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Fish Bowl: FashionTech
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Wie passen VR und Fashion zusammen und werden wir uns diese Frage in Zukunft überhaupt noch stellen?
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Hey the hand and the B fate says welcome
back character and I would suggest that those people who are spread out too little maybe move forward and kind of
that a little bit closer to little more yeah that's nicer for us come on guys don't be shy is not that fall into this this we don't bite and this is supposed to be a conversation so we don't have to shout through the entire room and also it since
this is a fishbowl format I'm going to actually also some of you to join us on stage at some point so and you won't have to run as far as you would if he was having all them all back in the last rows
OK see that thank you very much an just very briefly money was an as having already introduced at and so on I'm 0 in Japan indeed check and says imaging space here in Berlin and I am actually going to pass on the microphone you my lovely co and handed them introduce themselves and say a few words and then we'll jump right into the discussion so these we think you
have my name is lisa lying and the founder of
electrical to help me in the business of fashion technology but we especially focusing on ready-to-wear fashion technology and varying 3 fashion technology items and we can make like uh you know we we can find out which items actually out but I'm like fully take memorized at the moment and and thank you so much for the invitation and i will come probably from the fission concepts to that topic but I'll just give to in the height in the I think you know a millenium
from where the D is and also elect all the electronics
magazine and I want to bring electron it's to fashion not version Telectronics AND OR is you can our in the morning so I hate sewing I I can't even do this I hate so those so I have a vector but yes I'm sorry about that it works there so you can use abilities and just our lead on everybody can do this even the men
so that a lot of data money that that good and how
answer I'm from that Hamburg based in collective so do we
do different things regarding the access cover the whole the errors seen reviews testings and game and game stuff as well as hardware testing and reviews far determined speaking community and also do different projects for clients and 1 to be
to be sector and have a experimentally the game and far dates wife yeah I guess that the
higher my name is gay room I'm a business and innovation consultant and I'm also called for under all of you all black high tech high fashion brand called Pheidias um we
our parts looking into wearable like wearable technology but uh an important part in our endeavors is not only like the electrified side but also new fabrics and there's a lot happening there as well and well being like up front we also very interested in virtual reality and I'm looking into projects in
the future yeah OK so what I would really like to talk with you guys about is the hose question I mean as we've seen from the brief intro where some we have some very strong opinions you about wearable technologies and different
approaches to that topic and how film technology becomes integrated in fabric in fashion in the real world and what I would really like to look at is how what your opinion is about how this could become integrated with the Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds How would you think there's going to be
an impact and just as a quick an introduction to the audience again we
have an empty chair here that's not because
someone's running late which would be surprising but and with this is because we really want you to be able to join the conversation as well so at any point in the discussion to feel free to come up and grab that share join us and you'll get a microphone and you can join us for the discussion ask questions and then pass it on to someone else so all kick off by some actually Renee what do you think about so you're
type of wearable tech ideas you see there a link with virtual reality and what you think how that could look so that's a reality I mean on a computer scientists we use it for years I
come from HCI coming human computer interaction and I never saw an application for this it was just research and now the I uh I saw so many people with those couple things for augmented reality but reality and I think the 1st time that I really thought it makes sense was when the yes no rock shot me that have bullets with their collections so their collections their fashion collection is in virtual reality and of what all yeah this is makes sense so I can I can have a look around in the litera space but for myself it is of course death
because only these don't work in the which reality so I don't like which rooted on but the applications that
the cannot cannot join us practice each grab a microphone because exactly by an act and is what I E I would add that already of course things at a developing like that in the whole maybe in 10 20 years there will be something like that that you can actually when monitors as dresses poses houses or anything so you can sort
of just where an item of clothing with a kind of LED on that maybe you could produce and you can just project your own type of pattern and
style according to the time of day or whatever or if you have a perverse you can sort of put different motives on on annuity shot
all sorts of instead of just having a print they can just say give me call or in the evening always tuna clock all of i like cell walls or whatever and I
think how do you think what that may be developed because of something that I want so I heard this vision before from from these she's she's really have under this for this and I am lol so I want to know from the of view and these songs on the question just to give a little
reticent something of of music interview more about your your idea there this so the good
news is that you don't have to wait for 10 years because like this is actually already happening and it's not the problem with allergies itself is actually a problem like in putting in fabrics and the entire energy
supply and then haven you make exercise much effort you put in a dress at some stage you also wanna warships right I mean that stuff like that a reality augmented reality is that you don't have to wash right again if you projected on a garment ifyou you see like you know that as something you don't have to wash as evidenced by making watched bathing at 5 and that you don't have to watch it back for real and relapse I think actually their advantage and for those technologies is like that we can already lift the future so we can already see and what can happening and I think because we as humans we have yeah very and visual orientated so that we have to see to believe it so I am because there's so many people at profession tech is not of old is not new topic is a very old topic right side and an now it just like has is not a push to get into reality but I think from my experience is also as like a prototype was something visual shows much more than just like 10 pages of Dr. finite potential and spreadsheets and whatsoever so I see that as a huge advantage but them things for fashion designers to you know in in terms of budget of sustainability don't want to produce a big collection but they have to show it to do market research from so from a business perspective I think it's absolutely huge and theory and yeah
I I have something to that Abbott entire thing because they had like a such a nice experience the last 2 days and I also said that media commenced doing the
disconnected performance the Etruscans tunnel from inmates and then very and think 1 sees and we have connected to people from the accent quite some but they do like and that the R environments and also the ah other test characters and you always have to decide when attempting to the accent but too rare and this time and thus so Boston because they make me and custom of arbitrary so for the bombers they already that word for trust that's was like a whole pink 1 see not very detailed and test the glasses on but the mediated like an termite's head this like also the pink 1 see but it was super nice let them like these are also the nice shapes and also the print in the back with this connected on it and I was feeling a
pretty when they work through the act and instead of all the other times because that 10th
than just ended up choosing a pony of something which looked like super cute but because the non avatars looked like not really fashionable that
says something that well I would I would like to tap in there I mean it looks like you're mn there's a lot of things and a lot of benefits for the
user itself but from like the business perspective for us as a as a fashion brands it's interesting because if you're start up with them to get into brick-and-mortar is really really expensive not only is it expensive to get into shops worldwide it's also
very expensive for the client because he has to pay the mock-up of search brick and mortar stores all over the world which is normally like 300 per cent or something
so it makes a lot of sense for start ups to sell online digitally but then this whole haptic feeling is just not there so I think it's a really important step especially for us who were producing black clothing black closing our like famous for being complicated to visualize on the Net itself and also having like really like dedicate and and new garments which you really have to feel I think that's really important step to get more
immersive in into the product the I mean in a sense what uh we were talking about the fabric earlier that kind of swallows lights and the what's it
called upon to mentor black Bible public and I think what's really interesting is that you're talking about actually swallowing lights going black Kevin Black and you guys are actually working with lights so I would
I would actually I'm wondering if there's kind of which it could you see a connection between the 2 could that be interesting so would you say
so I think it is a perfect match and so if I'm the brightest
that people would see me a minute from the dock is maybe I would also be seeing them because all the others as a bright so that I think it's a buffer
combination but I think it's also really in terms of you know as he said like start ups alike in an affidavit fashion as we
know it has been standing still for a long time and I think this is not the perfect opportunity for like giving me the going brighter they're going black really to just like and we invent and rejuvenates the fashion industry because if you think about it fashion always has been that in spite of in a weighted by uh technology right in Addis
spandex stretch material the sewing machine just above that digital print and stuff
like that so I I I think is a great opportunity for new designers to common but it's also a great opportunity for big design fashion holes as you like stock and because
you know I I think the reason why we got like into all of
this electrode faces now is because like people are just running out of ideas about what's next I mean and . thing also is that the whole experience of retail is that right so and people talking about that you know this is not about your shop you got to you go into an experience shop he got into a community space so that's reality can add to that I'm not saying that is the answer to everything the same as like LED deism a density everything most of
it and then I pretty-printing stuff like that so I'm basically just excited about there's something
there's a technology which is there but very interesting me this technology is totally hard because there's not enough content and I think it's an amazing opportunity for fashion to come in and I deeply believe in technology that they will also be able to manage black of black of black because if you remember like how much stuff you figure out of that knowledge in the last 10 years and it would be actually really cool challenges will be a really awesome to have like a software engineer which reality ingenious error can you do something like that and that really the challenge we will look
into this is not gonna happen because you always have a
scream and the stream is just gonna be as like as the screen so we can go back and this 1 I think that's actually an to come in
genesis to free so I am was a and a bottle but yes there of images where to add something about that you said about the user lack of content as so as we are involved in fashion and we wanted to bring these uh this new way of making for the ships we have these the are experience and then we have a try out here our
framework wants to try it out or you can also visit a of visit page there to see it and I know would like to show it to you to forward through to
him and tools owning out of 10 the so I went to
was like save innovate fashion so we are trying to find different ways to cool to digitalise size fashion into to give the that of
another experience of photo shoots in that's also the thing because like Barbary for instance they've done a test rise attitude like the active runways so he even actually don't have to be
there in person select wherever you are we just put on 1 of these things and you can just be in Paris as efficient shot so I
you know the bigger picture the sustainability you don't have to get enough to travel you to fuel cost study
as still sorry I'm like old topic of
like black but I deeply believe in technology will figure out somehow have few thing I have you thought about smart textiles can it do anything about that in terms of like triggering the technology so you know OK this is goes I high this goes deep sleep can do to depth so it's a problem we like the quality of the displaced at the moment but well if you if you if you show it digitally like
that's the last 10 centimeters and that is something which you just can't jump over however it like you would you just proposed is like an interesting idea but we
gives you know there there there's panels on cars which are if you if you put
electricity on it you can take it from black to see through that is something which you could probably do with all as
well and especially with the specific as well the acting
down at the moment it's really the thing that every day in the yard this that has that screen
effect and that will also not passed on to the next few years and so that's not going to happen that fast but this that and augmented reality technology which is developing superfast superfast I guess in 5 years or something and projects like
Empolis and matching the day
will be able to do exactly that that when you look at something or anything that which has at the things in the augmented reality I think that's
actually an interesting point a question of t and if we think about the ah we very often it think about it as something that is of very
unique every individual experience because it's kind of closed off but then again it and they're already applications ways you can you can
be 2 people in a room both were wearing a VR headset and interacting with each other and a so the interesting
question would be if you wore something with energies on it for instance and how could you imagine that that could have an influence on and basically you have a hardware that actually screens Europe the and the person opposite you and that in the light of the East could be translated into the E. R. in 1 way or another just as an idea to me this extends your world yes is like an
augmented reality so basically you take an effect from something that you wearing India transferring that into the yard by the edge and just looking at people in the real world you wouldn't know what that's aspect could translate into in the yard years that's of course you can imagine there's I don't like too much because plays that he was going to be near there's item-by-item alleles you always have to use this for the moment is your phone they run out of battery intervention should not run out
of battery and is also 1 of my problems and also 1 of of of our body problems of what your problem probably so as
I think of my the reality of what religion is
good for you for going shopping or something like this but I don't like for the full of everyday fashion aspect of it and for me the other aspect is actually the
fascinating thing is like of just like imagine you would just that we have like
something black something whites of income level and then I just through the display you have like and I like and dancing pink flamingos United flying around
here something like that then if you take it
from that what you can do a slide that different people with different accents close can see something different you frenzy something different no France is something you know
something we don't want it just don't see anything in terms of business I erect habits
United Press people see something completely different realities and I think in in in terms of like every playful is how to use em technology I'm not saying that it will replace everything it's a part of like and you think we try out of the play with it but I think there is so much you can you can do it right you just have like this 1 garment but you have like a thousand ideas because your moods during the day changes much more often than you connected change your close just logistics out of a tried it didn't work and I I think from that perspective is absolutely amazing and it's
some design really gets into a trend and people like to read about is that that
all this is amazing and then you can actually produce it because I think you have a sort of select small fishing companies it's sorry difficult to find like that design
everybody 1 selective white people ones and were to produce so it can
be actually assume balsam marketing tool and also find what's your
perspective on average falls into the our iron and fashion on other tiles
in the R and you can you know have you
know I I think that's super super important because and there are a lot of people jumping into the are meeting up of other people there's also all its space
that's an is not relying on and people generated from a test because that's kind of and yet they're habitats and not damage it's really look good so that people can often like comic figure something like that so I
think it's really important to have some and good-looking harbor terrorists that's
that's your time and then that you can attest of something that you can go into a different we our rooms to meet up with people and also have business business meetings like and serious stuff going on there and you don't wanna be like by something pony of something like that yet and san that's completely not Garrison panic people doing it but not on now I'm lack sophisticated may not from grid that fashion background and
and yesterday this as well I mean you and we see whole various
successful just like emoticons are you know like everybody's using them there's not really like to use for the thing but I'm having of a torus you will be able to just at this new additional
layer of of information which
can be playful can be fun and conveys much more information than if you would just be by yourself
how close you see of a tall being to the real person in the background to her and you think there's going to be kind of
an ideal world that we kind of try and portrayed in the our wall kind of choosing figures people body types and stuff that we're not just to
kind of trying to be something that we aren't in the real world of I guess sooner or later users have that of a target this you select test to choose you can be
everyone at any time but if you just 1 of you in the virtual world assessment of meet someone that you really get me
then you should be able to be you but if that's like an arbitrary it's more like a
hollow-gram artists again something like that that can be that there that you have to I think so too I think some of you just have to look
to to the to the history of the web from lack of Atari's select like
emoticons and and like I no 1 was there but uh remember my space coming have here just look there I mean that when was like some unicorn just forest on your page you know and that's that's gonna be the in between step 1st and um then when the technology is just sufficient enough you just go have your cells in there but you need of course were rendering power and all that
stuff but is not going to be yourself is going to be yourself but in perfect I think that yeah
there was the point about 2nd Life rights today in accurately the and the come and grab a
microphone can join us that's why the chairs here
and yeah and OK so it was the high of the 2nd life in data thousand something and everyone so this is the
point and now we have a better world it was about 3 4 years in the
past I was talking here the end race and
they even don't know what the 2nd Life fell a in this final payment the older here's so and I was
thinking about what is this virtual reality why people needed and how
it can work for the future and in the way with the new technology we're going to commodify higher and higher from ourselves looking could kind of exchange of our
identities which is actually in my in yeah all opinion is a falls we have become more and more to ourselves in the exchange between ourselves not making fiction of however and secure and there's few years in a bad mood putting think as us to 6 said if we are not successful but more
deal with our players personalities so I am working as a media as it
is with the video conference in public
space where people meet real people and I think this is an advantage really to start talking about the future and not to run out
from the future without taking responsibility about and I have something
to say to you firstly have got a book recommendation for you it's called self made by demo show they
in a great science fiction all thought and she discusses exactly that she
discusses people who go into a virtual reality and be themselves
and that's something that I find what you say very problematic I am a member of the sidewalks and association or sigh what's called in Germany and we say what you imagine about yourself in control on life is just as real is just small
cultivated is just not something that's grown biologically but if I
chose to show myself as agreed and orange sponsored i'm idea and if i think that's me that aids bility and we all and especially the virtual
reality uh aspect is very important for people also from the
quia aspect of people trying out different gender identities before maybe transitioning as a transsexual person and in that novel by
devotion it's of exactly 1 of the subplots is about not about a transgender
person I should be in themselves on and then later transitioning I am I completely agree
with you about possibilities psychologically to go out and to
try different possibilities of yourself I am sorry but being a taking the lead have the possibility to knowledge you always felt much better to confront yourself and you realize that's what it is because if
you it's the same thing as if when you choose a name for yourself online that is not a
passive received name like Nick cloudier Schmidt but Kleinschmidt goes online it's actually takes a long time thinking of a name which represents need to use as a screen name all handle online and everyone knows who that may maybe it it maybe is called a Schmidt but it's actually very much yourself because you're forced to get to know yourself outside of just the normal bourgeois as idea of what a natural identity is and that's what's really important to know that there's no difference really between something that's biologically grown all cultivated all man-made or people call it an artificial let's just as natural and just as real Palestine weekly jump in net because we
also have another person and I agreed I now on on your on your body size I think there is that as much as like it's it's it's a huge it's a huge opportunity that of course like we see like so many stories and that their ladies ladies and you will fit but and I just like you because of course like the history of all of that technology in the content
because in the end of the day it's just like the same kind of principle just like in a new kind of technology channel right and of course we have to
be aware of like the problems which come when you're
dead like the stories of like tonight the family who was airlifted virtual life and that of a family why their children were starving to death right OK so
that is 1 thing and we have to take that
opportunity and that that experience and make sure that the next generation of this technology is not going it's not going to happen and I'm just excited about the opportunity to play around with it with alt default losing the seriousness of it and because they're like a lot of you talking about software development
that don't be you I always be a very effective back to us and you know
it really is saying Germany the docking and so can I if the if he got into a complete different world we also become completely see-through through for like a lot of other channels we even not nice I think a certain amount of consciousness in
which can a context you got and it does matter if you have to go beyond a our
on 1st book out we just have to be aware of it I think I I
totally agree what would you see it and I think at today actually fashion is boring because Europe wearing the
same clothes and questions about identity and expressing yourself so why don't we do more with fashion we have so much technologies around us that we can use to ex-president more and about conditions it's interesting because
it's easy to would like to think of those drama scenarios and the goal really
far but what if you think about the possibilities that you have to date to learn more about yourself if you use sensors in in your garments you can learn a lot more and then go on facebook angle line but you also can connect yourself it's fashion can become an internet of things like a real it's odd studio we are playing around to brain waves and eye EMG sensors well if you use that in a good way you can get a big thank you thank you can
start solving problems of today like for instance people at a concentration is order they
need you wouldn't really have something
so I think as a fashion designer have division what if you're
garment become your best friends and they guide you through the whole day yes inorganic to
get us out you because especially if the brain it's like you're working on a project with look the place about electron account and as a site for children with attention is all about and the problem is that they don't know when they're switched on because the press
like the way how our dictionary the problem for them as they don't know when they are actually can take on something and people around them don't know either so we've been designing a venerable there's like switched on so that they really like a light bulb
goes on that OK selected brain lives on
on a level where the child actually can absorb information and all switched off so that that is absolutely amazing but they don't have to but if you let technicians story on that did look like robots and that's like god of a fashion designer because what fashion designers to they designed a user interface remember
back then in in Internet times had like all of like this line of cards what came in the designers because again the user interface thing session technologies exactly on
that same point half the designer select as equal as the technicians they give you a user interface right and technicians technology just a goes in the background but it's s important and I think
examples like that is because of course children don't want to look like robots except like in
costumes but is cool but it just also want to look non-leaf node effort disorder and fashion can do this
normality and make it really fashionable yes and also maybe
think about fashion can be a new way of communicating in a non verbal way if you see it in that sense I
think the year I would challenge that because I think it could be extremely alienating for children that have a disorder
and basically taking the decision away from them whether they're going to communicate that or not is a bit of a to L or it could
be a controversial issue that yes
I agree and I think the choice
and the control is most important in that you know so that's that's why important
like if you talk about vision technologies for us always like when we produce our close like there's always a switch off but who ends the item you where you find out of switched off technology is still pretty and you know
normal and I think that's like the next step we
have to do well actually we have the solution for debts because what we
created is a nice treaty focus and sensory so you can as a necklace are about and the moment that people at a concentration is odd there are realized our daily Sagnac OK now I want to train myself they can take their as a necessary of and they put it in front of the self and because there are allowed in it there is in EEG learning system embedded in it so you decide OK now I'm going to train so you can train yourself on concentrating so
that's a good solution to
where it as fashion that's use sets when you're gonna use it that's what you get you
decide the that question for you because you talked about batteries so I don't understand it like there is
such a nice small solar panels for clothing could be used like they're using the radiation micro technologies and to a and I could imagine that you not only can use your clothing for challenging cure I funds for other get the but also using the LEED say with the flying pay in flamingos or whatever uh
anybody has a set of because this is my topic how much time you have a can
I sell this also but I think they're all there they're all of our the other solutions for that and using a solar
panel it's yeah I mean there isn't always a sunshine also where you put it you're not always sending the innocent and there yeah you can use a lot of other things so for batteries and I think she knows everything about it but
you can also collect you're in the GATE on you in Europe back back in the beach and then you can go and do whatever you want with urine and so as not only dollar technologies so there's like
this whole concept of like smart energy harvesting systems sites px so it's BOT its kinetic and the problem is that step on especially for Solar they're super
expensive they're really difficult to produce and and there's 1 thing and also
if you need the problem is still technology by this that you can capture it you have to you have to start somewhere and then you just have to give it to like to much about LED so that's translation
technologies that we have we have the battery behalf to unite committed to use a lot and stuff like that the transition and
technology is still missing in our way so you can wear it and it also warships and a Mercury's orbit
problem young so what was that all the I mean that OK that's another thing so batteries epos very very bad nobody actually thought
about it is a site technologies so smart but like nobody has thought about
making it washable bendable pretty
and I think this is again the fission technology can go into that like wait a minute like you know let's make a pretty because achieve with that you make it adaptable and I mean we are not a
situation where we also hopefully God from the posters you sorry no talk but it's 3 important
and so I think for me for it but it did the stuff I see what you're working on it's not a question if it's a question when you but the idea all inpatient people so
we can let let's put and make it tomorrow but I think this is very important in terms of
sustainability that because we don't want as he said like in it's really also to x not closing it turns into superman but if they
electricity is going into the novel person again and usually with if those devices why
like uh and um a meta medical devices have a huge problem because they usually then lose the battery life and he actually needed right and so this whole thing is like because you select you walk you talking going to design and all of that we actually all power plant it's not a technology has to move in and actually make it usable fashion know and I wonder
why we will use electricity at all so we are power plant and this we had a sidewalk on stage so why don't
we combine this and why don't we take the energy from our body you have enough energy
for quantity all which is what the hell I always steam about this is that you can make making their cell wall and was walking on so I would I would just I would just happened to the Tesla grid and and she docking station so basically have made that would be an
idea to kind of go in child you're passion room there is so as I have always liked ecosystems ecosystems ecosystems why this is so important so I like what we started to like
all of all of artillery in all and garments sick she know come with a wireless docking stations but the building and q I stand because that McDonald's and and and and and subgradients and and and the head of that Discovery Grant I don't recall the
still works that think you have to decide but
did she do you think they all have wireless charging systems on Q standard for you find
the right so that means in future you can take
divided certain garments and just go to Starbucks on the way to your prior charges that as uh and and you're gonna go you do will read this is what we learned from Tesla out of all of those and electric
cars like the technology is as good
as the ecosystem around it so I think it's also really important to look at the big picture and see what is there because we don't have to reinvent the wheel right and you can actually we also have to use that for the status of the can be focus on what we have to invent and that is that systems of smart energy system because that's what we really have to focus on the
and yeah I agree on that but we should think of sort of the books like trying to not be dependent of energy like like
and when they said our body of power plant so we don't need anything extra
to charge over power entities these so we need to think in a way of harvesting the
energy that you said without using batteries because our body is a constant power and so for and I think
yesterday about a step the 3 like in between we have to go like about electronics and just making it normal it we varied
and also pretty because that was the butterflies doing is like now just OK now we have electric costs step 1 right and now they're working on like actually doing the harvesting system as well as like the 1 i've seen I did you have a concrete they connect charge
you for and stuff like that so I of course it didn't
start with the concrete this started with the car and I think this is kind of what we have to follow
as well right In a sense I think we're talking about infrastructures and in an ideal world where we would be well in an ideal world we would be part of that infrastructure so basically you might have child jingle docking stations but you might
also be able to just kind of generate your and I mean that's like very so little power
generators for your mobile phone that were around a little while ago we can kind of turn wheeltracks you charge your foreign and you have to
sit there for 10 minutes for about 2 minutes talking to and stuff like that and yeah exactly you
this thing new in the team have absolute or we can we can use to look a lot of them and that's where the energy to how it's being transported in your body for the bound by going to get this is starting to become a bit more than half the time and when I was thinking about it like everyone can be a promoter of the some ideas that he
believes in May In the way of in the writing on your clothing so you can also get some money like not say in making for example led a promotion for the Republic of going
on with with that of or attending given
that also getting money like being K a producer for someone in with your own clothing like living billboard yeah
living in walking billboards not sure I and I think it's an interesting
concept but since it to me it sounds a little bit like something out something other they believe in
it to know where it can identify
some major mean to say that I don't believe in the technology of early the technology is going to be there relatively soon um I just think that it becomes if we
just think about advertising we always tend to get really annoyed with advertising and banner ads and everything and then
basically everyone becoming the and billboards well scary reality and also
what you could do is like with the with augmented reality you could of course create
different layers of reality and you could kind of administrative mainly on May so in the end not that I know I'm I'm
at I'm at Republican so I'm
I'm I'm going to have my avatar reality of being like digital guy would
have done what my businesses and so on and that I could walk out on the street and that
just gone and I'm going out of knowledge 12 but it's like the universe goes to would uh and um just adapting to the environment and what I really wanna wanna show off myself I xi that no as we were talking
about the current commendations them as their arms either because a book called the quantum
the planets plays with the idea that a basic it's talking about levels of privacy that's you because people
are kind of very digitally digitally loaded with digital data element in a handshake basically you decide how much information you give to the other person with the digital handshake you can kind of lay itself open or you can just kind of pass on basic information and I think that's
it goes a little bit beyond the idea of fashion but it's about communicating with people and of course fashion all and ultimately is communication I think identity theft will be a very big problem in the future absolutely no virtual space and I'll also it again to this they propose and on Europe about your urine and clothing I think it's this centralization of the good a conglomeration they're making the same thinking baby so that people can take it personally in because how many jobs we will get into the future like just think about in 10 years already in our about the it is
taking the place of human beings so way we have to invent something that stays still will be useful but may be less damaging so I think we have another comment from the audience can ask 1 of you to choose the
status of the sea at the end of the costs of what I want to know what you're also talking about your sense of honor I was just like in terms of like I'm not worried about the DAG robots will take over and stuff like that and because like if we have if we have like machines to take care of
all normal stuff we actually have time to think about like the next steps right em because I'm not historian sorry I'm just I am at you know like if you if you think about you know is like an old right you know where uh they had time to
sit on the marketplace and talk about philosophy and think about things like marks and stuff like that is because their slaves and robot is actually just as check name for slave and to take care of their daily business right what not a robot because of workers movement like
end the beginning of the 20th century that yes absolutely i mean i golf course United
States that the movement and now we have like units and everything so you know that is not that as from a very pragmatic point right I think and I think it would use it as like to take this thing
about like it's really important to be to still as enthusiastic I'm I'm about like the future of technology and and we are in a on all of that stuff we did we still have to be like very very conscious of like because at the same time that we create opportunities for something good days lights this the LED people know that this is you create a lot of stuff that has a lot of it is life and that is all that I know that it
is not just have to become about because yes that uh left is going it this already is this issue right this thing is about infection tag and is also like you have to be arm and verify that like we are not going to be to carry us off like the doctor Clark again sorry to break the data and Soviet up becoming the user interface for that it's really important for designer to
be technically also conscious of like what they're actually doing and vise versa because my my fault was
you said that earlier the was very significant and I'm quoting the 1st fashion designer that was
known by name which is also that tell who was nicknamed the Minister of fashion from uh the old 1 that and and she says there is nothing new unless it is forgotten I know he was saying all these retro trends and that is the thing about post modernism and I think fashion is now there when music was in the end of the eighties all maybe end the seventies warily
forming music came in these days but nothing new in music it's just sort of remakes of the remix in the remake of sort of different diversification and fashion has just arrived that and I find it interesting that fashion can
actually start evolving in certain types of new site like again and have certain meta trends again the way ahead in the until the end of the 20th century or do you think you will be like underwent said that trends are dead and only personal distinctive base will remain and
I'm not interested in trends financial that I did a I'm interested in sustainability and long-term so this is what I always said like OK talking fashion take but I'm not saying that like nite silk
over a leather or like craftsmanship is like you know does not have a play important emotional acts yes
yes but as I'll I mean this thing is like everything is a remix right lack of course I when I talk with young fashion designers down on 1 side they're like totally uninspired like everything has been done like what can I do now is that not just like use this in a different context going to a different industry have a copy with a physicist have a date with
the medical do like you know I I just said like last week I had I had dinner with a industrial ingenious they do it in my for right and we can use that in fact my voice inside of you I might what is that IE does not come on any talks to me about logical problems displays leisure and it's really nice except yes but when designer look this something
completely else gets triggered an NRA and I think that is something they can do something new right and but it's
also like your own thing and this you know I t which reality and all of that is like the barrier of doing something on your own and reading something on your own is so much lower than it was before prototyping is far cheaper now if you wanted to an entire collection reflect 46
pieces you can do that it's on a virtual reality 1st but its radius expensive than you actually wanna produces like in our production normal in the life production is insane I mean this is miles of fishing
is dying at the moment right you know as much in the way we perceive it until now is
dying out what say but I think style fabulous city and maybe just sort of the self expression of my to her mother that thought of that and that
was exactly the ones that that is what is thus make is the same thing they call through the internet and especially not just these mainstream U-tube media was about to make up but especially more on the internet culture like on Reddit and several although platforms the on with track culture the so much about makeup is turning into these deeds skill that when you use your makeup is not just only a part of my shadow on the lipstick if age but it's got something to do with very deep skillfully alone like holding and it's something like virtualization of your own face and then we are talking about a Murtaza get exactly OK so do we have any more
comments or questions from the audience we have roughly another 10 minutes left if we want to continue but otherwise I would tend to wrap it up there and as you guys have do you want
to give the closing statement features OK I have I have that other software I still have had on that to remake thorium and things we can invent new things and I also wonder I do since 2007 and nothing really change was still discussing batteries uh so I'm looking forward to the next Republic I and
see if we solve this so I think you
I think I am the ethical codes of profession to can output is nothing new but what has changed is now they have balance and technology that you need a good
design layout to generate an emotional connection with the use of between you and and the technology that is something I can tired trend of verbal tic with all of to fit this in something like that going down because people just lose it because there's no emotional connection to it on the other side now all is on the point where they step by step understand that I have to change so the timing between fashion and take is really interesting because sometimes it's really helpful to talk with desperate people because people sometimes the industries and and companies only change when they have to be right and I think that is the difference now that they're Bonaparte sites knowledge that something has to change they have the tools and you have to have people in between who like you know as shadow walkers or light walkers and we understand both worlds and connected and makes sense a lot of that term they will have so yes
I think that we have to make the sleep you know the steps but this leap into yet into this new technologies into this new way of thinking um yeah the devotees here so what we need is this crazy ideas to to to get started with for instance you have now takes processes just to see what's possible so I mean yeah that but if yet is going to happen well I am I think that's this is gonna
get future I mean I remember a few years ago on that people were running around here with all the last however this given gives a benefit for for for a fashion brands but also for the users because they can just be there if they want to be in an immersive environment it will get successful as always there as soon as 1 gets on the train I guess but I just how things are happening and it will be really big addictive as soon as somebody can just take over the reality of somebody who is in fact leads an interesting life so it comes down to to really Digital Education again which is already important now but even more so in the future and I think it can be a good thing and I don't see it as as as bad as you'd you did um on the other hand being lactase sportswear brand you see that there's a lot going on the other direction it's seems natural like there's so many people doing sports now and doing like all these like they're they're really healthy there watching what they're eating so it it's not only going into like a digital direction but it seems to me that there is a natural way of of people coping with this and going like into a very very natural part of k
I well maybe I would also like to say something a little bit provocative from my sort of non-binding site point of view is that especially with the new sitting next to each of these
sums provocative we define it very very optimistic for the future is that with
fashion tag we can tag down the wall of the bloody gender binary of all these fashion women attackers ferment it's melding together people are coming together noticing that these these cultural important parts of humanity a coming together I think is also the thing that is the way you should just go blind
and obliged to just give the microphone to the other lady was also here in the also about the
what's your graphical words of the of the of the infinite case it basically now the audience is missing each other on the
states that you have an unknown that
successful principle here the other things you very much but I agree with her say and just let us do it and change the 1st is this them go over it with the great thank you very much everyone having
autonomy and you believe that the different 30 seconds argued your attention thank you 1st of all thank you for your audience to we had some really interesting comments in our like to ask you to go to stage 1 all of you there's going to be the closing session with the 4 founders and afterwards of course go to the party and have a good evening by the non me