New dimensions and perspectives of Art in VR

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New dimensions and perspectives of Art in VR
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Through the new medium Virtual Reality there are never seen possibilities in making art visible in completely new and innovative ways. Creative minds out there are using latest tech to add new vividness to the common presentation of artworks. New ways of visualisation and storytelling are being explored and discovered. But one has to step into the Matrix to explore it hisself.
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home DNN with a and the e was when he
if I and selenides you're only here I'm very happy to talk to you about and protects and what I'm doing so I'm Sarah and I'm from
the Hamburg base units connected and and you might have seen me also at the International at every every year during a performance so yesterday and today we get a performance hall this and that's just from shots slots but is staying in the arbiter of pink once the sun to get it from the person so yesterday was also the screening of all offers an it 1st performance centenary back at the games science and in Berlin but yeah but we do so as the anorexia doing a that cite news block and it started in 2013 so we bear actually the first one and the the biggest and representatives of the IR for the German-speaking speaking community so it's all chairman so if you wanna look something up there and pretty informative we also and talk about the talk about they're like uh about events are going to or um practically a starting like also mixed-reality and things like that and then what we also do this some clients work for debt I get a very stirred video for and that looks like this so this was a rural rural this was very well and they're all my love by has lost its state chairman held in the incident and then we kind of visualizing the skin so you can walk
around the again you can also go under the skin of around see everything that information so we have a rule that was something new so we erecting a lot but they she survive through laughter rooms can model it is we also doing other things and regarding some very small local a projects and quantify the level and you can also get more information if you can't overlook that is connected with the ousted to more people from the and I can tell you about what's going on there and yet another thing you're doing is that we get a so room and generates locally so on floss is showing off the latest be our hardware revered testing software you can just come by check out things book book a slot like online on our website and then try out different things so we get the agency wise stare and we also got binoculars 1st like news on C 1 there and and yet to a lot of that thing testing that the and through that ideally also and got to another protect you're doing this
is called me of the it's so small that it's not it's not what from it's a platform that's subverted by that form and this is kind of a mixture between a and and the concept of sharing economy but then also high-quality the are experiences so you can guess not everyone has room to a for the room to like them and set up a wife at the soma maybe also like can afford to buy a wife and the computer but still doesn't want to stay on the cardboard give yeah so therefore you can just go to the website and type and the your
base where you wanna try out we are so devisal so up different directly case since they can do that all that the
price all this like and there are also people who do it for free you would just like to meet mind like people and them yet get in touch with them so stand there their experiences and um yeah that's actually
pretty neat so you can try out the irony nearby so we don't have to travel like very far or something like that also mobile version
and that and yet that would consume but you can also like inform yourself about that later
but I actually wanna talk to you about and I guess that's why you're here is more like art and in and in relation to the ah so what is my passion project is an elusive trips it's an experiment the are game and and we do that we do have a concept
there so the goal of the garden State like art artists like super-powerful it's and it's everywhere and it takes like dimensions that super big those whole rooms so it's not like only on a 2 D plane like that as a
painting of something but are just more than that so and artists and that you can look like art and look you can look like that on art and you can even see under those so the girl who's sitting there she looks at that painting and you're looking at the photo from the painting and it's it's not the same but it's not too far away so it's still like to D and you can still see what CCs and you're not missing any anything to an important but then there's
something else happening so we also that art that is bigger than that frame that comes out of their that has 3 dimensions that really has something which you can you can't be you can this when you're not right beside the our piece so that I'm not standing there in that room and can walk like from left to right and look at it from all perspectives ever the definitely miss all at something and from that hour or so then that's idea began a medium right now which can make all that visible and 10 Pritsak things into a three-dimensional space and you can still walk around it move around that somehow get to notice all perspectives of a thing and that's not the literary and it's the art gallery arise to make that possible to make all the perspectives of three-dimensional objects which can exist even in the real there are are already made in the virtual that but then you can also see that only on 2 the screen but from that all perspectives so and the
you all dead in this trips and just to give you a rough idea of what I'm talking about if you might not have tried it before I show you a great video of that as well no let's do that was
not supposed to happen there you go and mean that's the really early of us but you get an idea of what you're doing so you have that character controller that makes you completely free to move around in that area
so you can kind of feel inclined to arm and you do every impact and
movement To Alms that have full this phase and you use them para yeah every the
also the sunset cracked this makes it a bit to make I had to move around the more easily
so you can you can find things right things called him and you can't stop them to meet the
summary dream but then it's also like your monogatari as it as it might
be like the obvious to a
a room like for example more than the sum of is a the art experience there you get like and the dummy assume dominant set actually hanging error and you just walk through this regular assume that's that's like totally like the reality and the step of a from that and said like that we wanted to an artillery but you wanna live through are different like in a different way you don't have a
like in a simple white room because that's anyway but it's not like really supporting the odd so that stand free that's ball also but it's not like I'm giving you some that extra extra funding to the make prisoners
camera so and also as a topic for like if you want inform yourself and followed out of the are protected doing there's also 1 guy with the camera walking around you can ask then other from units YouTube videos from decided to introduce to you awesome so now I gotta find my presentation again and and this is not happening yes so that I can respond with an Avellaneda non gonna talk a bit about the artists which are exhibiting their because the choice of the artist was what part of the artist's lost quite important for me and as you know the is quite a new medium and and our samples of conservative abundant and things like a play I get arts over to select really a
a grounded medium that lost their like for a really long time and now we get the arm kind of fluffy and not not
that had rebel before everyone so I tried to get like rebound known artists in debt to make a point that this is really cool and that people can do it
and that also more less known artists someone a frame and get in there so that was my 1st selection and everyone and that of them has its own and his own reason to be there and now I don't give you and quite I and if you all of you um why every 1 of them should really be there so that's my 1st either and he's the Herald he's from Munich and then he's completely and he has a very strong and disability you can only move 1 finger that he's doing 3 D art that finger and then he's building states the splitting really and it have pop art these parties state and he's really close to a lot of celebrities especially in the U. S. because they love this died that office things he's doing and also debate he's doing it and then he set something that's really
an that's really touched my heart so he said he wants to do deeds and these valves and these paintings because the blood
he's creating a diverse he wants to live in and you're kind of also and making our dream of becoming
reality induces trips and then and that's what the should be able to actually so we also and thought about a movement for him that the also so that amount most like most movement so that he can really be in there and also check out his art and yet and
there's another I all he was actually the 1st artists who had came to us or who was working with the US together he's also Berlin-based based and he has a also so
balsam philosophy debt and gap art especially digital artists like really something special and his and his and his name foreigners I squad limbic nation which is a mixture between the limbic system and imagination so that it's really uncertain and that everything can be different like every little piece every little thing should be different he's working of a lot the let's back with movement moving elements that and very let's see animation on yeah so that's
how this art piece looks and this the trips and wonder what Haviland act on the mobile app I'd just like to show you the things of the artists on a mobile app because for the PC version as it would use RDFS state you're not having all of them in there and yeah a kind of space ship and then you fly
into it then you actually activated and there and going to be fish that's just like fly around
parties and it's getting colorful so if you yourself and that but that our peace and come to it and do something with it like like light to it then
itself activated and this also like signing for you moving for you
and that's also special 1 hour he's very open to the technology of 5 back my he's creating what guide to cover the oil that's real craftwork work and he that already
scanned 1 of his art pieces so that the 3 D scan of the heart the and the Praat we
also transfected began to lose trips and he is this philosophy is that everything every little thing in life you have to look at it from different perspectives otherwise you will never get the car of that are never get the real idea of it if you don't look at it from like every perspective you can and that's why also then you fly to the art piece and you fly through it it starts to
get color and starts to turn so at all turning them so if you interacted with that flat you through it changed your perspective on it it will change the perspective always like to continue this continuously and
some now that how that how it looks there and that's also that's floating that look really supports the idea of having to see it or can so that you can see it for every perspective so and slip actually only Berg and real if you hang it in the middle of the room and can walk around and and a vector that is quite easy to position it
so then we also get another 1 and it's time maybe you know him he's a graphic artist and then this is very it's already on to an instance they're looking three-dimensional because they get like really strong deepness which is kind of seniors and this guy
also always had the urge to make his argument visible in all 3 dimensions for real that's likely both a and it kind of a mutt sculpture because he really wanted to see all Hall look how does that actually really look from behind and that's why they could work together that them very perfectly because it has had a 3 D modeling guidance made make a model of this and much sculpture and and so the
technique transferred to the planet very recently and you also you get it like that and he wanted to unfold I . because he always says that really strong signs i . was like kind of a flower and and then you fly to the I the
it it unfolds is it's i . so it's an it's any making so as soon as you get close to the greedy and and exploratory the every letter of it it also starts to move and get so also adding adding an additional dimensions or features 2 . piece which might explain more dense us to look at the at the normal attack yet again
another guy and he's also into the dust actually more paintings that he's and he's starting
completely dream and Paul full and and very he's creating the which like don't fit at all into reality but have like totally surreal follows that is a real and people in there and what we did there as he has this bronze sculpture which is 1 this animal museum and the other 1 is in this and yard and x is meant to him and 3 D scans this and model of the thing and he was like really happy about the idea because he was always that it says that to me like wow that's so Boston can actually right on that when I'm in the our study busted theories about the idea and have a freely happy that someone like and actually pretty and well known in Germany also international but he's totally open for deeper ideas so I'm yes as I was really happy about that I
so this argument it's like that and they're kind of an intention quest behind and this thing is it's quite not cool it's the 1 that comes after the war so when the war so than all the and army Harris our then through then and did not put an apple enough would everything is getting enlightened again and getting green again and and yet going to live again bent when they pass through and that's why you had to collect different so you went to the front in front of him and if you collected that like that you can see right now there's popping up another like like in the bank and then there's popping up another like so you should you should really turn around him and then these enlightened
again and you can for these see how that's got to look so there's also the not that the not the sum later added to the message of this sculpture it yeah that's what the whole planet looks
at the moment that the carpark planet so it's not like the really really big planet for wife Sylvia as I told you before we actually developing incentives for the PC version but 80 survive which is much more prompt income which can much more and come can handle the holiday processing power so it needs a lot of processing power to and to do the ah and that's the mobile that images of different because on a mobile and it's you can and that the things in yeah well actually battles already it for a like most of it but I would totally be happy to answer any questions you got and to get into a conversation with you because they get you might be curious about and other things regarding the R or call me and that that connects and R is at a at a time it's again and I think so if there
are questions microphone please pick up your arms and then you can speak most of these are there any questions I would like to talk with the private like these of like please speak into the microphone is always on the
right uh um I was wondering the outer showing right now in the it's a lot of what I think mostly converted into of your status right to of honoring but are you planning on making from through a virtual art called and also in the 2nd edition to question can you perform as a person inside the uh the uh flow your so you add self and question some of
the reasons for example you would not overestimate the test so that completely different training but not in the are already but we get to create and to induce the difference that makes you a bit if the possibility to link triangles to make different states also quite complex states but it's still police state so you can only be right and that that's coming and another thing that I totally forgot to tell you that actually a pretty neat features still in various so all the art pieces you explored reveals around like for example setting free making colorful you also have the opportunity to 3 D print that so you can actually 3 different these research so I don't get a 3 D printer you me right now but there is the possibility to have for example it that you Our also the wooden peace and already printed
them already so it's not everything ready for example the attack from behind is the working on that so the in the middle of the process from the fact
that in these things that we also already have that's an example that he also still often American around but that's kind of this connection from the real led to the virtual and then you take it back from from the trip and eventually to the relay again so getting this kind of yeah yes yeah the and the next
slide the right of me I love the game Minneapolis into the value was things I
find about art to be true for all regions is the the cultural emotion I'm wondering how you translate motion into the yard and other techniques to do that and what emotions are you trying to convey and knowledge and
so on actually allocation is the about to let people read to put them in that work and that have a part and that not the consciousness actually that only has these 2 arms in a low gravity situation and that it has become what you want to so you can experience everything that is in there be kind of monitoring a positive emotions and the showing that like all that slowly literacy of giving them a lot of the back of moving around and about Circinus detect something it starts at low it's a bit like an output and also like when you fly around venue and that's something that song coming so we want to keep the play a very common part that anyone has that 1 the let him free so all that most methods that actually very very experimental that he had a lot of things with which makes you not the emotions they very easily so to to that kind of this balance between having a complex experience that's the leading the play at exploratory freedom and we can decide himself he can also just like not look at all and some art pieces that try to fly around the planet the whole time so suddenly after him we don't have any restrictions actually because it's a virtual world and you wanna let him free so there's no narrative yeah you think yes
and I know of no the things for there because I think you're B hours of all getting to know places that you can go to and the only 2 2 pieces of the
piece of art it's really a wonderful to get to explore Christian normative 2 questions are call close through the artist's work together with you concerning became concerned with the game play and the very or were very aware of whole you please the odds in Luciferian worship and what about the the rights because you so that you also do 3 D printing and use the hallways this lead to the because I think it's quite difficult to get artists to lose the control over what happens next with the piece of what the 2 and the
1st question sets remind me of have that any of them and so ad I'm writing very close together all of desire artists and but the 1st filled in as policy strips of that so that's what we do this is that I get 3 and you can be part of that and I'm working very closely them regarding their and appearance of the I'd like individually and I get them unattained palace at on a like let it float are not are 1 of the like as realistic as possible but also and that then like in the action part so I talk to them a lot more I not that some artists and all that I have a test that can be used to do that and today's and an item on can actually access unintended like that contains anything that just make the effort so it's totally different that also called the do it so every every artist different everything is different and it's it's it's working very well like that and regarding the 3 D printing thing it's and so some of the hardest already agreed to have it sense and that it is possible to
3 D printed that Monotype something and what we do is we are not having any greedy models like the actual scan model
online it says that this so he had a really rough locally model of actual articles and then you put a text around and say that it makes it look like a lot so it acts kind of of what foot photograph and yet so that's how we make it stays and make it and artist this decision if you want to retrieve them as of 3 different than for how much money so they can give it away for free if they like to be the people of that thinking of attachment that's not always think that it is hosting the gathering yeah OK
thank you sound we have to have to interrupt at this point because the time up but I think you warm applause all these again Thelma mn train and


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