The Open Source Society and Sustainable Development


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The Open Source Society and Sustainable Development
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Yamada, Manuela
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In today’s world there is much talk about sustainability, however we lack tools to implement it. Sustainable development is only possible if everyone has the ability to access and share knowledge necessary to make conscious decisions. By presenting two open source initiatives, MATERIABRASIL and POC21, I will explore how open source technologies will enable true sustainable development.
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I think you for here so I like to start with this that says our
enormously productive economy demands that we make consumption way of life and this could be a sentence from the father of scene will leave now on the
overly consumption society but in this is actually from 1955 so basically over the last half-century we have changed nothing on the way how we see our economy and this has kind of
letters to a very very very bad with consume every year 1 . 5 more times than what the other and provide us with which means we are literally exploiting our resources and if that wasn't enough in that in the environmental perspective we also viewed as 1 of the most on equal societies like that we can imagine if you stop to think of all the resources are consumed in the world only 20 per cent of the population consumes 80 per cent of the total resources which is insane if
that was but not enough that this 62 richest people alive on the have the same amount as the 50 % the poorest of the total of the world population so this system was built is leading us to this so we also then we said OK we're in a moment that we can go on with the we've got another letter and that is not healthy and most of all is not sustainable we can sustain the society that we ourselves below so alternations that they gathered last year and they find the 7 singles for sustainable development but what is missing missing we can just go in a meeting with world leaders and say hey let's have 17 golds and we reach this by just a few well this will not happen their steps missing and I'm here to say that the government itself it's not going to do the job so we need to empower civil society we need to bring people together on these
moments we need to make everyone's join this effort and how can you do that you need to in Florida population however we have a very very weird as long as move along that allow us to have a so last year alone the office in the
United States has granted 5 million patterns which is insane so we have the technology we have no means we have the resources to reach all the 7 singles but we keep them concentrated into a few people's hands and the ones who hold the means of production are not the ones producing so we're at each time or excluding the civil society in this universe dissipation controlling the means of production and withholding knowledge patent laws are only withholding knowledge and technology that could lead lead 2 or
more innovative and disruptive path that will actually make us reach the 17 this set of sustainable development goes this is why
the way goal is 1st to start building an open-source society my because if you start to share knowledge 1st of all you can kill programmed obsolescence you have the right to fix your own stuff if you bought a computer it's yours like consumption argues that you have the right Julia for fact properties so if we see a property why you don't have to write to fix it other like continue along the same line of
thought we think that OK this is my idea I will do it myself and then I take
here's for develop an innovation that is much needed now so if I open this my idea to other people together with me if i cross for the form orders to engaged I will have much faster technological advances and also lower the
cost of development because now 1 of the reasons that we hold this kind of service on no I'm holding this
technology at this pattern because is way too expensive to develop it but it's too expensive because you're all you're making centralized on yourself you're considering all the costs only based on you you're not sharing this with anyone ot other than that if you start sharing the things you have in your mind you can amplify deposited in the possibilities of use it's so I have an idea in Brazil and it's a completely different system than it is here in Europe you have a completely different context if I search share with people all these possibilities maybe someone of you here today will think OK maybe I can take this to Europe and develop it here this makes some small adjustments and bring it to a different contexts and then you start really bringing civil society to all this sustainable development is search and find people into thinking matters in their own hands and is stop with this idea that the government to take us on this beautiful path that we can sustain ourselves the those to talk a little bit more about that I brought to the 3 practical examples that I was involved with the 1st 1 is this still incredible materials the first one that you can see here is called error problem this is 1 of the coolest things I've seen recently this either literally make in plastic out of air and it sounds
impossible it sounds like a no vote which cheese stuff but it's not they managed to take as a greenhouse gasses out of the air and they have a lot of chemical process that turns the air into a plastic pellets so this is not even a carbon-neutral this actually can reduce carbon emissions you have plastic that reduces carbon in the
ship and may I remind you that we live in a society where the last battle we have insofar as interesting we consume 300 million tons of plastic now can you imagine the the size of the in fact that if this was open source can you imagine how much we could change our world if everyone who is producing plastic could have access to this technology it would be amazing right and the other hand this was my graduation project but everybody from spoken and it's great I myself am a coconut leveraging coconut water almost every day leading the tropical country like Brazil but it's actually a kind of a problem tools because 7 per cent of our like garbage daily is made out of coconut fiber so and we still have dumpsters in Brazil they're trying to change that but it's a government lots of civil society is not involved and we still have service and as this is a huge problem
because these are like polluting plants fields and coconut as actually become very the constable environment for diseases to spread so a lot of people were running behind by inventing technologies to use coconut fiber and then I said OK I want to develop 1 material that is open-source low fat and low costs and the engineers all look at me because I'm a product design and they're like yeah OK go there and do whatever you want you crazy girl and I was like no I really believe that we can do that and then I developed this material I got them toward people give me money and the 1st thing everyone always asks me is the you already have your patterns and I always say no I don't want this to be pattern on the other hand I want every single farmer in review I want everyone because because we still have a lot of workers and when few people there are literally collecting barbies to sell for like teeny-tiny since I want them to have access to this this is why it is so important that this product is low tech that these are only made of materials that people can afford that people can buy it you don't need to develop a mold that you can get a mold that you have on your house like a bucket and do things out of it this needs to be open because effective this open I'll make a much here in fact its it makes no sense to have a patent on something that will make a more sustainable development that will only improve the state of the world and not just talking about environmental stuff here but also I give the opportunity for a lot of people who work in when fewer than right now have kind of a miserable life because they get paid nothing to process our material and make better for themselves so I'm decreasing inequality why do I wanna keep this to me this is not how it was supposed to be the this is uh other example this is a very high
tech 1 of the buzzer and the market right now enters the monitor and like super expensive a cost 300 dollars for you to have in the cheapest 1 I could find on the other hand this is a product that was developed during the pop 21 I'm not aware if everyone knows what this is this was 1 of the most amazing experience they had in my whole life and I'm not just saying that because it was there but because everybody needs to know about it it was a 5 week major camp held and friends I gather
from open state and we share where they selected of open source projects that somehow tackle 1 of the issues that are leading us to carbon and animation and including the world as so tell President to helpless environmentally and all of these projects are now available link the blueprints if you go to the web page it's all there so that anyone can access and this was 1 of the projects developed there is Scott open energy monitor and it has exactly the same quality as this 1 is able to
manage like individual sources of energy is able to control which appliances consuming how much energy so you can actually understand how you are consuming that's no 1 might think of this is not that important this is extremely important because you cannot change something if you're not aware of what the problem is so this is an object that empowers people and if you want to reduce the energy consumption how can you do it if you don't understand how you're making on the wrong way and this is in the here and here think maybe you guys can have a bit of an idea on how to proceed but in rows you'll we're now like we have a lot of slumps especially in real where I come from as long as everywhere it's actually almost like is 1 the 60 per cent of the population and there are now starting this called pacification process where actually the energy companies are going inside the favelas and they realize that 40 per
cent of the energy loss over the years because before stealing energy from them and the same people that were stealing and now they have to pay the energy bill and they often end up with their energy being cut because they had never had to pay 1 view in their lives for energy so they don't understand how they consume so this is education this is made for you to educate people on understanding how that they are in fact in the world and then you have 1 company and iron isn't because they put a lot of effort and a lot of money into developing this but if they had done on this
problem where you have an amazing major can amplify weights week as we've experts from all over the world willing to help you develop the you would have a much lower cost and then you cousin impact on indications and then you really start faster sustainable development this is
kind of my baby let's say it but here if you have this is called material connections and I'm not sure if everyone here knows probably
most someone you know it is the biggest mature library in the world there they have the biggest database in the world on materials in general they charge you quite a big feet for you just to see this materials of the so you are literally withholding information not inspiring people keeping knowledge all to yourself or for the ones who can pay you for it and this is what a my company does this this out we are now the biggest database in Brazil only for response social environmental responsible materials products and services and we don't charge for its we make all this knowledge free so if you'll access to a platform you see we have seeks out a responsibility drivers like safety life cycle management and uh social issues and we analyze each of these materials and you make all this analyst is available for free this was what we developed for about 21 so all the materials available in pop 21 only for the projects were also lost and in an alliance may also and all these databases is also available as part but if you go online and they have this for like for everyone to
see and what we do is we our goal is still in power people mainly in creative industry which are the ones that designing and producing stuff so they know what they're in practice also because it's not worth it like if I just come and say Hey take his favorite sustainable here take this for you How do I know it's sustainable all it has 1 of those sustainability labels but cool here actually knows what having an FSC RGB the label means you're not actually In firing people with knowledge you're the same trust me because they have this label you need to bring knowledge so people can think by themselves because if you change context than something that is sustainable in 1 context is not sustainable and another 1 the maybe if you go to a wide Arnold Greenland or Iceland red is you live in a more equal society you should take marked here with environmental issues may be back and review where we have 1 of the biggest inequality rates in the world is my 4th into and to have uh social leaders social issues being addressed with from 1 material so if you change contexts you change your in fact and how do I analyzed the the in fact if I don't know what are what's being measured if I don't withhold information so this is what
we need to understand that we need to have a much more uh friendly and sharable approach to knowledge if we wanna have assisted through sustainable development if we wanna achieve what all these countries signed with the when we need to take matters in our own hands we need to be open to actually talk to each other to actually Cherry features this is the only way we reach that thank you thank
we have some minutes left uh in case anyone wants to be as something or we propose an argument or anything like that if anyone wants to speak in a please raise your hand we have some of the all and I was asked to please do not speak before you have the mike so that everyone can hear what you're saying thank you very much for your inspiring talk I want to come back to some of the topic of the patterns of which you would discuss at the start of the talk just recently I heard that must from Tesla has decided to open patterns accepted for the same reason I think that you just said to know that she said she was hindering development in a very important area and I wonder if you think that there could be some kind of an momentum or movement of at other big companies doing that I'm basically on the releasing their patterns into the opening is open space may be similar to the movement of the nodes big private donors like Mark saying I'm going to donate so much money but Gates Foundation is any kind of momentum that others are like the companies are going on that and that line of thought I don't think this is like if we stop to think that but here is like
really my personal opinion the so I think that we're really going to towards this path if we ceptually material connection a few years ago they tried to enter Brazil for instance and that when they ran into US they were like all we wanna talk to you because you're going to Brazil so maybe we can partner you like cool it's the biggest database in the world we're gonna plot make more knowledge free and then the set gabbetween on making a tree and they're like what and they're like yeah and it's not real really our business model in like no but we not OK with this and then we had this whole discussion for a while and he ended up that they did go to Brazil so it's a country where they're not in their L like right now and I think I see this is something that every the keeping of 2 more and more movement like
civil society movements are happening and I think all of these movements are gonna start of varying the companies they stop the companies from expanding their markets and I think what I did was a really smart because they they took a delete this is something that I think in the next 10 years is going to happen that the the big companies that called like the corporations or conglomerates they're gonna be not taken down but the but their markets are going to be a very reduced because of civil empowerment because it is growing and not just because people are more interested in 2 open-source topics but also because there the access that we now have to Internet and this kind of stuff is really growing even like if you go to any country people are really starting to communicate so we have the tools that are enabling us to go this direction and I think this will make this companies they will have to adapt to it sort as well as really smart taking the lead you know let's say that the leap of faith let's say like thank you anyone so
and thanks for your talk time I have a question about where do you see the challenges for adapting to a European context because of when I imagine that an average consumer here it would probably be more work and of course the outcome would be more sustainable voted for his would be more work to user open data and instruction to for example that's something so where do you
see um how can people be motivated to use this the speed that the mean specifically about 1 of the present
starts open-source presents yeah for example the chair shows like at the technology like this would be a variable and it would of course ask them from the individual some more work to come get built this are to engage and to the process instead of just buying something yeah I think uh yeah this is a topic like I think the biggest fear that people have and it's always the 1st question that I receive is how to make money can hardly make money if you have an open source product but what really needs to be done now if things had to the like foster this kind of development is to make people understand that you can l I have money I have views I parents I need to the time just like everyone else here and that and what needs to be done like people need to start start thinking outside the box and need to start creating new business models for this kind of structure we still haven't explored all the edges of open source business models there's 2 electrical and I talked that this about like my own company we struggle with this I think every single day because we have an open database how make money out of it we have some people that to a society that foods uh that might give us just to foster the idea that you see 21 community has patrons said itself the so I think the biggest challenge is to engage people in understanding that it's not because it's open source that it means you're and you will never have a revenue it means that you're not exclusively profit-oriented that you see bigger values but you also you obviously you will need to make money for herself and I think this is the biggest challenge that people understanding and I don't think this is limited to European context I think this is like in general and the whole world I actually think that Europe has a better it's taken it then let's say Brazil are Latin American countries in general because we deal with are there questions like other topics that sometimes make people feel more unsafe and now unprotected let's say like that but yes in general I think the biggest challenge will be how to design new business models and then to have really smart people that really are good at designing business models to stop and look at that like OK let's build business models to open source communities it would anyone else has another question it here
it thank thank you for your talk and have 1 question many students get my head around also
when thinking about implementing an open source product criterion that we think about that for a while and I just wanted to ask if you could share how you got the funding of the project status and how this work for you in Brazil and maybe what we can learn from it too yeah get down this radius of a soul the 1st the 1st project the 1 with the packaging the material developed and that was doing
school so I just had the time to and also I could use the technical resources in the school and but they're very open to partnering
with people so this is 1 thing like crowdsourcing thing it's 1 of the best thing that you can do if you wanna start an open source project bring more people that is engaged in this specific issue so they can help you because it's not it's not always that you need money just need they actually manpower like people that can open the resources they have intellectually physically money for it to you the batteries that we started with actually we started just because we
will we are design companies as well and we use these materials because we were a sustainable design company so we had this database to ourselves and then our friends were always calling like taking a given a context of the supplier of that supplier and it was an Excel spreadsheet and then we would like to bind onto just share this with everyone everyone on subsequent calling and we made up of a spreadsheet on X so that it was this shared like open to people to check that out and for their inputs if they wanted to at stuff and then now while we were like all kids like people really using it OK let's make a word crescents really easy any 1 of us we can do it and we did it and then when we decided and then when we got like a huge visibility because of that with that OK maybe it's time to go a little bit more prone and then we open a crowdfunding campaign saying hey do you all do use this as a do you think you could have it using alive even if you're not in creative industry because we have products there that you could the need if you want to understand your role as a consumer and here in fact and then we did at the crowdfunding complaining Brazil which financed their 1st development of the platform then after that what we do is set out this is our particular business model we have the platform if you have all the context they're like you have the context for all the supply is we're not so uh the middle so we don't need to come to us to go to them and their uh but sometimes especially like big industry like the aircraft industry in Brazil like it's the kind of our boy or body or something like that so that they have open access to it but they wanted us to develop 1 specifically for them which only matches that could be used inside aircraft that need to be certified under so we charge them for this kind of service we provide consultancy with this very same knowledge that is there but we help the in the industry's on how to apply this to their own products and that for that we charge because that is a specific product that is being developed a specific client and we always try to negotiate with them with that and I ask which is the name of the aircraft company they were OK with it of all the matches that we did a huge study for them and we said OK but all that the matter that we developed for you guys there's still that all available light so we managed to increase our database so we try to make this kind of uh agreements and also a portion of what we make with the consultancy obviously go
to to sustain the platform and we also have a patron system that is like people would just believe in the idea and want to supporters they donate like 5 halves amongst which is like 1 year I just to help state we have like some fixed costs so this is OK I think we're over the time thank
you very much for listening if fj down in


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