Digital Performance

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Digital Performance
Interfacing Intimacy
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Digital performance and Intermedia theatre are the main subjects of Maya Ofir Magnat' talk. Maya is a digital performer and director who research these subjects through theory and practice. In her talk she will show her different artistic attempts in digital theater and intimacy.
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and the and the use
hello of 1st of all I'd like to thank the German really Future Foundation for enabling the collaboration between the tail of
the utility of Festival which I'm a part of and Republican conference which I'm very proud of being part of as well this year
so my name is my mathematics and I'm a theater director and performance artist in my work I use my own experiences as material and since I'm very interested in digital intimacy and the effect of the outlined in the last years started to do digital performance the term of digital performance was coined by Steve Dixon of Professor performance studies and media performance it means that performance working which computer technologies are essential In the content of the statics are at the livery form so today are presented for of my digital performance works and how the subject of online intimacy is addressed in each 1 my interest in
the online intimacy started on OK online dating sites I was on this site for 40 years and that's most of my partners there but more than that of this site became a huge part of my life because for 40 years I shared my life with people I met here I always had someone to talk to you and tell me feel less lonely I never met some of these people some became my offline friends but with the 1 of them I shared intimate moments where our soldiers souls touched through
the screen but even though the feeling of online intimacy with the intoxicating and helped me gain self-confidence I knew that I was always alone together even tho it was connected to a never ending network of friends I was still alone in my room the concept of the loan together was coined by shorter code as psychoanalysis and researcher of human-technology interaction it became such a major feeling in my life that when I started doing works it's combined fear and technology I found myself drawn to it over and over again yeah but why are we all looking
for intimacy in her book mating captivity as also explains that we started looking for intimacy when it started being harder to get the industrialization and seedy life may people known year and disconnected and intimacy became the answer for a life of isolation the subject of online
intimacy has been a major research subject since the 19 the early research of the of the Web argue that there is no way for a real intimacy to occur in mind because the web is limited and lacks the information we have in face-to-face communication technology has killed intimacy
but today there are new approaches like define a broad and digital action got felt that argue that because technology makes us feel more exposed we have an even bigger need for intimacy we used we use social networks to stay in touch with our loved ones and tighten our relationships with them digital technologies actually provide a kind of safety net that provides us with comfort and confidence another type of digital intimacy is the 1 we have with our digital devices we stroke the touch screen we carry them in our pockets we're attentive to every sound David Gration they made and we're afraid of losing them there are the 1st thing we see in the morning and the last thing you look on before we go to that is in the semantic so this apology the killer
of intimacy or is it just another way to reach meaningful connections and how can I create intimacy in digital performance these were the questions I started with yeah 1 of my 1st
digital performing works was uh faced performance close my up 3 this is not my and in this work I gave my Facebook passwords to 12 people who portrayed my Facebook persona for 48 hours this was the 1st status they uploaded the the I'm sure you could understand what it means to my family and my partners family also understood what it meant but they didn't know it was a part of an art project which led to a you unpleasantries the idea of the project was to the construct my own then density we normally use Facebook as a marketing tool and show only the good parts edition of our life so during these 48 hours I split my Facebook and that the operator is played with it's a given permission to read my private messages chat with my friends and do everything they wanted on my profile which left me very exposed usually not even your parents or your partner get to see the back stage of your profile in view 12 people were welcome not only to
look but to touch and furthermore the action had an actual effect on my offline life so during my the project my partner tried to play along but it was getting more and more personal and he was also drawn in he became further for him so is less message was don't have any in any of the spot crap I may have succeeded to create intimacy with the operators during this performance but it was some whites force and certainly not mutual because I was the only 1 exposed and the only 1 in the next work going
to talk about addresses the subject of intimacy in more complex way the player user is is a plate for for actors and for tablets was written by my friend the old Simon son who is a researcher at NYU and the artistic manager of printscreen festival for digital culture among many other things we started working together because we share an interest in theater and technology and I really want to direct display because it was the 1st Israeli played I read that I dealt with technology is a scene and also was a great opportunity for me to use digital devices on stage the play doesn't follow 1 plot line but consists of 13 different scenes he deals with relationship between people in the digital age and how
technology affects our everyday life every scene in the plane show the subjects from a different perspective for that placing ads theatrical black mirror in front of the audience for actors play different characters and use tablets projections and go pro-cam rock to create a visual language of the place and all this data here in Israel were playing investigates Hall relationship with technology should not relationship with each other more than that support library on my cultures
the search for a lot of work in all the all the Shakespeare knew that
technology face within Snapchat would be cleaning their way to theaters you would have
probably rolled over in his grave or snapping acute so I alone together is
place lately or exams in capturing
relationships in the tab area alone and together so it's found deeply
in love series dealing with the conflict out
opinion relationship versus single on Facebook and a never-ending search for meaning and all of these are a few of
our daily moment alone together is dealing with with great courage when looking straight in the eyes of your i from I shall have chance how it how it
acts as a guide that's the nice quiet
sunday What are like that the data is by thinking Garfield it kind of shows you a little out of Y kind of perspective of it out of the of
the up we are appreciated of the fact that we got injured how
can we not be in fact 27
% of young Americans are using dating sites and these that that's going to have
1 million daily active users so when an important even
talk about it just people come and
watch it and talk with us about it and it will start station about the subject that are actually affecting our everyday life but we don't stop and just think and
work the yeah so all the
characters in the play try to connect to a person or an object or even a memory they're all looking for intimacy a woman goes and now what you think to be a normal dates and discovers that the data is a part of the works our friend rental service a dad tries to teach teachers is somehow to fight just right for an hour and a couple that tries to change your relationship status and Facebook after breaking up the play shows how we're drawn of hardware technology treat people as devices and devices people most of the scenes don't have a happy ending and the characters can't escape your holiness but he once seen the play shows an option for a different ending a guy and jerome it for the 1st time you to video chat room where people can say the truth about each other as they go along with the game to become more and more direct and personal people online usually usually feel protected behind the mask of anonymity so they're willing to expose themselves and this fact is called strangers on a train strangers that trust each other because they know that will never meet again this is why we are more trusting Online and develop intimacy quicker than in face-to-face communication this anonymity helps
the character to tell each other the truth until they fully expose themselves and take the calls up the actors use the tablets screens and pass them in front of the body while the accuracy the addressed the audience your naked body in the screens the actors were standing facing the audience as though they are in different places turn to look at each other for the 1st time suddenly it's as if you're together in the same room and not in an online chat when they look at each other and make they ask what's next question the audience doesn't know the answer to will the characters meet offline and if they do well they connect up there so I'm going to talk about was
based on my own online chat experience when I was working on this project I met a girl online her name was
also my minor I didn't know how should look like and I didn't even know her full name but she was so interesting I just
have to check whether it was my 1st online relationship and we chatted for a few weeks and shared our thoughts and our fantasies in our experiences and and I realize that I have been catfish and my wasn't exactly who she said she was that experience of an online chat with some mysterious being later appeared in interfacing a showing created and performed in the deals with the relationship between a woman and the technology surrounding the name of the stroke the show is in Hebrew ears when are we going to interface which is the word play because the word interface the Hebrew it resembles the word kits so it actually sounds like when are we going to kick in the shell that technology is
represented by a video recording of my lips in order to bring the relationship on stage I chose to enter more phasized ecology and create a character with whom I can interact at the beginning of the show we have a professional relationship where she gives me instructions and I execute them but the relationship gradually takes on an intimate and sexual nature and she asked me to touch the by the end we unite to form a 3rd entity out of the connection between the and recorded the song yeah and follow my on
in case you want to catch me do you want to show and people who do you
want to kiss me
and if you want to put your hand inside my hard drive you might you this is
the altitude in the 1 to
interface with the youth like using digital devices
were up to send them on the
number of you
want to touch my screen and the Scrabble to move and I can almost feel wholly and
we slide to me or
you can choose my lips designed you do that quality like we have a lot of display options you can choose from a room of don't stand so
close and you can see all my pixels in rural France there
I will always be with you in the womb among
other things the whole thing you know of the people who are so
no room of feel safer rules of the room never be alone in a room with so during the
show I also try to to examine the connection between technology and the audience the audience is used in the latter years start very play a computer game so digital Afrikaans
an interface with the technology of lakes and use their smartphones and through the participation they become a part of the show the audience unlikely however choice of reacting to technology as they see fit so real they can act or try to disconnect in the middle of the show there's a blackout all the screens turned off and the lips disappear the audience doesn't know that the black the black out is a part of the show and try to help me to turn the power on we understand how we can that we are in technology how much we needed and how helpless we are with it when the technology is gone the audience and i nite for the 1st time we're together alone in the dark I ask the audience to use their phones elided device and discredit them what they would have seen if the technology was working as the performance Jocelyn
and I'm in my underwear and stand very close to the audience I peel off my skin is an image for the metamorphosis gold in order to connect with the technology and become 1 with it following my connection with technology my body remains still on the table as the audience through
so is a connection between the college you
need that automates intimacy or is it the complete opposite on the 1 hand we are
connected a shared the same body this scene fonts and feelings like every lover desiring to become 1 loved ones
on the other hand if would become 1 we
use the individual self is the best intimacy 1 will both sides give themselves font and become 1 or when both are going through a process to become closer yeah the
last project and going to talk about was the 1st time I created a more mutual friend friend and this work and this is a work in progress cold cold up performative video game for a a single player and a performer the deals with mediated communication during this performance and sitting next to a computer attached to it by USB cables that seem to be going after my body the player is invited to use the computer in order to activate me he can choose between different actions like kiss hardly payment compared faction compassion etc. M. after choosing an action but there will get instruction that will tell him what he needs to do in order to start the action chose every action has its own price and the player has to decide if he's willing to play colored is an attempt to construct and reveal my code creating an Internet interactive program of my mind that the player can activate the player activates me but has also been activated by me the same time in performance I review my intimate feelings and thoughts but also encouraged to clear to share it for example if the player chooses the action naked they need to take off an item of clothing in order to meet me remove 1 2 so this is my user interface with 12 actions that clear can choose from but my code can also be packed up playful player can ignore the instructions and try to activate me in different ways for instance we can try to talk to me and asked me to do a different actions I can choose whether I like to react to or not the relationship
is created between the query and we are communication is mediated through computer but through rich we share stories and touch each other physically and emotionally this mutual sharing of feelings and thoughts is what's intimacy means it's a dynamic process where both partners learn about each other intimacy is the ability to expose ourselves and share feelings fears and wishes but also the ability to enable this sharing from because it is my most interactive work because and it is white enables a more intimate connection with the player when we both share feelings and thoughts it creates a chance for intimacy To conclude I've talk about for my works and how they deal with the subject of intimacy I try to create intimacy between the performative phylogeny in the audience and use my own body experiences feelings those thoughts as material the theater or performance art as a median enables me to create an alone together experience in the theater at space every you were reacts the show separately but at the same time they're all watching it together as an audience this life experiences at great metaphor for online communication for it can be both lonely and very communal today we're used to seeing the quality of the killer the of intimacy but as a relationship with digital devices becoming
stronger new approaches presented the advantages immediate communication as an
artist they think it's important to use
technology as a tool to create intimacy to
help us see the devices we know so well in
a different light as something we can use
to get closer to each other I don't think online
intimacy is better than face-to-face 1 but see it as a different kind of intimacy that
has it's own positives of my goal is to
show the audience to digital performance can help us
see the bigger picture and maybe even to
reconnect in a different way yeah
thank you thank you my and now it's open to
you if you have any questions there will be someone with a microphone other questions did you want to say something other questions so no that maybe you want to talk with the privacy and private seal intimacy that maybe she's around their local view that now we have opened 20 minute break and then we we stopped in German we didn't seem acoustic which was the middle begin this let's talk my