MEMEWARS: of gif campaigns and gamer politics

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MEMEWARS: of gif campaigns and gamer politics
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“YES WE CAN”, “Putin rides a horse”, “Merkel’s hands”, the Donald Trump phenomenon: modern politicians are learning the power of memes. Use it, shape it, or somebody else will. As the meme subculture enters mainstream politics, organised political campaigners are entering the meme factories of Reddit, 4chan, Imgur, 9GAG, etc. Identity issues and gamer culture mix with discussions on taxes and foreign policy. Come for a brief overview of memewars and what they tell us about the future of politics.
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and the ground handling and dozens of the please
welcome on stage victor wall and you're not Cohen yeah at the the the mean would not
and the thank you for coming i'm just going to wait for the 1st slide yes the and so we're gonna talk about me more and the world of the colorful and intriguing world of of political names and gives uh so there's going to be a bit about
media a bit about politics a bit about uh digital culture the origin of names and gives from video game culture but we don't have so much time so we hope that you can ask questions if you want us to get more in depth into any of the things we'll talk about but today so 2084 is the name of our own collective uh we call ourselves the Social think-tank we're also a digital platform for visual activism so we're trying to see how far we can use digital visual formats for political narration
um and I'm just gonna introduce you 2 parties there to the sound it might have had a
in hand
the realm
or rule the good follow it on a on a kind of and I have a couple of good not had so a round of applause for the
author of the user please they're not going uh he will come on stage in a short while to to talk a bit about the making of uh so we're 400 years later forward from the previous token um this personal journey through the world of political gifts and things and I called that 4 stages of give maybe another 7 stages of grief and and and was gonna take you through how someone from a political communications political science background God hooked on gives means uh and go up into this the origin of those of formats and the text boards
and image boards that came from Japan originally so Starting with stage 1 paper aims at school um that what I've found that when I started to get onto certain social media platform and seeing how they could package fit the political issues into uh this new formats which basically are political cartoons which we've seen for decades hundreds of years in some cases but for people who cannot grow and that's the the sort of helpful thing with Photoshop is that only to be a talented cartoonist to put together a visual a simple catch a powerful emotional also on a complex political issue and this
is 1 1 example of many of you must have seen lot of during the Democratic primary race they use this comparison of on the supposed to be on serious issues but it's been
obviously used in very numerous ways but to compare the positions of burning in history and uh I like this 1 because instead of having a text title and too little boxes of text it's purely visual and we don't agree with my co speaker on the interpretation of this so I will let you decide whether what it's supposed to mean politically the and no
um we're doing a little uh musical interlude I am introducing the volume which is another
of the same mind to his mother in the whole thing is uh you have to watch it twice but if you watch to 3 guys that it's the
hut going here off my time using his enhance thing is yeah and so this
is a quote from there and speech when she declare itself a trunk of supporter and and she went into this rant about guns the probs lingers of our guns and freedom and religion which sounded very much like the
American buoyed by as stem Kenya was if you if you know the the verse of Kenya was um meaning so someone also thought it had some kind of hip of potential and made this bind and this is a gift in by the New York based yeah diff
artist we the
so the great thing about binds and gives is this sort of eternal
loop uh effect and
here is managed to put together a lot of different images footage from different
decades of cartoons and giving it the texture like Miller nodded
for RT 0 actually and that kind of makes it coherent the political
message is very unclear but that's his point
um stage 2 of the give Odyssey was let's make some of our own and so these are examples of things we've done or published uh the 1 at the bottom right was made by an LA artists artist um with no reference to European politics but then a month later talk a bit he said Germany have a constitutional right to should all refugees at the border the the and so we thought that they remember that give let's put it with the article with a quote from but the and this way we reach a lot of
people have come and suddenly you can also use it uh now with the Austrian policy towards borders perhaps although they didn't mention guns so far but um it's from Salzburg actually the movie was shot in some so that with that
give we reach a lot of people from like 10 times the people were following us at the time on on facebook so there was a big multiplier effect and here are just some statistics just to show the potential so on the same on the same issue of Bernie's education policy uh we have on the left injured which is 1 of the platforms we use a kind of an Instagram for means and if so if you if you haven't seen it yet but a lot of the red it's images come from injury are post links to enjoy and here this particularly mean it's actually 0 stroll down I had
19 thousand basically lights and the 1st article that came out on the Facebook but of the New York Times on Bernie and education using those keywords had 2 . 5 thousand shares and the New York Times Facebook page as 11 million fans so it shows you the potential of reaching a certain audience but that might not read a 5 to go on a complex political issue but you might get them to click and then offer a deeper analysis after you post a name and a gift I'm going invite no Leonard
to that's a bit more about
his experience of the patented the illustrator an animated dose you thank you thank you the high everyone and I'm very impressed so sorry for the shaking and I just wanna say a few words about the visual communication in basically it's a lot about US signs and symbols and signs in C. moles or
pictures that are 2 things 1st there immediately readable immediately understandable and 2nd there loaded with meaning of which means that they come with meaning that beyond what they actually represents only for example by you take a Red Man 2 gram mean you have a problem that don't walk sign in as soon as you turned that great gain black you have a reference signs and that that's the kind of things we we deal with that that all the time because these are shared is that we use for the visual communications what we do is what we used is we use signs that already exists in a we make it new pictures that we try to make work as of signs of not said that's and then a point that that guy uh that you probably recognize to but but that was not obvious to begin with
and and if you remember maybe you don't but you'll take it again on on you tube on the trailer he comes right after a Barack Obama and Angela Merkel and the other thing is the to previous 1 I don't have a face in actually did not this day you don't need it to be recognized that they have here cats attitude whatever makes them a recognizable but this guy was just without the face you would just another gain suit and so on the way that peers in a flash and gives him can overcome aspectual
disturbing operation it also adds a reason to the sequence but the reason why we put it that way on their 1st place was not because we
needed to turn that picture into a more immediate a thing for end I g 1st call for us to put in a position was a very of a we more iconic as a picture that you will know of him a bare chests rating of wars and and and then writing a bear and then writing a shark Indian writing whatever tradable but basically I mean and that brings me back to the means and gifts and the thing about them and more specifically the thing about political once is that with things that it's gonna become and it or it is a really critical in political communication and because it's so
cheap to do it reaches out a lot of people it spreads fast in and basically that's a powerful tool for a communication for campaign or promoting whatever bill or propaganda and from the thing about it what scares me about it is what I call the Trump effects of mentally about Donald Trump which is very and media-friendly on MTV friendly to begin with because I so over the top in in many ways of but the thing is he also comes with the usual features and he's get the com over his get the orange skin is get the poker NIPS around so busy please get everything visual speaking the shapes and the colors and that makes him very
mean friendly and I feel like he was uh all over the place recently win more than you should I and I think it's it's a lot because he was so identified a visually speaking also and so this but to me raise is about to questions about the political digital image is the first one and is will in the future politicians are men play the mean God and and try to get their items get their features to make room for them on that tons of pictures again see online at this will see in the 2nd question is um we as usual communicators and i think now we
we all are aware we all are potentially since Facebook in Photoshop or are there and are we going to be able to raise up topics and people but that are not as mean friendly as Donald Trump I'd like to think we can and everything it's critical that we do on thank you very much all of the backward for q in a in the this leads to their hands and I think you can you can ask the label or myself questions afterward hopefully we'll have time for that have been and let's get players try to stage 3 of the give Odyssey and after we made our own and we started publishing them on those platforms we mainly use the ones we're familiar with Twitter Facebook and then we started on inter and a red it and the reactions where sometimes surprising coming from Facebook and Twitter because
uh it's a different audience and um that got us
into where did that come from this given him communities like what are their culture their uh well what's the the origin of this culture visual culture and 1 of the main reactions you may get when you try to use the means and it's politically is this kind of a political no while you pressed posting political gives some means you're a political spam bots that we've been goal that many times and we're here to have fun we're to discuss our own sort of more private personal jokes that were not here for for this political stuff that's 1 side there are people who
are into this so the origins
and again we're just gonna talk about it extremely quickly there's a lot to say about it by people in a lot more about um it started in Japan in the mid nineties uh but with text boards and imageboards but actually 4 Jan comes from 2 channel which comes from 1 channel which comes from amazing world which was in that and the and gamers Forum of fans of a certain and in Japan gold
amazing world and and this is sort of what started the movement where and the fans and longer fans um right it was studied in the US and it's from the 1st 6 months it involved a mistress westward might be the number 1 the Internet activists in the history of the Internet so far and was directly contacted by the red it founders to join them after 6 months so there was some politics involved from the very beginning but
and and I guess some of you have heard of gabor dates can I get a feel of what can you raise your hand if you heard about data the
Argonauts everyone so and that was about 2 years ago and it's a it's started with it's a very long
story and with different people individuals involved but it it sort of became of feminists bloggers who were critical of uh the place of women and the depiction of women in video games and facing a huge backlash and sort of individual targeting campaign of from certain members of the video game forums and Gabor community who came to call themselves gamer data while using the hashtag uh gamer gate and this led to a whole debate about freedom of speech and the the right of of mainstream basically straits white guys to just buy and consume whatever they want without having to face criticism from feminists or LGBT groups or other groups who want more
diversity and they and they call those activists social justice warriors so you have quite a lot of jokes about SJW use uh which means social justice warriors which is ments as a privileged people pretending to care about minorities and other groups basically from of the various definitions of Urban Dictionary and
so that was quite a brief overview now the stage for a does this video game culture and mainstream political campaigns come together and here are a few examples I wanted to also mentioned briefly that after the english speaking sphere the most active sphere for political means and this is the Spanish speaking 1 with with a very
creative pool of people spread across uh from Argentina Colombia Mexico and Spain exchanging ideas and political news and gives here from Spain in the case of for them most in purple and through that citizens in orange and
having and again some science fiction references you can see uh in of the matrix and uh star wars the so those 2 things are coming together and into mainstream politics now that the Spain Australia was quite uh widely seen during the Spanish election campaign and the Russians have taken at 1 extra level of into geopolitics uh and we have here a good example so moving from this cultural issues gender etc. into geopolitical propaganda puts the accusations Russian Lagrangian allows countries to impose sanctions on its freezing assets of the Russian structures and in the light of hundreds of billions of dollars and you haven't dealt with in the United States right community relations with Russia and we're going to have have a condition of something in
in instance in competition with American and the stabilization of the banking system will encourage the capital outflows and maintained in the attraction of the European countries into a war with Russia is going to strengthen the political so if yeah that's real and that it is
of the Commission's but not officially uh
by policy people in Russia O feel very strongly it was during the Ukraine the beginning of the Ukraine conflict and no official statement has been published that the Kremlin commission that video but uh everyone at a lot of people have traced its through networks through Siberian hackers center in the middle of Russia who are funded and rather front office in Moscow that yes to have such a big budget production and you're not just the 2 guys in your garage playing around this was a big production
uh it's beyond means in this this is a real 3 D animation so that shows you um the merging increasingly of this video game esthetics the video game formats um with mainstream politics and in how they are also connected to the given name of culture which is a sort of short and easy to consume and produce the outgrowth of video game and the Japanese among culture and this comes from the output the inspiration in spectrum account so
that's 1 of the you have a whole lot of other pictures of food in uh with motivational quotes there I means but the conclusion is that uh names and gives are now part of political campaigning which sit in the US election we're going to keep saying it know whoever and lot of uh being the nominee on both sides uh we will see it in France and Germany next year we will see it may be again in Spain if they have new elections and so there was also a benign Austria who was very means nameable um and the they will be part of the political visual language of the of the coming elections and so we will keep watching it and it can go both the and in in any direction whether you're 1 of 2 Some climate change campaign or propaganda war mongering combined so in that important and powerful tool to be used so that consciously that's it thank you
the it
we do have fragments left for q in a this the yeah is a question yeah hello thank you for all the so this is through means and I would like to know which we're all can you give us some examples of the 1st critical issues campaigns scandals maturity and
they're influenced by means to you have some examples maybe from but which the 1st can also portraits I
mean I think the the 1st yeah the impact of names as being on on the various centers something I would say that where it's really being used what we propose with uh you know all intents and in a very structured way by the different Bernie Sanders groups in the U S um that had helped them to really boost his profile boosters visibility among young people and we've seen it in the in the successors had uh among the demographics which in the end but did not was probably not enough to have a balance of the other demographics but this for that um that demographics and work very well and I think it's in new for a big part of that success
but you any other questions so yes alright that I'd say we already let the sound in let's take the chance to get some of last Sunday's and say thank again to better their lot uh time my mn many things