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my my my family my the dimensions of
some pilot long fees research assistant at Charlotte tabling will introduce us in the field of genome medicine yes thank you very much
and we waiting for the presentation to be set up
and to that I can just introduce myself on the physical therapist and also sociologists and I'm I'm currently doing my masters in sociology researching how gender medicine is being implemented all over Europe in medical studies and maybe I help you with that have can 16 and the extended meant to how OK my Bachelor's these as I looked into cardiology textbooks and how the sexes are being represented there and it was very fast cost books I looked into were from lake to thousands and they actually missed most of the current knowledge about and heart attack in women and men and how to differentiate which was very surprising to me because the knowledge has been researched for the past 40 years by now and and maybe now I will have a presentation as well yeah of the the the time I the the the the yeah what there's also a hashtag and I want to introduce this hashtag sex gender meant as an abbreviation for sex and gender sensitive medicine and if you wanna region on Twitter it's as so the hilt not and and I love you maybe we'll start seeing something the yeah is it only because it is set in 2 years ago and there was no more exercise we could to some
exercises logarithmic slide yet something to wake you up there was within probably sitting all day please follow me this is the rabbit distant
itself and this is the 100 yeah
now the ravages of really smart cookie so he jumps around Mesa turn and suddenly the switch the little yeah yeah just to just just do the hunter and
switching their hands I see some some some hundreds on missing them the the look now there's a 3 3 year gravity our have now the red it can usually jump so only the rabbit
gems of course that the hunter can do this because then then it won't work no OK but I 1 more level would be the hunters shooting the rabbit is jumping there's a really frustrated with your work and you need a break and
laugh about yourself that this always does the trick for me took me like a year to do it like that you know the of the the US what excited to be here thank you all for being here and is the question in advance if you shouted loud enough all can repeated so we have it on we OK and I will try to just do the um the talk but I do need my slides for myself so we're gonna start an ancient medicine and that's where it all started because of the widespread belief was that there is only 1 body and that actually all humankind is may all but that the females did not have in a fire inside them to turn their internal organs out so they're demanding so women were always the imperfect version of a man and continued and we call that the 1 6 models meaning that there's only has 1 sex and later on In this and dominant um ideal of of masculinity and that that the man are perfect is leading to men and women being imperfect and the more sexual the more Connell as versions of of man and this was supported by a the very religious beliefs and it's it's continued to in and developed and so on hierarchical hierarchical models inside societies so actually society reflected this belief and made sure that women were and said you were dominated and supported and did most privileges are were reserved for whites educated healthy middle and upper-class men all based on the belief that these bodies they they have harm in have a hierarchical order as well the now I can't even look at my slides so all of so there was this 1 sex model OK everybody's the same they're all men except the ones that are not mandating perfect man so they can be dominated by the perfect man then times changed well yes times change thank you very much we have a presentation that you and I want to start with this because as 1 of the quotes in 1 of the
medical text books I have it is referring to a myocardial infarction and in the case of a heart attack that you have to immobilize the patient and remove closes the tight shirt color the next time unfortunately she is a woman wearing a brown while having a heart attack can be quite uncomfortable as well so this is for me a perfect and in an example why women are out of the picture not only in but also explicitly when referring to an diseases so the
imperfect man we already have
the privileges in modernity we had to have certain revelations of microscope was developed in natural sciences were and developing as well and they all challenge religious and traditional believes that there was in a hierarchical order but the 1 the challenge of the moles was starving when he said that the origin of the species actually was in contradiction to what the bible was saying so then everybody focused suddenly on genes and hormones trying to establish the belief that men and women are so differently that actually during the from the 16th to 19th century especially in brain studies the believe change rapidly light on a 1 century men were the emotional ones than women were the emotional ones that men with the emotional once again so you see that the science with all they all backed it up by what they call signs have helped them to the show that the difference between the sexes to actually and find a validation for a social order that was dominant so then they they moved on to it to the 2 sex model and this originated the term bikini medicine as we have a 2 day by all the parts being covered by bikini refer only to the reporter reproductive organs off and women which are all outsourcing gynecology but assuming that in all other areas of medical and education and wells medical treatment actually of the same because we still in medical tradition it's still believe and assumed that the actual body of men and women are the same and that is the problem we're fighting against
in sex and gender sensitive medicine so it's to come
to the point today where we actually do research on the differences of the biological sexist and I am referring to your known and you're set up and if it isn't X Y and X X Y or 2 axes or 1 of the other of the many variations there are you do have a general form that is influencing how your body reacts to certain aspects of the nature to makes you vulnerable to to certain diseases and so on the that we can all do this right now has a long tradition of fighting for rights fighting for interest in those matches and that evolve from from human rights movements when rights movements than then came women health aspects of a very interesting and then the women's out of women's health and that is 1 problem we always have to fight against only talking about sex and gender sensitive medicine is that everybody believes it's only for women and well read to a certain aspect yes we have to catch up a lot of the research that hasn't been done for women right now but we also discover a lot of things that are very helpful for men as well and I will come to that in a minute basic definition of sex and
gender actually when I say sex I'm talking about a biological set of of your body the way you ginormous designed and how these hormones for example will influence how you metabolites medication when women are actually having a menstrual cycle the 3 phases where they react very differently to medication and that has not been researched properly because it's very expensive because you would need a group of women that are premenstrual you will have a group of women that have that are menstruating 2 will have a group of women that has post menopausal and of all these women you also need several groups inside them due to the cycles they go through which makes research in this area very expensive because you would have per age group at least 9 groups at least for the women and I'm pretty sure that men have cycles as well although they're not as obvious as maybe the female ones when I talk about gender I'm referring to gender roles and gender identity that is actually reproduced constantly in society how we act as man how we act as women how we act as transverse and how we are classified by our looks and perceived in what the expectations to us are and that also influences in medicine for example the way you take your medicine how you're complying with doctors orders women tend to comply a lot better than men men sometimes do sometimes don't care about when they take the medication their prescribed and also want to make sure that it's not all men and all women and talking about statistics and most prominent groups and some results from Science in Cardiology for example the heart attack has symptoms most people know as a strong chest pain pain going to the left side of your body and feeling very uncomfortable in women's nausea vomiting and back pain good associative instantly with a heart attack unfortunately not yet but they are more prominent in women but also men that can have only the symptoms and suffering a heart attack so we need to catch up on research and update although the textbook on as well women have a heart attack a lot later and if you have diabetes you're more prone to receive a heart attack in general and twice as likely as a healthy men and that is 2 4 times as likely as a healthy woman so when you are a diabetic and your female to having a heart attack is very likely event in therapy you old guess and when you're smoking and taking oral contraception is also endangering your suffering a heart attack and a stroke as well and it was only mentioned in 1 book of the 10 I have investigated from the 2008 to 2012 and which was a very stick surprise because the amount of women smoking is increasing as well and oral contraception is also vy available and being taken very and frequently turn on the other side is preventing men of having a heart attack but not women in women it prevents more stroke why this is they haven't really found out but they're still of research going on but that it is a fact has been proven by several researchers and what you all can do to prevent a heart attack is to at least 1 hour of sports a week another
thing is that when you have high blood pressure the risk of suffering that depends not only on your age and your sex but also on your ethnicity and of course your background and I wanna point out how can i . I can't point like this you know you Canadian um the yes can you help me with this and what I wanna point out is and I need to get this window away and I want to point out that the numbers for the and people of color the 50 and 60 I actually the same as for the white people in their 60 and 70 so when you're a person of color you 10 years earlier and being prone to having a heart attack which brings me to the point that actually that the incidence of disease is often correlated with your access to and your understanding of the knowledge and the health care system so poverty actually makes more women are um on the pore size in in on all over the world there are more likely to be sick as well and in psychiatry
depression have variations in in in the sentence women tend to react more with anxiety while the men tend more to be substance abusers and addicts and also of tend to turn out the depression showed in more aggressive behavior and um when you think about it anxiety and aggression are like 2 parts of the spectrum and they're kind of also related to the gender identity because aggression is also seen as a very masculine trade and being timid and rather withdrawn a more feminine trade at least what what concerns the gender identity in our society which I think is kind of remarkable in the therapy of severe depression when need to take medication to come back to life again try cyclical antidepressants are more helpful than men and have been proven that they have a bit better effect and men while as as our eyes the selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors are more helpful than women osteoporosis is In most people known as a female disease and yes women are more endangered to having osteoporosis but man we found out are also in danger to suffering from most process and the most interesting thing is that the last part is the 5 year survival rate after your 1st fracture of speed due to osteoporosis and that is when you're 1 and you're more likely to survive it because most times the doctors and yourself a more aware that it's actually a possibility to get and to have osteoporosis anyway and amend it comes off a surprise because doctors are still not aware that it is impossible and that it's likely for men to have osteoporosis in neurology and what's multiple sclerosis and migraine and this more prominent in women and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and epilepsy is more common in men now to
trade to treat at the end for me is always pharmacology because there's so much going on there that is very very bad for you and particularly women because most test subjects are young healthy men and 1 example is the Viagra for women and that have been measured defects in that trial participants of 9 to 14 per cent that was the same as the placebo so you actually don't know if it had an effect and of the STI approved it after some trials that included 25 people and since it was a medication only for women they even had to women in the test group which I think is so ridiculous at that I don't even by the missing the words so
hands-on communicate with your doctor and particularly if you notice reactions with medication especially as a woman most of the medication is not has not been tried out for men and women a lot of the side effects on heavier in women and particularly if you're a very slender woman the medication might be ready overdosed for your body weight and height and if you want a challenger Dr. asked them if you have to consider your menstrual cycle in any way by taking the medication it was a certain point because that does have influence on how your body metabolites is it and how long it stays in your system and so as to Dr. if you she knows about the sex differences because we all have to work together to raise awareness for the whole subject because it is still not man in um a part of the curriculum in medical education only few schools all over Europe have some courses most of them are not mandatory but electives and we all need to to take care that our doctors stay up to date with what they know thank you
very much and there will be a um advanced mediated read at 2 PM at the mattresses behind the dome and with my colleagues from hacking with care they're presenting on stage to right now so please take up their talk when we're all done and it's online because we are collaborating to help hacktivists with their um bodies and their well-being and yes now it's
time for questions answers thank you very much so
fun is over there was a lot of the existence but that I'm wondering like every now and then you get to
read some articles about actually the oral contraception for man has been invented and but there's no interest in introducing into society you have a set that or statistics even if I don't have the
statistics on it but that uh it is difficult to bring contraception to men because it has although there are some voices that cry out and say I want I
need it and so as far as I know they haven't had an impact yet to actually develop it and bring it to the to the main market I would think if it will be great to respond to be responsible and take care of your own uh fertility in that way particularly as a man no any other questions about with
thank another question was next that's why they deal with them in response to show funny way on the rabbit as running again and I was wondering because
of the close by saying that we see all kind of questioned or decision that doctors make all the least kind of ask for reasons why they view that and don't you think there's that this issue has to be tackled at different level because I feel like you at 1st doctors of technically in like hierarchical position became is we assume they have knowledge that we don't have which is the reason I'm against them in the 1st place and and then if we say generally they not aware of this for about like of many aspects of this and how can we rely on them giving us a you know a reasonable explanation for something that they don't really know about so they tend to think what what other level do you think is necessary to kind of well tackle the problem face well 1 thing I think is important
is approach and that's what I'm also doing what will be doing in in in in an gender
medicine societies is approaching specialist societies like the cardiologist society in the society of the neurologists and approximant of like how how about that you start at least offering courses where medical doctors in every medical doctor at least in Germany has to collect a certain amount of education classes a year and am they're required to do it or otherwise they lose a license but as far as I know none of the big associations have yet introduce a cause for gender-sensitive treatment or information for the doctors so that is 1 part that's really rigid and what I experience from the medical system because he said it's heirarchical when you come as a patient but the medical system inside itself has also strong hierarchy and it hasn't been yet so gender friendly and sex and sensitive so far and there's still only little rules on asking researchers to proclaim the sex of their cells that every cell has a sex as well and react accordingly and every mouse and rat the use also has a sex at least I wouldn't call the gender and their case but they have a sex so um there's so much to be done yes and I'm not so optimistic that I will actually benefit from it in a couple of years it's more that the generation after us so even that generation after that will actually benefit from all of us working together being aware and even just slightly questioning like are you sure I have to take the whole pill or should I take half a pill twice a day instead of 1 pill at 1 time it had a mean little things like that can actually help everyone and if your doctor doesn't know with you he hopefully looks it up and give you information on in real time
present in your time for questions no problem was next by all specialists in Telemedicine alone that on the head of any more questions I need some place take selective the recording and I case as they that the other thing I was
wondering is because he said the beginning and you need female how was kind of this person didn't I don't quality and speed where the you did you look at that at all because from my experience i for example describing the sale of contraceptives and a lot of cases it is with the people I know myself also was also connected to me not being entirely new forms of what kind of long-term effect that has this the focus on my buddy so the asking
about um k to go work it would be the and how that you're a doctor wasn't informing you about long term effects of contraception because it was just the gold standard kind of and hence the name of the staff problems with my skin people will tell you that you could take a pill that they don't tell you what's you know there is much bigger than exactly exactly an analysis in this if the kind of looked into that he she they said he sees around the holidays or not not particularly but you have to assume that
that Médicale system I mean it is very complex to treat a human being and to to be aware of all these things going on so by adding the the the dimension of of sex and gender will make it even more complicated but I think we all suited to actually understand this kind of complexity and yes this angle there's this new medication that's given to everyone and it hasn't worked out in the past and unfortunately several some examples and like this Viagra for women how medication is approved still is very um questionable at least if not endangering many people and a lot of uh medication for on treating heart is easier on elderly analytical has led to several women dying because the medication was overdosed for their bodies in particular now the yes so OK so thank you very
much the new upcoming question or otherwise I would say yeah so thank you very much for this insights and adrenaline it's and was very very interesting thank you very much thank you thank you all for listening and the interesting question and then I can you
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Titel Gender Medicine
Untertitel What has sex got to do with it?
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Abstract Sex- and gender-specific medicine (SGSM) is a young field that managed to recently establish itself all over the world. Though mostly called gender medicine it actually investigates sex specific differences of the two most prominent sexes: male and female. There are also aspects of the gender identity that impact the interaction of doctors and patients, as well as coping strategies, treatment suggestions and side effects of medication The following aspects will be presented in this talk: Where does this area of research come from? What does it actually do? Why is it important for women and men? And when is it appropriate to talk about sex and when to talk about gender?

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