Fashion Hack Day finals presentations

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Fashion Hack Day finals presentations
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Wear It Berlin presents Fashion Hack Day: Meet selected finalists of Europe´s first Hackathon for fashion and technology.
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but the the end of the the how are you have you
seen interesting talk so far like also today here and I have made it here today so came yup um
fashion hackday it's so as I was introduced things and it's the 1st the world's 1st Hessian handcuff and and and let me quickly introduce you to our events and explain a little bit what it's about and after my introduction we see but I think for a finalist on stage and they will pitch the stuff that they made and to you so it's a little bit like our the best the cream of the weekend for you fashion the technology I mean good I guess you experts in this since euro sitting here in our overview of seen other talks I guess you learned a lot maybe about this or maybe your background from fashion or from text who furious from the fashion want to text 1
OK that makes 2 teams and that the other as much of the current monarch media our programming what I you into OK we were told after like that of the so yeah that thing is fashion needs tech how can you bridge these 2 roads to form of something new that was the question
and we're not invited 50 participants from all over the world to come to Berlin and there was an application form online and we had about 100 candidates that send us the ideas um and we had to select 40 of them and in the end we were 50 so we brought them to Berlin fashion the vertex people from Boston it the
Netherlands in from Russia but
people there then we have this fee of 50 people we gave them 20 high class people were from already shown their success in fashion text and especially in the Netherlands you have really who's you about that and we brought the best people
that are from this industry to balance and you put them together with our 50 candidates we gave them 48 hours 48 hours and 48 hours you have to come up with something new was and you have to convince the jury of your idea um and yet if you have never heard about Telectronics no problem there's somebody that has never heard about fashion before about but you can form a team and on students maybe I should explain what a heck of phonons heck of normally uh counts as taking place 1 the software surrounding you you take 100 program must give them a challenge like OK program the next EP for selling fashion online and I give them 48 hours and they come up with an ad and then they get a enterprises and then it's over more or less since this was the 1st time in the round that we brought together fashion designer from the fashion industry with software developers we there was a question coming up how to fashion designers rock I mean this is a totally different Groklaw than that of software you have to
prepare you have to think what materials and so we dived into the worst thing in fashion weeks and so on we talked to
to to the fashion designers the and we decided to give them a preparation phase of about 3 weeks we found the on it was really rapid like uh minimum viable product so to say we we just founded the secret Facebook group and invited all of them to share their ideas and the fashion designers they could start working on some ideas and just to get the process running so that's how we prepare I want to share you with you some experiences that he made and what the Lorenz and and what you find out about the participants and what just what what's interesting about the were things so you some insights and we had to 36 that 60 3 % women in our head of on which is really unusual and we're really proud about that that the codes have so many women in tech and getting people interested for this topic and getting them also be part of our some events and we didn't select by Chen we selected by the idea of and so than then the background is defined in text in the 1st place designers authority figures for quantile and the rest is something else like that from a textile industries from the media of project management event management these these things so we thought this is a pretty cool were mixture of people that should get to known each other what can you do with them our briefing for them
was some of them some in the audience so this was 1 of the 1st slide to be presented to them we are here to create the future after 2 profession which
sounds pretty big but it's true it's 1 step into this direction and 0 my god let's have some fun doing it that's the it was a big thing about heck of once you you wanna have fun and they're get to know other people and and yeah just have a good time and of course we want to break some rules this is not meant to to work for the industries where if you have an idea that works for the industry's poor but just break the rule is if it's necessary no problem for us before we started a few words about ask about me and 19 our company is called Berlin and the we are suppose we ought we have found that the 1st Conference on forever Tekken fashion tech burn which is quite varied festival in and we work together with the industries and on we set up was a performances exhibitions workshops networking events our growers to bring together these people from these 2 worlds this
is the devastated all festival from last year and I read we bring in people from uh Fraunhofer Institute also a science but other companies may be a little bit like here but I guess that it's it's more like innovation driven by tomorrow so there's uh
some some participants that showed what they have done all speakers
they've worked for they they experiencing in the few than for example modified the my arm was our keynote speaker last year he did but dresses for all take that if you know take that who knows take that the well you put your old guys but take that and you do that um thus the dresses for the Olympic Games and as a dog before I read off the electronics that users like uh like to read and yet we we get really inspired by modifying on personally the work together in Barcelona and straight from so it's about connecting people this
is another thing and we also have peacemakers and these exhibitions performances with
wearable tech and the 2nd thing that's
all backgrounders stuff part which is the ADT bisecting clap it's open source we have developed software for Macintosh and adrenal also where you can configure your jacket and it's about meeting at nytimes . notoriety joining together meeting each other and yet it has been very successful and neuronal founding of chapter in London at the moment I and then the odds of good 2
commercial but this is still from our commercial for the for the internet it's for your own and the vote for them our you want that's what the resistant and they used it for us skiing and making their there and there are the videos your own like electricity at slide this movement and so on so it was perfect for them and then
have for example of rock refer companies like budgeted accomplices in Barcelona be set of a whole make a space for them at the mall were about Congress and that it was also really successful and we did it again 3 weeks later for them so Our goal is even at Telekom
at this with we bring together people like you remove about Congress's forced yours in feet yours on these people so our goal is we
connect people and fashion intact so let's talk about fashion heck staying that it started with a head phase so I know now be brought together people in fact that Berlin is a picture they got machines laser cut of 3 D printers we organized all what kinds of materials for them conductive yarn conductive fabrics and central electronics and so on yeah and in the form that teams this is of some the mentioned assuring explaining what electronics for the participants
then we saw the 1st products coming up
and we had shops that were given by our partners in on the internal how to use of a deep are ends at the right side you can see um people working on a day talk laughter so we have we found the teams found to get on Friday evening on on Saturday and Sunday was working to what we have learned onto
this at point was that on we gave the participants the great freedom to do what they want to select the topics they want to select the samples they want to use will select the materials and I think the for next time you
should think about narrowing it down and give them some challenges because that makes it easier for them to discuss about what to do you have a fashion designer and he thinks about all the sensors and he doesn't really know all what you can do with it and then you have the electron a guy and he just wants to do is take your something so I think more about ideas at the edges connect the people and um and together they can work on something if you give them a challenge to find new ideas How about throughout address this a brought about through firm with this software of fusion 360 the Kingdom of the Netherlands was a big problem because from the Netherlands we had all these men and there's a big scene and going on I think they are 1 or 2 steps ahead of us now and so on I don't know why they have this cuisine there but so it's really others so many successful people come from there and we had some cloud services from SAP we had served as a source for which fashion that chart the supported us so that we have many many more material problems you can find them on on or websites fashion that they don't come the protects so the until this moment as thought I talked up to this moment I was there for you on stage and hour and I would like to the participants through to send some of the projects in total at the fashion that day we had um starting projects the fucking projects that presented so on Sunday here on the stage and tonight's uh we have for projects for you on winning projects around and it's like the cherry on the cake for you so if you missed it last time this is your chance so we start with that ensued and yeah thank you thank you attention I speak to you later and give these give a warm applause of participants it was
and it so this is our project and this step
the it started with this idea that our bodies are complex systems
that are just as mysterious as the universe as a whole and the customers in the bodies and a represent a massive scale difference with human stuck in the middle and normally to understand this difference of
scale we rely on a visual sense Univision to look at diagrams with any kind of visual aids to understand how small the even the
insides of our bodies are as compared to the mass of customers so that certain interesting question for us what if we use another sense besides sound besides vision and relied on sound so are the visual limitations that a sound can extend even further and interrogate the experience of our bodies and experience of being in the consonants at large and are the patterns in sound that would allow us to see emerge between the the world of our bodies in the world of the customers and the idea behind this was to privileges mood introspection and discovery across these massive scales staff I the a T a space and this is transmitted to the users in this latest these instances have into our solar system on what is to be said to you know this in solutions is included in this instance instrument the solution the you about the the the
cycles in the catalyst the whistles depletes in the blues the hard to hear the moment they want images since you already know what the sound sounds like the so this led us to think about how we could yield them how I could build a wearable that address the similarities and some of these ideas which is when we had upon assessed
status it a combination between the status goes in this space you as a way to kind of age orally this massive landscape of space with a small inner workings of our bodies so we started thinking about how we would design and we started with a pretty
common reference point did 2001 Space Odyssey with perhaps designed by Frederick Fox a very famous British milliner will we liked about this was the oval shape a kind of suggested a bit of an elliptical pathway that special bodies we take the space also they can was very evocative of organic new life forms and the colors story we stuck with fictional white
and space crane and this is exactly the only thing that we started with at the beginning of the 48 hours is 1 20 dollars at the scope that we immediately took a part of the delightfully nanotechnology decided that we wanted to focus on the ground plane is the actual sensor bed at this step as scope and we start sketching out what it would look like
and from the very beginning we decided we went in a range of surface groups are attached to a garment with several tubes that would feed into 1 year other gear we wanted to have this the sun's coming into so in our construction phase we went over to the laser
printer annually thereafter the laser cutter and we so I was struck uh strips of small 4 millimeter pieces of wood started cutting out HL shapes in here there's a hole in the middle is where we would sort of placing the step groups uh this is a diagram
showing how we would build up the different layers of the star so that each with these pods they're different heights in stomata open and somewhere close to a give given variable pattern to this to uh to the design suited when to be a uniform a uniform constants uh visual and then we 3 D printed the groups with the maker by ice this is just a prototype further iterations would be a little bit more sophisticated LBS Atreyu printed the hinges to create an
exoskeleton underneath and I was able to assemble them into a pretty steady device and for this the side of it we had an an fruits sound FX board with 2 speakers alive a battery in a switch MCP looted some of the sounds from NASA onto and and that's in the left ear contained in that spot and this is
the flat lady of all of our components together we can put them together the parts and it looking like a remarkably like a constellation of which is pretty surprising to us and here's the
model the viewing for the vapor time the surface this year on sunday nite and this is
my partner received the work for the 1st time together on this project is that we've never donating together before so the entire process was fabulous and be completely merged of our design fashion technology backward together and the was as a result when the most interesting things about this collaboration process is focusing on wearable technology fashion technology not too much on a tracking and monitoring what takin do forest quantitatively for formalize but how something could change our lives from a qualitative perspective to have a different experience for the where I go beyond measuring or any kind of metrics and this is then a wonderful experience and look forward to the next iteration and please keep in touch if you like to learn what happens next
step is to the thank you
thank you are there any questions from the audience if you have any questions OK
I have for 1st I know that you came over from the US so can you
tell us a little bit how how you found out about the heck of on and what made you come you absolutely and it wasn't clear and eat fruit had tweeted about you guys all the owner the person is hearing about the 80 different read about your head and said it was the real deal for anyone who's interested in playing with circuits and fashion to take a
serious look so we applied that will support a kid might have a really happy that you came over and that yeah that we had so many people from all over the world so yeah thank you so much and I'm really looking forward for for the 2nd edition million lamented the phone and thanks again they don't last thank you can have
them and you we happen next year coming up so keep in mind everything was done in 48 hours of the day right 1 moment but but all key big applause for emotional fashion no the hello amuletic of team emotional fashion Art team existed out of the assigned this program errors and mechatronic engineer a textile designer of gospel player and a fashion design errors and together we created an of called emotional fashion we
started by building and mosque was visualizing your brain links so which is so right now was his brain brainwaves visualized by changing like right on me so actually I become a mirror for him and he's getting real-time neurofeedback and tell me who say how did you do that we build that this a back in diligent and with the help of the Centre for microsystems technologies in Ghent and and yet they have these patented way over the connecting you could enter components to polymers into thermal form them in an each for whatever form they want also we think that fashion should be an extension of your mind and your body
and your muscles are an extension of your minds rights so we also added altogether a special mn mechanism to create wings these blames are actually responding to your body movements to make this happen we use also some special sensors we used EMG sensors to monitor the muscle tension and contraction and the way we couldn't actuator wins and by Bluetooth the to the other person or of a so and this is our project and we perform as a performance because reading that also fashion needs a new way of presenting its so we're also looking and that's how we can create fashion into the digital and virtual worlds and if you want to see that you can have a look at the facebook yells Maroc there is at 360 view of virtual reality of the project we have it we also
got picked up at about a newspaper and this is actually published today and we are
very proud of our team so thank you very much and thanks for fashion megaton because they brought us all together they do much of this for you so maybe let's say on onstage for 1 or 2 minutes do you have any questions about this I mean that's pretty exciting right you have brainwaves connected to fashion maybe not the 1st thing you were directed to think about hashing technologies arms of or what do you think I mean
this is something that we will see in 5 years and European them on the on the streets reverify by that through the TREC my brain race well I
think in fact here is that technology will be an will be smaller so we want so where does but yeah big thing on our
heads but yes it's super important because also problems of today we can already solve have for instance think about people that the concentration is ATA by seeing their own brain waves and light they could strain to focus themselves better so Darryl already solutions uh for problems to date you get users for super and what
do you think about this playground home because you think you're talking about what how can this technology solve a problem but also on Kashmir OK this was more like a laboratory right the small like playing around with that how do you see the connection between this kind of play wrong but maybe you will 1st of Molokai RT and the next step our how to get a product that's relevant falls were to you think of the image and the fashion Hackett sounds as
a playground are very very useful because we also had a participant she's sitting right over there and is she never did this before and because she's salad and and it was fun to do she got in touch with it and now she really loves it and she's going to take it to afford a stage so I think it's very attractive also for people at the 1st and they don't really aria reliable in them and it's right and they start and you getting a community is is really the future and I'm sure of that OK thank you so much the
most beautiful things it next project this moon
we're going into session of the into fashion design so no peace with applause was filtered smooth and allow and my name is not whether I uh means I really
what my project was was create a to create a smart smart necklace um which you see here unfortunately I don't have anything to presented on the idea was to arm and creates a at a fashion accessory that looks beautiful and that does not look so techies so on a lot of accessories like smart that sings Apple watchers and what not they all look so technological it as a means for the average woman wears man's it doesn't a woman wants to buy any accessory because she finds it beautiful not because she wanted to look like technology not necessarily anyway so I that was the idea and so we created a necklace that's um together I was designing and then uh my teammate was helping me program everything so the idea was to and create a necklace with and process so very sleek and simple defined but as you see here with me with illumination underneath and so on this it was found that illuminated the elimination part and it is smart phone um compatible also it was completely uh Bluetooth hasn't as receiver in it so you can powered on and off and control the elimination and any vector with the uh with all the weights and with the Bluetooth and where the act which we program and while the other at the 2nd time and and the idea was also to not to to be able to be sitting in a meeting or in a room In a dinner party is something that you don't wanna have is my phone in your pocket or wherever it is you don't have a bad when you is something but you still wanna know somebody's calling you or to me a text message so as opposed to having any bracelet that is vibrating and that is letting you know you're getting a phone call you have a necklace vibrating and letting you know that it has you're getting a phone call so the vibration is set in the NAc and then X is very discreet nobody else knows that you can just sneak off the beach all excuse after right ladies room and on the read about it and not be rude to have a look at yourself on and no was calling you and the other thing is that uh so the illumination can also show that you're getting a text messages called by and then you're not being very discreet anymore and and then we have a 3 D printed fast in the back which is the closure for optimal and protection of the technology because it has to be so small that it has to be optimized to a person and um and a person doesn't 1 it's constantly change batteries or stick the cable and so on the outlet and power it up and recharge it so the idea was to create on a 3 D printed class that is perfectly molded around uh around the back of the of the necklace together with and the battery and other technology in it and and you can should recharger wirelessly on a basis and on is like a little socket that recharges the necklace because you don't have any wires sticking out of your Mac so yeah that was the project in different a few things so I know that you're
working of a company brand you to wearable tech ready-to-wear stuff but can you tell us 1 to sentences sample this company may be so you know if you want the company's called Moon Berlin and it's been around for a couple years now the designers and doing this for about 10 years already so you specialize in fashion technology but in a very wearable ways those ready to where it's very elegant it's very odd beautiful and using technology also for esthetics and not just as functionality which was what I wanted to elaborate on with this project and kind of expand its so because because you know a little bit about ready to wear that means stuff you can actually says and and or by in the shops and what do you think about
and those the step from a prototype like this tool to a product that you can uh markets like a product that's out there that we can buy
because you are waiting for these products right regret when can be by a necklace like this I think the big step is gonna be on getting rid of colonists and making it very small and really incorporating it into the back of the neck less so for the user to have a really in and consumer to really have a very useful very easy to use by the user it and when I think about how charge hardware wash it how do I think about all about once whereas neck was on necklace as any regular other piece of jewelry that she RD out so that's that's what we use to refresh
my in the news just exchange sort of something and you don't think of all the things you want to get into the washing machine you want and travel effects because can grow plants that take into the next step I think things now we have 2 more projects coming
up of yeah 1st we have to go through it but we have to more of the project coming out of an so next I'm really happy to to stand up for them really really looking for about for that presentation as well because it's something that's really useful and may be used maybe tomorrow and you have big applause for T it and yeah and sold me
taking part EDTA Hackathorn was more or less a coincidence I went to the FabLab was my boyfriend's to represent
source and then I saw all those people talking about their amazing ideas and I was like I have an idea to and I am a speech therapist so I have nothing to do with technology or a fashion but um I'm very interested in working with their kids especially kids with autism and a problem that these kids have is they they can't really read facial expressions of emotions because they don't like him keeping eye contact and I thought it would be really great to actually have a tool that makes it easy for the kids to understand and also communicate emotions nonverbally so I talked to a
guy who also had an an idea that was from aiming at like social responsibility and I told him about it and he said it's great let's do it so I stayed the whole weekend in the FabLab and term so that's a
teacher at and to them it has 6 basic emotions and
there's 6 corresponding colors and you even have different stages of the emotion that means I'm really
really angry or careful I'm getting angry and dead they're actually only 2 colors working and the thing was OK we can make this to you shared pretty easily be we used like a vinyl cutter uh for the uh for the emotions and then we thought about how can we actually did like use LED lights and we were like trying to fake and fix things and then it was like nodes not working and and I was like OK we need LED lights that you can just switch on and off Spike lights so we took some by clients are in different colors we have them here in red in there in blue and um so we just to fix them inside the T-shirt and that's a result the a real like this is a
real ahead because you know where this protection comes from some yet 1st like and they were playing around growth um these little trains like for children and somewhere in the middle so they yeah they make something out of it that was not the case like the invented didn't think about this they invented something new out of these regions and so this is a typical heck somebody invented the by clouds
but are you can use it for autistic children in a very different way and this is a perfect
process so that URI what's really convinced by your idea and buy the product project um so how was it for you when you these tech people in
the fact that I mean how did you get in touch with the other guys there you you said you met this other guy and then he said I have few but how did you need to remember how did you connect because I was basically organizing a test or everybody's connecting so it would be interesting to see to hear about this perspective of how the let him what happened there How did the teams form how that they meet the people have power of so I ask somebody who kind of had the same approach and he was a designer so um I knew that she could help me with like the look of it its but then we had no water tech person in our team that's why we were struggling but I have to say those 2 days they were like a playground for me
there was stuff I have never seen in my life before like 3 D printer laser cutter I mean it really depends on what you are doing in real life and I have to say that this weekend was amazing because I felt like a kid I was exploring things I learn new staff I met new people I would have never met and that was such a great opportunity and then we
had this little little presentation here and I won the 2nd prize and it's like while I mean you just have to try things out you know that's what it's
all about and you have to let kids try things out and that's how they can also achieve great things and become
inventors and great human beings for thank you and and
so we can in through the 1st prize um that jury was convinced of this the sign of this product because of its multifunctional aspects and of the because of the great you I yeah big applause for the project knowledge is power the hi hi and my name is Nicky in the break is called knowledge is power the OK and these these bright talks about how
for women it's still hard to move in public transportation in cities like Mexico where I come from I took this uh is that that from that too much right there is a foundation that make a study about how dangerous is to move and which are the countries where is most dangerous to trial to trial in subway art in the boss and
this is studied ask question to women like have you been verbally harassed by men when using public transport or have you been our experience any other form of physical harassment when using Bullock's transferred and here we have that Mexico City is the 1st country in the world where women experience that these kind of attacks and prove frequently in fact on another study from the United Nations said that 65 per cent of
women have experiences sexual violence and in in in their life traveling public transportation every day in Mexico Tauzin uh a million times and I mean of women move on medium of pairs and move into public transportation so that probably pull it transportation is that it's part of the CP and seek this needs to be marked lead mark the a better place to live so cities this cannot be at places where women should be a care of leading ought to have transportation and these fixed directly on the quality of life this means that women don't feel confident to go out alone art they are segregated indicator in the case of Mexico City they need to use there is a spaces that are are only allowed for women and we think that this is not the solution another study from United Nations and all other entities that are international an international entities be clear that 1 of the forms 1 of the ways
to fight against this problem is still um to make that women report this problem because women are not reporting this because women don't want to go to the police to set some money said something mean to me or
somebody touch me on the subway is is not something that women in Mexico 1 to do or in other countries in Latin America so we started this break asking to ourselves how can we make our invite women to stay in a
1992 in there to stay anonymous but to anyway continue reporting because when women report then there is steady their information their knowledge about how to fight against this problem that it's an invisible problem but everybody knows is there so we started and I have and then flashing Friday as I I was working with 1 colleague that we never would get together but I invited to that I might character that fashion had they and limits of the and Sophie was there also in the fashion had they and we use we just make a perfect match we said OK we like the product we want to continue working on it and pretty fast we show like what we have in mind will you knew that it was pretty ambitious but we wanted to to do also so we only wanted
to make a statement about how the shell on a final act our prior it and how to say that we're pretty to raise awareness about this problem not only Latin America but it's a problem because in 2015 70 per cent of the global population is going to leave on the CD is so when the population
increase their art and it's going to be necessary to have more public transportation and mob errors spaces so we we started to work with other sketches I think we a Predacon uh we we made so perfect match that we just started sinking more to to feel pretty easy
with the process and then we thought about drawling then the subway in Mexico City and we thought about how can we represented and we found that it is possible to represent them with let's this is the subway from Mexico City and we thought about representing this with an alarm that is um and yet again took like it's only 1 right light that indicates that something is going on in 1 of the stations and I will work at then we use all the techniques and the machines that we had on FabLab because we wanted to use all the resources so we need to bear their our text we make the text as in and we'll see you that use the latter cutting machines so we made also mistake and well this was the final presentation the 4 hours statement but 1 of the purposes of having an alarm would be to and located the evidence in that time error in the place so as the winner women have access to we feed then
it's possible to ball all that to the cloud and have all this information in it out to make that ties statistics and to predict where are where all the cases will then a happen or
where are all these things are happening so in the future the politics will gonna have pretty clear information to said OK this is a problem that it's affecting to the women in Latin America in that specifically in Mexico City and we can for the future about they commended make embarrass that it's not only for men but also for all including of women so this is an
example of how how could it work reporting all the cases like time and and they're like frequency of the cases in a map so it will gonna be possible to start making in predictions and this and I've looked
over and yet we the team knowledge is power and may even as of the can sentiments and it was incredible experience the participate in the fashion had Bay for us it was pretty pretty much about play pretty much about trying all the materials and try with that we technology to communicate and the social the issue that we think so the air fashion and big nullity also can help to solve social problems and thank you
and then from much and so on and so what I think this is very interesting because I'm fashion this political rights and with you show you express your status in society express a certain mood you express yourself you individuality and and then suddenly you come up with an idea that expresses also a political problem and I think this is really interesting because it
looks you mean you didn't 48 hours and if you have time like 2 months or half a year of this would be perfectly done I guess
but if you can get the idea it's like decorative but then it's it's combined for a function also rose up with an idea that that's really relevant for us and I think that was something that convinced literary and the idea is that whole
floor and I forget to mention that our concept is based on making like an armada
here uh like the meaning of protection and safety and then we use this material to express will never will now be t and its translucent because we we wanted to
show this some parts of the body so that's why we chose these materials and black because its brain is pretty strong and why
because it you can see through the volume that and that's how that's that that's the feeling that many women have every time they go to the subway in like Mexico City some of so I mean yeah do you have a question
about this you from your audience no so i'm gap and what are you going to do next what is your personal background like are you from a fashion but from the from text from what's your and I am presently assigned and the and my partner that held that Sarah she is working on their take field and Sophie
she's working on their textile variances studying the selling unary so we were like kind of the signers and that's why we've I felt like we have so similar ideas but at the same time we come from different places size from Panama as Sophie's living into region I come from Mexico so
it would be cool because know all that that's a key the problems they they offer you true to bring this to workload using the system so all it's the possible to do rhythms and yeah and it's it's still puzzled and I I AEI
receive a an invitation to participate in have not call it from the organization of the is that the countries from Latin America to develop the product based on technology there are gains violence against women so that this this can continue is 3 outbreak that can go forward there so I would really like to see is working in some more good to the the topical sport blood from freshman through something but also from the most so we have
the but still we have proposed so yeah thank you so much sense for taking part of your so I can yeah I'm I hope it was something in that like the presentations will insurable for US an audience that you get some insights how this digital new fashion can be developed in a new way and I think the ideas that came up there sort of friends and especially he opt for autistic children these ideas are are the harassment of sexual-harassment you
need people who actually work in the future have these ideas that come up with things that I really needed it because it's their
daily life so as a designer engineer how can you have these ideas if you not in touch with these in these environments I think it's really important to connect more to connect
industries why not comment ID does with Airbus or something else that's what we are working on the next we're going to do is think tens to connect people even more and I think that's all missions and so yeah these are the people that found together during fashion that day it's right here on the stage of last Sunday and thank you so
much if you have any idea or in need of something Thomas that varied manageable in the
thank you so much thank yeah thank you very much thank you very much for the presentation on on the