The art of revolt.

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: The art of revolt.

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The art of revolt.
Snowden, Assange, Manning
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Snowden, Assange, and Manning are the protagonists of a movement that is questioning the very ground we stand on, the dispositives defining our present. As such, they enable us both to think in a new way and to interrogate received ways of thinking about politics, democracy, action et resistance. Their very lives invite us to imagine other modes of relation to the law, the Nation, citizenship, the State, etc.
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the home the home a and E B hi
from so I'm very happy to be here and as you will notice my English accent is very good so you can read by text on the screen there while I'm
speaking for that has it is 0 for everyone can so I would like to reflect today on we're not democracy works and digital practices uh the that not theoretical questions in my view they are questions of mistakes I would like to try to understand what we all which is to say how we live our political life how we are constituted as political subjects what would it mean to leave a new kind of political life and discover new long which of points because I think we take for profit account of the fact that there is a space of contestation is 1 of the most codified spaces of social life descent is always conducted according to established forms strikes demonstrations petitions nobody you see disobedience and I don't worry it's constitute recognized forms of the disease and I believe that today we need to rethink our relationship to the particle or we need to reformulate what it means to particularly today I intend to put some distance between my reflection and the ways in which other theories to address these questions In recent years críticas who has been fascinated by Grant protest movements and large mass gatherings occupy West treats the indignados they printed and the output as in Turkey here we have described a little organizations a state in which politics is bearing renewed contemporary images of democracy tend to be defined as analysis of science squares and big forms of gathering and occupation zippity Park in New York Times Square in energy and text in square in Istanbul are viewed as this is where practices have a curve that should concern us if we want to we formulate our analysis of democracy get the days and inequality globalization and social justice the sites become the embodiment of a developing democratic practice assembled together but it's become visible and thereby rendered visible the formation of a body part at each of the democratic character of these movements investment based on their demands of their expectations but whether lies in the very form of their existence the critical action network is constructed mass assembly renders busy roads the construction of the week the political community which affirms itself as as the people obviously it is not my intention to question the importance of these movements rather they are more interested in discussing how political fury has often place the movements of the growth of its conversations we have internalized in certain ways of thinking about democracy which has led us to consider a certain forms of expression as no political or more democratic than others moments like occupied all new wind power is no we're doing it generate so the classical major of political was but it takes a stratified from continues and that to Anaheim and they vote the number of its modes PC clearly established concept the big States citizenship assembly we community or the concept synthesized in the formula we the people the it it this way of thinking politics that I would like to interrogate I think it is necessary to question disparity and consider how it imposes its modes of censorship and consonants the task of criticism is not to reclaim institutionalize to make them work as if they were assessed and in doing so we would when the risk of being governed by them instead we must analyze that which remain undemocratic with and where they high where they prevent us from seeing the task of criticism is to unmask the mechanisms of power wherever there are hidden but my case is that it is precisely the scattered and sorry Terry actions of student as engine 19 and all the heart can hackers blowers activities at that break with tradition traditional politics even in its most radical reform it is there that we find a space in which to invent new
political practices what in very important to me in the actions of the food what DNS and budgeting 19 in the struggles of animals or WikiLeaks is that they express their aspiration to constitute a form of political subjectivity that it's K the procedures by which we are produced by citizens in your democracy the act in order to expand the space of choice that is to say the space of democracy they constitute an attempt to read the expenses of which we dispossessed once we are fashioned as citizens in relation to the order of citizenship Snowden passenger and 19 other embodiments of Kunta subjects so find nothing that they are models we should imitate but they do follow us to interrogate our pretty scene leaks the actions of animals the lies of students sent and 19 do not fit within the traditional framework of politics anonymous for example is notable the actions of Anonymous does not contribute to the formation of approve it states of a body politic the king is an act that is individually and that correctly on these actions at Florida's using modalities that evaded traditional critical categories and although this means that the concepts with which we often approach politics do not speak to politics in its sense it said instead of this concept merely reference 1 possible version of democracy that has been imposed through the course of history of with ideas this is why we assume you by figures like node essential mining they challenge us they steer us away from our established perceptions it is for this reason that we experience of difficulty finding the white world to describe that we lack the language to name them and we lack the vocabulary to properly recognize them it is thus necessary to reflect on our categories in order to situate them with the means of our meters of our discourse student as should not accordingly simply be considered whistle whose actions are sorted key to what disseminating information instead I propose to treat them as exemplary figures who are creating a new of politics in a different way of kind of understanding of what it means to resist the by my arguments concerning political invention does however we not against an objection when we designate the actions of a sense mining and we often use of classical categories namely city disobedience to interpret the actions of student has sent all manner as exemplars of civil disobedience is to and of n contiguous with a great democratic struggles of the 19th and the 20th centuries I would therefore interpret this classification as the Puerto Rico operation because we don't have the words to name that which is a new we fall back on order categories I also believe that it is a nation is a matter of strategy when you movements numeric they either they are by nature of precarious and fragile and uncertain of themselves with that have a tendency to want to assign them some legitimacy by inscribing them alongside movements that already occupied the important place in our political imaginary the I know very well that Snowden all mining also uses this same categories when speaking about themselves but thing they are mistaken and I think it is important to think about how and why they are mistaken about themselves and they are inventing new subjectivity is without being aware of it yeah cities or regions is not when mode of protest amongst others it is a form of revolt that makes the most conventions use of categories of Hugo I democracy notions of real citizenship and of constitution eyes therefore the gap separating the actions of Snowden's as and mining from city disobedience marks the critical place in which we can see is another 2 of what is transpiring through them it is there that the crisis of traditional politics notions of public space of connectivity of citizenship of state is being played out
today I would like to focus on the practice of mean I was struck by how smitten have connected their political gestures and speech to practice
of being whenever the acts that conditions that as approach where the necessity of escaping the United States and making sure that he will not be extradited once he left Hong Kong similar in a sense has continually change countries he has always his we to expand his activities with a constant reassessment obvious place of residence in order to find a political and legal system that we offer him the necessary guarantees and protection he has this successively in Australia Germany England and has taken refuge in the equipment the aquarium and in and then since 2012 the decision to flee and the associated practice of seeking asylum since there is significant to me specification for our conception of phonetic of beyond in commitment and territoriality of course it is always possible to argue that the significance of feeding safe and as mentioned students were simply trying to avoid repression and no doubt such an interpretation is not completely wrong but I the same time we should not do well on this already and interpretations the practice of demanding asylum and its way of linking political action expect relation and the demand for protection raises important political program there is a game I played here that questions the idea of membership that we too often spontaneously associated with national structures it's not in essence have been a very practical manner initiated a mode vote that has a node as to think differently about the category of politics and about the relationship we continually maintain with the states the were real those 2 would equalize the Democratic question by helping us pickup take better account of the problem of inclusion nationality and citizenship the singularity of the
practice of being this appears very clearly when it is contrasted with CVD disobedience fleeting and
cities of the constitute perhaps the 2 parts of revolt that are mote that are most proposed in terms of their antagonistic modes of subjectivity and the different ways they relate to the real the states and to others text on disobedience such as those object carried out was for instance always articulate the importance of this practice by the way in which it conforms to the society was its by the way it mobilizes the society is 1 fundamental values of its constitution in order to critique it slows or it's actual organization it is in the name of fidelity to the essential values of a nation that 1 decides to descend to the ways in which its laws are applied to be disobedient agendas intends to perfect the laws of the national community the subject of civil disobedience is constituted as a political subjects by performing his or her belonging to the legal community that he or she is addressing In a sense the subjects of civil disobedience is the most faithful member of community the 1 must bound by its essential values it is on its behalf and the name of the demands it that it and that is that subject engages in political structure the fidelity to the spirit of community and it is precisely this notion of community spirit on all shared values that seems problematic to me is evident in the fact that disobedience is generative felt as related to practice city disobedience except for the sentence for agreed to work to prison for annotating his taxes but the thing the king information and thinking refute elsewhere that's not indeed it is to constitute 1 set of as a political subjects in a very different way if we radicalizes students gesture we see that it's aim is not merely to change his political community but to change of political community to challenge the very notion of belonging to a political community as such the civil disobedience you of to his nation and seeks to transform its snows Snowden conversely understand the same could be said for us and engages in a practice of the solidification that content him to detach himself from his nation at 1 point he decided to leave to flee to separated this is less an act of disobedience that an act of resignation so students actions do not say I disobey to change my political community but whether say I am abandoning my membership I am going into refugia I am exempting myself from this political community I am rejecting my nationality hence his numerous applications for asylum the question yeah the the what is at stake here is a reflection on the relationship between politics of belonging and community it seems to me that a traditional pretty good practice this funding is funded sorry when the G. politicization of our conscription a subject of the states we take our national membership for granted in our conception of ourselves as political subjects and when we say we the people on but the politicization of the question of membership structures of political theory with the disease in the notion of civil disobedience when it comes to enact like disobedience I recognize that 0 applies to me but I decided despite these not to follow it in all the world I can decide to disobey Uriel only if it is recognized as my poems and that's only if I inscribed myself within the community over which the lower In contrast Snowden's approach consisted in emancipating himself from the legal order of exiting the space of its enforcement by fleeing by requesting asylum smoothing constituted instead as a political subjects that exercising the rights of sedition a sense to has not stopped moving these figures are this the embodiment of legal subjects that retains the right to refuse the old they refuse to submit an appeal before the law and then as they put it is has a question that is normally deeply to size to what community do I belong to and 1 and by what rights why should the state decided to decide that for me these gestures could into question the very idea that which would
recognize the states as ours and that we should recognize ourselves as a member of a community of citizens for no other reason that we where arbitral ready for into the world in 1 place than another that whether that I know and the state code hold the 1st address I believe that it is necessary to take a radical extensively here and I would like to propose the idea that's what we are witnessing today is the birth of a new political category for individuals quanta defined by their membership in a state or a nation or territory but whether belonging to a community they have chosen for set democracy when they're democratic ideas come into conflict with them on the ship intonation the citizens of democracy divorce themselves from their states and find ways to continue their activities such as seeking asylum for example the what we have seen here then is a foreshadowing of a kind of politics that is no longer imagine as an organization of the territory the city or other performative constitution of whom we have these as is on most or is otherwise the keys but it's now becomes a practice in which New Critical communities are produced and imagine and in which membership of mean is that situated at the beginning of the process that at the end it is nodes a point of departure but there are a lot of points and I most dominant I propose to designate this process as the nationalization of the mind and perhaps you can find here prefiguration of what Marx called an international I do not believe that this process has arisen from the void it has a weird busses I believe that it is an effect that is produced by the internet which is to say that the Internet makes possible the political de-politicization of the question of the it is surely no accident that Snowden describes relationship to the Internet of the food experiment for which he forms a new relationship to the world we do not measure the point at which our mind is framed by national structures know although we measure the point that we get which constitute our universe our actuality our mental states was imposed upon us by the accident of birth we leave in a state of permanent hit run and and I wonder whether the Internet represents the space of kind of socialization where individuals learn to force communities and create their own guides to their own kind of mental space I cannot say with any certainty whether this is possible all if it is correct nonetheless I think the Internet opens up possibilities for thinking differently about 1 about once inscription within the world to whom and to what what fuse a connection and with what kinds of things that 1 becomes concerned the income that we define as questions of proximity of the distance and off limits it enables and extensions of association and the reading starts with the question of attachment to others within the domain of choice the the relationship that exists between the internet and the predisposition to flee to read to fit to religion to free the betrayal might be explained by the relationship between the internet and dissolution of traditional agencies & the disposition to demand the right to choose our water to go away conclusion groups so proof had reinventing politics is that only about discovering new objects of contestation on youtube bits of descent it's so that reflecting on modes of action it's about trying to invent a new style of political life what does it mean to move beyond citizenship what would it mean to be known to democracy rather than a state how do we think politics without public space of other parents without the body politic the other questions of student as undermining invites us to conform to days we need to think of an emancipatory practice that only of that on which of public space 3 commitment or obedience to the state and 0 than 1 which might give rise to a politics of sedition of dissidents and of critique of building of course we have great difficulty imagining what form such a paradigmatic the history of democracy and we wrote it remains to be written thank you very much
few thank you very much soon for as well and we will have time for questions and as we have seen with Panama papers and he peasant papers reason yeah currents can be contagious and is then 1 is administered but I and thinking and what have we enjoy it too long assume to read your book as the last 1 consigning civil disobedience yeah I don't know how it is in other countries but in Germany have article 20 we don't call at Constitution call it could be that because of all of
all inferior locals at as engine article 20 we call it the disobedience long and I was wondering if you have all the soul the this kind of line in France because then also another thing in UK feeding don't have written down the freedom of press it's at a line that constitutes the core this so they support and I'm not allowed to be there because I don't hear you I don't you your your summary algorithm this is far better than that of the palette concept
of digging reply comes and title of it is that it looks a little of couple of of of this is the best understood my question of thank you and Jay Keyser won't online a lot dumber tokens to see
all of the parallel like the disobedience here agent in water is of course more videos delighted disobedience on the consistency of his room in fact it's true that in
um inference civil disobedience is a political practice but there is absolutely no protection for people who claim they are doing
civil disobedience action so in the Constitution on the lowest even if you claim you on not you are doing some single criminal but is a civilian obedience you have absolutely no prediction in vertical although I knew of and you are going to be punished and you are going to go to jail but what is very interesting for me that matter is that precisely into these regions you always find people who wants to go to jail was say that going to jail is part of the did you know when you put test against uh when uh kind of what you you believe it's an illegal OK but can I read about uh and genetically modified organisms for example uh they always accept the sentence and then they kind of food demonstrate and show them save as subject submitted to the real and to the state so what my idea that civilians is a very important practice of course and I I always support people doing this kind of practice but I can't of reflex of why should the to the subject would should social of the of fall because of its political action and because the state does bad things you all companies do better so I think that the the civil disobedience can be the so to other conservative in this manner you know it's it's it's it's something very subversive in some point in some ways but it has some conservative aspects to and the other with the recognition of the state with the idea that you always consider the constitution of you reference OK so in fact you you have to to recognize a constitution as yours and to ratify the the values of the constitution you can change and you have to recognize and as you point of departure so they are a lot of conservative um um I also statements as the basis of this practice and that's why I believe that perhaps we can use the examples excluded and essential mining to develop new democratic practices that could help us to imagine new ways of resisting the state to you have 1
questions from the audience and sentence K and thank you very much again but 1 not the cluster concerning international and
transnational because technology actually this it introduces this transnational because satellites of transnational even on to the next step of this is all of us wondering but it goes just a question what is the next stage after democracy will assist in democracy solving a set to get how having already in a state because of the technology advancement in the last 20 years as the ability of both
of room of of states of the beyond state I don't know
how to say that I think the the idea of democracy is precisely not to have we are international institutions we
suppose we go we can oblige states to do things that you can intervene in order to for them to act democratically no I think it would be nice and
again thank you very much for your thank you very much for the negative class to have their
time my