crash course in topos theory : the big picture

Video in TIB AV-Portal: 3/4 A Crash course in topos theory : the big picture

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3/4 A Crash course in topos theory : the big picture
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I will sketch an overall picture of topos theory and of the theory of locales. It includes the notion of sheaf on a site, the notion of forcing topology, of geometric morphism and Giraud's theorem. A useful principle is that a topos is a commutative ring-like object. Every topos is a quotient of a free topos, like every commutative ring is a quotient of a polynomial ring.
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a media Over time to I'm going to go to home to him this morning I have felt the supposed to this is it most of the time the important thing about the progress
of the start of the the discussing it with the In the month the
good will of the people in the of this it was the kind of people most of it the 2 of them aside from it is 1 of the the what is the alternative these people continued in improve the world the German Grand Island so I will describe the more precisely what it's made earlier this said something of a this is the world the wonders of the world who was instrumental in the category of disease policy which is that of old and new somehow long to stay the course and thinking of the movement of apology and providing some kind elections so so that they can be called so you can you know what I wanted my fuel which is due to the attitude of the security interest rate will be proposed to hew to the loses some of its isn't anything more than just most continue may want to hear from you wouldn't want to lose you may want to see is the sort of thing that uses the power of the the coaltion and at the recent apology Tuesday when the data called for the report from the great on you if you so it wouldn't discuss this
question of caution and apologies 1st lady we assume that this is so full that the heralded children and civility without the assent of the Polish and
some of the areas of illiteracy
and you want to the caution
of of school lessons the
lower portions it is prudent so as to identify motivate
me because of all these vessels we have to the people who
almost all the universal
well what you're doing on Monday at a meeting in background is that you consult with Congress over allegations of you won't find many things "quotation mark the universal most this there will ,comma restoration in the park but you indicating so that this is something very nice hat that this caution right the soaring let me right to the fall of the Soviet Union at the end of it it news of the incident on the it I need In the end of the a small component the men and the words the following their change in the weather failed to see the difference between in the 2 senior ministers on this on there so numerous cases of it when this is all this amount religion also encompasses In the new rocket and find out was accused of these kind of things we polishing this subset of them is actually the review any of this is the area that is on the other and that the the group also of called have government in all
of this ruled that the along with its implementation is here in what was just said the so-called
sample that is moreover the smell of course all of our the
citizens of quality "quotation mark and incentives for the Stonewall and numerous universities occasions through the solar this is slower and the and since this is located on the he good there included where the title of which is the only religion and link them to the point of the problems of the balances grew from our experience for lot all on freedom of solid thanks to the
support of the world and it would really be
all the people were all on the
assumption that all of this in the spirit of the law and was in the past and that for all of this year
all of this would be wonderful words In the waters of people who there it is the solution the universal province on findings it sole you have to conditions in the control of the for all of you in the water and from the it was the end of the 1 of the reasons like this is a crime should follow them the basic went interests of the community it said and
so will the Bruce therefore I mean this
year and the feeling is that this image of poor people make it out of the that's the only thing that this could not and what is it that the coach and friend would like to have cautioned you pronounce it was satisfying musical fueling opportunities says that this so that a citizen of the Union rules should remind vision and I just told you go through with this should of the rule of some Sunday the governments all that is really the electoral what is the coalition of Maine and what is the solution to the problem in the remaining aspects of so but you needed that to 5 years the usage and all political I'm not going to be in Ireland should let us during of friend In the end the president of the board of the International Boulevard from Room here so I will eventually got in the way of so we should get rid of the Ireland a father is so sources say all or some of the provisions of the constitution and conditions of GE on part of what made it means that the energy in industry the EU and In all the but as you if you standard on the but will battle for the decision of the heart then the same construction gave you a principal "quotation mark because of the caution To them and solve the problem of the cautioned that adjustment to be given system so this is a like saying again that he I know what evaluation you only have also generated very often but that's the way you want to check if something not need please check for everybody 1 to that against this I'm not difficult to prove like you live longer and longer periods of snow will the theory is that the it I'm hoping not this pattern is just repeating itself in Thailand in the shooting this is that this is the kind of like you to make a point about the the fact that received on which is the of being so if you have a poster the president of the US war In the previous year forces of Donald section of the media on the other side is the conclusions of the the on The Sopranos an so that this isn't the solution of the problem but it happens that the era of these also authorized soccer it's a brand new and often have fled but as a friend and this is not this is a friend but it's not the French freely on the the French created by the presence
of such a move would 1st have to fly the if you to
to call it we completed by suppressing the trial community generated by the is a list on this route generators Of course on the World the name of the 1 In the new year and bodies consider I'm so happy relations between Parliament and the sponsors relations with the generator of the new fee and friend the Russians In the decision of the people of in the group and the man who was on between now and again at the end of the 1st elections since the end of the community which is there this is end of alterations his thoughts this is theirs it was want you see this as a rule you also while while hundreds of leads through the media as the sole events but that cannot rise is arrested in the future that is because the 7th year belongs to the notions of frame it as soon as there is covered by the national this well I can say that happen by instead whereabouts was voted so there are a variety of measures I want to violations it means losing followed us in a series of France and I cannot write his election interview so that this is because of this and want is not a the function of variations in interviews since selective the centralization of the user but that was the 1st stop of the major and in the 1st place names that are the being used government the year the title of his desire in because this is what it is going to be on the receiving end of long with this is the wiring and the like the is not generic I mean if there is the only 1 of the main that is the NYT I need worry about being will be equal 1 of only the because the unit that embedding preserving the section with the exists but 1 of the reasons for the intersection just who is not a representative but whatever it is will be redressed so far things are resented and you have the floor leader who relations and it is an easy and to size it said that this is a the creation of of the EP it in theory of 2 presidents the the group has 1 of the problems that led to the head in the and fall that satisfy the school with a Ferrari 1 of them it would be the the mere extensions which was invalid Communications Group for instance of sections of the comments Monday by people at the center of the rules in Europe last notice that the salaries and then he ruled that the current deserved this session just from companies to 1 journalist is exactly what we need is a group that so many regular for foreign Over the course of the war and the and the more the character 1 so while the forms of the audio feed from the right number and the name of our services are to be being investors started so that implementation of the new user and areas as these and they please the violence was also that the all "quotation mark here agree yeah but but but what about the the man in the head .period there exists solely to call them at the start of the season so this notion here so this is what could
call a a prominent figures on the theory that prompted an airline is this through just follow from these politicians don't you just that would be on the Net the media interest in practice clean you will have a man from the I'm committed to support the view that functions something satisfying the foundation here and fuel this validation data including that of the publishers of the book is it is important to me that this was 1 of the other 3 where you of the other looking out for the 1st time in understanding the characters of this history with the character of the parental love for the 1st year it would the be useful in the distinctions the media coverage of the latest edition had dissatisfied elections have risen because this is the case where is the use of his product quality and destruction "quotation mark prior to the release of utilization here and most of those funds conditions and concerns that the solution of the people have already sold their and when he was shot Bush you may contact him from doing so and injured so that for a new allowed to have presentation of graduated from college in here From some of these activities of the you believe this so you should not follow the structure is not free but you you also broke quality of the image so that you don't need to figure closure in the and or the best marginal of versions of the new takes on Monday during a meeting of the motherland been elections so far as this standard is found in many uses than to the body's gardeners should satisfy some directions that the and then the apology and some of it was believed to be the largest in the office it added that the as you know the I have Clear Creek it is having an election year you may as well have original so questions during the sections and the at peak I think he is right in the form of the same the In of this crime think so yes Thomas as the contained this September the subset of socially and you want to say that yes ,comma and that's the whole fight the incident occurred in relation to the status of lower sections ,comma the generic and then you need to have said something to the coalition but this is currently invited to the event this section of the building prior to the the the we please know that creates the necessary conditions and then the notion that he is the violence that in that lot of Jesus in something like this he can you sleep is floor for all but this garbage here but there is a need to environment in the that this year the book is a lesson in Europe or review friends that I was at the beginning of the Greens completely "quotation mark portal to the the Senate takes center you have to be careful about the authors of the wrong this is where I want you to think about what you want before she In addition to the years of and that's what he wants and what was that all the history who could open acknowledgment last year this is the I'm cheating you it has become a leading things Simpson which and this is what will follow from central England you would like to know how to to construct this she occasions it would I send them here because wanted was to say what achieved and and then grown formerly known as the rest of our situation here something which is region is less selection of the Chief which is 1 of the few years so companies to work with them conditions there but of course you want to most and then I think that utilizes will you as usual in areas Our ignorant of the fact that she need to book some expect conditions on the analysts said nothing about compositions of covering the period from the 4th edition of 1 of the apology this tradable so involved .period received and will need to have an acceleration of the Protestant political position that I don't agree that what we do with whatever the Kings I suppose the same because of you I'm going to talk to you that you an all old because
indicators of of the scene and knowledge of things so because I indicated to him that it was time to construct a severity of the machinists in Britain New Year's the 1st thing she initially issued a statement in on the 1st page of the better than that and then by the body that happened this division is greater than the sum the but here it is because following dialed up so we just to talked of was the use of the lower cognitive areas of the 2 of you guessed it will be used I want you to know that with the conclusive evidence but we was yesterday that the yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly a year after you may think of this as part of the family and social life of of our bombs the other way Clark and others in the area and he wants to to follow the propositions you just so that I think is only in the world of the 1st thing you have a solution this is the free over a small community the regime and this is the culmination of a but they cautioned that in Hollywood will we think the effectiveness of created in the image practice in the sea and the family of a match between committees and Boris Said said Harold she said don't you say that something good is quite something this is the same difference in the amount of the aid from the U.S. called the use of women could not use his convertible is and for all for all of us you the name the being at the weather conditions that thinks that preceded differences not really became a berth in the outtakes thinks that using the and and then it happens .period theory on the Net on the full support of the government received only because of the size of the policy then this thing this is a complete in Paris rather than 1 have what is sometimes called organization this the solution of the university of the so you could call it clear the fault of with the empire is due to the global market 1 of the crew without the use of that time and 1st of all the maps advisers and that where you you have to do any of the blue and but analysts and the the consulate's extensions of comparable readings and it isn't hurdle for reviewing all you in on the Net of the here congress here that the physical quantities and member services solutions to problems of inverted and this century is often called presentable In a linguist at the end and of this solo and up-to-date peoples have to call presentable so loaded presentable locally Alves said this is all because I think it's so long presentable deliveries constructed this way you the small can you received you take small size of the old and new lose process here so it's not utilize calls to you said that you just can't hear the pedigree of the corners and generators and that's essentially is no on property than that in the last of all of this to you be I think about all the University of good about this book you call you will see you will just have to see what the qualities of the cotton grown in the areas of it will be at the top of the in the game the bill is also want I and 4 procedures but will stop the presentable start with a set of taxi in the movement of the animal allies U.S. and Europe yeah you don't miss I from a set of maps indicating the regime utilizes a mountain of presented but said that category somehow defines the decisions of you have to have the final completely the north of the quality of the festival Saturday you there's always start desert West German area the so that than the media aspects beyond those series these liked and Andrews the fact that the but then you want to know that you wonder if this locals and that's where this overall goal of the
quality haven't sold
out of most of the size of the apology here is that the that fight is the center of the water on the best of the year was so I'm choosing 1 waters on this because I the organization of the examples and this this is called coming see the phase of reserves and all it is the so it is necessary to some of the PC of sold you start a collection of more than 1 person like this and use of all that the collective is stable longer all that sold good condition that on and so on that means that you have something the last thing we need the look agreement is but over the years that in the comply with more modern the fire that the not once these conditions is that is satisfied and universe University this last year and this is all a side you don't need that the amount was last April of composition that only if you want to construct losing his she'd indication that it was the last that if something is achieved with respect to assume that more motorists the Houdini also achieved with respect the classes that you can vary the opposition could be achieved use of that that is the last of more and troops there is little of the result of construction of of the chief of the contracting fury began divided between Biden arbitrary said median dividing into 2 types of fighter jets right in the dust signal universal supporters yesterday it said Yuri reserving which gives audience management you exactly at the yesterday's if management is the holding of souls India has not world on the the important thing it is clear that the government had the former is look at the life and death of the said Sunday "quotation mark during the downturn in the reports yesterday losing more today about was beginning with the high court which is the parent of the incident so this is the the end of the year the trouble is that it's a good thing because of this it is seeking in that there totals also the findings and indeed the renewal of yesterday and the day after his vision of what the ruling of the endurance of energy a lot of for not giving another system this there is an old movies but the researchers which is not available president we the the so that's right that them
in it made but was in the the concert will have a president of the Union that is involved in the agreement there are problems in the irrespective of who ordered it it when I was at the end of the 1 of the founders the right animal was appalled there is no need for the other 1 is the leaders of the explosion so that the people in the community colleges and other companies that yesterday I was going to have to be ready he is a good news from some of the things that used to don't and locally had a goal made locally and this the is name of the notations follows cycles and look at all the sites in Iraq of the sole remaining the there is no combat because of this and this has prompted me to have pulled back in the office of the governor somewhat less but me but there is no universal the result and it is no lot the area of the use of this and a source what time of this interview room of the this and they are the ones that the moratorium there and there will also be on the existence of good collapse worse is unique not citizens that the last words to express the University of more often than you used to have adjust get on the pedigree of no 1 wanted to let you look at the factory where the desirable and that the result will want to get into the spirit and we want to work models are on the there is no evidence that it would be very leery of color I swear will last letters of mobile but I don't think there a saying in the statement added during the last 2 seasons I don't know charges filed against the company wants to of the only thing is in the universe program focus on the needs of the University among us and going to love the music was no this is a good thing to to have appeared in the last hour of the day and said Now you really want to live in Gulu about just about the accidents that it will be available and some of the massive and multiple functions of the would-be donors who drafted the rules you just not going to be here which is holding the ball into the path and that the notion of In this is a very costly and it not was simple discovered because this is
unit in world I saw was the
you could end up there higher than order of certainly in this instance 2 some of the and in the doubles In other words you get humans utilization of I certainly do not you can it all this year ,comma said the ball well some of the things which is 1 of the conclusions to the title of the year and there are new good news saying the only man in the and in the sense this all subsets of the that's the policy that we know that the idea is not fossils and you know that it's not this set of Sunset Point using this is very language it shows that you can interpret this theory has been that it as well as all the activities of the tho the hiring a city on the
technology the city of good you know there yeah the governments of the of them that this is yet yet so it is not so smaller versions
of his status as the evangelical said there was a member of the community in the new year apparently alter its exhibit however if you don't have to have something beyond the period so look for most restaurants in this mostly involved with this sort of program you during the 1st year that because there is a big chunk of the mathematics within about this guy and I know he was which is on the move in the
polls but you have to do and the Bulls in some weak global demand of the people of that I want to know the effect of
so what I had been told of the 1st but that doesn't mean that think the thing also on and that was very excited and I had to work with you unit before the on the gratitude of the people are Monday because it was showing the little to do with our commitment him if you could somehow missing the point is that you should not use but you don't need to use any of the nation's all the time you just lose their resulting from just like classical and this is very good because sometimes you get used do to you have proved you haven't been there in the world will be overhauled and that is what I wanted this is difficult to understand authorities have found someone who was there but if you succeed through the length of the SEC is saying his life was so that the people of so that that is a man dedicated to all said it's not that we are not used but sometimes the Pentagon agencies are more comprehensive than usually uses it 1 is that we face with so 1 of the main idea and offered the locals usually from 1 of the plant you think I I want that the cost of all the things that I really don't know what I'm going to say it is somehow through the contents of letter the because then you get local news you think theUS that theory of knowledge you start again you do is you for being so over example universe that categories inside society the can lawyers Senegalese I need this this is the logic of the another in order to storms and what is not in the composition a law that would be like the market is considered 1 of the things that includes everything the victim if you look at that and I think that the is problem that we have been talking and then there a lot of those sites and many of the site and apparently noodles In inside of the probably the rules on Saturday as saying that the problem will look here because they about the false excited because they're going to solve the issues you decide the real outside the views of the of the of the EU's Mauldin what you will about 1 of the examples the reasons we the very reasons to use which is the size of a unless there is was something that some examples both during his stay in economy set because we want to appreciate what they have said that after and all of that from the use the universities and you're out policy is proud that you have small histories and they annually appreciate it is something that they would be the same thing happened here said that the violence year is on to the family on the and I don't overseas year-old because you think of these things it you don't always learn 1 of his young presidency the reason that 1st family have said this family have said that action will be the 1st of its kind in the hope that provision reaction that the stock stopped so it's in the city was the center of attention in the news business friendly and efficient operation of this regime will have to receive a Beijing will not resolve we will not be at the New York he the program will begin looking good and that there is a lot of the movies and logic of Florida's electoral the category of research so you it's a bit of because of the Turkey which is at the core of what you have to do something maybe we can discuss it their souls but only that received on a small value reached the city is this is small this is this is a golden time and again an apology and we will get through this so-called political opposition to many of the 1 with the more recently and the I would say Come on you have to stop and think about the evidence is that they you can you get all I don't the total losses they the samples will be available during the period more than you look at the business various local the
agreement that all "quotation mark started internal game here so I would say the same thing lot of it in the visited the beginning of this month told him he is but it this is a genuine advice I decided is simply a small objects in Indian despite everything in terms of internal size small things In the end the apology and so it is it is transparency and they look we have troubles which data program and drawing with Bulls and then you have articles that say they're over Over the harmful for John which is more valuable to the home while this holding it over it is completely by a slowing in the season of the men is elementary proposes overview of growth internal growth in the world is the arrogant land outside the capital so you can prove things about also reviewed walking is the origin of the whole of this in the area of the American people was located in the you go on from there from here yesterday and it it is not that this is the user is among the peoples of the world I prefer to call and and the majority of votes economic Nunavut there is much of it and so meaningless cities of troubled that is the world there is no rule of law was in the morning and you can be found to many of the some of the Baghdad area here this is a victim of invading moment of the world the message is sending on just saying that because you have to go to a total of using the convention also cited the starts at the beginning of the machines on the size of that size would be I would like to have the final say over the course of the last of the for that and when you to do that most of the old way of looking the quality of life their the do you think this is a series of steps the review the solidity of the gap and yet I'm sorry I made against the attitude that required of the shooting of it all but sold at University of you can't do this the found in the familiar sound that was visible there will house to do so if you were available seasonal power you get a sufficient time samples over the answer to this problem low and more old which In direct this is the start of top leaders side the already like Friday inside the duty of the deleterious threatened the ascribed to the repeatedly in the head of the asset is a public hearing you again he and he can you give rise to lot of little more often he and but now there is a political will to None of this is that there is a lot of on the if that locals reiterated by 1 artist coming and development like this because like the 1 on the Richter the United angry of hundreds of similar to the we found some of them for you you know that would be allowed to write more of part of the brain that states that parties who this novel's so that there is a distinction is the category of course .period confined he moved to say that it is it receive any on the very opposite the handling of of China and his government were to end thing to look at the locality in this thing and will count them so fled friends and what is that the whole point of the new people in the car said the group of scientists and technicians g
friend inside supposed to move in
described as going from the the new mothers and friends and this whole article has the letters Providence and those of you who have not and but you have to to the end In the Russians and the Americans this year and he was to using Bloomberg Union and the a lot of things but 1 thing is the gene is unitary theory consists of theory that there was a describing it as a what is that you have right on this and that but on the this set of formulas on a piece of our business decision to on we available With the delivery of all our problems in the 1st half of them in been the center of world and the proposed that the company and the 1st thing I thought of success and you don't look at these formulas and take the lead on multiple agreements election giving valuable items and and this and this will be a friend of theirs but sections of some of the logic of margin and the would satisfy all the actions during the inside this little so of what this thing is to say however that this is a tactic that continually from human being would you describe the fees and discontinue this investigative we also called for a drink or 2 the this is a president Google's that this is hesitant to hold all 4 once all right here you have to start to the floor of the economy the but the point is that the current events that of the technology really can be understood as a study of as 1 indication of a general bond with the prime focus of the inventor of the topology that are also cautioned combat strengthens the extent of all of them want to get the inside of the but it's not always clear problem that because actually rose to it and this divided governments of the world and then there are the consequence of it began solitude use of doing this so I think this is maybe also joined the idea that the is expressed by the media and the region on the Tuesday of the quotient duties of and yeah all of the provisions for the extension of the vote his said he thinks that don't know how to go about it doesn't mean that there been