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The Future of E-Commerce

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The Future of E-Commerce
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3 Startups, 3 Ideas, 1 Goal: Revolutionize E-Commerce in FashionBiz.
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but the thing and in the low everybody and I'm
still from combining and we make clothing interactive and and mobile and um let me tell you why the history of story and about the typical millennial her name is on our she's 20 years old priceless
finish you probably applies for college and of course she likes clothing so let's imagine I'm not has 12 pieces of clothing this adds up to actually 72 possible combinations now let's suppose that on our has 60 pieces of clothing in her wardrobe which is more likely this adds up to 1
million possible combinations so and this shows us that clothing is something which on the Internet was just sold for the last 20 years but in real life it is actually used very much so and in order to use it we have to combine it every day again and again so it doesn't make sense that what we do most of clothing is not possible in the Internet and we want to change
this an honor things a lot about clothing and holds the close together so to all of us and them on right now can only watch this and we make use of interactive by making that
on which basically everything of all the stocks of all the shops is in then you can add your own stuff and and the can also exercise the items off her friends and it's pretty much like and like in real life now and I was able to checked all what to we're probably on a set this party ionize able to ask their friends directly from within the is this would be a good fit for which you should use another hand this is also something she doesn't realize and under can show
mobility but she can actually um yes you can actually tested a bit what she wants to show she can check altered fair old pair of jeans looks cool with and new sweater or some new speakers so
an it has a lot of value far and what we do it by making building interactive 260 a technical revolution because for the last 20 years nothing has changed everything was completely static you could just look at individual pictures from the slides left and right in order to like or dislike something but that's it so we're making everything completely dynamic and infective and then all technology makes it very quick and easy usability wise and we're confortable with basically every workshop on so we can make all the workshops items smart and into and while users 6 years and has a set and the younger ones posted on its and Millennials and up to 27 years and our heavy users right now are the very young ones and around 15 16 years old and now if you would
be a shock what's for you and business wise we earn our money to be and what we offer is a platform for mobile commerce and we can turn any shot into a not a stand-alone at but an ad on our channel which is much better because it has a lot of user value users can interact with clothing rather than just watch like the last 20 years and users can check out what they want to buy before they buy it and they can ask their friends before the fight and also if you are a retailer and you're planning to go mobile by because you have to more what is the future and just starting it doesn't make a lot of sense to develop your own standalone at why not because then there are millions of shops or their and users don't use the median at right next to each other they don't even use 20 tional at and jump from 1 to another that's not home words and your shall be natural basically has all the functionalities and of the that's a stand-alone at or a website because through deep links you can acquire users and link them directly into your into active in shop
and this delivers high user value and this is the and because user experience is key and why is that so if and only if you have interaction you can set a user Journey right now the younger generation they don't see a piece of clothing then they click on it and the Viet that's not what's happening what's happening anymore and what happens right now as and that users see something then they want to have an experience with it they want to try it we want to ask their friends and then probably after a long chain and they might bias and discovered usage and you might of its and so there's an again she wants to check out the staff engage with it should have a lot of so called touch points on the User journey where she ideally engages with the items and then at the end when she certified she probably and bias well and we and combine as a platform and our life and since the beginning of the year and then to well and that 5 you so far with an organic growth rate of and 40 % and Everett session duration of more than 10 minutes and a lot of all are configured almost 6 positions with a months from the tension right now 22 % so the circuit the eyes that are more than double much more than double and any standards e-commerce could the eyes already and we want a couple of
prices and September and fishing we we've been too long and pitched at will campus and were awarded and best and you fished ICT ever and then when the final so as the more work on rest and where 2nd on the Mobile Premier Awards which is kind of a 2nd best in the world to be with bold and was supported by and launched that right now which is very helpful for us and them all partners
so so far top shop for example in the 48 and we have a kind of confession is used in the act really clinics also for influences the be more interesting and we have a Maria the and state and all vision is to become a central platform or that form for more work commerce and engagement Social engagement with clothing and thank you very much for your attention and we combine and if you like to get in touch his own e-mail address until and then now I think there's some time for questions anybody had some questions 1st is the image of the 2nd half thinking get any tonight for that OK and there was a request to show the last slide again if it was possible to show the universe otherwise so manage data any questions anything no alright thank you for the thing to look OK we're going need does a couple of minutes to change a presentation and then with any of the next speaker the end
the selection high everyone and minus safely I worked for London-based tech startups not and we specialize in interactive video what we know is an
interactive video player that specializes in being able to tell our clients how consumers are interacting with the video is we believe that is the future
videos and we'd eventually like steers the industry standard in industry and I'm going said Chinese anti worried about it they come landscape is changing you the largest market in the world consumers the demanding more from their online shops they want narrative they want a story that can go along with that with that purchases so it's in a massive increase in brands creating unique content shine dual consumers and but what they don't get to see the kind of the like the results they can actually numbers to 1 of the number of cells that have been generated from that video is how much how much of a return on their investment actually seeing the way ahead with this is to have an interactive and clickable where they can track user's movements as they watching and that's how I see I came up with the idea for slots in the 1st place she actually started dating video production and realize that she'd have people watching these videos and not know whether location was what people wearing in the
is that they might like to tonight such decided to go into building this video plan that would be backed up by analysts 6 so that with each click the client could see whether the
and clicks in the video what they let's after the longest where they decided to pools of stop watching the video this is so that they see me at
agency sells so that's what we've kind of had a lot of emphasis on it's not so and we like we've dealt with smart video player since then HTML 5 I related pet i've existing content from companies that easily able to embed in their website like they would you cheat idiom and these are the kind of results that we that we see from my clients and they've put 1 at the videos on the website on their website is an increase in sales because there's a decrease in the lack time between inspiration patches that UTC with with uh which would contain created online it gives France access to unique data that allows them to predict their customer shopping behavior and allows text not to merchandising decisions that they reduce events related losses ills absence differentiate because they can tell what the consumers are going to buy they can actually create something will create a collection that will be bored in stores and this is kind would Lxi said as an example of 1 of our domain is and this is how the play would appear on screen at the bottom of the body you can see up on the left is uh draw which is retractable said they clap their view is able to click on a type in a places scroll through all of items in the video otherwise there is a little too invisible type visible target will take that will exist on the screen by the via can claim will cover the pop up like that they have a high resolution image of the product information and a link to purchase you can also age of that other and products that they might might survive without much as well as increasing the amount that an average basket stand it also acts runway not just with traditional advertising so this is 1 of our projects that we did that they're menswear designer in London and he
had invisible tax on all of the models and and his catwalk shares the views are able to click on items that take on a elect in the in the sharia spelled the the individual items and potentially beckon appointment tough plays made to order and on and the form that's like that's so you can
have full integration of a shopping cart or calendar so that you'd like it to is less clients to the lag between L I think I like this but I out now I'm actually going to come by and these are the sort of analytics that we can get from that so you can see the number of views of this as you would with the Santa due to their clients but also the number of clicks the most popular items that being clicked on how long people are hovering on an item that have which I sniff clicked on the retractable draw and so of the possibilities eventually and and these are some of the results that we've seen
recently so fine 85 % engagement break with the years of watching the video but is 85 definitively watch the interactive video click on something that in the video the 20 folks thank click-through rate meaning 24 per cent of people that are watching the video clicking by now with an average set 8 pounds per except for him so we hope that this
is the next generation of video players we would like this to be the industry standard tier how retailers take hypervideos stresses inexorable both let's make the consumer experience seamless an easy online I if you'd like to get in touch and have any more questions after this talk that way I just found that was not so thank you for this thing few
instances at these kind of videos and I mean you only to them for fashion and other shops so far or could you also imagine for instance the use cases for journalism all the media outlets that could also use this kind of videos at it's absolutely possible I just had made Sanchez from the fashion industry because they've been once and then at the real
society creating of content because it's easy for them to monetize the video is that we
are linking entities saying information-based ideas as well and there hasn't been
anything launched so far nobody has yet to use did not say 5 9 9 FIL I think the key question
and this technology think is the content production now how did you do it is them manually what then the content has in the video that I think is good to look to the market of so you have your
ultraviolet the cycle to trick field trips got a K and say that our that interactive players where they have a tracking software that tracks item across the page we found that it's to jump and doesn't take into account user experience enough they had attacked the tagging is all done manually remember the contour production is very expensive and slow now I lot turnarounds can be the minimum and however from getting a 58 having it tightened sending about the file anywhere else the just a short Christum you implement the shopping cart I guess the have actually implemented a shopping cart for 1 of our clients so far say it is lacking in terms of
like you may be able to to officiate clients and and
alright thank you thank you thanks I
think we're going to need another minute again to switch up here but then the next speaker is going come stage the the the the
the higher 1 my name is gold and under CEO and founder of the site every fashion online child has 1 ultimate goal is to build
trust between them and their customers and achieve greater convergence professional promise is unique and it has unique obstacles 1 of them sizing we all know that sizes differ dramatically between brands and it's a huge problem and half of all enterovirus you want to look good little which we don't know what to be confronted to buy sell in fact 60 to 80 per cent of all 1 just visitors legal website without making a purchase simply because they're not sure about the size is a massive problem and it gets more complicated now when technologies advanced and customers have so many different ways by chopping up by posing online they
can go directly to product and take the product information they can use filters recommendations by from mobile our or even engage was marketing campaigns at each of these scenarios and the still have the same question what I need to be How do I need to buy and what I need find what we want to do in a society is to create an experience like you're talking to your best friend who is also are really really experienced fashion stylist and will helps you to be the right size and it cost anywhere and everywhere where it might be needed what agreed is our
sizing intelligence it's a tool which can be used anywhere when customers might have been a question about the size of 2 but it's a more we have a script which we give online job so developers they can take it an applied to entire online job and across all the devices so are different ways how easy that can use now I'm going to show you 3 favorite ones 1st it's a size filter that clique this show my size only filter instead of manually peaking all the different sizes they might have and this is size automatically predicts the right size across all the brands and all the categories the shop enough to generate a personalized predicates where everything is in the size which will it here and is also available and stuff so it's not totally new level of personalization another 1 and that's
something that marketing manager simply they always have the same struggle how did this effect and conversion from my marketing campaign when we are able to do is to add sizing component into all their campaigns so regardless whether you're sending an e-mail or you're having a mining your targeted campaigns sizing will be added automatically and instead of passing the generic message k by this sure it's you can say hey by the church in size 10 because that's the best way you and finally in in case is as a really embrace the personalization and we know how much online jobs tend to actually check customers to website so the money when you go to an online shop and a lot of product page will already know your will show it to you press selected in the drop-down no questions nothing you need to do what and why and I here it is not our convergence results for this kind of pages is impressive is 9 . 5 per cent from what you it will in fashion all that average conversions are rarely reach wanted to 1 per cent and here with this small adjustments were able to increase it 4 times do doing session is all about perception 1 would be how close we don't only think about our bodies we want to reflect our style the same customer might
like different dated close in different brands and across different categories she is the same provides the same but her choice will be different that's exactly the reason why an easy size we don't use any body or close measurements instead we analyze the
here all the on that the data which we get from online shops and we see what people like and what they don't like what they bind and what their return my what only we do it across the entire digital universe of a customer only my jobs I usually needed to what people do in their store on me but we are not a hand can follow the custom across all the different shots gathered the entire information and how the graphical overview of their preferences and finally in the
bag and we have an advance algorithm which analyzes all this information using multiple factors and it gets personalized and wife at every time customers using we launch over a a year ago and now we are mainly present in Scandinavia and the UK Denmark is our local powerful market and was impressive results which jobs we work with 1st and will number of the most important metrics is conversion to sales conversion to cells something using is size is 9 . 5 % compared to the average 1 to 2 per cent following people like buying it out with disease as predictions and the balls of trust and he would be buying to return strain is just 9 to 10 per cent again is 3 times lower than the market average of 25 to 30 so I think for a long time has been considered I think that knowledge of some unable to solve there in a lot of different solutions but they're not scalable very distracting customers we created a solution which online jobs can use which can be used flexible they can adjusted to their needs and the great results so if you want hear more of please do reach out to me and I'll be
happy to tell you more about the technology thinking few yet and this is the if anyone has any questions and no no no questions about alright great thanks a lot are indeed I think we're and done a little early so I think they're going have like a five-minute minute break can afterwards we're going to continue with the talk sit bits if I were to add