How is Technology Innovation Driving Changes in China?

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: How is Technology Innovation Driving Changes in China?

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How is Technology Innovation Driving Changes in China?
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GeekPark: How is Technology Innovation Driving Changes in China?
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New ways of thinking and creative applications of technology innovation, as a set of genes, are being planted into various fields in China. They provide a new lens to see and think about the reshaping of many industries, and corresponding influences over city, society, economy, and environment – higher efficiency, more added-value, upgraded consumption led by new products & services, etc.
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and so the thing and dozens so
welcome back to stage 2 we leave the door open so that the people can come in and for the next hour we like to go with you to China to hear what's going on over there the world of technology how the technology
drive the life over there and we uh like solicited hear it from the people
from the part 1 of the most prominent
technology media in China so please give a warm welcome
it and thank you for the the I cannot at this 1 is working with him Harry want thank you Floris coming here and to learn about something really new about China on my name is julie when and I can do to settle down
in the living body in 3 and a half years ago
and really really fall in love with the
city and so I started my own consultancy firm to bring out to help to facilitate
exchange between their innovation power between China Germany
so I'm and I was lucky enough
to find a Chinese partner which is said peak apart the biggest innovators community in
China and last year the founder John
was here and gave a brilliant told I'm introducing China's peak culture this he kept that he's promised last year and brought to bring back a delegation of Chinese
innovators and now jumper where get on stage and give you a brief
introduction of what the part is ML what does it do and why it can shows you the best angle to observe the innovation power in China the that and thank you well I thank you guys but it is my great pleasure to come back here and last year I have uh speech in Republic
talking about a talk about the whole the culture making act to tiny ciety and the colony and I I made a promise
I made a promise that we i will be brought on some of my friends are all those peaks come back here and to prove what I'm talking about is you know like that and the other thing I need to send Cleveland and organizer of flow republic got to give me the opportunity to fulfill my promise and today I brought for all of my friends and of all of them are very talented talented entrepreneurs in China and they all tried to be beauty in innovative product and to to use a part that enabled by
the power of technology and also I think they have a strong dream to
be would beautiful things so that because in China there are a lot of the changes and is happening at no like we we're
building some product not just a cheap and we are building some product with high quality and the society I really accepted let those
high quality product and they want to pay for that and I think that's a today Chinese no longer just a mysterious oriental country far far away is already a part of the of the world so is better we started to talk to each other and try to understand each other and try to find a way maybe to collaborate with the Gaza to a
great something more valuable not just for China all your maybe to the world so today and maybe we can make today of good . starting point uh and the crack uh in the past 6 years so we try to help a Chinese innovators to more efficient more efficiently and helps them to have a global vision and to to help them to be more certain of their way to be would in a way to product and high quality products and I think in the in the future of those in the wages in China and they can make impact not just to a Chinese society become making that to the world and today uh I'm very happy to know you have the opportunity to approve brought a bring some of them come here and share their story and I think we without any further delay and the but I will be back the stage tool even and I hope I really enjoyed as the next hour and I let I believe you will all get something fresh get some beautiful story to share to your friends OK the
thank you OK we start with the the environment we all know that
they in China nowadays from their
relatives and we all know that it needs a solutions lot of young people tap participates is in solving the problem 1 of them is done so don't if found error 7 some 100 bike whole promotable quit his former job of the BIC internet company and started his whole by business so now you can see and what it is like an I handed over to him look the the all right so if you talk in Chinese so that you have to put on day and the the has that's it and that is on your do and k find is that no OK OK actually pomalo has thank you the but OK however just headed over to with this that the OK content the area and sorry I'm in love with it and units sold when you know that if you have a this yeah but you know what in can you now than it should give you a free selection of myself
low the only thing I have read of
Luke from my nose uh
Germany and but this this book histories as the history of
theUS more features and also it has to be changes to the whole world to our 2 illustrates my or 1 slides on entertainment book by class
codes of my century and I also want to use my PBTs like heated to tell the story from the perspective of small figures in the society about what happened in
the past century the really when you are if you have you been to align change decision problems seem to and shared us here uh but you know the whole and in Medusa systems and 2 7 I was born in Shashi at that time China is say agricultural wastes country there is no TV so there's no of a constant phase do you think he close to normal them cacique comes from that the edges and he was born in 1977 at that time China had no telephone no whatever mobile and an nothing electric actually electricity was even the proper you do in 1999 I quoted from the university at the time of the
year uh information that work has started to what arrives in China and stand at ISM graduates from the university in the 19 nineties in China and at that time China just started its insulin
that's in connection with the words so they were about 1 and a of Internet users in China OK of of what is called in in 2004 the and the unfortunately on my last
company has suffered of failure and the integrated and in 2004 have started another company which is kind of course on the mobile and the penetration rates of Internet is only a 6 . 2 % and Hinton and 2013 my 2nd company as listed in some in the United States and that time the China's Internet as has reached the penetration rate in is catching up the development of the idea that the international level
and now I know a lot of people are using smaller for 1 to get access to the internet and in and in 2004 to have started my thoughts company that world will which is steered a midget Jeep a Jeep uh our definition is we want to become the new generation of urban park
and to my I am over authorities In the past 30 years we have witnessed the contract it's the history of of ITER everything that has happened in year Europe during the past 300 years since China's development is of them that uh has uh to to develop from made to demographic dividend tune into a of popularization of we'll it from the
end we may notice that the the the Internet is very arise strands will
for you order something mind and tomorrow you will get its China has undergone
great changes in the year uh classes of resembled the middle class and the people good that got her own got their own hobbies and all this for trademarks and there's still a lot of changes in the market in China we may notice that people started to for example some made in the past and that people want
something you want to buy something but now but people still more at the quality of the products so this is operator of constant consumption and this is a starting has always on the go alot of other changes in has to 10 years
and the integrand hours over generations for generation having the gun and a lot of of very remarkable changes over the past 2 years for example to myself as well as myself as of and I started my so will my set remained a 2nd my 1st and my 2nd company of what happens to is the wells I want to get rid of the poverty but for this time and I start my because again because I want to pursue what would would allow love so I started to travel to a different kind of countries of and for example at the front since these of America New Zealand Australia and Argentina and I love bicycles I love riding bicycles and about their over 1 hundred books of the movement did the bicycles for example my most muscle cars is is all of missiles is based on the printed with a bicycle so for this time I'm not for money but for my love for my passion well it is what have been published a book and uh you know a simplified Chinese and also the solution is I really love it because our I decided to do something for it what you will have a bit of which time China's intrapreneurs have have undergone a lot of changes in his amendment at mentality and also the behavior of this some of our companies we are not making copycats we are focusing on the innovation and and that and able to know all 90 % of the of the components of from our own wisdom so you know you are the URC India bicycles from China and other things can be found in Europe and did the did this is a very is a very very especially a screen which displays resembled the speeds and also the miles and is very very for what what is important is the chips in it you do it you can be sure that your bicycle never be lost and so some the last year we have long stood this a bicycle uh and so we will we we have a set of vesicles go last about a little we were found to back all of the bicycles lost and we have a catch the thief association should to do think 0 there we wish come to be Germany that this is only the chips of the bicycles the entire bicycle and the most flexible 1 this and this parts and this is very very special way we are aware designs and we are made by 3 D a technology in the called it India history it is unprecedented 1 because it is among the simplest one two fold together so well when not just producing such of forwarded or a football from before audible bikes and we're producing and another of products for for example the age style of and it can reduce and the uncut comparable news of by but probably detect turbulence and it is really very beautiful and this is only 1 small part of our innovation to now we have you should all 5 types of by bicycle so we have for more than 20 mm patents and of India there are 3 or
4 of them that belongs to the of the the goes to the
innovation of the global world of the global level and in China to China is of very all of of medicinal stood but now that borders being changed in in China and all bicycles are produced of overlap with the European standards of of resembled this bicycle by the use of a 20 per cent higher than the than the European standards so today's a products is not
only the made in China but also the quality in China it is higher higher in the air quality is higher than the European and apart from this 1 and look at the scoring and this is our 1st product with which is quot backstreet apart from that we would have our allegations of of bowler and flora and it is exposed to lead to the designed for legitimacy
and 2 ladies and this 1 and uh was launched by in you know the March a good galaxy crawled will and uh there's been rewarded inspired by the Germany side so we are when not just want to make a city Bicycle but also we are going to create a lifestyle brand the you don't have today we come here not only to introduce my products and also in the
not only to describe to you a idea of starting business our I will like to introduce Mike philosophy of bicycles in the culture of bicycles in China or was regarded as a big city of bicycle and and now 70 per cent of Tibet's goes of a produced in China and in end to the the the the there's a so us in 9 million bits bicycles in Beijing and this is the old fielding but in the past several years we noticed that some of the majority of Chinese have the AUC of cars and added that a lot of traffic congestions and we have given up the rewriting of bicycles and embezzling life I've noticed that's available for
people of my riding bicycles but there's still a lot of improvement a we hope that we can work together to create a culture of writing vesicles because bicycles out of
of a symbol of a perfect life of human beings and everybody at the wishes that the life will be more happier more free ends more and more with more freedom and this is with the contents of the writing bicycle and uh um of freedom of the press and we the bicycles and not that easily be stored and they will be your field of well reasons of safety and you already a bicycle you can feel the same feeling of writing a sum of bands because it is very pleasant thing and the environmental begetter the will of the Vandal will get better and the our life quality will get a higher and this is a product of philosophy so in the introduction of follower of bicyclists and it is not for money we we just hope that our the life will be better or lower quality will be at and this is not an idea of the bicycle companies but this is the idea is shared by everybody this is the real goal that while we are here in Germany was all of and a lot of bicycles the field of some it and I personally have those existing bicycles the best 1 hour in every category is possessed by by me and so I'm just trying trying to experience all these things to connect everything
together and to experience all kinds of categories of bicycles and we have goal is not so popularized dear room the best ready in China but also we we want to enable more people to have the opportunity to ride a bicycle so now I'll well goal is that our trust can go global resembled to come back to the home Tamiflu vesicles and that is the Europe by the I know that and even in Germany there are a lot of lot of high quality of the products of resemble hammered zones at and cold bayesian in China and I also both of the know above I also hope that I can be a breach of a very very very much to to know if you think you so
much of talking about how would I hadn't quite unhappy 1 because my
father used to lock me up every weekend on the balcony so that I can recite
300 dynasty poems and then the younger generation in China nowadays there even worse because they have spent long hours on homework and then after work they if they have sometimes they played computer games arms so to solve this issue and there is a big big company how he supports they are now in a new complete but they try their best to provide interesting content to attract the Chinese to participate more In the sports in their daily lives so now we have shunned function the Director of the industry Design of values to tell you how and good afternoon everyone yeah here is as we
agree on a for me to stand here give a speech and the
about my company most boards and why it is more then the Chinese yes Peter the OK so the ah 1st I like to show some
pictures from cars and
televisions and to be serious mobile phones and bicycles we are devices and the US was camera new stadiums yeah all these products including appointed including of belongs to so many different categories they all come from 1 company could legal and that's the
parent company of my company and legally the group made up of many different brands companies ranging from sports music and TV and
the cars and more mobile phones and the reason and financial or even a stores something in my company was forced plays a very important role in the family yeah so i'm gonna show some simple facts and numbers to how they understand what my company looks like so most balls is the leading Internet company in the in the in the sports industry in China who started his business in 2014 and after about 1 year it raised more than 123 million US dollars for the there is a founding we've told we break the record in China and does not in the story because just at this year and elastomers April In this extinct we announced a 1 . 2 billion US dollars Sirius B founding is totally made a new record but was more important that we have more than 300 major sporting even war like the copyrights in nearly more than 70 per cent of them are exclusive yeah so we have all the 14 knitting visitors per day and that's about 3 per cent of in China's online redo others and all these things has helped us made our variation goes up to 3 . 3 dating just orders this about 2 21 . 5 bidding on the yeah and our
business compressors for key elements in group games copyright intended this business and the Internet and the condom platform what is thought to be more specific has
elected the the some details about
my can this be this the basically was was provides it was all I was and that is why we always compared with yes and we're happy to hear that because ESP is quit company and we cannot want the great company in the future but to be honest we are actually doing more things than the ESPN we're
doing we're trying to do more things so I think everyone of you must know that the copyright has always been an issue in China In the past couple of years but things is getting better and better all sense to companies like us the parent company then the École has been learned of Ayurveda list of the copyright protecting uh everything's the company was you know started yes we have paid of great amount of money and buying copyrights and meanwhile really made great efforts in protecting the so is the sports however however we don't want to enter some situation of an entity the least copyright battle with other companies Our aim at is to make the most of any of the copyrights because we wanna provide a better service we want rely the better experience for all users because the philosophy
of of of my company is to make everybody get involved in sports better and easily and I think when we are at the Internet error so
Internet has they up ability to reorganize all the resources and have everybody connected with that with each other and also have everyone connected to the world and of course we want to have everyone
connected to support yeah and this of
the event's always a organized you know besides those carburetor thing
so that's our beautiful drink to have everyone connected to 2 boys but how do we make it and this is our fundamental be this structure of my company OK this collection
combinations that can can like 17 the is a matter of some some some notion of something because we want to supply the platform product Abbott accountant we want connected this full parse and with you them to provide a better service for all of you there's for example
if you paid to people of our countries that member you can enjoy the game winners all across all screens including the the big screen TV of for information that we have already had a 1 hand good and 20 inches
big screen TV in is later sorting China and concede honorable well falls on the tablet or use of the R and are more well for and we have just a really is a car that electronic did see the games on a car causal that's what we want to provide you with our devices with the hardware devices and this is on the some
games we have organizer by ourselves but we want to obtain bank
son hardwares of our all own to provide a better so as to to do to provide something unique count and like this the 1 yeah you see all the famous athletes all where our schools camera they had then the you there is guess see from their point of view from their view angle to see what your I what what the fair acid is the you know just half their experience and it's really exciting and so that faintly the running thing you can see the
guys wearing England the cameras on so what's
more we want to promote it the the notion of what we want to promote the notion that we want to have always there's no better of the value of accountant that's why we lower the price of flour hardware is we want to make the model that to the Internet to property of other content is very valuable that's why we lower the price of hardware and want to make them pay for the Member shape pay for the cantons yeah so the the
membership so if I want to make the the fuel respective respected and 1 that makes some personal customer the surveys who want to make the the the suppose more interesting and then we will have the mean get more involved in his boss so you have to the top of
the hardware devices because I am self is in charge of the industrial design department and I know that aim of our that in turn hardware products because we want to provide some better so is written so I'd like to talk about what we make we also have made a bicycle
not just ahead had can like Mr. gels work that is different because we want to make the product and it connect to the internet connected to our counter services soul we would like to say that is more like a writing a colony a writing system so we have integrated some electronic parts in a like we have had a screen we have some hand bodies in we have a Bikel all operating system yeah and in some other cool functions like some automatic lock you can use it to control the center panel Aurelio form yeah this that's just function that key was here is we want to you this functions to connect all the writers want to make a bicycle that is connected to the Internet at that make everyone every writer connected with each other and the we want to have been connected to the posteriors that's for the writers and the besides we want to have all of our products connected with their with each other like you can transfer some data transfer some information with the other products of our own
so and even with the customers
yes so I wanna talk too much about the
bicycle because it in the future we're going to have even more products like of the road bicycle mountain bicycles fortable bicycle awesome spores cameras and have a UAV with electrons and we have some variables shoes and clothes and we even we are developing some gene equipment selects and drop me or something else because we think the of for
hardware is something we want to supply some more excesses for you those to get to the sports to 2 to make mean half the better experience have the enjoy the better service of ours yeah I think
yeah that's pretty much what well I want to tell you about today and and well under
stress it again that our aim is to have everybody get involved with the flow with the sports better and more easily and I think we are on the right way and we will finally achieve that goal thank you that's it the the next
speaker is the most special 1 and this delegation because of he has the longest working experience among all these youngsters people 50 years he has been
faster they and divergences to audio smart audio technology so his company's
name is called an S marked or dual i and he has made radial the coolest thing of 4 again so that's why come Mr. tendency in the founders CEO vast monitoring as the book but the whole a handful everybody all and solid sorry I can only use Chinese noting that I got what is
a lot of results history about gradients that all this year I am 60 but also the year of the work in about a reduced on a new wars are familiar with the gadget was those so as to why that from me little homepages all
the the reduces say companion would die before unlike rolls out all the chairman of and then I will use a hundred years ago that
China is lagging behind us in this regard it as soon as he up we don't know what usually
have 1 uh for example Germany is a great it's the
yourself radial so for China for that and redo sorry is always the for example from and from the United States should from the years of anti-union solution that all us all and also at the end of today so your Russia this is of size you will you hold but in all the other terms in the nineteen-fifties China has to be laid out for you Dulcinea especially and good media and the end of the ideas 60 is sensitive to the balance of the production volume 11 billion was being used which is the highlight of in China and it is a huge amount of production volume that's all this is the left but we know that
the GOTO was so as you think of it as the best quality of made in china real kind about is what we now see how those of you that most of such type of reduced and is represents the highest level of what actions China but there's still some value of imperfections because there's still a long way to go to catch of will level will terminate before my elbow the so you read use give me a very low water and so that feelings of who was more and that as I was born at a livelihood in China was really a very difficult because a half in new ideas of all wallowing in this life and if issuance of is of problem for me so ends at 100 but this as a reasonable and I was in hidden and his 70 year old this was the 1st time so a lot of tools to say what they do I think is really miraculous is from believable also so later on as we get past with the radio and later I made it clear that the reduced form myself and from and that year by the media holdings 50 years FIL till now that's also radiosonde ones have become a very important keywords to form a little effect also many years because it has changed my fate well what would you miss would you would of the year of radius a have become all do really uh designer control or the way these that is designed by media has not been well modeled globally cells you and you will that and I have become the 1st
owner of so many designs in this regard all but I contend that a local weight of the probably everyone here is a variety of media with media ontologies alleles in Germany because the art of the area of very high quality but for us this how close because it is to unleash ball world China and
within 2 years of reform and often opposing the China idea agents and we got started to a contact listen and get access to a whole year of products produced in Germany in an idea if if alleles lets you buy that some of the we have reported several hundred radio during their readers from Germany matches China and how will we really experience said the quality is really unbelievable also able to what itself so finally have got a chance to omega
ideas myself this and in 2004 i started from my own work in England also to make review so I hope so I hope that we can present deepest mn prosperity in Germany the similar experiments of all what is the hints and do we have it to this uh is still doing on the making a lot of high quality to reduce and to this sort this reduced can can reach or even lakes in the area of the quality of the words only in Germany but during the over 10 years to so and so I should very very low doses various system of a hundred meters but last year at all everything has been changed to answers the founding but within 1
month so I have good OK because foundations have more than 70 thousand a reduced I of size members you know that of the government and then we calculate use money uh and it is about 600 thousand US
dollars to high the same time our should model has a lot of jumped into the 1st few years of the this summer and enhanced so that uh are all equivalent of 2 2 was abolished and other that's highly that quality international brands and we are in the same way that fell down the users and this image from the products available a fast I have entered the war the good this is all about please the move to supra the fashionable super as shops in China and all that are arranged in a country and a last year alone we the weaving 6 months we have exceeded the is just on a lot political and general details will emerge in the past 4 years so that the new why issues such from Europe co it occurred during the short 6 months of and models and why she should as mere could in the market the unit and we have summarized several reasons compared to the previous 2 years China has undergone great changes in and through the primitive element in this years China has become a highly information-based society that there was a link and in this society
this so some people the very
reliable on and the achieving that's the cellphone cents and notebooks and computers changed from people's time and fragmented made those about what's the title and the life has been taken by high tax you that would be pursued woman the other is looking actually often working with here don't tell you that those little balls we are willing the lifestyle of concentrating on the the quality and so on all products as found to this point and can provide them by the Ripper provides a for example the the companion the that of the fuel to human peer to the customers the best will provide a generic model of life time here and
the use of it and I and also our good products is solidly can be generalized to the extreme scenario where everything is handmade have through that of the of the of the through dozens of precise edges so our products are invariant for appraiser in up online for example due to the good appraisal to accept a more than 99 % of the dual of all the sets of judgment customer judgments so we're insist on making that will
on all of things from the king of very good quality products and fractional what about products and we insist on our own logical effects for example it should be cool looking and you should be at a and this should be good so use and is this in only we should have a tournament we should have for some of those feelings and wishes to the class C and in time and we should be unique so we should be exclusive you know
you thought what you any on the market such kind of a discipline on various uh the very aware and the wall on the on the world there's no proposal I will want you want to do such voltage and reduced so full of all the things you do in here so so we should have a vessels all focused more on the connections and now our how such kind of finally we can cite here that we only have of you they go produced but we have also 1 it is very cute and we have a very high sound quality of the sample
our use of warming the law woman
of of all of these are at our or ontology the reduced uh has combined situational forces us together with the internet and we have a lot of a lot of innovations for example time we have not done not only on the founding and for the innovation of products we don't matter much of together with the young generations of because the the
generation that do not have any but I'm not any experience that probably with a reduced we should focus on the idea of being a good particles of solar and with with what the parents in conditionality that there's so that's the generation may I love of the radio and just now I have got you can't found this small and the of the the profound in history is nearly reached the end of 500 thousand the has
dollars and a market we have a conductor some uh some innovation and we have called rates together with a lot of influential and trademark in China but in terms of the kernel and the and the marketing we have a lot of patience and all that is in the use of force of through a someone new marketing all the model model module and so we will will we can we can book publicize our ideal analytical units to the group of customers up from that we are shouldering responsibility of society so that is to say about that so what you have in
China of the rest of the craftsmen than that at the end to go up in China but you don't so we have initiated a war
programs have to gather together
all the craftsmanship and we have all fora as a with this uh to have all
the transfer of the yeah the
motive recipes using products into of from products to the only commercial software and uh the uh so that such kind of draft Pressman follow him all want some decent more was that all about the and give some value of their own so that the monkey and the radio is not
focus on the traditional 1 in a long and not on only about the old feelings so
we are what we have before calling on the combination integration with the
internet some ends in the future that we are and the what where we're going to focus more on the unit here and also the connection with the humans and that we strive for it in the future work on this all will continue to us and expand the market in China and also I hope that's got other parts of the world will lie 0 0 like showing us in China and the hope of time the that's all about me that people with all the people with a lot and you can come connect well with the people in Europe in your world thank you very much How can we have to
worry about this that now we have the youngest speaker around the you know he's the youngest he actually guides and well guide to millions of
Chinese through the jungle of 2 cities in China and
so he's company bright beacon is the 1st IOT company that provides on indoor navigation solutions to some the Chinese
customers and so welcome varying from bright beacon of
how a while has shown measure of so and in English trying Chinese sources an hour of learning of just
by the uh is called bright because no wars all of the I am the
see all right you know company at before entering your mind is lot media to a was when something of kriging or you know we all know that in China and there are huge amount of people with all this and you are a lot of social and lots of folk beautiful seed size all sports also in summary China side is really big note that the putting what's that and in the time of the Internet and 1 no RT by the woman so which you levels are so hard to make some money indoor shopping busses tell what I want apologies to do you want sentiment of the of the solid
rod with a lot of problems which still of solutions reasonable would allow provides 0 tuition more highly imageable doesn't know about what can I buy you a on was also 1 of the latest promotions today and all that wasn't understand about probably again final say I want to sample it I want you cannot find the find my customer find the tallest truth resemble we realize how certified after denoising wonderful colonial of wars and without the use of the shop causal
under the column ozone to know is my target group of customers and how we even give you from Iowa reducing with all this sort of thing so the value of delta G John Knox
dissolved all kind of the atoms of the ideas and you go all only so there are formal commonalities more global and as such that all of problems for example we are in
a certain that scenario we can assure that I went out and go about own and the customer says his position in such the snow only the long weekends and what we can find
solutions that we have to answer all the way of working at the constitutional bring another theory is still available in size limitations of the year and it's in until about this from the intelligence it's you how you where we stand on the basis of because they also on the people that the end of the initial compliance and residing in that article that means that what what if I can put it on you and in my youth released by adding but because of the user so the use of globally devices they can't use with the here particles I was consensus very accurately it's in the union of location without have to go along the uniform and living will on reality suicidal clauses locations where I would like to see in the cloud the user
to India and the other thing that we and the right we're and into also generate a lot of guys that kind of formation and then share information so most together with our partners is useful for further analysis of this and and also a customer and a description of all the time and we have the means to on the navigation on a system long so there are other systems like that and we have the are some examples to industries such severe theory
than others to 1st of all we may notice that that's in China and there are more than 2 thousand traditional region of the businesses uh and which are going to be
reforms of the Ohio teams when we are not going into the show more and we need to take out always marked form we can very precisely Knowles and way I am and so again and again and I can search for where we our I want to go in and and in every system can help us to to to to go there very precisely
and actually helps the calculus of this problem as well as we know we have to with layer after layer word devices of peak and then everything will be very fast OK of very well soft cheeses to and the same thing with you such a navigation system components solution has been as lost for so many years you becomes the so wire is speaking in his weakened the most the best 1 of the best suitable 1 energy and we can make some preparations for example the indoor shopping in the GPS signal is very weak and we have a wife Wi-Fi and II idea and they all have some disadvantages for a for sample DOY Viennese a civil law it's a 2nd source of full to to get the information so it so so it is not very good for the navigation only a beacon of resemble it has a political connection it can interact directly with a cell phones of stuff of it and session Gage's to do with the but non at home so this is a very ordinary of battery the way which can work for over 2 years old so it is very convenient Daniel since the sound that is so through this the system we can move on to the host of more
into all smart form as so use
such a location area of all to know you and the deal although that could be a whether the customers can interact with the a scenario this is also the question so it was we have copper 2 with Supra wrapped did you that in China and a way of making some interconnections all as long as the and you to customers of the data at the other 2 are non did you did Bluetooth then we can get out of information is for example the promotions so you and also did a map this what onward with through this system so we can come to get services so with the precise with this location and for them before we enter a restaurant and steer and uh the restaurants
uh sends me that many of the medically to me and you say how do we move through the whole arrangement and layout of such systems are we have again a accumulated a lot of the effects of data and the analysis of this data is a great help for the year of for the manufacturers so the
sellers to improve the service level and also and just now we have mentioned people that all these scenarios needs are more intelligent hardware and all that such are hard we're all of them can be integrated the whole of the year you have electronic electronic appliances for example the lights on made it is connected with the rule of the approach to the and it will be good become a very good juncture of flood of intelligence in also locates
small Isely where it is and apart from the obligations that I may mentioned to there's still a lot of various resemble a China and has sold
more than 1 thousand as an expose and museums or which can also apply such applications in
system and so we will we will we are going to that much regional policy and check in China they're allowed there are video guide we press about a 1 2 3 4 5 and such devices use of you used and the if you if if we if we apply a beacon then it cannot it it can ematically locate where you are and so to give you information on the desk process support also by missile through the through this so that analogy of
for example a lot of fun it's a snare exports compelling can be replaced by this system
you can vote for the kindergartens there are a lot of fun our publications in areas for
example of this this is
a problem of thought that of the chip children's safety we which is attached great importance by the parents and also by the teachers go through for example that the sum of if the information that the that showed that 2 children and has got a gun to school and this information uh will be automatically sent to the parents of the teachers that did then they will be very very good and the copy can have as is higher are there to everything that we want to do is to equip them with the help of children with our system with smaller gadgets so all of the
of the of the squares of the year and then all the votes of the degree of
children can be traced by our parents and my more teachers and also in the home appliances we we can uh we realized that the scenario of which automatically
and no opening the door and 2 we we should we allow would no
longer need with another leads to you
usually do something very troublesome all your vector B so we'll hold that all have us a level customers enjoy so it's more simply so we call this scenario of the of the person aerial
IOT please remember us because that thank you very much the I guess so thank you very much for staying today and our and then the park where our later put the contact on the screen so if anyone wants to know more about China's
innovation and and community the part is the
best the door leading to that you can contact them directly thank you very much it down head