Standing Tall

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Standing Tall
3D Printing Prostheses for Champions and Survivors
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What do Olympic Athlete Denise Schindler and Berlin based Syrian innovator Asem Hasna have in common? They are using 3D printing and technologies such as brain-computer interface and VR to improve their own prostheses as well as the lives of others. DIY electronics are promising a means to make customized, advanced technology available to the masses.
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form the term meaning and means and
I'm very very excited about this next panel and the growth of amazing speakers that were able to join the public have for this session is
really sad it had all but I'm just gonna introduce the topic in a moderate Senate that they would have had well qualified who he said 1st to
host this panel come on as and you land the next hour we're going discussing arm has built
prosthetics using make a technologies such as 3 D printing and how to build such I'm yeah prize people over
both what class leading athletes champions just these gently with us but also the survivors of conflicts and people who live under
very difficult and unprivileged situations and here to host a
session is set is agile and very very happy to have this Republica and added as many amazing things names the shock of of those with you he's on he's 1 of the core members of the already which is an organization that uses disruptive technologies to in innovate supply chains for disaster relief on his part of the global humanitarian aid initiative in Geneva that convenes different groups NGA's
companies through throughout innovation and digital fabrication I he's an adviser the World Bank on Open Data is working on a number of new really exciting initial cities such as make pedia and make that's trying to unite makers around the world to give them a voice in lobby and encourage them to really engage more in collaborative production I mean yeah and resign videos here that's the rest of the day so in case you want approach him after the panel we're gonna have a watch of data on this topic think all 4 of the speakers on a panel now going to be at the maker space so I hope you enjoy this session and workshop up there with that kind of 2 so that after
this and Andrew over 2 years he thank
you for your an incredibly generous been introduction rich of the British press find very embarrassing and it's it's incredible and thing to have the 3 people on stage has been an awful lot of talk about 3 D printing and prophetic around the world I think that the 3 people you're going to be hearing from today are genuinely some of the and the leading figures in the past and every this rather fraught and fast-moving area and 3 D printing has been around for a long time and it's
been used for all sorts of great reasons and all sorts of world mediocre reasons as well as some but these stories you're gonna be hearing today are and essentially about and becoming 1 of the the the world champions of some of the sports I would say in general and that actually but also about the human survival and how 3 D printing and and prefer pressed for city's can really help with that so and let me introduce the panel 1st summit in here and a little bit about that stories from what they want to say we're going to have a discussion on some of the common areas to try and tease out where the common areas are these and very different approaches to 3 D printing press feces and and then we're going to open up for a discussion and so if we can start with summer family is the founder of of that box and and there's a new media artists and entrepreneurs and from Palestine and and he and his be involved in the and make space innovations based in Ramallah and and is you got to us in a really interesting and project on the Web environment and around but making the CCs them again to hear from we're going to be hearing later
from at some of these parts of the refugee open well initiative and i'm
specifically part of their work to respond to the theory and the crisis the conflicts in Syria and there is some really interesting work that the people who are coming across the
border from Syria and Turkey in the people were refugees from which the crisis and helping them with 3 D printed facilities and Denise is a out a gold
medalist world track the world champion of track cycling and
I don't have Olympic athletes and you uses a silver medal in the London 2012 and if I got this right it's so a gold medal in Rio 2016 hopefully mean and it's amazing votes and that in the preparations that we've had for this
panel of the 3 people that we have here have a very different stories but very very common passions have for the possibilities around that 3 D printing for the and making procedures some consultancy refer to lease until through story but we still and yeah hell and I'm very excited to
be here and share my style you if you are an is found when beginning
of like introduce myself and my many standard and I'm appendicitis and as ended told them I'm as ventricular 10 I'm
Kalinda and fall time I switch and band and civil matters and London and will see what comes out in real so what is special for me and when talking about this Jesus and I had an X and 1 was 2 years old and I hit the train and I won the demand of molecular so who has since then I have to you uh use of a few years and to work for life and as good and not having only 1 prostheses and having different kind of a and vanity of prostheses from a special kind of needs I have on that I'm not able to by my I will call them shoes at Fernando I'm I'm gonna have demanded send handmade and of a lot of love because they're very individual and then the guy who's doing this to consume in the picture is my pursues expert
who is doing the sense that 25 years for me and then he helps me a lot on his that delay and
prostheses are made all as a very very traditional way it's on hand-crafted laid which takes a lot of time a lot of sitting on a lot of some person and time Monday expanded which venues producing as many user testing it so our you can see here everything is based on a blast cast so that's how it starts and then it gets a lot of adjustments so it is a very traditional old fashion way home I wish his on May 2 and so on 1 and a half year ago I started to without a desk and the head to the idea of are making prostheses and the different ways in a new way and it all started very sunny him he was making a scanning made if and a handheld scanner and that has to have and yeah my uh in in a in a 3 D model and so that I'm now of Fiji patient and that's everybody can work on yielded this fire out the scanner up into fusion and started to work with and fusion allows us to on the 1 hand have organic our forms on the other hand them fitted to data and needs of mechanical engineering SIL and In the software the experts were able to do the test months on the scanned images has to be done to make the socket fitting and they can and do a lot of modulation on that the so on which is a big big thing and in the suffered a can do you see the crazy guys on the left and right that's Paul he's from London he's diffusion expanded then we have 2 Musketeers in the middle which is Mickey from unique and my prostheses experts who was somewhere on the country's Ivy denoted town believe me at some in the area and that's me on the right side and leaves I'm not at home but at any time I'm always worldwide around them and training can bind competing everywhere so basically and just way the pair made powerful OPEC not so that was 1 of the main benefits we had loading it up online right fusion which is called basis that everybody could give their ideas and share with it and work on it in the cloud and it yet we have now a dative which was available on so we had like and I even Paul had the 1st draft of the lake and he for he's done then I give him a call that something is not working in any 2 different and he did that changes travesties expect time and say no that's not looking too because the news had a great idea but how Brecht occurred it's not working so he could do like a lot of changes and I think to the 1st draft was printed we had like 60 different kind of and prostheses draft so if it's a lot of changes that we have them and which is created and in the cloud that we have a lot of transfer know-how so every cup that can give his ideas into that finds yes In the end when it's done after 60 drafts of refuses we've been able to do a 1st 3 D printing and sent the fight to defeat the printed which was pretty much exciting which happened in San Francisco and at the online and you have been able to print it may give you a should be pretty easy or the of so like taking 1 of you if if if it was and what came out of it looks like this and was explaining the very happy was so you have this is the 2nd of my life and the microphone is working on it is really you want to but again so and this is the 2nd version of my citing that and it has special adapter that is evident and it's tried to have the best power and but this is the most of the people with the Everest you think where's the full and in the long I'm citing site the interdependence so that kind of special adjustments which are a very specific needs and cycling can be done very easily on something like this so my microphone is in the and if that is I find it on this that so no photographs animal thank as a kid in the that get the so yes on so that's the 2nd version and it's running again but it doesn't have to be it so it's made them on printed with poly cabinet errors they reached it in that came the that so that's a 2nd leisurely got into scattered around a week ago and the 1st motion I got my tested in endurance rights and spends on the track and I got a lot of feedback and 2 other desk and had a lot of expectations like saying OK this has to be must've it has to be a better power output it has to be modeled anemic is tested on the track and the 1st version was not very aerodynamics so we change the shapes and that's very interesting because I'm just a new kind of printing we've been able little and get new shapes and fibrous which is not possible normal handcrafted way the and there are no less street death in 2 guys of been pretty interested in on my pursues and will we've been able to show up as you get the handle semester I'm Angela Mac member of Obama's obviously and my procedures and that uh these been able to share vision of whole the are made in future and I was really impressed of some from a banner who already I recognize the benefits on the new way of making procesess right away and and we talked about how all and in future this will minimize under production time and channel how to cost would tremendously go down from prostheses and food is way of production and hold me as well and can use a new kind of materials and use soft and hard materials and for printing and to reduce pressure marks so it was a very nice and exchange of the bow of both of them um on that topic and yes In the end it's all about a perfect fitting prostheses and what I would like to open up in your mind is like for us at prostheses like issue if we have a spot to we can run if you have a cycling show 2nd the season speaking go cycling if you have a fancy lag then can go wild and dance that's specimen basically gives us the freedom to choose had to choose what you wanna do and to give us back the life that we had before so I'm I think it was absolutely dead freedom printing is a chance that everyone especially food the energy and T 2 of prostheses with special needs and to open up to word that he had before and yeah it's my vision and to open up at this word to the image and the tea and especially
to kids because I experienced alive on knowledge titled which I was not very into sport I had no special next for doing spots and I would be very happy if this will change in future thank you and thank
you rumor to create a better world amazing and way to finish by and incredible and story set out to remove other that now that we can we just me around quickly the there are good the the you and now maybe on referred from the world champion affair maybe you could tell us the story of working with survivors so I am master has pastime from Syria and 3 years ago I was studying mathematics and then invest of the Moscow's but I have to talk about to work as a paramedic when the water started to help in saving
lives in 2013 by was injured and they lost my leg while I was doing my job so I had to go to Jordan to get some the sufficient medical care and they're after 1 year of we habitation and the surgery is what I meant that it is you open through killing Kleinschmidt so as I'm at them and they were working on the 3 D printed the cost project for for student
of features and he's and 1 of the things that I have understood that your theory is your your working very closely with some
essentially have other maker working with the use of the people being affected and you not see it as trying to create 1 product to fit everyone you're trying to cater for every individual person to do so little about how you engage with the people you know and usually refer ia actually before I become a maker I am an entity so what I when
I try to design something or to make something for for the patient signed by making any of them not a broader and and we are trying to work on to fit a every individual patient separately so that when we went in Jordan we would love to include that of the patient and the designer process and the
branding process may be and in the fitting process
so the patient will designed his own words that he won't be a patient on a patient who helped with the process of making his on talk little bit about this media you want to show you uh so that the gear we will show is the euphoria
many boy who was injured in because of the human more but when we asked him about his hero he said he loved so he wanted it and then hand so when we worked with the old designers to make the to make the hand and also true player in the sound of the end of the so yeah so the other has to make a bit then had so we make this this hand with like a small wants to make that the creatures for him it kind of thank you for thank you very much thank you for sharing that held you the boy was held out to serve the poor
but he what he is this years old because you can give a sense of what else is going
on so this is what you're doing an unusual thing is and what else is refugee from where during what
else is going on to support some of these in the in the net work for you you know of to support serine refugees and
you've lost limbs with these for the professors yes already open when that basically is trying to use the technology to
employ the technology tool to help people who have lost everything like in in the quest affected areas like Jordan Lebanon and Turkey but the other thing is to have them to help them to develop this the the printed words that so we can make them and maybe look in the in inside the area we can make them outside buying using that the the scanners to scan the patients and send that that make a parties and send them back and also I told you to to include the patients in in in the process of of of making the process the text
and also there is the and other things that was doing the only organ was this is not to use the technology in general to to to have procedures and to living and referred on the stage today I'm at this morning from a number of different initiatives and from the perspective of refugees and organizations trying to help refugees from the support that the German government is giving up on the on this stuff and I think some really we've been learning a lot about these different perspectives perspectives but it's
great to hit here of a particular piece of technology and and and some of them just see these individual people you helping up and we have little bit about
what you've been working on i the prosodic you've been working on and it it has length it's it's it's almost like it's somewhere in between there the Olympic standard and that the route the the sort of what might be described as the high-tech and some sort of 3 D printing and the the more sort of roots of 3 D printing of what's possible to be made in it an inorganic conflict situational for people affected by conflict but where you in this so the spectrum wall we started actually
in after after watching all wars in size in the middle east from student doesn't woman different people on a lot of people are very close the ones from civilians so all we have to think about a year to make it easier for people to get the prosthetic that and that's 3 different printed also low-cost but at the same time it could be as close as human and that can be made air can react or so all the thing is that we are building our got where are were creating a prosthetic limb smart 1 that it's just as simple as plug-and-play so that the patient of you will take you to just where it and it will automatically understand what kind of is that he wants to do so it'll all people holes
now we're making light at 12 different movements and 1 and and 1 on our basically it works on
the gathering data from different kind of relations that they have a different kind of gotten the in their on so we're going to the top of the EMG the muscle would put muscle sensors on the money grapple with data and we go actually a cluster all these little for the front at 12 movements of the hand and we do some machine learning and the form itself so it'll automatically will be smart and understand many different aspects that very can go to tremendous
influence the customized find the individual Kerrigan but then actually take you through the other of a smart prophetic and the machine using a machine learning exactly exactly so that's that's 1 of the balls it to make it low cost and
easy and also as a he has a close as a human movement incredible
how are you able to do this in Palestine how could that well you they fulfill the restrictions on the fact that you're working in yellow was well when you have a passion for something and
you want to do it is just going to its you'll find the way doesn't matter where you are doesn't matter what you do just to mention and for you to take from the work and
that's that there's a there's a hard worker you know I had to make some good researchers between different topologies 1st of all I found that a lot of people are
focusing on the EEG technology bought I and is only G yeah it's it's uh that's a sensor that you read here Breiman brain waves that you can control robotics with maybe a lot I thought that's a that's a bit complicated and that's not relevant that someone that losses on and you put something on his head that doesn't look like a whole so here we struggle
with microphones lie ahead sorry in our heads healer could have less you and so do do key December that bit more about the data you're gathering the solutions you know the way to your maker the and the way that you engage with uses a similar question to last as well as the we engage with
users through now we are in there was stage that we got uh the algorithm works on our 1 of the open source treated printed uh models after that we will start creating the real model it is that it will fit because 1st we will create the on only and after that will create our extensions that they can add it to the orange and depending on what what is his need this always inside the inside this extension there is lots of EMG sensors so you develop a prototype which rules allow that to the exact after
the time exactly and there are some Bot interacting with engaging with the with
the user answer we just go to some institutes that that they take care and get give fair chance basic prosthetics tool to victims who
of Andrew there and we gathered the data from of these people that we have a data from 4 different people that they was their arms and we farm and we have
data from 25 people that they have their arms but the surprising thing that we found the signal is more powerful than pro this gives us more powerful so from the people that was the wrong the people that have norms so that's made it or even easier for us to to differentiate between cells
and you can use just to the so we have an understanding of the context of the many of us can imagine how I refer had how you lost a like we've had little about we can match
how people might lose their limbs inferior what kind of an and empowered people affected in Palestine what are the main causes people in all its efforts well
then you know there's a lot of them lost that in war because sometimes also
in an uprising because actually and uprising against Israeli and know was Israeli army that use legal weapons so it was like that exploded bullets so some people are great got the bulletin exploded so they have to use the consulates or through the through a very much a conflict exactly that situation
occurred regardless of their normal accidents that happens in your what strikes me in that case that the that the thing that you have in common is that you're in many ways all survivors
annual champions but the difference between your so I guess in some ways that's your user and then you go the makers and so how do you find that to me how do you find engaging with the makers and with this
amazing team you have suppose he knew what what does it feel like to to be an involved in working with some increase in these technologies where it's an
it's like creating an and anyway on how and future things will happen I meant for me it's an I'm very happy to to give something back because I've been very lucky
man I and and I as a workplace that lead and have a lot of support and you know and sponsorships to get my special that's they're down it's great to give something back and some of you know how all tool established a new way of producing and maybe open up kids a new way of life and future and them to be able to come participating
in sports classes because it's it's not they can make if they are acting it out in sucker game you
amputated asked on the on the ball to to kick it's a year and 2 year did the rest is gone and it's nice if he can down but if I have a chance to and changed a lot of it and that and that's that's the best thing for me to do you have about from that we have firm
in practical terms in 1 of the things you talk about the Europe years sharing some of the data and some of the
new looking to share some of those the lessons ago learning or even the expertise around were during to so the more about what your interested in ESL it took us a long time until he
had we found out what kind of a how prostheses has to be that it works for citing so it was a lot of trial and error and that in the beginning that nobody sees their you see Hollywood she's on the podium she's won the race and it's fine but in the background and it's been a long way and the and the rarest traveling and challenging passed to got there had a lot of information had a lot of centuries had big problems with my pursues it didn't work I wanted to have them I have been able to train so many hours and I had to pulse again and again another century so it was really a hard way to get there and down to still some painful absolutely
painfully and if you really think if you had that he has to walk on its it's not so
I'm and what we but avoided experience we have my proceeds expertise over 60 years old so he's that 40 years of experience in that field and of my own experience have but on a very high level and this has really to set and we are able to give their experiments parents and from disk a lot of feedback and a lot of detailed information and we really challenging them I think gamma lot of time and stages fodder my gosh 250 what they want from us so that well this helps makes a better
future and I think and when such a program has the chance to look and have developed data and which means that in future and we can establish a higher of you I would say
yeah kind of better fitting the so if you have a scan and then we have a a problematic and floated that runs through Wednesday cicadas happening this is understand this Bonita's is something like that then the program can you know the step the level of the hierarchy you have reached the and other petty technicians which are
very good at the very rare and so a really good experts are not very often is not in Germany you know and especially in countries where
a crisis that was happening you don't have an all that technical experts in front can help so this will have a lot of gonna ask them how similar question what kind of and
technical expertise is available come to you and your colleagues made the same and to summer book entirely on what kind of know how archived data would be useful yeah actually they
experience in both cases in in in the middle east in general is the report and because of the conflicts in that that is
a very big need for this so when I was in Jordan I went through almost 1 year of of of suffering until I get
my 1st lecture I could walk and I access to something the now because I was in Jordan I'm only here for like 6 months and in the linear so I hope that in future at the people will will have acted at this advanced the advanced
if this is not only to the to be able to walk To be able like to run by Europe running shoe on your site to so you will be able to do whatever
you you want to do so what we need is to to build the infrastructure for this experience to train like the Commission's to train people uh to get the feedback from the patients themselves and to involve them In the process of making so we would get a lot of it as valuable information from the patient and partly to to build to kind of build I regard that as a area of expertise in the Middle East India and you
grew that you think is the the most needed wall yes on or for for for the model also we need to something about the hardware designs history it's really highly needed I also in machine learning
our short wobbling was just some kind of data our before we need together just a maze of of data of course and will need something else too much better so so yes we need we need some nice the good it's pretty it's treaties people about about hardware design cause now with the simpler using an open hardware controllers on June just like a as required we know on the stuff and uh with that with that after to take it to the next level of
course we need which a serious hardware design we have on I'm more aware that you know the the the Palestinians have a very strong tradition of
technology and engineering from the best engineers or a governmental being Palestinian and and uh so so this is I think your work with that of the middle and then the culture there from how the how the people are reacting to to you doing this kind of work or how they see in prophetic for me is that is that is that is seen as a charity thing is seen as a right thing is that seen as um a hobby albeit it's a hobby of
a book it's more like her building a presented right this it's like salt and a serious problem with people that really needed and maybe they look at it from charities sides so here so you
can you can actually do and I thought a lot of room for sentences just shares its size or so yes war we have a lot of in terms of the loss is a loss of forest columns of that thank Sofia and how people reacted you work for
for the the the attitudes you encounter when you have some work of people yeah so let's think saying as an example of this this kid because his name saying so when we met him the 1st time he was really scared because
all of his body was burned and he lost his his hand but when he started to see something started to see the spent then uh and he suffered to to to be more relaxed the 1st day he didn't think of that the hand out that when he fled his father the hand of and then when it was
then we had to do some then for it so we spend like when I want to do to take the hand from the so we got a good uh very good the book and the because all the patients
in the middle east the city and or it on TOD in of whether they really want to get something that you want to to to have access to this to have them so we have to go to war to have this open source a kind of of this is and and then the attitudes to the way people see
the Olympic athletes using high technology what kind of attitudes if you encounter and 1 of I think of oftentimes see I get inspired
to don't see barriers anymore it's a Gandhi see what I can do how it is man I've I hollered colored choose Metcalfe analog my path in the 2nd
pass and I think and of the dam
it's the installation up to stop and just to see 2 things they can to and to start doing the things they can do and not and and as word-based that too little hands to ask the thing and not stop and like asking for things they wanna have to do things again they did before take and then I think that's a 1 of the biggest
things I can do but do you ever get any ever people saying to you like the 3rd and you hear a lot about some flexor saying it's the technology which is really your it's 31 truth Formula One racing cars of the technology it is helping people to win now like I know you do have a huge amount of training you'll firemen had how do you feel about that the relationship the of the relationship between the idea that some you all the athletes and the technologies and label the people might see the the technology as they Prof with people to use the blood cleaning and that's
always both of them more than the shape and I don't have I'm not sick enough to have to call it Alden have order automatically semantics and every aerodynamic bike will not work so I have to move it and bring it to a specific kind of speed and to have a dynamic works so I'm it's always both sites and also will from prostheses and that the geared equipement everything has to be 1 half % so it's both it's a place between been the best at the data can be on 100 % than being having the best you did you can have so I think that's a very interesting and and I hire you feeling
as you um run up to the Olympics this summer Harry what's your you feel like and the technology is as good as you need it to be the do you feel like I'm not gonna ask similar questions you know what you think the future the this in in the short term and of course you but in the longer term what you think the future looks like these kind of technologies the for
me of the letter that I'm a mom mind over the and already had a starting line in the co banner from attending the Silver Line fine I I really am very confident of my prostheses and the whole thing so evil and that in the long term I see and a lot of other people studying deem
evidence signing doing normal cycling events in their hometown so that's what I see a future
that they are able to buy daring running shoes running a lake and citing issues citing lags whatever they want some and it's affordable for them and maybe a bit more expensive than a moment and social but it may be affordable and
that are not part of that inspiration uh and then the of sharing culture you trying to you were talking about is trying to absolutely to I you surrounding yeah I I guess a similar thing what what you think and the short-term and longer-term future looks like the work of year so for the short term I think we would see an easy access for the locals prostheses for people like in affected areas but on the long term and people will have access for the advanced and low cost the 1st is the this what the thing what I hope to to the in that any of future because know that not
every entity can come on that every and every single entity can can buy bike but every single entity can walk with be and the of what the so I hope so when we wouldn't solve this problem be and some you it's not just 3 D printing use also the forgot what you see on a wall all the the sure future let's
say now we're all working on model and you type of uh of prostatic that fits our our vision about the mission learning all this of foods raising the average again exactly now and er also formal not longer future not I'm thinking of the 2nd generally about the Pacific the tools all the mortars inside and just work on some kind that it will work without mortars you just just a small electrical shocks and to make a move from a and also after the wall I'm thinking of expanding this talk to all kind of ones of amazing work and thank you very much but I think if we take some time now to get some questions from the audience but is there a 2nd microphone arrays in the same
microphone and I have a lot of thank you very much so with anyone have any questions from champions in survival is up on stage here yeah thank you think
you uh I wanted to ask you what do we have any kind of software somebody can use to key Yates just the shape of their the character putting
our right to basically a just somebody make for static out of 4 out of the Internet be treated air electrostatic 3 have prosperity uh in the he's so can we improve it can we can use and other tools that just uh what can we use the following so we want talk for example people these new city the Archie deals them the next so that they will be able to use as soon as possible and as easy as possible please yes so as a
events from the question it's about flow and how the people to you to do more of this habits is the sum the basic things which can be adapted to the individuals but remember you you mean if it's open source or or yeah of OK well the thing is that I about has so to make the model
source and if uh and what is just wanted that we can't we can't ship electron section fall for that and I am hopefully the court will order also open source if the funding body can enhance it will be more than welcome but you have to can get about the does the
electrons but do we have anything to do it just but the shape of of epistatic theory to a some body of course you mean if if it's for kids or for fall more I'll say of course there'll be around some kind of solutions for this
while we were still in line with stage equipment that it's it's coming here and leaving out in thank you very much I think there's
through circuits everything's um sum of absolute of for example for in of a variety of unusual place which isn't in dentist offices whether customize and some of the newer replacement T from things to implant the people people have at the within the 10th of
marker margin and future work much more complex of some of of a friend of a question that yes please thank you limits
for it this inspiring talk and actually it's related to the last question in case as an and it's a question to both the makers and users
and In in case of kids right that you would have to adjust it constantly and you would not know when and how much it just sits there and I was wondering of what your vision is how I would it be to have like small make a places everywhere where where of you could actually do it yourself or adjusted in order user perspective how often do you have to just sit in the case of k that in you you don't know how quick they grow out of and the well that's that's what we are at the core of the i word that's what the
want and thinking to to make it through the printer model that's whatever you want to adjust the just you print a new model as the on I'm thinking also to to have that that it's made for certain edges or a different sizes depend on what you need to what kind of give the unwanted should what kind of and the cat so yeah maybe
maybe will find the solution of all this was still the Korea the model again we saw in that area was stages from I'm sorry it's makeable yes of course yeah and to just say something in response to that to but yes and it's a big issue on many large
title kid then we have to adjust the uses all get new ones every year at least depending on how you go on and leave me if you have kids you know 1 as they're getting a plastic has 1 hour so it would be nice to have a scan of free minutes and then go way you play with other kids so this would be a nice way for kids to lend to me as an entity that have always a challenge of all the training I do every day and another maskers grow and then we lost weight because of all the training so I have to do a lot of adjustments all the time so I'm basically the getting a new procedures every year to tree so I'm like a kid but not growing and 2 scoring methods thank you not another
question that means I'm sorry sorry I didn't see will come to next is quite hard to see with the light
some sort no props and you think that with the media coverage the likes of being able and go and get that some
parents have unrealistic expectations of the capabilities of 3 D principles that sits on a desktop machine for instance In some what you think about the really forget the
expectations with all of these stories of throughout the so it the dependable suffix are not the best to a solution ever you know that is the plane constant Yellowstone tens of
thousands of euros but their 3 D printed hands for now for the mean time I mean in in the future I really believe in the localized bionic affected arts but for now you know the the printed the specifics of providing the the of tentative solution for people who can get at the access for the advance of the health care for the advanced technologies which goes up on unless you have access to advanced 3 D printing technologies
and I think that that's 1 of the things that are often come up with 3 D and 3 D printing and under what reasons why prophetic so popular for the area of 3 D printing is that's actually the the technology of 3 D printing isn't quite there yet so those that still developing and it's these low-volume highly customizable parts where it makes sense right with that it's not necessary for an with the if you wrote in response to used new theory crisis and you suddenly have 200 thousand people in the world and you are out of the force for me as a of test so you have 2 choices you there is like a 100 thousand people in 1 of the present and it is in C. you have 2 choices to provide a cutting engage shared by in occurrence for
100 or 200 and keys or to provide a basic and so on so lands for of course as he can't know I'm talking about the cost of what we hope that in the future we will provide every single entity with words fit came with the name of the goods and the that engaged in notes for you what's important in this in
terms of raising the average of and trying to advance the technology to make it more accessible to all the other person's arm we have sorry we had 1 over here and then couple the front
to please actually your last exchange convention of what I was good ask
but due to the future being kind of your highly custom all I highly customizable purpose for is there a way to make adjustments for existing was that x 2 then add on to customize to someone else and jobs will record the commoditization of the disposal extend I guess scaling a commercial sense but also to keep costs down is it about getting everyone or with the the children that may have grown outgrown something new in the course of clicker the shoe size and children locally quickly is the ways to pass these all affect people with people with someone else that may have a similar yet images in any event in these the the
idea of some you know the idea that these things might stay with stay with a person of a longer period of time and can be adapted over time or that that you have this you have this could could average level of technology the thing can then be more rapidly customized I guess it's a question of how do take it scale have you reach for many more people here and definitely get a more customizing and handed down as where he has a
long train the others so you can definitely see being long he had with love more
fantasy and so the element the traditionally it's not really working that you can always go back and tries and he knew his ability and some due to the European thoughtfulness well yeah of
course the while in yes it's it's it's totally customizable and the
thing about about if it's affordable with people or not that's why we are using just the locals to electron acts like a as replies are greenough's and we're trying to also make it all open source that 2 2 tool of people actually be able to to look at the code and uh have a look at the hardware itself uh so it'll be local stuff that we are using so planet and a person can afford this uh process except when they needed through thank you
require a person who have a market for thank you could just give us a rough estimate of the price range where the basic of epistasis we really cost because I've got no idea that take imagine it's pretty expensive to have their status so the athletes with half just price range host well what if you can avoid the Raspberry Pi now nowadays by more
dollars or something like that if you want to full prostatic really goes to from 100 to 200 dollars something with it a small so that would be possible that you afford it and if people that got less and more poor countries will try to make like and to talk about charities or something like that to the way these these specifics people that they can't afford this be yourself what sorts of less than and in terms of the the cost of what your making 4 people what what do not work conference yeah so what the hand which wasn't in this video
costed us like 50 dollars with electronics and without any training set cost 30 Delores why the normal 1st cases cost between i mean the normal not taught at the number 1 cause between 2 thousand
500 years up to 4 thousand years ago that ordnance and governance that bayonet hymns of much much much uh it's more expensive and names for the same and in terms of the prices of these countries were now that 2004 it as new as has been achieved and it's stay if you'd be catered means building easily maybe around
5 thousand and 6 thousand 7 tells me tells me that is a bit a better 1 but if the above canadian and idea was cheeses that means you need any which is working so we at the costs of around 12 to 15 thousand and that is this weekend I met someone who is above to the amputated you get 1 of the newest technologies and he told me that this this this Jesus close 35 tells viewers so that's that's car to drive so I mean it's very expensive
and of the relevant question here thank you my question has to do with the design of these things and In specially to
both the Gelman have you seen in the past if the scenes were trickle-down effect where high and the equipment source the available at lower price points in the market that's certainly true it . it with the control mechanism to the Raspberry Pi there but I'm word comes from thinking more about the prostatic hardware directly because I'm interested in should we be developing for the high for like Denise and hoping that that trickle down effect happens or should we be going from the bottom up working in the poorest countries of the simplest materials and hoping we can improve that from the bottom up in ordering no while I believe
it's it's it's from the bottom up because you need actually to make sure that words on any simple prototype 1st but after that you can you can finish it with a high and uh and depending on the cost that will be different or some people maybe you would like to have it with a local essentially the prince of the model has some people maybe you would like to have a high and and by all the model know about all the different between people and you think it's you hard to think still thinking about sort of raising the average I got you meet you meet on the bottom of by the quality of many years of DL will they what the quality that we have now right now for the normal process its story of new it's nothing so I'm taking care on trying to get 4 of them have a G. so 2 would be more effective like and the human and and and the needs of the course of your life and how have you seen the some of the really advanced technologies and that they become more accessible
has there been a source of uh pipe high-tech coming down and cost yes absolutely animal like somebody has to do the stack and then a
very you had a so nobody could have flooded a couple of years ago there was been a computer in a way could have it so we have a kind of role model that we have and it takes a while but I am sure that it will have to be assessed so it takes both pioneers of 1st the
person's again and I think we we're going to wrap up now wants us to the finish of the closing thoughts in the opening of the London Olympic Games in 2012 and there was a moment when on the in the center of the stadium and the uh a house lifted up and inside the house was Tim Berners Lee who was 1 of the pioneers of the World Wide Web and the right to
treat under the treaty the messages written a lot around the stands of the Olympic stadium and it says this is for everyone this is for everyone this possible idea the into that Olympic spirit part of why you'll hear today sharing the stories constantly and please
developed this is something you believe is that you might have motivated by you about that why using open by she what motivates me is the to make the the entities to everything to like any normal person or even more yeah because when you lost to leg you'll have the motivation to
do things that you'll he was think about it through this and this is a very personal motivation for both of you know and some of well from the beginning I wanted to change the
world so if it was the 1st time that the cyclical recovery about 4 recruiter buffalo myself but I don't have to uh have a mn