Hardware for the Masses

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Hardware for the Masses
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Maker technologies can play a powerful role in enabling economic development and the spread of a different concept of empowerment through technology - in particular when it comes to creating Open Source alternatives to corporate driven Internet of Things solutions. How can stutainable technology be made widely accessible?
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home DNA and landmark meaning chosen
be and I yeah welcome to our
session on bringing happen to the masses um I just say hi we're quickly
and to them preppy on what's about to happen so I we have a brief introduction them from our guests that victim was still around the C father you know who will expand a little bit about the background of them uh himself and the other we know and a little history so we all know what this is all about and right after that we that into
a discussion with the Juliet's was also here from Kenya and some of you have probably already seen around um on understanding what we can do and could do and to you make use of open source software projects to a macabre more available to the masses and and talk about the pitfalls that come with
it may be so without further ado i as give a hand Famicom was girls amino few so of the what we did in everybody and um 1st of all and that's say thanks for this opportunity I I understood that
is the last session today so I'm sure you guys are pretty tired and so would be super fast just prefer couple slides to explain a little bit about which is certainly not today uh I'm sure that many of you they know which is doing as an open source project but of the law to show that more about the company that is behind me no for what we're doing from the harbor from the sulfur and last but not least the that doing a foundation that we just announced the 6 months ago so
OK what is a and I'm sure that you guys are pretty funny about the open source project and uh for doing known time permitting started with the border from a
student of the Interaction Design Institute of the barrier that and the battle against that to build is a awarding board and he was really the main to about all they're doing a
movement that and then after that the professor for that kind of muscle-bound the to improve and approach at the end that bill that would crack now we know what has happened as an open source project and up-to-date if something
is later that the company's stock in 2005 India 10 years later and now we have the prior that's found from the very small and microcontroller board probably you guys know that you know we know we have the product with Linux so with the reader frequency start to keep song so our not still it's
very small company the company isn't about 89 and police we had offices in Europe with Switzerland where well the the news that we have an office now in belief and we have the 1st real store here but we have of course the main offices are in the factory or in Italy to Spain and we're going to open in also in US were in Boston San Jose in Asia where in Taiwan and in the shank a little bit about it people
about doing so basically we produce more than 85 per cent of our approach in Italy still in Italy but this is basically is a our time team you see picture boat were factories and this so we're trying transgene uh makes from Taipei in in China the the tell you about a little bit about
but added that we're doing so everybody know that
you know what the the problem is that 1 of our best still our best-selling product I would produce this board in a small factory in this from being on that is a very small town in Piedmont in Italy uh we build the up
rather like a certain domain gap that was basically the inspiration of me 3 D printers that probably you know about that and the
know 0 control
and just a couple weeks ago we announced that the there do you know when a Wi-Fi that is a combination between that you will know in a very well known beauty 266 that is a Wi-Fi model I take this as a sample as I do not try really to combine technology in open source about and try to combine all together and to offer something to the user and makers to build the an interesting project but also to make an evolution of what we do because as you know or doing is an open source and open up the platform so that means that we Italy's not only the cold of softer but also the schematics and the layout that allow the people if they want to they could use inspiration and build the other product based on their genetic knowledge yeah
um a couple weeks ago and extended the protein a cofounder of affecting nite to um basically clear start work of art tree is a go when I was working to a very interesting project today with the 2 cofounder of partly no 1 was a must balance electron general connecting up to that in a you have you know you know was the 1st project where we was able to combine the Linux technology and the microcontroller just 1 more I was not very romantic was a very difficult the chip that he was done using here was basically Bayes only for and mass production for over the 5 million pieces so we spent a lot of effort to try to convince Qualcomm appears to give us the cheap the and finally was able to build the the product that that now is the 1 of our best-selling product that this again is able to combine the Linux and in the microcontroller altogether and just 1 more but
then we needed a proper like a million meaning that that's just different for factor
I can then recently just 2 months ago we announced a devolution of data you and that is chance that is a product that is able to combine the 2 . 4 if I cares Wi-Fi and the proof in just 1 single PCT is
just an uncanny and tried to go very quickly so I don't want to you know don't waste your time with too much information about the marketing just to give you an overlook about what you've done in the past 6 months
I interesting about unity and that he was trying to rebuild the platform with very very low power consumption allowed to have the board up and running with just the corners but the reason that is a very easy structure about what to build them between the Linux spot in the microcontroller basically with the microcontroller we are able to shut down the the Wi-Fi technology and then the power consumption of the cortex and ERA plots is very low and then we can add the bora up and running with just a couple but but
the welcome to this is a new stream writing for us so how we can help that the makers that they start to build prototypes using our product and then later on this OK but now we want to have a so as more production like you know 100 pieces 1 thousand pieces and they tried to avoid to go to another hard to design team that cost them of course in this some money to onto redesign basically 1 of our border for some special support factor offer for some specific need that well 8 months ago we decided to start to build some small models but basically allow you to use exactly the same technology that you had 1 of our problem that please this is there being a unit in that very very small form-factor with a Wi-Fi antenna Dean
in you basically have exactly the same user experience and acknowledged that he was using the yuan in a very very small form-factor um we started to work with company that used this module for and MicroWay dishwasher so is is our 1st product that tried to approach to dieting market in the very the easy way and that we started to to produce and sell this product 6 months ago as an evolution of the know York yeah the it last time um a young boys ask OK but you guys need to produce Baltic stuff so we understand how use ATronics but we want
Robotics especially because we need to switch on his which offer my good nite light so I was in Beijing and it 9 months ago and we took inspiration from the small boy and we build this batch of batch is basically our 1st robotics as a key that in again our goal is to teach robotics and tried to help the small kids to learn how to build them and um robotic stuff like this and then control over Wi-Fi to for in the distant another interesting that come from basically uses that approach us and then we took inspiration to build the product for them the of course with a shield some
about as as you know that the board would issue there allow us to offer an interconnection with the same source and other you know other and the other components of the flower allows it to interact with I with I did the humidity temperature and so on the that's
something that we build a couple months ago and the deer come from the next the identities a proper in Germany but the US a speedup over the next thermostat so that you was to build something open source that allow allows it to interact with facts very very well no product about the thing that you know where it's open source and open up the so does this the issue that we do that a couple months ago that basically has an older technology that you can find in the next there but open source of an actor last but not least very
famous so started people were basically we were told the exercise of the components of the house and that they allow student mainly to learn technology in a completely different way so 1 of the interesting point a turbulent of brain is that we're trying to teach a technology is not from an engineer point of view but more from an artistic point of so and design that in the in the call over time materials is a very
important point for us and and this is 1 of our best product that we used to teach electron it's interesting that we started teacher a electronics using this key terms also here in Germany and of course in Italy and Spain and we have a translation for several countries so I'm pretty proud that this is basically was a combination of several project that was coming from the community that we just put all together yeah but well
today but you know appropriate noses as a harder companies ality spend that just
a few words on the software I recently of course we started devolution of Poblenou IDE so we
don't have their job escape the version but now we have also the JavaScript version that allow us to have the same environment over the clout um we build up a
new a new library and that we call child and that is why we call this library shower is of course the time which is a low but also because in Chinese charming breaches so we she the way to connect and this sketch and that is our way how you would write code to the Linux part so we build in a library that allow us to use the marker control and export to basically the functionality of the matter of point 4 in the easy way so with this technology we can use a very very
easy way to control to censor that basically the ADC PWN On the microcontroller and export duties are directly on the Linux box
but I just create a couple slide here that this plan how these work so this is the Linux Sparta and we can basically create some some connector is a very
simple example about How should works so basically with this a very is a command that we can interact with Twitter server the but this on the limits of decide whether is a good way to set up a connector can and what the connector and then basically the dried application I don't know if you guys are technical some do want again to go but you too much about is just a very easy command that in the is fighting this case of user a song of form factor we enable we prepare the x and the connector we enable the x and the connector and basically we use the x and the connector in this way to talk with finite speed and acts and the server on a linux part to and is the child library that would build a couple months ago I some reference that you can
see where he you will want to have a more information about what you've done with this library the but in for asked that's
was just the beginning another thing that would build that was is more a Linux operating system that we're calling you know as you probably know and
they're doing a community everything has to be you know like small as a part of our language so we call aiming at a small operating system that is up and running on the Linux part and basically just an evolution of the open the purity but we also build another interesting operating system that we calling you know your that basically is a small operating system that is up and running on the microcontroller and expose all the functionality of the microcontroller direct handling of 1st what does mean that you don't need to write code and the microcontroller more but you can just use the fact that the features of the microcontroller direct on the so for example a DCG burial P the blend exposed directly on the linked file system just to give you a sense that you want to power on a part for GPA on the only thing that you have to do is at the core 1 in the fire where did you go to school by having everything come out of causal resources there is a collaboration with a couple of university in Europe and then we build is a 6 months ago and was our way to try to enable the power of the
microcontroller in some very very easy and friendly way to people that don't want to spend too much time to cold and microcontroller and of course this is a very interesting these works on the wireless but
sorry and the wider than so basically you can but most important in the wireless so this mean that you can add the sensor around it your space is your Europe and get on your lab so you your home and that's transfer dismissing else directly a wireless to the gate yeah that is the land value and here you
can see some things about what the product and where you can find more information
but it doesn't last thinks but many and user said OK but we need also something even more easy to use so we announced it 2 months ago the Arduino accident ice is just the solution of them look from a demand is a very popular here in Germany is basically is a JavaScript operative system so you know as
allow us to expose the same functionality that you shredded backstop system in the just your brothers so we
have BDO games and everything would be exposed in HTML 5 In that's using you a product that we announced that that just last month in basically is a computable right now would it can with the you through all the product has on Linux capability ability it last but not least is really in my
last slide is about a foundation 6 months ago but I was trying to find a way to say thanks to the community when it's communities and talking about of course the softer developer but even more important the teacher that user community to teach electron itself and the user ditches by doing not joined the protease so we're now so that you know foundation of you know Foundation is a non-profit organization that want to help
but they're do not you need the melody into directions uh engineered that want to write the
code using that unit technology so we held them with some kind of scholarship we help the electronic engineer that they want to build hardware using what unit acknowledges some shield on doing up and we help them with some facility but also we sponsor them with some money in the very important for us is the teachers so we help the teacher that went to the church do we know sending the free material today and will make a sponsorship of the school and the define now we made a a good deal of um well we're working here in German a couple university where in Italy where in Spain France Russia in
other states and the in china that is the university that agreed to be part of this network if you are interested to have even more information but as the foundation of course it would be I would be more than happy to follow up with you does the quick introduction that they didn't do know I don't know I was too technical but you know I am more happy to answer your question ships quest text few thank you very much and I think you can
probably stay on the station thousand Island also invite you yet to join us and I'll go over here so you can actually see me and so erm before we dive into the discussion I think there was a lot of stuff that we can now talk about um I would so might invited yet to maybe some share a little background about herself as well because she has also
been involved in a lot of very interesting work so I was coming to the panel and on to free to share a little bit about his of stress and use and think you've where the presentation and Our main aim is to get when EDI am from Kenya out and make background is in engineering and enhancement have yeah I
have previously been involved to the fact that the new movie and a lot more in the I happening gearboxes I'm many here and from the workshops which are is our maker kind of platform and that looks to X find uh that the capacity in the technical skills to the design and engineering change so we do use sort of idea of products found in another side of that is that we work with and talk to a lot of of innovators
end of hardware and 2 years in Eastern Africa terms that that outside of the Eastern African Region have to see how we can all just get more products that address the clue needs and and have unit of the things that people have what my and thank you very much yeah so before we dive into this and I was wondering
who is sitting in this audience we talking to engineers only or to non-engineers only have something in between so um just to get an understanding will fuse involved in
some kind of way or shape or form of building hardware and projects if you to show it that's not that's quite a lot of OK so a lot of the explanation on and this is actually preaching to the choir discovered patterns and so and another thing I just wanted to find out we thought that it would be more interesting instead of us talking mn opening up to you in the end to have this an open panel from the beginning on so please feel very welcome and free to jump in at any point that you think you have uh um a point to add the question um to something that that you would like to share with the other so uh I think there's microphones around so the only thing that we have to take into account is that everyone can hear you but I feel free proceed to jump in at any point that you have a question or something and that you want to show 1 of right so I maybe to to start off with something that I was wondering with the topic bringing hybrid to the masses um ys how everyone is so that this this is this big word hardware hearts
and um I remember um Brady forests of higher 1 as saying there is no China button all referring to the point that it's 1 thing to actually build and design a half product and come up with a prototype but it's a completely different sorry to achieve going to production and to actually um going to scaling and I was just wondering and problem you have a lot of them to share that um can't you maybe come
up with some typical challenges that that you guys were facing when when it's going into scaling and you mentioned at the offices in in China and in Taiwan and this is something that you would say is characteristic them when taking the step from a prototype to a product well we do let me say of is
different is really completely different movies our missing movie is a maker prototypes is a lot of fun and I like to make further babes make must production is a completely different story and is not fun at all the way that you're facing with a requirement that financial quality control and so on so is but the same that ways like you make your own beats at home versus the start to make industry that make it so for 10 thousand 100 thousand people every month so that's exactly the same thing saying that is a is is basically 2 different genes so we have a pool R&D teams and then with the monster of action teams there sometime they hate each other have some time they love each other but same 94 % is just the more uh enterprise business and is the point is open source of object doesn't change of the UN in we your guys are facing a with a bunch of problem that the typical for company want to produce more you know 1 and 3 days or so pieces is more enterprise so you must whether you must have some good skill to make a prototypes but you want also have some good skills for mass production that is 1 of the key point when the company moved from start-up to enterprise so this you must have the right skills to run a starter but to to move from a stock apps to enterprise is definitely is not only about venture capital or money is related to other people that know how to do it or they did before in doesn't help to fix a lot of problem that usually you have on your way if you don't have the right people in the that is always experience that with them so far so so I wanna me coming myself from from a design background them very much
um trail it's be thinking very iterative way saying but a prototype see what doesn't work with another part that I see it still doesn't work for the number 1 and that's the process from a very hard when it comes to talking to partners and when it comes to talking big big numbers this light and the the action of the cost of failing and of something of letting others exponentially higher than and crashing a positive and I was wondering is is something that you could like recommend or suggest for people that are approaching this that um because I know there's a selective programs out there but but there's also community self there and that that might come be a good addressed you come to join forces women from sharing experiences so this is this something am because I just mentioned is not just about the VC money is something that you could say what you would suggest doing when approaching the step as well is yeah this is not very
romantic but if you're running a company in the and enterprises you your goal is the procurement like soul so from enterprise point give I will say the 1st thing that you want to be sure that 10 your project that would be would be sold in the right way so you have a customer that want to buy a book because sometimes happens that you build your product for yourself can you love your brother so much and when that people don't want to buy your pride is a a and what is wrong with you and maybe you do with it so what you don't like my my so and trying to answer your question in different ways of course when even much production you're facing problems like just a by the chip by now you you you did something with a beautiful chip and then when you go and you wanna by more than 1 thousand cases I well you lead times a 60 years as an unindicted different 6 weeks so uh then the 2nd point is the price of course you buy 1 thousand this is this implies that when you buy 1 and the and it's it's uh unfortunately a lot of component now available only in China with when a for something is not just because of the reason why we have a factory and factory in China is for the same reason why your font comparably function said because that is where basically the chief and the components are are and get the knowledge about reader frequency is probably 1 of the best in term of in terms of time the ability of preventable quality was of course Germany is still 1 of the best country where can find expertise in this field but in term of time to market what sometimes you you you don't have a choice and so so enterprise is a is a bit 2 different is different less for months that just to build your on the prototype In that I will love adjust to come back at the my productized but you know when you grow sometimes you need to make some decisions and and yeah that's a
interesting especially I think when taking the context into account you just mentioned well maybe Germany um specific context and becomes a quality but also when it comes time to market um I wonder how does how does this relate to you the context of eastern africa I mean it's a completely different story probably and that I was wondering is there and from what we just heard I figure they're probably quite a few points that you can relate to from your work on the ground as well especially when it comes to giving people access to the actual tools giving people access to the training and to the direction to to build the prototype so um this anything in particular that that you would
say is necessary unneeded uh when it comes to allowing some say aspiring entrepreneurs in the room of hardware makers maybe not even with the goal of building a stop mind which just with the idea of building the product um that is physical this is something that you would say is crucial on that and even before we talk about it I'm not going to China to to scaling of butchered which come earlier and I think that some made out in terms of
access and thinking that something you mentioned so at the end of the 1st stage is access to and that the catalyst for detecting infinitely that any of the popular platform for this that most people use in and out but it was only until recently and she's Kenya where you could order it online and the fact that you had to go to maybe a handful of stories and in the city to get it means that the process is a 3 to 4 detectors becomes a lot slower and at the 1st level and then the other 1 is access to information and I think that that is they are coupled with that the change in that happens in this so it's slowly during bad and when you look at like most halves of West Africa most of the training and the and the workshops and that kind of II around software so that I would see I'm is where a set of internationally at the same level they think the hardware the hasn't been that much of focus on it and so you find that you have on the grass sort of people who are have some basic knowledge and then you have on as for the people who I know through meet has but very isolated the have small clusters of really good information but not accessible to give you an of anything that's because it's just hasn't there hasn't been that focus or incentive for people to put this stuff out there for a simple reason is that if I were high address that have in Kenya it'd be really hard for in stuff occurring where on the continent it to be really hard for me to get access to access data finding or support because most of the support was into social enterprises so it may be maybe 10 10 the easier for me to get funding for social enterprise are what has annotation but if under the and vice for around that the apple automation system people kind of like overlook that they also support people want to find the legislative and a think any such and such and I think that a huge tuples geniuses that they are because a lot of work by a lot of the things will of the busses and was in and then the next thing on the jobs of the public of of of Africa by Steve Jobs then as you do with no it as a certainty of Premier immediately was just out there to things so I think out of the temple before focusing on disruptions in keeping an axis from to to make this people come up in the scene and have the products so they have you ever seen me and we know could starts in Italy and I will just be a widely used anywhere lately I have mine and you know so I I think we that access to with our to the skills that resources to the manufacturing our any keep an international standard that we don't have biases for different regions I think that that would be a way of increasing the them absolutely and I think it's a question that and everyone kind of runs into snow it's like how do
you not only identify these classes of information is call them like this 10 10 years of bringing up for the whole but also how do you connect them among each other and I think it's like on that level it's it's those amenities you looking at Kenyan I figure and that's something especially when it when it comes to some leveraging the the potential of the other community you guys have done in a very very great way because there's a lot of like this class the whole over the globe but am I wonder is is something that that uh many of you would say is crucial when it comes to identifying these these and classes that push forward collaboration them and when it comes to interconnecting then is there like maybe a common goal or common platform Mora and I don't know this certain um mind-set when talking to them on short relics me with missing 1st of all that I do not really is about is about you so we see that very very small think I mean that the people that are using that we know are basically the doing
in the company's there is a very small company but the value of initially the people who work going doing a definitely the key point was open source and open after that is the the chinese and this this is pretty well so they called the uh admin product a lot they the copy of the termite that should be in the need to cope with that the the goals really do have a lot of completely open not only in the south of the on that also I would say was a this the key about this the story about so how we can connect well the internet is that with the way that the different communities and the softer developer Abu developer they connect each other so we don't have that we're working with 2 I think of know foundation should be the right place but we don't have right now in a single point on the center of the you know they can provide connected or spot on and we have been some DVDs and we're going to announce so the 1st several of her day and humor answers so we're trying out to have a kind of the but directions but more of the place where everybody capture idea individually the inspiration in uh was interesting physical also have to put eventually this small so these it hoping we're not intolerant of company refers more company but again the goal is to really to have a break-even every years but we saw that the breaking point is to be in touch with the use of or make so developers because you know make it so really we say make it far engineer in the morning and makers in the evening they say the use of your people that have a job but the work and then in the evening and finally they can do something they like to do and spend time with little opportunity so we're working to make them in the 1st hour renal store physical stored at where we have here in mean is the is a kind of arms were to be the you know the goal is to have a place where the people start to assures idea of which the and eventually see some helps to build the next product line or
everybody's talking mostly jobs with the luminosity joke with with to do the best you know with what we have right now but can but it just like to add that to get the people to stop going to get this amazing will start working in insider thinking to need to add value to what they're doing orally be giving them some form of anything 1 of them is definitely a community where the field at the half hour it I think the part of where we're headed for the case leaving a affine people were like minded and have asked the gradient so just clean up the spread that sense of trust in the sense that you get that you improve yourself and defend the army that could be either online or offline in deciding on both sides of but the 2nd thing is
that our I find that in in in East Africa finding a place where you can come to an end up building great your idea in our sort of independently and it is that we leave of having half and meet his pieces and that's fine but I I you get the sense that most of these people work as that minus 1 minus 2 minus team so the Magnuson estradiol confirm the through purchasing a piece by the can and continuing work on the project out on of those it out in Tennessee themselves progressing lingering of time so that could be through our partnerships that C had no and I think it be very interesting to see what's there that kind of makes them become what would be only coming what has built up when you live platforms so it can be assumed to add value in different stages for beginners intermediaries as an an advance to of the I think it's very interesting when it comes to building
these these spaces you obviously you mention of this are more and more hops and spaces coming up not just across Africa with all over the world obviously but um when it comes to adding value to these come to the teams that actually working there but I think it's an interesting question to discuss like what is the issue added value as just the space of just a community or as if and when it comes to actually building a product is small the Xs to say tools like the fact that or to prototyping tools from is this something that you would say that this thing is crucial I mean very often you hear well is all about the community and as soon as as long as the the right people and champions in place everything else will fall into this place um do you think that's true of you think well um community and motivation and people is great but at the end of the day you also need infrastructure new data to see me maybe the funds to build something and this which is a 1 of these is more important are a decent collection Nathalie's until it but a a of having a community where you that people that they're the most important thing I think is think fast action then that open access infrastructure and achieving the best person to answer that question would be my call because he's come thinking builds his projects partly in in the hot Kaplan and now it's a company so he's actually just think close to that would be trajectory of
village life that he would make all through conflict with the but if you want to
have that in some of the the share Holyoke there that I think there's a microphone coming up so I think what I consider involves the be all stuffed up now so we started a wearable technology company enough in genome
under we're using you using the where would you want to help reduce model cycle oxidants so when we started our introduction we will we started out with agreed on those easy starting off I think we completed all false pocket I like 2 weeks but it does mean very challenging because of lot now we needed a product known the final product and what I've been seeing a lot on the the on on makerspaces computed on also here is that people building projects for but block on there will be a time to actually solve real problems on it does take a most we'll structurally come up because of the complete product so it to cost a lot of time on getting access to components of she was seen husband challenge we these only those only once told that time on so we tried to order some components for China from China and it would be like 2 weeks just get like some few more to us all in all so it because a lot I'm not sure the final product we had to fly to Holland I have to leave do the final product no now soul having this need a challenge their own also maybe the where we need some support also automobiles all meet that's it would help us come up with the final product because once you've done prototyping you need the product on thus when all the view hostile starts on that specific it doesn't offer you the and yet there
is interesting that that that would which we're trying to do is that as a company and again trying to to say thanks to the support he is in a couple of years ago the first one is a at the idea to build these stores that their physical stores and be sure that we have some some shield some space for makers they're building stuff so allow but the the engineers that they build some product Weber some space where they can't sell the products of course of many years ago when when we started there and we started with 100 or so now we have a distributional around the word too so the question is this and how we can say thanks to you so the idea was OK let's share the pony this kinetics and only this open source code but only by all I'm sorry Fisher the logistics that to have and then try to to have you know some the so so some engineers and entrepreneurs that that build something and allow them if they want of course to share part of our logistic but center to 2 so basically with the build that using the and channel to use every day to sell our products in this is a physical store like they're doing a start automation you or just there to allow to have your brothers in our website and then push but your product on their website
saying that uh of course so we have all the and the complexity about acidification of the complexity about 2 to be sure that all the product that a somewhat acquirement that because when we sell product all around the world as Canadian that he's several regulations several stuff like that so this is what we're trying to do and that would be more unhappy people out if you and see uh we're we're done already in in the you some interesting project that then the meeting
like that they approach as well so the coolest do especially in Japan a cup of in in in in US In was very nice it was was very nice collaboration was basically a way to come back to where we build a prototype together and share time and find an so this is what we're trying to do the uh to to say thanks to the community that using doing all the time I them so that they see something very and this is something there's more to it from uh these 2 years that you that you said um is as I it sounds like it was a very very hard way and you went very hard way takes take it from um from a predator and to product there I can just imagine like taking 1st 2 weeks to get the 1st 4 4 7 and the sum of the 2 years for the next so that's a very impressive um so I don't know if this summer and someone else in the in the audience who has made a similar path and there is and I think it would be interesting probably for of us to learn and how of you know you went about it so some action just to full up what Michael said about going to mass production and I'm from Singapore
and uh we see projects similar to what Michael was describing you do our prototype with that we know and it's really good because of things of the microcontrollers very accessible and the challenge is when you want to turn that into a product of and those that scale minutes exponentially harder you should not in Singapore because we connected um so maybe you can speak a little bit more about what you would recommend from somebody like Michael can do but in going to production with approach because we have a lot of options there was a lot of options out we've got these little the adrenal compatible so we said devices that we can choose from a manufacturer was willing to do a small-scale production um seed Studios is related doing that from maybe from the adrenal side if you can suggest like a best practice recommendation of how to go from product must
yeah well have and let me give you the 1st answer that is not very romantic but maybe it will help you a little bit is be sure that you're going to sell
your idea and that does that it is a key point you want to be sure that your ideas your prototypes and even more important that would become much production when I must production let me say something bigger that 100 pieces is something that you're not keeping on your garage but you would be able to sell as so what we're trying to do in without do not trying to do to help the makers that make it prototypes using a dinner technology is basically but offered then there are also some more Joseph I I show you right now 1 but vector this summit there we're going to to show another 1 so we're trying to make something that you can also use a mass production if you want uh endows will allow you to don't spend too much time uh building and rebuilding and rebuilding again something that would be the the shape is different because this is another point but basically the technology the same where we want to be sure that you can also find at a very very interesting price model that basically means and technology that you won the prototype you must action and of course but we also trying to open something that we call provision of services that basically is all 3 you but this expertise that we have in our R&D centers to help you to redesign whatever probably that he had that would be able to match the you know whatever it that you have on and we're going to offer that for free as of foundation so it's a of Fundación offer this kind of services again we're not so we cannot die you know of the thousand and thousand of our engineer capability for free that we're trying to address the best broader some kind of this broader just something that to get a all we wanna do it something completely different up in the last think is a production of course right now we just help some the prototypes and entrepreneur who make production in a very easy way by using the basic for facility that where 1 in China 1 in Taipei in the training of but I know there is a lot of our so rate Lockyer or 5 hour decelerator Incheon Sen and there are some few problem Germany I heard that someone is building some model and some some some companies to help but the problem is still the same I mean that that we need to face with the time and that the cost to you not to focus in the project and then base salary because of that noise we want to be sure that we have a break-even we want to be sure that the we do something that allow us at least to you know to to to target the kid and to be sure that we're not losing money so again I'm saying because when before of course Journal mean all are was was working in red out the silliness company and that and it was really 1 of the very early on Plot well notably was friend but whatever happened to be was really thinking to change toward and everything must be open source said uh might as well what some we was focusing just open source well and we made an unbelievable type your that of course change everything but this is was just we're just an idea the chilies that then the array that is not right now a big enterprise company with modified doesn't believe the the so is really change completely your your idea and also your goal to make a prototype of a mass production and maybe you just locked to make products so that the some of the company but the focus not in quantity but just quality they make just few few pieces and they're selling what they do like like the units on unique products that should be also another approach using the Chinese that were too much because of course you want to scaling and your your capabilities to sell more probable than have a more regular that allow you to make it more indeed more products that is not the secret ways important use only 1 hard way and again my suggestion is to be sure that the is not trying you don't know what you're doing but of some other people that would be happy to have to buy your brothers that might suggest the them and thank you
very much I'm looking over there I think we have a little more time and she takes uh 1 more question and immoral more detail so if there's anyone out there you can really see all of you but um please feel free to get an F 1 it thank you very much from Colombia in it you talking about the and restorers I you understand that maybe on that stores you find more than a brother you find maybe because or a torus some advice to older brother and embedded in the same way there is some form of motor maker spaces and innovation spaces there are around 3 thousand spaces around it the world that in may be different
levels use they adrenal for In an whole to make things a tool to to use doubt letterform the want up to 3 thousand it's spaces in the war it to make some kind of furniture we introduce spaces for example in terms of professional services in terms of their bring some support yeah and maybe you themself is so products on on that space the that is a quest for me right after this and don't want to think of the space so love to share a common OK 1st of all that we're going to announce this Arduino professional services at the sum is a space but make 3 then in the uh in California a couple weeks and so on yeah you have basically we're trying to achieve 2 goals from the 1 to come back when we was doing perhaps type and the fine with with other friends because it's all about that is really to do something together and and maybe help because we've already infrastructure we have already there the weighted by the components of because you know when I'll make them and and a thousand border indicate that he had a month so for as is much better to buy the components versus maybe you that you the 1st time that you want to buy something so I hope would be successful projects but to be honest that I heard that other than hybrid innovator apart the center of being in a company of trying to help the didn't succeed too much I heard that a lot of company that was trying to engage in some business with them then unfortunately for whatever reason they decide to stop the production to do it so um I'm not sure and again I don't have a clear line about this new project that we're going to announce over the profession servers don't think that they know that you know foundation is going to found a with some money so whatever there are indeed the people from our team will the softer people from our team but even more important thanks to the you Fundación would have also engineer and a softer developed that is coming from the leader should then the so the company like Hotmail past the Nordic they will help us to to be in touch with uh did makers that want to try to do not to move from a prototype to kind of much of the mass production and I hope I really hope that would be able to help because that's will allow us to be in touch not only with the entrepreneur but even more important with the company chips In the company maker and St lines and and then we can help the on the look logistic wanted and then we can help on the cells because of course we're already on our distribution and 4 so um the will of the clear presentation about that some tail so just make a quick introduction here today just to explain a little bit how we would like to help the and how we would life we need to say thanks to the community because again 1 more time units duffel does not belong to us belong to you guys so on on trying to find a way to help the and in some way to be even more successful because if we make the sum product base and doing somewhere not technology of course the adrenal from we increase in everybody know that doing is not the only open source well open out there let's say that is either board that they're pretty successful as well maybe they're not to 100 per cent binocular fine but they're very very successful they receive a lot of help from the local government debt and I'm talking of course about a beautiful raspberry Pi that everybody knows that make incredible good job and and that a lot of support from the local government so we are trying to you know to learn from our mistakes were trying posted to engage in uh even more business with the people that user to every day in the you'll be able to find more information soon on the site to thank you and think as we are about to close and maybe just
like 1 final question from my and then maybe on a more general note because my my my understanding was we're talking not about um how to come up with other projects in the 1st place and the prototypes and all that um and it seems like open going the open-source play there seems very promising and now that you mentioned um the make about project earlier um ends
and did struggles if we had to go from prototype to product and I was wondering what is here what you think is it like that advisable to leave the open the openness behind when you go for really scaling in th e really go for production or would you say especially being an open source company um in a context that maybe makes it with my heart opens you up for more ways for other people to join forces and to actually come back to you on the gender so my question is you being involved with building Maker communities some do you think that open source has its limits when it comes to achieve scaling or do you think that it might actually be an extra set them when it comes to building products uh in specific contexts
I think it could be that the and just give 2 examples so we do work with our new innovators in in the end so 1 of them has builds and educational devices that it's still 1 distracted the scratch platform from a lady so it has to go inside of the board it has come late sensors patterns and so that continent divided on I touched the cat skin and the other 1 so that the entire platform with open source and for them we find that it works better for people to access the educational platform because it's open source and we can find all the media on 119 pounds but the other side of the there is a company that builds on mind during the end date don't think they would be it could be open source they didn't think that would meet their products and more and more acceptable I think you can have a successful business that's open source if open source is sort of a driver for rate of a given same that having something that has a copyright because that that makes your products of unique instead more could work to the benefit and I do have 1 question before and aboard how to mediate how to make the report back to this respect to hold on to take in general but I think the assuming that all the factors work well once you do have to do is 1 thousand pieces that out of you could be great be addressed to know how to put that on that it's that you not only and by your friends and the people who work in your house and maybe make a small circle of how to get your product of their was that the wording of setting from you know it the NLP in other words how mean what would it take for the companies that a mixing of boring Kenya and your else to be as accessible as it was still in 15 more I don't think all companies want to go off without but it is hard to make sure that it can be a small company that has the products accessible to many people the this to years he head of the 2 to yourself the goddamn who wants to go in and out of the 1 or 2 laser some interviews 1 to answer I think we need them like 1 last and of there open so
small to life so also no proprietary and we have all part and bending
all trivial ontology so think the Johnny all being a region where we are and you spend so much money and time and resources these standards where people try and copy you businesses just like that in in Africa if it's something that's going to so that people see an opportunity the do because you business so we have to move from open source and no public started doing but I think if we have more support like when we started like on the resources of maybe having a community because this is helping us I think that we could uh continued along with open-source and maybe having people all that like the final boarding degree of the bid to order on the they could Leacock call to not only to be about dubious point of view to make out we could go about life but we have to of what and it in there
and thinking and that's that's actually I think that's uh that's what I what I was wondering and what makes a lot of sense to me and I think also what you said uh as soon as the open source of the openness becomes part of the actual added value of the product itself it makes alot of sense of things we've seen that without you know we've seen at the of the repr on on the make about what a project area and enter the at thinking what you said earlier with like how to engage communities as soon as you can show they can actually to the product itself and the whole thing is actually
self-explanatory way but make sense whereas if there's a project and then in addition it's also open source it might be hard to actually um make a point for it being open only if you have to uh move in a competitive market so I think with looking over my shoulder and we have to to to close this uh obviously we can continue discussions
of states uh at any time so 1st of all thank you very much to both because you get in the way of thinking and you can see all of you for joining in the discussion um I hope we had we had the chance to shed some light on some of the questions that I think uh the 2 if you will be around for the rest of the nite and so thank you very much behind me is