I'm better than ads

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I'm better than ads
Helping journalists make money online
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The Internet is broken. Aggressive advertising and monetization of content are just two of many issues, but they are ubiquitous. That's why the makers of Flattr and Adblock Plus joined forces to come up with a revolutionary solution that supports a sustainable development of Internet content for all parties - users, journalists and publishers. Presented by Eyeo
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my hometown my reasons the next
speaker Dr. Laura Sophie drawn and she works as a digital strategy consultant and she's also the freshly appointed public affairs manager for ideal and all computers on the he's best known for a cofounder of the time Pirate Bay and please welcome but a
that yeah hi FIL around so and we
like to tell so we just jump right into it it why are we sitting here the 2 of us some we do not only share that pirate thing um but there was something else a few years ago I the people of which I work now and at what plus and you people the letter had the the same thoughts the yeah I was it basically when we spotted Fatah are
which I think most of you know about in in this industry so we have this idea that we want to scale with the permuted partnerships and actually was thinking about who would be a good partner and book was from the top of the list and and then we still fight about who which out much which is kind of the with yet because I told us our peoples like OK so Peter told me they want to reach out to you tell our CEO said no 1 was me I send a link then message so however it happens they got to talk they started to work on a joint project which
were super excited to introduce today Adblock Plus I think a few of you might have some association with what we do I mean by that I wanna talk about this today I drop much rather talk about the new cool stuff we're doing together right now OK I'll let's go back to that and why is it that we have so many online ads and them you asked me about what's your personal story room for me this is the 1st of the very 1st job I ever took in a started when I was 16 was that the media publishing house and was so exciting because everything was new it was like 90 89 everybody was trying out new things the only thing that and try out is is there any other model to make money in this Internet than just the same 1 that we do and prints so what they did is they just that the same they put on ads on the site what happens if you put ads and more and more energy users get annoyed users ignored
ads using block that leads to the publisher is not getting paid because if you don't like for and you get may be paid for an eyeball but that that's that's not that much so why how did they react they come up with crazy stuff they come up with pop up that was the first one nobody sees block upik black puppets anymore because most browsers block them out but then they come up with is like flesh overlies out of other playing videos all that stuff that's distracted from actual content you want to see so we have like vicious circle going on how can you rate that at blocking is
1 solution but it's not really a solution if a fixed for a symptom but is not a
cure for this is an example from a German news side the from Munich so what you see on the left side is there's all these vendors
around this is a little more flesh overlay on the bottom here that actually that actually goes over the mandatory cookie warning and then we have behind the ad we have some more ad for a lingerie and on the other side you see how that site looks for the cookie block evident ad blockers and you can see the cookie warning and yeah so that helps the user at that make surfing much more comfortable you see what you want to see but that doesn't help the publisher because if you have an applicant salt they don't get money from you so we need another solution it
publishers and content creators have been complaining about that bloggers and about declining revenues online well since they were started publishing online really but so far we have not seen really innovative solutions anywhere there's like all complaining there is like walkers against ad blockers there's some that try and the offline models like subscription models there's of course also some with tables but nothing really worked and then there's some smart people asleep so that actually had a really innovative ideas and that's why I'm going to talk about prior in
this that this it now so just have a little bit little background like uh most of you probably know if you know about me it's going to be that I'm 1 of the co-founders of party and for me it's the thing I'm doing right now is basically the same thing as we were doing with part so when we started we want people to have access to information we didn't think about calls to anything like that that is the hindrance for people to get access to content and of course uh we were maybe naive Aubrey bravery stupider all of them uh and I think most stupid but uh we started getting threatening letters just as the people from and Walker are now experiencing as but we risk satellite like we have to take a stands for something and we decided we gonna take a stands for the Internet and for the people using the Internet so when we got affecting letters from Hollywood uh we send pictures like this as the fly like instead of you talk about copyright and all of that shift in Illinois whatever so we have a polar bears in Scandinavia the units we have different types of problems in the world and we replied to everything like this is like we we sense the world maps showing where the United States foreign were Sweden was in Poland to invade us and they ended up doing that and in 1 way but this was kind of the time we have a we want people to discuss who owns information who controls information and it was never what people said on the other side because there's always 2 sides of the story and the opponents that we had said like all these are just generation free and I didn't really believe that because every time they talked about uh some sort of and monetization it was how can we take our current business model and put it on the internet and just keep making the same amount of money and having this and controllers before was not about an open free markets even though they claim that to be the case so I've always been a
fan of thinking differently are not for the sake of thinking differently because that's where you actually have really fun outcome and sometimes people think what's obvious and they're actually right and that was kind of the idea I had with uh now people get this this funny they are but it was actually the idea that I had like with when we start a fighter was that I want to challenge people's thinking of value which has been kind of the case of doing so besides working with Fatah besides working with all the other things also work with this
in as an artist because it's cool to be an artist and uh and most challenging the idea of value so I made this machine last year
which is called the copy machine and the copy machine basically makes a copy of a song and then it deletes the copy and it just brings how many copies is ever
made and how much money that is supposedly worth and destroyed according to the music industry because it's all weird like
the value what is the value what is it is it money that it represents or not and all of this thinking and up of course being cited
in the end uh where 1 people to be able to but support people uh with not talking about money for talking about value what kind of value does this bring to the soul for those who don't know fatter basically is a subscription system we're putting money each month and you decided who you wanna share your money with but you don't decide this amount of money you just inside of 1 a share my money with them in our system calculates that's and now I think the next is our new video it show this be if you just don't wanna a click in November part of taking but
this is the the the the the the the the the the land and owning a and the you know and I will and to learn the value of the land and the of the moon and bring and and and and so on and so on uh on the a a or all the time and had uh I I I I I won't get the gist if this someone's covered beneath it actually save what the product is no no so what is that so far I think is at love plus and let got together and made the baby that's called letter classes also making a baby uh case somebody that there's no but so so basically we decided that we wanted team up with someone has a huge user base because the problem we always have the flatter is that we needed to convince people that are publishers to integrate flatter with the with the platforms and the more into grew the more centralized became so this was like how can we convince you to do not have the wrong solution for monetizing constants like they don't wanna do that that would have their own model the mere when I have the wrong model everyone's have their own model and they don't wanna cooperate and so that was an issue for us we can't really go past that but with that book system were actually able to implement flatter everywhere
and the only thing the publisher need to do is to sign up for the small e-mail it takes 5 minutes and there's no technical implementation and so if you use the out on that were making and it would just be fully automated and we were thinking about like what do we call this because we always said we were the 1st ones with flattered to make actually 1 click payments and for me that was funny because the 1 click payments thing is at the gets trademarked by Amazon so I like breaking those things on snow this a have no click payments it's going be an automated system so that the way it works is that we will calculate what you spend your time on an in the privacy where way and so just to see which actually engage with were cut type of constant that you engage with and figure out that you 1 actually support that so you don't have to think about anything you just have to use the internet and it actually rewards quality experiences instead of rewarding click rates yeah yeah and then now we thought how can we demonstrate something that
main feature is it works without doing something it works invisible and background so we cookies and
am now I would need some
volunteers who of you has a blog quite quite a few quite a few have the right place to us the you unaccountable stage you just have to stand here for a minute and on the rate for this OK who of you has a podcast the same thing people get come the ones that come from content don't be too shy the idea was to have like a representative of all these groups that we can have more than 1 command to him if the epitomist decides they move the ideas who has on the internet as a photographer as a songwriter as a graphic designer yeah among Jonas you
codes and shares the code on get uh somewhere else so and the summer over there please does stage last but not least who of their journalists I know that you're out there there's to come up on the stage to Peter and me
good but what we're journalist ask this please OK no other
journalists yeah yeah you're all too shy but you're missing out that they will have a slight the somehow represent how much the system is we can't really give go around giving up money but
we have something which is even better today which is of yet have something it's much better than money so because what flat clusters it lets you as a user let's all of those users share our love
with the content with the makers of the content below so you see these people as brave examples of a great new open Internet that we weren't good content without that and that to think you were not many of
letters today because invisible the remaining of cookies and actually the is the answer from a that they're all the yen and looking me the for anything here legally convicted and the making some sort of journalists if you
wanna come and privacy later I stick is a really
good with these trading extra content so gets to focus moved this again and make an online I think basically that's uh what we planned because
we were were being reassessed as fast for getting this off and running are because the news about what we're doing this for leaking out so we try being on top of that so we managed to do give 22 minutes which is also on the upper yet so
1 can all go to our new landing page you can sign up to be a better use of for fled a plus for signals a sign of 1st letter account of we're here today tomorrow and of course now has been so fast and we had so many volunteers you can take a seat again if you know you don't have to stand like this often this i
had thank you very much you're making content greater is good so we have few minutes left for left kidney right if there's an 1 as
president there's a question the a microphone somewhere with the question please where is the not horribly who's speaking of OK perfect so uh it's it's also my like capacity of but I'm really consider a little bit about this expectation that the place of people spend the most amount of time on his places that they really want to spend time rather than just places that are like you know guilty pleasures of stuff that you have been trained to spend time on the suddenly you're stuck in a EU to click all of hold concerts and whatever it is are
sure that this is constant that should be promoted as like yes I want to support these people or crap distance 10 hours on this wikipedia and for the might still be cool and interesting but that's that's my question I denotes the content so right now what we're doing is that we're actually trying to find a
way where it feels that we find that an algorithm that measures engagement in way that people want you can also override that so you will have full control of whatever you actually flatter invented but their ideas to kind of figure out what you would have flooded otherwise I just a take away the idea of and so will be in your browser doing all of that so you were not
seeing your browser history auspices again in like that it just yeah so that's that's the way we're doing it but that's why we need a better test period to figure out what is a good algorithm and and how it works were kind of a OK with what it's right now but we haven't tested in a full-scale would we need a lot of users in order to actually get all of the feedback our but we see a constant we're going to do a really good job at that and now of course you have full control you can opt out of
of of the slide is that you don't want to give the next question's over here I'm just enjoying my
yes it is I have a question regarding flatter so called is lot and the question is always a common question that you hate those the 1 is I feel that you set in a phrase appeared in the video on the Internet has grown up right so this aspect of change going on I find that when it comes to
supporting content that you like and the 1 support and a lot of it is related to culture certain places in the world where people are more inclined and here is my question finally and what you find would be seen over the years with flatter especially in terms of where in the world people are I don't focus too much on geography but I feel like there also state is obviously also a job referrals geographical question because people in the
Western will obviously have usually more money
and have more indulgence in that's uh but was seen also pick up in South America but you should it's been more eurocentric um Germany
Sweden Netherlands being beer countries and but that's also because we've been more active
there like that a is always been a really small companies without a really hard time reaching out everywhere I didn't have the resources for our but in general like I've been going around the world talking of flatter me people uh and some of the uses of
flatter has been really surprising to me like when we realize that it was 1 of the big
monetisation things for cross stitching in the US like I had no idea that that was cross stitching
still going on but it was really important to them so those kind of things
pop up and so there is like we've been really good at finding the long tail but then again the long tail don't have a lot of the things people and don't have a lot of resources and so we need to know in order to make flatter really really big for everyone worlds need a lot of use of its right so it's a chicken and egg problem if that's a that's a decent idea for
you OK thank you of it's maybe a provoking our question but we all know what the people to ordinary people watching at the internet how do you prevent that most of your money
is going to Google and Facebook that's an easy question I can actually see you that was
aware of the man in the general feature perfect thank you me well Facebook and
Google will at least for a 1st release excluded from being able to be flattered and exactly for that reason you say we don't wanna fun platforms we wanna find creators until we find a way how we can do this within these walled gardens we unfortunately cannot work with them but there is like if you sign up for flatter you can also connect your YouTube accountable fat and then we know that
this is not which is belongs to you that that that's your channels so you will get the flattest for
that when we know that it's possible then that we have a receiver on them it
animal questions earlier in I think that's the last 1 before my time and just a quick 1 is
it possible to use my 0 it only 2 of my my my credentials and using the letter and can them yeah if if you have a flatter it's already a uh it's part of the same system it's the same back-end but it was just an add on to make everything easier for you it's so so that's it maybe that was really quick is it you can have another 1 if there's 1 1 last question no otherwise
the other side there there's some more cookies we will be here is that if you want the last of these otherwise thank you very much for making it
time by the name in