Let's snap it

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Let's snap it
How organisations can use Snapchat
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It gets more and more difficult to inform young people about politics via traditional media. Snapchat is the fastest growing social platform among millennials. In particular in Europe Snapchat is acquiring more users. Germany is among the top 10 countries with the highest share of Snapchat users worldwide. How can political organisations use Snapchat? What content should they post? How can new accounts be promoted? A short presentations about organisations that already use Snapchat successfully to inform young people about politics.
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my name I think this is
I yes so I come to
my talk am like so many people didn't expect that to link and use of nice and you I came I quickly start because
there's a lot to tell and on the 30 minutes time and so maybe 1st a few numbers like 2 million users worldwide 35 million users in Europe and 2 point 5 and Germany's so Snapchat growing really fast and there's more and more video views each day especially in Ireland Belgium but other Germany and the Scandinavian countries of crime but the most important
fact actually a book that jet is that it's 1 of the youngest social network blocks in the in terms of the age of the users 71 per cent of its users that are not 25 and that's really interesting because the other social networks they don't have these numbers and that's also interesting for politics because to reach out to these young audience like the people between certain and 25 it's not easy nowadays was the traditional media and that's why I think especially for political organization it's interesting to use maps set and to reach out to the sea on future waters maybe the so in sense a bit about
my talk like maybe a bit before on me myself I was working for the social media team in the European Parliament for 2 and a half years and last year we came to Republican as well and I tried to add a bit like out here and after what we have decided that it would start our own Snapchat account and this is 1 year ago and
now they're at a this method account of the European Parliament has 15 thousand for 1st so it was a success we would say of course there are other like stars that have a lot of more followers but in terms of political communication we said that it
looks success and maybe by explain but what's not this talk not about like I want explained Apple Howard works because I think there's a lot of useful guys out there that explain how you can do with that Snapchat story or other things and and why set for political organizations Ising actually that political organizations they had that special because they are not like a company there's not a lot of money behind often and also they have to and the report back to their hierarchy and they have to make sure that the communication is aligned with of the communication of the other parts so 1st um I would
bring some examples actually about 1 of course from the European Parliament 1
from the United Nations and 1 from the White House and mean suppose that in my presentation you have a lot of examples from the European Parliament because of course I had the best excess there that in general the quality is quite bad because that's like a mobile app so it's not recorded in H or something and then secondly I
would focus on practical advice like how you can set up an account for political organizations and how you make a how you can make the count of the id that model and then the focus will not be on content what kind of content you can publish as a political
organization and if we still have times of course and here for repressed the
maybe on content because I just talked about it and said when I speak about content and may speak about stories like that I think for political organization that makes most sense
to post stories like pictures and videos that you post and that are accessible for 24 hours the and on the act itself like I think the most importants things it's like to be creative because it's a really young at to experiment wasn't but it's really personnel like the human face that you have it and it's really engaging and interactive so coming to my 1st example now and
the European Parliament I can explain the events and how we did it actually would seem of 4 5 people and then once a week we were sitting together and thinking OK which topics could be interesting for the audience and then we didn't pick every topic but only the topics that were really interesting for people between certain and 20 years large and then we we're not just picking the topics that are also seeking how can we make them interesting for audience so often we
handcrafted something he made something we make pictures we always try to have like a very creative and anger to sure these topics so I will show you 1 example now this actually was under budget of it arsenals and as such we think the budget is a really boring topic that's why we picked the cake too sure that and then you know we had the looks trius and afterwords we also had subsequent radicalization we worked a lot was quotes of members of the parliament and then in the end we have climate change you would no thank and so we always put the link in the end as well it's not possible to click on this link and we of course cannot see how many TV really you like went on this link to check out but to have our message length and then another thing that's really important and
netted as behind-the-scenes content so the parliament was the place actually to show behind the scenes things because happening not every day so this is 1 of them was the plenary day all the members of parliament were in the house and I went into the plenary chamber actually to to the very
front and like I looked at the members in just a minute it and what's interesting like what you should do also if you use it as a political organization you should adapt to the to the style so here you see we put the chair saying that's like really like paint something on the pictures that's interesting and the 2nd thing as we have the referred as well after like a short time said OK it would be cool to have a 3rd and that's why we designed 1 from before the parliament in order for the Parliament in Strasbourg and you can just hand them into Snapchat and then they make them available
so and the second example would be the United Nations say once a month Snapchat shortly afterward in June 2015 and I pick 2
actually from the Paris Agreement that was signed a few days ago and they also have like a special filter that they use of course on this occasion to show what they are doing and the 2nd thing where picked the 2nd pictures Leonardo DiCaprio and banking Moon is like celebrities as on on social networks stadiums have all sorts unsnap said and what I think interesting here do see when you do that you have to be really close so probably the person doing the step that was here and Leonid not DiCaprio back so that's makes that I think really interesting for young people that you are with us Snapchat accounts so close to the people
yeah and then and then that of the also and some time I so and little videos and the person like explaining what's happening there and that's I said in the
beginning like snapped really personal ads and that's all what like the concept somebody extending something and the maybe the face in the picture much here but the mother that is really interesting and makes really than other interesting for the audience to follow it and the 2nd thing is like around I picked C like a snap and this is interesting because the 1st thing you thought they made a filter and you can make a screenshot of the center and then you can take a picture of something and put the filter on that so you it's like very interactive you can show them where is your favorite place on earth the the set of examples that I brought to the White House they only went over months netted and generally 2006 and and what I think is super interesting there's a always so close to Obama like you went to Saudi Arabia and they were prisoners as well and they picked it in a lot and then they also work filter and I think that's why is that of a so interesting and why like such a good mix with politics because maybe the standard isn't are politics as such as really boring but learning with synaptic you can be so close to the people the people that do wizard politics that get interested in them the so that was actually on the exam that's now I can quickly to the set up and I think the most important thing is the name like you should choose a name that everybody can remember
an otherwise the most of the adding seeing as over the goals so and once you have decided for name you can make like a very creative guy I can use that like you just before saw the icon of the White House and the European Parliament so it's a bit difficult for political organization because they don't have this 1 case that they can their but mostly it's buildings but in any case be creative think of something cool and saying all the from time to time and then and what's also
important is made in the set up make sure that everybody can see your stories because and you have to change that and the sentence because the stories are the main prior to come to communicate about yeah and then how to make the count famous dozens of of course like 1 of the most important points like because on Facebook it's and it's like easy that's really open Edward but on Snapchat is not to be open so the 1st point of causes like going to on Facebook on instrument tube and tell your followers that your knowledge
snapshots and you use your network there and then the 2nd thing you can do as well as like don't produce stories for example you can have a question in the 1st part of the stories and then uploaded on another platform for example on facebook on twitter so followers have to go on Snapchat in order to get the answer to this story then you can all the changed your prof I think a lot of people do that at the moment you can go to Facebook or to
traitor and make the ghosts and I tend to your alike for your profile actually that helped a
lot for the European Parliament to get more virus and then you can also and have on the web site and I can not linking to the ad itself because that's not possible but linking to the website of Snapchat with your goals so people can know how they've kind you and then as on other social networks you can always work with influence us I mean we had somebody
extending as Snapchat before before I can make it very difficult to find out of Snapchat was big but you can of course all the workers of there are influence of what we did in the Parliament wants in there was a huge event rents so we spoke to the U. U-tube and we had this he from breeding unique comments like talking on not selected account and this was really well perceived actually by the followers in Germany and then of course you can now try to get in 1 of the life stories from time to time and snaps
has life story site for really big even and and you can just try to get your content in it especially if you have it was a filter and show the people that you are on net you have your set of the system really crude so that brings me to my next point
measurement which is like a weak point of that I think for political organizations because of the measurement is quite difficult you can see who and how many people saw your like 1 take or 1 video of the story and you can see how many people took a screenshot but you cannot see more and all the you cannot see how many friends you have so and what we did in the parliamentary and aside weeks to each team member and then they had to ask people and they had to say how many the edit and put in X fight to keep track on how many friends you have very and what we did as well
right and once we had a new follow our Lewis sending them 1 like snaps on for example and this is really into active and they really appreciated that we send them a pig and as soon as we added them and here this is quite an old 1 but I just put it in order to explain and
that's what you can see in terms of statistics and what's interesting here you can also see how many people get out so if you have a lot of scope out so you can see that maybe the topic wasn't interesting thing at all for your audience or the picture was too long for the video too long or too many talking people and then what we did as well where like poets so we ask the audience I you for or against
comes in and this is on organic food we like to a picture like that and then after the story was there for like 20 hours maybe we could see here how many screenshots were taken and we've been told our audience like we did this polymer organic food and actually the majority views for or against the then
maybe and on the EP itself to use it said to be assigned a week and that was also due to the fact if you use it with several people it's a bit difficult because you can knock off the other person so if somebody's just recording the story
and your colleagues locked in this could pose a problem because then maybe your pictures lost because it is a lot to alter so that's all the way we did that only 1 person is taking care of it and then in terms of measurement it's always good also like to don't want your story for your archive or if you want to use them again and on efforts itself was a weak point is that it needs a lot of battery and you mostly always need the like an iPhone to do it otherwise it sometimes can pose really problems so coming to my next point
interactivity as I already said like is really into act of some application so and I think it was quite positive what I really liked about judges like you get a lot of positive responses so when I manage the face
of attack can't of the European Parliament there were so many negative like comments um but on snapshot and the 9 months that I didn't I think I so only 3 negative replies and mostly like there were a lot of positive replies am mostly they said that they really like our snaps or the fact that we are uncertain snapped it as such then we got a lot of questions and internships on on the topics that we reported about we got journalistic requests and and although a lot of times they wanted to know who was behind this account as a set of has like every person the touching the rear human face so they wanted to know like fools answering them so from time to time we send pictures from our team the managers and then the 3rd thing
even some people that came to the parliament they all the wanted to visit us or to meet us so the 1st person that wanted to meet fossils and on from
Sweden and we met him and that's the European Parliament together with the European Parliament section and
we spend 1 day was so real and show them around and the PIM around parliament we
did a story on him and I think a lot of people saw that we really appreciate our friends that we really come back to them and that we take them seriously so that was quite nice then the 2nd thing that you see as eventually 1 like we did a lot of questions as well like we were last like
asking a bit funny things whose birthday is today and afterwords we put like the response and then the last thing is also like Hector it's a little video we didn't last summer and we were just asking the
people how do such face summer in your language and we always try to have
a between the front-end and all the the result of the people but it's the
what this complicated and what we did was the
and 1st like and it's not only that they send enough of us but we tried also like to show the arms of so we use the 2nd moment form and then we film what they send us and we put it again on snapshot so they we saw that we appreciated what they do so
now coming to my next point on content I already explained a lot of things like for example Chris you have the Paul we have the check that we never did but there's something I could imagine could work really well you could ask the fans what do you want to know from this or this politicians and then they could have sent you questions you can go there and ask them the questions and put a little bit like behind the scenes content on and I could imagine that would work as well then what we did as well as the wrap-up of the week that was like umm concept that we developed along the
way every Friday we did the wrap-up of the week that's where we featured like 4 to 6 topics that are interesting for this audience we was thinking of creative way to show them and we were sending at every Friday and then of course like behind the scenes content is really important and then maybe also like a few points in general the continent like we always tried that the
pictures are not too long but we don't have too much text I mean you can use a hack to put more text but don't overdo it that we use filters and land lenses so like adapt oscillatory audience and do it like they do it so that they don't see the you like of course they're always see from your content your political organization but don't do it in a very serious and boring race and then it's really
important to recorded always and vertical so that people don't have to move their mobile phone and and we always try to post in the morning
because and it's proven that in school breaks says a lot of time like activity of snapshot and we don't like stories 3 or 4 times a week and then then maybe on the ladies like we try to not to overdo it so I was stories were never more than 2 minutes like we really try to be short and then the last thing I just want to add like the creative already said experiments to what you think of cruel so now I have some examples of course behind the scenes we have a lot of than junk our then
in we had this reading it but you know politics can be very cool you don't believe it look at the website of the European Parliament and then we had the the understanding so whenever we went on an interview we try to bring them up as well as an acid petition for like a message to the young audience and that goes beyond which is set
and on this picture it's interesting because of especially the age group that we are aiming at so once you tell that it's false that said they directly tell their friends actually the European Parliament MEPs said the and that's like um some longer stories like that we did this 1 is actually a story that we planted with interpreters unity
and some work in the world I'm surprised on fish French Russian into and and also due to the the FIL and you're itself from the Italian with the work from English Dutch German French in and in this story we tried out just to explain that how they were probably lost 2 most interested persons handed over to the word on American and also is what it was that they use a lot so we tried to explain their work and the holes with them and let them do something so people get really inside what's happening in the UK 128 is to is in 1 which analyze the information and then rendered in into the so now it's your heart to say I love I stop at here because as in terms of the running out of that and then the red path path restarted always the signs are included in this and in order to make its recognizable for the other people and then the last 1 is actually a Snapchat story from a cop 21 where we went with the team and where we also try to give you some insights can put it
on the transportation the question that don't have the work on the left so
we always try to show them what's happening behind the scenes and what we are doing that's a basically from my point I don't know if we have any time left but if yes we could have 2 questions
it not OK yes you as think you were 1 of the 1st and then I saw somebody that over there so we have a lot of microphones in your soul if you have questions so we're 4 1 2 3 Ray raised and so and then the weighted sum misunderstood role it's thank you you wanted to know and if you always and translate what the people say as if he always write it down you did that and when that
some people will translated the stuff you wrote down what they said you always do that so the always because and some people don't turn on the volume on this matter volcano we and not always right what they are saying but we just get the little caption because a lot of people what's this next on mute so that they exist at
least to expand a node that what's going on if they don't care they cannot follow the tone OK we have room for 2 more questions yeah I think some of their legal
obstacles so you can stumble upon when putting contents actually in the 1st 9 months we didn't but there's
of course a few questions for example what if you use a picture that has copyright and you did take a picture of it or what if you use music that has a copyright on it and you feature a bit of that I don't know if it's already solved but that's interesting questions OK 1 more question we have 1 so you 2nd like yeah hello my
question is did you manage that there's a
crisis of Roussel if yes how if not the whole would you have done and actually I didn't but I was on the
ad when this things in Paris happened and what we did is we put the picture on from shows was the quote like I mean we were always like relying on the politicians that work for the organization and then we keep that kept at the time but that's what we did on all social media all the what they did after the Brussels attacks there were no tweets for 1 week from the European Parliament and once while questions from the 1st row here of mostly
in the efficiency and commanded thank and does it is and how you make then you come and so it was real
and how you make because it's like this next steps to take a stand and I can take care you from online gallery and in making all that what I
explained you have to be on the spot so you make the video in the act you put it on the uh story and then actually it's automatically made into 1 that you when you don't know what the story so you cannot make any cats like it has to be directly this moment that you want to capture that he didn't want to make it like that yeah
that's maybe that's silence you have to do everything I've OK so if you take the wrong of
shows you will have the wrong what officials of the thing and so the final question is you said that there
6 people working on that for the European
Parliament did it depends it varies a lot like in the beginning a virtuous free
and then we always try to get some people from the team in like depending what we are doing if we were acting a lot and we need people to hold things what people were helping but maybe it's really 2 5 4 in the
quarter team and they were like brainstorming on
topics and things like that how how did you manage to
convince people that paid you to give you that amount of personal to to to do that because that's the biggest problem
lies always space that they face of me I don't care about something like that so how did you manage to convince them that this is important I mean the Social Media Unit of the European Parliament is really open to new things and they have 15 different social networks and they are spreading the resources and on networks works so it was not such a problem was not per like that was not 5 persons working full time but it was 5 persons working maybe like half an hour 1 hour week on it OK originated in that thank you very much talk
the the mother has