Wellness aesthetics, broken systems and happy endings

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Wellness aesthetics, broken systems and happy endings

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Wellness aesthetics, broken systems and happy endings
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Wellness aesthetics and glossy technological interfaces share an appeal of convenience. Health apps cater to our wish to wellbeing. #grateful is a popular hashtag on instagram. There is a solution to everything. We all strive to be happy. Look into the mirror - you can make it. In this performative dialogue we analyze the wellness aesthetic and associated technologies, images and narratives - and how they make us pretty unwell as a society (including some guilty pleasures and beautiful pictures).
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but the thing and only a changes
the some accession and I'm deals
with the well this is take section we see so many glossy nice pictures online all the time on social media and these 2 women actually thought think about what it's what influence these half on a culture a society on health and non with no further do I would like to introduce at on the edits in culture producer and greater various events and so this is the a primer design and developer for fashion and wept and they will pull forum and dialog we choose to you but this will be about think you this so high
weight come and thank you for coming for this 1 of the last lots of the Republican be here with us and um is we're waiting for this rare weight against power yes no and so on we had to talk about wellness and esthetic and beauty and computations on on on further areas in society but to start with ourselves and what
we were both like to feel good to eat well we live healthy and and take care of ourselves and mean pay the real we like wellness and it does make sense to take care of yourself also we out all the services facial creams and that's pregnant so as you can see we prepare the slide show for you
with pictures that we enjoy so we hope you enjoy too yeah actually this idea to do this talk was a bit inspired by a visit to the sparse at the beginning of the year around the time when you had to submit the papers and I was they float then the out of bullets aspired near that opens help on hold for those of you from Berlin who might have been there and in like thinking about how this whole like
awareness landscape is
maybe it like less about the body in a natural sense in a way that the chances of esthetics with uh technology or airports or something about they told like seamlessness convenience glossiness and so a yoga studio and a Mac Store I'm not so far come apart somehow a study and yes and so what is this what is the value of the static we're talking about that is that it is this glossary theme appearance and it has something we can this
Reno but in an unreal way kind of beautiful what can be beautiful it's like creating me here and chaos romanticism and take together but and pretty and most of all married unproblematic and there was this quote just out there that we put up from the Berlin-based philosopher beams will have who wrote about uh who published a book last year about beauty and he
discusses in a quite romantic way I feel like difference uh philosophers approaches to beauty and she starts out in in the 1st chapter is talking about glossiness and as uses examples of Jeff Koons the balloon dark also of mac book the make and iPhones and he writes how the glossy that begs for the like you want to touch it you Sumeria self in its and at the same time it's kind of eliminates around the
different or negativity of the other this is how you writes so there's not really this is just you it's just positive there's no and be a space for this spot or if there's a spot is really a problem you have this is also home I think and act I remember we used to have a method for this when I was younger when I was in school so that is basically like if you would and can I might still be around like and with the kids if you say something negative
to me I can put up my hand some merit to you know and it evolves royal but to you so I just Mira Mira and anything you tell me which is the about you so that you don't you have to you know I wanna be happy which bring us to the topic of happiness can the next chapter in our um scripted that I had unmoderated dialog here an so I'm the
1 who's coding the books to behave and there is this book also published last year by I cause you just remind under by and this called the Werner syndrome and they talk at length in that book about a thing that they called the happiness structuring coming from the idea of neo-liberal several optimization so the internalization of control you don't have an outside person to tell you all know use you have to do this or that but it's all in such a such a tell yourself to be productive and to be
good and all this and they outline with many different examples how this adopting and to be happy and well-meaning healthy and fits fits into the optimization thing and how the the wellness command transforms every activity like including eating and sleeping into an opportunity to optimize pleasure and to become more productive and they use many examples site mostly from the US UK and Scandinavia from when contracts that's our
science that you sign when you enter a university at several universities in the US we say OK I sign that I'm gonna put work out and eat healthy and so on to various positive thinking books and the proliferation of life coaching like all over the place and how everyone for for themselves pursues state the perfect human and and also how health and happiness are always a choice for yourself that you can pursue use you can always uh um choose to do that
and to the results this their conclusions then of this early pressure to to constantly be happy and have an enjoyable day in this narrative actually causes lots of anxieties and feelings of guilt speakers by on means trying to be happy does not make you so happy after all so while you can it you can have a positive attitude to life that doesn't mean that you always actually feel happy because this is more something that kind of thing happens to you
it's not something that which you can really force on yourself and it's also connects back to their experience at the spot which cm was when I was offering so many uh like you words peeling honey infusion what eventually so many things that have kind of a spa formal moment there were no so I could not really relaxed because it was a constantly torn between the different things that you have that idea that could do to just feel better you know I think it's also it's
an environment where user to and you're supposed to be happy the but um but I think it's is well against you know in in life with you're changing between the screen and then going outside thing really people going back to the screen and you quickly get accustomed to this to the interface to the digital interface for everything which sense to work we can put Boston's and everything is smooth and looks good the and it goes to a point where sometimes you get so it's accustomed to this the when you
go outside the I it's not like the user interface of life the sometimes really sucks and but you have already built up this expectation that things should reflect the work and work and can be really nice to you and then you have like the gap between technology in real life that becomes a problematic end then I think that when we talk about the self we also need to talk about our homes because it's just become this like
extension of ourselves and is just as important like grooming is important for self presentation and everything tidying cleaning at home as become very important and for example you might be familiar with the Japanese all called condo who is he's written several books about organizing and fighting most especially through this bestseller called 3rd life-changing medical
dividing up that sold in many languages in many countries it's also put her through Time magazine's list of 100 most influential people last year and she has this method with a central to this method called a comedy method of it is that you go through your things and you only keep those things that sparked joint so it is about organizing and being gene but it also is about being happy and just have happy nice things so basically you just
you know it's also about it the top everything so that everything that is not desirable comes out of the way and um word bringing this back to health and you can this thing is state you can always do better this and choose to do better and this and this is nothing new of course that's a move in a paper by Zygmunt Bauman who also spoke here last year the book edges will be here it very 1st or he writes in a paper from
1998 about the difference that he sees between health and fitness and of seeing health as something that has more objective criteria and but against this is fitness fitness is never done this no objective progeria you set the goal is to serve and you can always improve but yeah it's also a node is that among all that the positive the positive thinking and In the good vibes and improving ourselves
I every ladylike maybe the last 2 years I thought I and have to work on as any other person which had a surface of course because it was to be like an area because it must itself when I was criticizing things to North kind of preview the mental environment of of the
person I was talking with and this came up because we were talking about things and in criticizing a lot of and I realize well actually I didn't I maybe I'd intent maybe or it wasn't me who changed or was it the surroundings that changed and that this criticizing things is is not so welcome he 1 1 more thing I'd like to add to this uh meaning also going back to health and this is also another example from that's at the book The Wellness
engine that I mentioned earlier and I think the I think it it becomes kind of problematic where health becomes kind of a moral category for example M uh in there several clinics in the US is not speak they change like from from forbidding to smoke at the workplace to not hiring smokers so it becomes like from habits to going back to the to the actual person
so if you're a smoker you to just cannot work here so you're a bad person kind of you you can't so it's an yeah it's not a thing of like of personal choice but it comes something that's is for whole personality yeah and that it is not that it's about that you know that it feels good to be healthy we ultimately it doesn't anything that is a good reason to be healthy but at that it so much more this about being a better person the and also for example to go back to this medical
and extreme tightening and each utterance is like the opposite of the chattering and tidying and which will be hoarding up to something which is extremely shameful like you have a reality TV shows exploiting this topic and well with the option of awarding stuff was a lot of things are eating too much of having too much that is having too much and with with this
implication that basically eating too much eating about having too much at with something that makes it morally inferior and something that allows other people to laugh at you so I think it becomes problematic that as in it's of course I like to live healthy baby becomes atraumatic at a point where serve optimization intruding wellness unhappiness is and the ultimate service of productivity and efficiency I think this is where kind of the
that the breaking point is and now I mean of course here it is not your personal issue your constant everyone money when you're sick and everybody else STI trying to stay healthy there were possibly but I also I recently had an article with some examples from Swedish companies that have had introduced not only am fitness in the workplace but mandatory fitness the work out
so that people if you work their way basically you have to do you have to do exercise and during work time and the most extreme case on Wall St were water company where it will even have a negative influence on your salary if you would not comply and do your exercise or it would would raise less if you wouldn't take part In this and I think this is also raises questions like that it was likely the whole operativity thing is that
who does the body belonged to is it and especially like in such a situation where an employer and employee the and whose what is it also uh more and more companies are offering mindfulness workshops and our relaxation or meditation classes at work and 1 could say I mean while of course this is a nice thing 1 could also argue that structural problems at the workplace are being turned on to the individual so if you have lots of stress at
work you know you go to meditation class now and just feel better about it given by all means that you don't need you don't join the union but go to yoga because it will you know it will be the click away from make you feel better about your work situation on on 1 of the slides before there was a quote that actually is from a work contract that I have signs had um this which is in a standard where contract nowadays is says that you're
supposed to improve your health when your sick so I mean you're at home at that's still kind of hear you Europe a behavior cannot belongs to the to the workplace the yeah and it's those things I think I see this as a parallel to but they are you'd have a really during the industrialization especially in the early 19 hundreds but there was this methodology called Taylorism
was an early form of scientific management has to improve productivity on the work improve processes so this was during the time we went from from production to mass production and it basically way was about changing the workflows and the cost of workers had and it has a mean this way of doing things it changed
a lot of things but it's also been abandoned since maybe the thirties and some places later and also look criticizing for alienating workers and it is not giving them the same agency that they might have had before us craftsmen and 1 a yeah and this is the thing that like the holy thing over with wellness seems to be like this fresh new thing especially in the workplace and the grade you know when an employer enables people to do take care for themselves during work time
but I think it's also somehow it's in the end is just a new form of doing the same thing or raising productivity because ultimately not a ball people individually to be better than is just about to create he worked that work more I think effectively so yeah it's about trying to solve but we didn't talked about trying to be the perfect human and awareness the improvement and
Garcia study it's um relate in that sense very much to the a technologically enhanced human or at their technology replacing the there 2 Human parts of the human the exactly and it's also a mental models about treating the body like a machine that you can you can enhance the you can you can in improve it and is all the like this the well known as idea it's connected a lot to announcement
and the technologically enhanced body and it's basically you know it it takes of also a little bit closer to sigh Boris and we can have functional food as few ways for like this machine and it has to remove some of the Human Factors and if they can prove the machinery of our bodies the lots of technology and medicine improving the human body and human life is very grateful and I would not want to miss it like to prior also due to
7 proved to practice something to become really amazing that something is really good no I think that is also great and I mean I also I I don't to your web because I can be better and also in my in my mind and my body and doing these things and I would definitely like advocate for them but and I think both of them I I use things like the nite running up I think that's really fun but it's kind of weird that I couldn't see worm and they can see worm's worm going in
and those things but at the same time the having it like this were basically like we we have like the 1 I feel like the quantified self and cell tracking and you say no link with a fixed it or anything else any kind of fitness tracker it's I think there's someone on another level there also a way of simplifying a lot of complexity complexity of being human like and you have a body gets a signal than show 2 things but it's much easier to
get a dataset like you have data points that will tell you something is about is that having to going to feel and he got up on signals from your body so do I feel for or does not blood sugar level measure saturated a class and then maybe it's also like if you're feeling correct war is the other thing wrong if they don't match up so we're talking a lot about human so this so it will think Ward thinking
human and posthuman kind of in a way that we have 1 quotes uh out that came before it from a test out magazine article that day that I thought I really recommend to beat which is about the um a simulated conversation between artificial intelligence and human and Airways says that we're you using technology to build a world where humans cannot be sinful lazier and the fact that where you can either functional just in yeah and the yeah this
is the thing there and just it doesn't it doesn't want to leave so much space for other things I think because it wouldn't be so convenient and we were basically it's I I would also refer to a little bit of miles sitting here you to give a very interesting talk about self-driving car and it's an hour or so ago and then that basic is the thinking at super convenient as long as the cars is as long as
if there's a self-driving cars everything will work but it's not the end it's it's problematic and and this is the same thing I thing with this the whole idea let me the Holy this whole glossiness effect it's very fragile and it's easy to break the system and then the thing he also with the with the fitness as it's also a question of what are they checking a minimal that it had a lot of things a lot of prior data but I mean I do
the also the the tracks let me which books you read like thing if the tracks like when with the the last time you spoke up for yourself or for someone else the last like how often you care for other people because all except it's for important is very healthy it's very important for intellectual hiding and mental well-being and those things and this is just factors that that don't get it but I would say that there are these as important as your heart rate on the big picture and all support is for
health so yeah I don't I degree in the uh moved I think that the we we start and and uh lake topic that we will be a chance to talk about we may be stretching it a bit of a sense but we still want to it as so we talked about the anxiety and pressure to be well and about the perfect body and so on and so that a problematic step further that we discussed about when we
prepared this topic is the expectation to be well uh on this topic in the we we found some pictures that you've already seen on the screen and from an exhibition cause swim in our pool it takes that was published in this magazine and that was inspired by the anticipate 3 esthetics of the swimming pool on the Greek island of Thomas where tourists on the beach that is so the beach needs refugee life jackets and where this expectation to be
well clashes with reality yes there is a I think I mean that exhibition is showing that really well and also like on this friction in between In those to the to the world's like that a convenient part and as the problematic related and yet the same I think that a man I have it on a technology level technology level you have you expect things
to work seamlessly and when you have this expectation you don't wanna be let down it's very easy to very annoyed as soon as something that when the load fast enough the internet goes down or as inviting the same thing maybe like during traffic is very annoying when the roadblock even if only you could expect them to be there because of the part of like normal maintenance is that you have to kind dig holes and renew the wrote to keep it working and that those obstacles that is part of the
game as they have reason they're not there's something that it gets into your way so it's it's not seem as an that having well like a lot of that that that many people are ready to pay quite a lot for that quality for that seem less than a especially in terms of well hardware and software products that we use and I mean and you know you like paying cash for maybe more often like to pay with personal data because what it has a
price but then unite it's worth it because you get is the nice experience the bound I think what we're talking about is of course uh about slick privilege like when this is a privilege and I I find that I find problematic is and that most people have the opinion that we have the right to our set to this 2 elements into our standard of living like the like kind of an entitlement to be well I think this is like the ultimate saying what would we talk about what other
people like for example outside of Europe have don't have this uh to the same degree this right yeah so the then following that logic you mean you can also say that for example you would then also be OK to keep refugees outside of our country or the EU and then we could call that a solution like is soon it it doesn't as situation messes up too much and a and we can keep our country teams and and well in water or
when people are taught discussing like can you actually travel to that country or is it just too dirty I've there always makes me angry at me while I'm totally against like poverty tourism or something that is common to make me angry big because there are usually 10 thousand people living in those places where those people talk about tickets it's too too much to bear to go there and and but I heard an interesting talk last year lecture at the house in which 1 events here
last year by my United units Slovenian philosopher which talked about the different approaches to politics for people we thin like those productively contributing and those outside like outside the EU outside of productivity sets by a politics the more human than human ins for within and natural politics so you can die because you're still to human this maybe too short you can also that the up some interesting that talk from her yeah so this is also a matter of power
structures and and privilege and I think from here we have to wrap up to the conclusion quite quickly or really 3 minutes and yes so is the world basically to computer what what is the problem and convenience it's great I mean that it's it's the nice and then and this this yeah what if you could again I'll take this example quickly also this lecture recalling on the day that can
everything really well and and a really good productive human so I think we're going to feel good and then you as my friend you call me and you have a problem like for someone to be there for you please the help you out of the be a friend but it really messes up my day and it's totally inconvenient and some them so annoying so I think I mean we're not gonna provide the 10 point conclusion because this is exactly what we're criticizing but maybe we'd like 1 of the further thoughts and there
in another article in The Guardian and there was recently about the ancient Chinese philosophers not that I'm an expert on this like this confluence user allows so there are also about talking about becoming better persons improving yourself but however it was more by looking outward like by recognizing that we are complex creatures constantly put in different directions and this is true working and actions Experiences and responses 7 role so it's like recognizer complexity and learning to
deal with that and this is how we improve and yes exactly and I think it's also like maybe you've seen this quote but if they're concert of instead of some who also wrote that as well as new and was that what when when we can no longer influenced the development of society we tend to turn the focus inwards results and I think you can see that uh send them also happening
with people yeah I think it's also I mean convenience is a great thing and it's great to design processes to be more
efficient than daily life to be more smooth and interaction with other people but there has to be a place in the narrative as well collect critical thinking for dissidents and in debate knocking it out so yeah I think also I think I actually like seeing several talks about states I think this notion came through like several in several of the talks that it's about that is a problem that complexity is kind of being designed away it dredges Senate for example and that his talk on Monday uh with the sentence tensions open people up not comfort and and and I think we would kind of conclude that it's some it makes more like its importance to to recognize that there are problems it's important to recognize the other like even also something disturbing but you know to deal with the dist with the disturbing thing is better than no know trying to to clean everything away and makes you have happier after all if you know you're going to be and then there is indeed connectivity and enjoy the complexity so that so except the crack in the mirror that somehow squares on our slice but that kind of stop showing if we had some you I think it's because we have to go back to I can get but that's it
you you only missed that last slide that was really good on that if if it dies months alone not rugged it was broken it was it was the Roman glass on the floor on so that I if I gave you if a Waterloo mn thank