In Search of Makers

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In Search of Makers
Mapping the most creative community spaces
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Today, the Maker Movement encompasses 3000+ creative community spaces across 80+ countries- places such as hackerspaces, fab labs, makerspaces, and tech hubs where anyone can have access to modern technology. Join us in our road trip to explore the world of innovation spaces and discover their impact on society.
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like this is the 1st session there is start with today I really really proud that these 3 people are not only as a as a public a speakers but also part of the Global Innovation community and on a when I 1st discovered I all around I was like a fine golfers online because that's all amazing things she didn't like 0 my goodness I really wanna read the stress 1 day and she she was honored ask and the FabLab of foundation she is an MIT and the graduate and a Fulbright Scholar and if you I'm behind encourage you to check out her by overseas read all the of amazing things that she's done in her life already it's pretty hard to believe that ABS here she's a they have the young onward this is today I I'm and also was published so open resources materials on the maker movement she publishes the most comprehensive articles in the field so and whether it's like the practical work that she dies or the intellectual work that she does hiding worth checking out I'm also equally proud to introduce Chennai escape uncivilized global coordinator of Random Hacks of kindness she also builds open technologies including of a technology platform to fight against armed violence against women she is then of very substantial on person building up on the hackerspace an open source communities in India but also in other places in the world mean and the 3rd force is going to be as panel was also as amazing this is a really really fabulous over into the show the log of the it is 1 of those people without him the world just wouldn't be as fabulous I is 1 of those people who make sure that with all this dynamic in the maker movement that we are still mindful and think about what it is that we do and from below the fantastical comes if we have the power to create anything what is it we're going to create kind of kind of like that the law is also the founder of the network or see which brings together I'm hackerspaces makers in different corners of the world his helped build up hackerspaces in in Arak and other countries in the Middle East and like I said I'm really proud to have all 3 here today they've worked together as a C and survived also the law on mapping the mill global maker movement and finding out what is it that arise this this global movement of makers where they live how do they exist and what is it that they do what is it they had they have in common and it is that work in that research that they're gonna prompts presented to us this morning so please give a really really warm welcome and a big round of applause to an mind the Lao and search of makers In given that very warm
introduction rule we are here to talk about it among other things how we found the 200 something innovation spaces across India on in that crazy rental car road trip in which do this from underlined although in north
TGI poor and then down to the southern tip of Tshivenda so maker faces of I 1 of the things
that I particularly admire about all of these communities age now it's it provides a way for all of this for all the people to really gather together in a way that might has been possible except for like the university so as a bit of a lonely nerd until I found MIT you won't see how many people know what I'm
interested in and in this question so we're sort of omega spacer hackerspace we only hasn't OK so cool so what is it what you think it the display to describe what you're imagining this could be like yeah the the and and you don't think yeah yeah we define them as creative spaces that are open to collaboration and that have technology and get on our are working on innovation something new whether that's like our handicrafts and working or up to 3 D printing digital fabrication automation on things that are attached to your brain and read your brain waves the and so they're kind of like a waiver people who would generally only have access to these communities in universities on she's access as you can see they're all over the place so when we started his journey of being had very little idea of what we would count as community spaces we just bend in the search of Paul pp I Learning copied below communicating a hobby blood
invited communities into their spaces and that of the standard the road trip this and met amazing group of people like this but this is deeper over the part of 1 that
innovations of this morning space in a city called of jet with that part I and so he has this amazing of the passion for building that I'm here happen he on the to be printed the 1 TD Brando in that and entire city and in the things that he
does add that's so
amazingly like he just built an open source could go go go forward of
routinely good form and dominate these
in in and around him he been mordents flawed of missionary he'd out if he actually went out to manufacturing units and cited in beating the damn new ways of building something as it this list so much but on the contrary to what you would expect of a make space of that phase where you need like if you experience there you have huge missionary but this was this this is on had like 1 room and then maybe the treaty printer and you can see the electrons out here and he was encouraging all
this young make goes to come alone electronics to do of manufacturing to bring innovation and we met 1 of this awesome are engineers they're quite Ashton and she was young 22 year old Muslim Indians who would never get a chance to go out and learn a electronics but
then she was learning electronic was doing pen-testing she was building at onset units it is amazing how the smallest pieces we're changing the word so OK that is 1 space like this idea must business like this and that's how we started their return out the events for every other to both 2 weeks I individually guide which broke down and I need showed in the middle of the nite he couldn't stop i it's ever parties in the 4 in the morning on right by abandoned in southern India and this was probably due to bad weather evolved arguments
like in the bushes him some of the most so means to find out on spaces like this we we saw spaces
as small as what was left was an as big as this room and bigger than that in public spaces of that is very started this idea of how do we include comedies these how do we talk about them how do we of being dead to the notice of the learned and that's their journey
started and take this one's in a closet and Rajesh NIEHS parents house down interventive so the next stopover event was on land and in Finland you really had a totally different experience so they had maker spaces and FabLabs in universities and schools and this but a global FabLab is investment out it's in small island of of
Iceland sorry I in Latin characters in Icelandic sites of ideas to regulate where where all of the puffins are taken to this is us keys listen with his path in the window you I was thinking
this for a 2nd while you're doing that for across India
and that is very special that they can be the small spaces as just having a little bit of different idea about ownership and the really transforms a person with some tools into maybe a closet of the Community Hub and the agreement edit-warring in 2 thousand
and 9 across America of very similar to when hackerspaces repenting of from the states and I found that same sort of feeling it's really welcoming inclusive you have the 200 homes across India yes No Adams but the interesting thing that we found in Iceland or I found in Iceland was all this problem have a tab that was changing the community this is actually a port it's in our of Shippingport and there is all this printed material that's on the 1 hand there is this and entire designed below that you can see this thing and all this all that was built in that FabLabs and in fact about that was in the air flow was empowering the look coming you to build up of designing dying in the sum all this is around that smart I land which we're using FabLab to broader died and we textiles stability on the spaces but to build restaurants
so it is amazing to see how these communities spaces but transforming that they were in this model also in the a big I had that's that that's something that I love doing as but the and this is a little park where you
can sit down on benches and the FabLabs I'm recorded older or older people around island telling stories from 50 60 years ago the history of the island of the volcano that and white out a 3rd of all of the houses on island so you can sit on these benches and press the buttons and and the FabLab is wired all these things that it is totally interactive immersive experience that tells the history of what's happened investment I guess my hobby is through their father then when I 1st met in
use 16 years old and other a whole year's worth of Iraq it's a country in the Middle East not of real I like that is participation alike feeling like I'm alone in a bubble because Riley from the evidence article so everyone's heard of this country and what did you
i is seeing things the religion 1 carelessness my view of it so all you heard of iraq what have you heard about your you you can yell out what you've heard assess hands down from the mountains anybody else rapidly here later yeah 91 wars anybody else have anything oil interesting the the what the and the
you of this health issues even children died that home of not extraordinary thicknesses but because there was no help nothing available and I think that's also 1 of the roots for the highest poet got so many and so and to so that's very true and surprisingly you point out something that's happening in this picture right now so most people when they think of Europe we
think of the bonds and they think of the violence and I'm from here my family's from and
that's initially my impression when I saw my parents of going back for the 1st time after many years which will you doing good you know what it's like there it's terrible you gonna kill yourself but I found this guy's name solid saying and what he's doing right now is were trying to create a er gy why prosthetic sockets for my cousin who who and had some challenges during those sanctions and lost his leg to diabetes most people have an easy time controlling diabetes but things get kind of tough when no medications were defined in when the help system so destroyed and so he he lost his legs due to bad circulation and a web of seeing in a part of this developing ecosystem of community space all over the world of doing it I guess
it a sense that this 2006 when I started my 1st community space for creativity in Michigan and initially we're just doing link music venue an art gallery and at some point I I had this thought like what would happen if this creative capability was brought to a place that seemed to have no possibility right what people don't have any hope for a future that was going to be something they could participate in what if we told him that they could create their own futures and so I thought that yes perfect time that's the Middle East is crumbling this is the great time so I have to go back to their home or work a from and that this get folic and 1 of the 1st part is that we did was we tried to use uh smooth on and 3 scanning we scanned my cousin's leg try to make a mold that
fit right up against his his stump to tree more comfort so he can move his legs weak and have more time for walking and that's kind of the question that I've been asking is is how does all this on lots creativity on what a beautiful future and so you can go to the next slide I think but this is kind of the stuff that you see I like hackers spaces in league affairs and
to give me wrong I love flying and ostriches here this is a tax at they're made after its that is the given flight it's farm amazing and hilarious and people learn a lot it takes a lot of like technical know-how to make enough to like his nature took thousands and millions of years to evolve an Austronesian they didn't figure out how to make a flight or we would quite and I love it I love it's beautiful hilarious middle smile might inspire new thinking but it doesn't seem appropriate when were confronting Lake cataclysmic uh change climate change when
when bonds are going off and so I've been looking at all is open-source software on the sums of hardware and open community thing like this and this is like a half an inch away from beautiful and tending towards of meaninglessness or or polarity and so when you can take the choice between hilarious and beautiful but they don't according to some beautiful and so we took 1 of these open-source data Dundas it's thing the measured radiation and 1 of the 1st projects that we were doing in in Boston was to map attempts to Matt uh radiation because people are claiming that they're getting sick because of the depleted uranium that was deposited through artillery fire tanks over the last 20 years of war and the week so we have these tools out to try to to tell a story about what you can do with open source tools and technologies and I think it's really important but not to be browbeating as the thing you know like especially on top of with everyone on on stage both like it's it's important to have
the playfulness and that would for me and you know if you talk about finding your friends really being a geek and being like on the door amenable to hang out with and so finding all these beautiful people don't help you make an interviewing created I'm you all have this experience that that is to introduce Juliet quickly and who is so wonderful former FabLab there'll be and I heard and significant participant in all of those the whole text scene in Kenya silicon Savannah you heard about that yesterday and as
well as doing amazing things with local artisans and like the is soon the workshops here yet so as I mentioned I run from the workshops in Kenya and and basically we've been running workshops in the larger East African market out and this has just been such that think aloud lives mentioned such a fine experience I think that's the 1 side where you're very excited on to share all this information in your thinking you wanna start up a hardware movement but I think was in a very before it's just much you enjoyed yourself much you see people enjoy being able to come we different things build different things screw their networks and their knowledge and just think of see the volition of their ideas and and so you just run a couple of series of workshops on ranging from electronics into hardware into human-centred design and the whole idea is to get young people are to feel like they can be creative problem-solver are conscious Our expanded the realm of their creativity in 2 or more tangible on environments what is that comes also that is a
bicycle Glendale and I'll actually learned about that when I did a program in Brazil by right the idea in
MIT network and so what they do is they bring in our group of the designers and used all over the world and many spend 1 month you must in that community and I'm identifying 1 challenge with the community and collaboratively and developed in that so 1 of the projects that came from there was the bicycle lender and so when it came back to Kenya this is really 1 of like the stronger arm inspired ideas that kind of the bus to from the that the idea that can been people from different backgrounds and have them share a common cause in a comical and build upon that so of 1 of the things we do is likely run people through what we call dates and our mn this J. getting people to
build our project together and they take them to the different stages there's the 1 side we can teach people how do I do the electronics but the other side is teaching them make the different arms teachers that go into building a project and and and making it work and I think it's exciting seen them with like struggle to read to the media have been get excited about that the next thing they're going to work on on so that's really just think helps kind of prove that our community our him 10 to the wells points this this struggle and sense of creativity is something that I I think I personally have seen across both tax interviewed Austrian quadcopters as well as much more meaningful projects like that's I think it's important to have a very good mix of the books of sometimes just being play food and just been doing and taxidermy Turkey's good enough at in a place where you haven't that electron and that's something that makes a lot more impact that sometimes known and sometimes meaningful projects and video and meaningful projects and we need to do more and coming from and humanitarian and gender space I know how much of the city decked to build
that build a bridge that gap and to make our injections more meaningful and we have a long way to go we just have simple interfaces to deal with any kind of issues which I think needs more creativity more innovation and I call that these find taxidermy Turkey billing leads to something as meaningful as those data and so on
in our time remaining we know people in most countries I would say that the majority of the world's countries so do you guys have questions for us or for each other about what all this means and where
the overall maker movement is going if not will continue to talk amongst ourselves yet battle the this if you and I wanted to ask you so I've seen a lot of faces of making movement around the world so for example in Germany's focused mostly
on their seeing uh and they think knew as that are so that out of hot air our innovation spaces are but the thing all the other places i've seen mostly make spaces so you distinguish between different kinds of is that any kind of useful distinction so we get the ideas regardless the
thought of as a foundation upon maker maker space is the sort of came about through make fair and the maker movement and has promoted specifically by make magazine that they felt that happens to political and in fact many hackerspaces that I've talked to you were not that happy about the term maker space being applied as sort of a blanket because they are political they're doing things like mapping radiation in Kosovo on which is inherently political and they don't they don't like the sort of friendly hard the implication of the makers space think something is really important to recognize that this is not new and the words in using the firm new and the n-gram you look on the internet will tell you that you just popping up in the news recently some and you you having to guide for centuries and what is it that I'm always do that as a child we use in India further our having anything so dead people who had they couldn't do our Dave what connections to electric meters is
to have anything to get their work done and that's what we use as a blanket over to guide and it's important that it's so it's sold and nice to see how you got these so a innovation and sustainability adding there's a book booklet know that you can explain a little bit more on in Kenya as well so I think it went to
this last year but they can temperature that would be from the and and I think it has a different implications on 1 side using like of someone can make get stuff fixed for you and the other side you think of like a hacker I think the Hough however the hasn't been treated in East Africa but we see from the they call in which is the bad guy which is exciting thinkers and does his own and make the greatest things out of his own and because that's centuries old it's really hard to of see where that rising because it's reason I think it's just it's a easy part of different cultures and all and in the media now the really important difference tho is that this this is not a
community-centred nature they you the the kind of hacking of the person that can do it on their own the do it yourself kind of stuff is very different in a lot of spaces and the communities that we've been showing and even those our our centuries-old and in those the the cafe culture in Europe and then
Benjamin Franklin America with his leather apron club you'd get people together with your Groseclose and have you learned anything useful for basically anything but it is like the error Golden Age yeah that and they use again the Library of Alexandria had people things when describes talking about grammar of the language it's the spaces are very old and these are just for models and I don't mind I'm excited to see the hackerspace model and the makers this model in the texture model and the family of model and the I model and ensure we get reject that I that I would die herbs with all these models of uniform great which everyone fits for for your community go for that matter at 10 to 1 question I could
thank you very thank you so much for all of your what can I my questions about the sort of the way that these networks makes places like is basis for about on Hobbes what the way they get used by others on on thinking specifically companies and politicians and so on it is
certainly what in the UK is that you know the politicians like to sign up and be photographed around the might face and the associated that kind of thing but you don't really contribute something to it encompass many companies behave in a similar way have you have you got so the button story counterparts and the spectral positive elective experience you see around the world about how all of the source of movements might be being used to use violence yeah the story a
certain large Asian country was recently opening a huge FabLab an end there is a friend of mine from MIT went over to help get the lab set up and run a workshop and a week before her Workshop she arrived and there is actually no equipment in
the lab and the lab manager said we're really sorry we've been too busy taking photos with all of these politicians to celebrate the fact they were opening this FabLab to actually by any of the equipment so here's a hundred thousand dollars and you don't speak our language but please run around and by all of the equipment you need in order to run your workshop in a couple days so that's the gonna 1 extreme at the spectrum this positive relationship between Governments and spaces and in 1 of the important things in Boston I which the boss for Iraq as were here but their space in a country that is terrified of makers because what people generally make a assume people making weapons and so importing is really hard especially importing scary looking equipment the developing relationship with the government to make that kind of process easier and act making some headway and untrue negative across the board yet paying and at the government of Canada is
actually supporting the making and make a space is being attacked open to fat labs and find the holy and the odds of hundreds of thousands of and it's open to open advocates flow of school kids and defined in the workshops so there is good and a moral support from governments and institutions looking back hello there recognize the community much more than the actual tools and equipment and space I think it's marketable with so the 1st thing is I think sometimes the government just doesn't understand what this movement
is and so and in Kenya did see that did it come on board armed on with the fact that I'm a bit with that I have to but I think they're just has been a sort of inertia to just they coming on irradiating becoming when people have read like found different people to support them in making that's kind of where the problem is that of because government has such a vast each it was makes me wonder why we only have like 2 5 that's in Kenya so I had 1 you make the universe do end to end they could easily have just key battle of other countries but it's is that a nationality to come on board with like like not at the right time and so really all about the photo on right place coming in the pocket on the fact that the make point projects but I think it's going to be your like building it how do you make sure that people can build state of equal projects spread them out how do you make it beyond just like the the state debt and compression for you guys in
the upper but guess are all special because you hear in regulations and welcome the the here because you're interested in global developments and community and
community spaces in innovation you you curious about these kinds of things and I would like to suggest that you're sitting next to somebody and we are already a part of a community that I can see a lot of familiar faces a new faces intra we my friends on and whether the level but the spaces the use you talking about people they can accomplish their divisions in their ideas and and supporting each other you have a vision or a mission and so when you're walking on world done wrapping up talk to the person next to you about it and see what they think is some feedback maybe you can get some support encouragement or maybe just talking about it with someone will be refiner take another step further is and I really encourage you to do this so take 1 2nd to make eye contact to the person sitting next to you animal carry on more up here and we have an amazing next
speaker talking about more humanitarian maker spaces so thank you everyone and we will hang around and to further questions thank you don't
mean that and