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We live in an era of ubiquitous surveillance. Surveillance is however seldom a goal in itself, but part of a larger scheme of socio-political domination. This talk will examine a few pieces of the puzzle leading to societal control: control of your activities via the internet, of your thoughts via the media and of your movement via border surveillance.
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home DNN only a s challenges
and now we get to see all
control and which is held by and and Samantha known as from and European digital rights and estimates
from Texas now thank you very much the if yeah so well go morning everyone it's the little bit early so thank you very much for coming and so welcome to this talk on controls so my name is Justin Hammer & and I'm still
high and so 2 years after the 1st known
revelations and mainstream media has become much more aware about world surveillance by states and also by preparation the so we've been
asking ourselves where is the resistance from this movement in more is there still
so many people thinking that they have nothing to hide and therefore nothing to here so we've been thinking about these events and we came out with 2 reasons from 2 main reasons the first one is because of the intangible nature of surveillance is with such a lower quadrant activity and the 2nd main reason is because this is often a very common part of this have bigger picture a bigger game of control and everyone here and we can I think will agree with me that information is power nowadays and then we're living in what the AGU bidders called a society of control where everything is monitored entered and nothing is left alone for long so here today we're gonna talk about 3 things that in terms of control our life in general our thoughts and our movement so 1st of all and why these 3 fields and not something else so because we have this 1 hour and because we don't want to bore you and we because the thing that is 3 areimportant that things that
we hope you enjoy so now I'm gonna talk about how the internet is being used to control analyzed by 3 actors and that's in in our life so the 1st ones are governments the
2nd ones are companies in the 1 hour so yes so 1st and governments evenly back in history we see that on the left is volunteering countries actually have 2 things in mind 1st to follow with control and the 2nd 1 was power and how different is that from nowadays so that inside our democratic foundation actually the the answer is that illegal in our opinion so we see and is not uh a big surprise for you guys
that the NSA and other civilian agencies that wants to have total control of the population but also that the enforcement authorities actually in the European
Union are seeking to do more in different fields such as terrorism hate speech or so-called radicalization whatever that means and in terms of service 19 know that uh I don't know you know that there's a proposal of the
directive on combating terrorism that actually says that EU threatened to kidnap for example let's say and your Prime Minister son any view unduly compel him to do something to commit any act then you would not be likely to be a terrorist and then Member States should times
and so in fact this is if
I see that as a family agreed to this proposal of other active and I would be at this
and think a terrorist and you and terrorism have this talk a few am and so also as 2nd element of control in our lives the outcomes comes from companies it is not surprise to you the use Facebook Twitter LinkedIn out or even we didn't read newspapers is not for free you're data how would you do your behavior and comes with a price so a clear example of how this works is targeted advertisements and
is not surprise to you I guess that when you actually you imagine that you're looking for a for dress for our foursome them trousers and then afterward you go to other websites are to your social media sites you see targeted advertisement about on clothes and related things and is like what is really interesting because like couple of days ago a couple of months ago I was looking at some different that's where constants I love sides right at well I think for me this serving that when I am writing an e-mail and I'm not in hotmail I actually see ads that on my right about the constant that I've been changing with my contacts and term for you but is that reality so the 2nd thing is that the even of things as it here you can see different types of devices that you may use because you making at their convenience so there's a different outfit thickness tractors that and would allow you proudly to become thinner and you can also have a mattress so if you suspect that is
called smart dressed as fantasy invention their family if I do not have a suspicion that your partner is and and not being faithful then that these also in this area is not because of his mind you like my smartphone like all always much forms and they will tell you if a if you're she is used in the matches while you're not there yes helpful right because we only have it and then also like you have all the other devices like the miller mind and I was also and tracks you're a brain waves and actually each afterwards matches the music and now according to your brain waves it's very interesting but I don't have you're you're on yeah habitus share these data out with with companies and in many examples uh that's would lead to what neither call the Internet of Things
will be the world's biggest Robert where do not have to control bad as somebody else has a control and you don't even know what the control of of what you would meet I would would like to have because you know that data that is being out there I am
so the 3rd element of the control of our lives by ourselves shows of force I want to use it to this guy his name is screens then C on the Addison privacy he says and that's so in
2008 he decided like well as a that of companies are monitoring outliers they want to know what kind of data they have about me about myself about himself is he set and so what he these 2 connects himself to all the devices can think of and to his body and his house and he created different databases to have an overview of how he could improve his life so he became the mayor and here here and at what I think is very interesting in the OMIM privacy advocates is that he says that we want our people to behave like machines and we expect machines to behave like people so I would like you to think about that because I think he has a very good point on that and I don't know if that's the world we want to allow me to be and to get to for the future the 2nd example I would
like to use you a substance he actually lost his sight of the of the and right eye when he was 19 so he's a filmmaker so he thought that it would be nice structure replace and he's a flawed I with a camera so and he's going to an pirate some most of the times he says that he doesn't use and these are camera all the time but so I can imagine that and a very comfortable if this year of industry and then he's and not wearing underpants and then the 2nd you would you be comfortable and he was recording all old your conversations or you've movements he says he doesn't do it but there's no means to to see where that would happen or not right so in the end what we end up with a sphere into of me so we might well be moving from the Internet of Things demanded of me bring
to and acts by certain kind uh so there's strong at the CDs and researchers that actually came to that conclusion and actually agree in the sense that nowadays is not your Internet it's it's not it's all about you but without you being in control and we need to remain that control in that sense I am actually very interested in another part of our lives and that's here our thoughts to give them the you have anything to say about OK so next slide and where
we see that there's control is actually our thinking and so
well thanks to technological developments in the past years and this so many new possibilities for media control and this then takes the control of our thinking also to a whole new level so there's multiple ways in which different actors mostly governments try to control the media uh in order to influence the debates and and then to influence their thoughts and actions and thereby control society and so on well contrary to what you might think now this is not only a very common characteristic to repressive regimes but it happens also uh in countries belonging to the European Union so what is the media control and how does this affect uh our thinking um 1st example as a political spin I don't you don't see it very well anyway it's a political spends sorry very old art form that goes back to the
ancient Greeks um so spends on not only a method for governments but also for companies in order to advance their agenda you there to make you vote for something or not uh opposed itself to
certain policy or to make you buy something and um well spins on basically biased interpretations of events on use and in order to convince the public of a certain goal and since don't always need to do to be a bad thing because NGO Stewart to rights
we all try to spin the news and but we only need to be concerned when a been become so dominant so that it becomes a propaganda and nowadays spends on Dolly come from 1 direction anymore and uh for example from 1 politicians um spends come from everywhere and because messages can get distributed so quickly and I multiplied on a very very large scale
so let's take an example of forest and from the topic of refugees as the where a very good way to show you how a spin can be used in order to manipulate the public discourse and last year David Cameron referred to refugees as a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean now the words swarm always has a negative range to it's never a very pleasant ideas have 1 coming your way and as John Oliver put it so even if it's a swarm of kittens so you still get a tiny bit worried writers yeah so the tone of the debate that
has a direct impact on the public perception of policies that are being proposed so now whether we we use of the word swarm create more sympathy toward refugees or will it actually um and leads to the fact that while people might be in favor of the creation of more barriers in order to stop this 1 and well I think the answer is pretty pretty clear when you look at the rise of all the right wing and anti-immigrant movements from across Europe a
another a nice example for a spin is a campaign by the French government last year uh and here the French government wanted to warn about the radicalization and so this nice info graph gives you advice on how to spot the terrorists um so apparently the process of radicalization also includes they don't if I get any more and that you change your clothing cell so for me this is a very fine example of well pure mongering and
that's from a minus amphisbaenians and pushing control a tiny bit further even is the development of a counter narrative also called sometimes the propaganda or I obs some and counter narratives are basically stories that actuated to go against messages like for example positive messages about these tolerance and democracy in order to
fight against right-wing extremism and like spends counter narratives are very old and effective of traditions and picture like once pointed out that you can find the invasion of
an army but some of you probably can't fight invasion of an idea and this invasion of ideas was also the central logic behind a very sophisticated US program during the cold war when the US aimed at shaping public opinion and not only at home but across the entire signal and then after the end of the cold war and the so called war of ideas was then further developed by secret services all around the globe and and what change was the vocabulary and in the paper from last year the Rand Corporation mentioned that well I and the weights propaganda down or political warfare where a tiny bit unhelpful and so what that political well slowly started that the term counter narrative and now we are entering a whole new area of propaganda and kind of again now where new technologies allow the super rapid dissemination of ideas and Western governments are more and more using private companies in order to do that they're using the goes and Facebook's in order to educate the people so let's think for example those of European Internet forum uh so this is an initiative where the Commission and Europe will sit down with the the figure of 5 biggest US companies Microsoft Google and Twitter as defend as thanks but well anyway with 5 think yes companies in order to well see how these companies can fight against the what they can do in order to fight against terrorism and 1 of the uh the goal here is also to challenge the terrorist narratives and this then is very problematic for 2 reasons
well firstly because it leads to privatize censorship the uh
companies deal more and more with problems that should actually be uh the responsibility of the state and the rule of law is spending replaced with the terms and conditions or communities than and secondly you well I don't need to explain the importance of narrative here at a media conference from so we all know that these are stories that are supposed to stick in people's minds and what this the
powerful able to fix the premises of the discourse our and to decide what the population can see here and I think and we can see this for example also reflected in today's debate about terrorism we rarely see article of a that discussed the responsibility of the western states of for the causes of terrorism in the countries of origin for example all we don't see articles about Western mistakes in responses to terrorist acts all very rarely so but new media
company is do not only influence the
stories the narrative they also have gained the power to actually controlled directly from you I and they can engineer the public without even the public's knowledge so
am who years on Facebook OK so I guess then you're happy to
learn that you're a part of the new generation of genetics um because in 2012 Facebook carried out on the part of an experiment and manipulated people's timelines in order to test the while the real emotional reactions of the use of and and Facebook study they concluded that emotions emotions expressed by France by online social networks uh constitute the 1st experimental evidence follow massive emotional contagion by a social network and yes they can do all this with value of data because you have agreed to Facebook's the terms and
conditions and the state that Facebook and use your personal information to carry out surveys and well academic research but Facebook actually doesn't stop
there in the paper from the University of California from
2012 that analyze another very ambitious experiments and civic engineering but by the social network that took place in 2010 and at the time Facebook I wanted to find out if they could get previously I not interested people to vote in the US congressional midterm elections so the experiment was super simple Facebook show the user graphic with a link to look up the next that what in place and it also shows that you would at the faces of 6 friends that had allegedly also already voters so in 2010 Facebook the pheromones are created that social
pressure which then cost more people to vote and as about only 2 months ago and Facebook started to ask itself internally what's responsibility it had to stop Donald Trump and you don't need to like Donald Trump a lot but I find it certainly very creepy that some of the other private companies have the power and also an interest in the manipulating our democratic systems but of course of Facebook is not
the only company doing this um uh yeah Apple and Google have their own little projects to will influences for example by it's like this 1 here and my question is can treats like this 1 actually push friend Flanders higher in the search rankings and can then higher rankings also bring in more support in return yeah and research published by Robert Epstein and Ronald rather than actually suggests that Google has the the potential for large-scale and manipulation of election results
fans Apple just what a company called emotions that last year but we don't know what it intends to do with this the emotion to develop software to assess emotions based on reading facial expressions and on the website it says wherever there are cameras there can be a video analysis of expression and an opportunity to learn about the customer state of mind yeah so online companies increasingly distribute information in a way that serve their own did logical or economical agenda and this method then also become super attractive for governments of course the EU
commission for example was started funding in motion tracking and gave 3 . 6 million euros to realize and realize the London-based that up that tracks people's reactions to web cams and smart from 10 miles in order to analyze their motion so it has been narratives and civic engineering fire rather
soft methods to control the media and to control what you might think and say
um but there's also the height method but we don't have enough time here to
speak about the switches the prosecution harassment and threats against journalists but all this then leads to a decline of the open debates and and it also decline of the quality of the information that's
available to people so if we're not controlling our life anymore on and our thinking anymore can we at least still go wherever they want thank you get so as you
might have interested I will present the 3rd element of these uh control per which is the control of arm movement which might be the least obvious 1 we'll thing that we're moving
freely but uh will show 3 example that we're actually controlling our movement even though we don't necessarily realize it so at 1st we have their historical habit from government to not only control the movement of their cities and leaving the territory but in particular at the border this affects the freedom of movement which is a right that is encompassed
in a they you mean right declaration edges 1 also of the most important freedom we have in the EU and its encompassing are trees you might have experienced it a lot of time by having the right not only to go around your country bill such as go visit another country and region freely or also to choose to go leave abroad without initial work abroad this is your freedom of movement you acknowledge that you have at the end that however government and of course in fridge and this and there is a different way where they can do these begin infringe on your freedom of movement either by canceling your
passport at May putting you under house arrest or in the case of refugees limiting your entry into a country while your fleeting your on country for political reasons this is an image of the and etc. can in Jordan
which is the biggest as campuses refugees to date according to recent UN status as it is said that there is 1 . 4 million Syrian refugees in Jordan in total not all of them in that can but in the country and total and over a million in Lebanon and if we compare with the total number of refugees and in the EU their latest data from various effects seem indicate that in the you there is 1 . 2 million refugees only 50 per cent of them are actually from Syria displayed with the media has been explaining and at the rest of the refugees are coming mostly from Afghanistan and Iraq looking at the status of the refugees currently in the situation in the EU we have all seen the disastrous response from our government not only in terms of the number of refugees and we've actually took into our countries but also the condition in which we will come this refugees there were fleeing words and we've seen all of these images of refugees seeking on rail tracks sitting outside during the winter not having access
to an institute supports in order to find the Iselin request not having access to remedy in case their rights were being abused not having access to their basic rights and fortunately this does not stop here because the EU is planning to introduce new measures that will
affect their right to privacy after having all of their basic rights in Frege we've seen at last the last 2 weeks in the US introduces a new proposal for border control so this is not at idle from the next the func func this is actually what the EU wants to be with the
border they want and smarter better and stronger we don't really know what does it actually mean that it's an considered in this program which was initially for proposed 2 years ago and was the aim of speeding at the border control and for any travellers entering the USA was mostly about pure migration policies changing the visa suspension stamping system and also adding this part of new by biometric collection of data is whether it you 1st issue for privacy because much more personal data about all travellers coming to you were going to be collected but do
very important impact forest specifically affecting refugees in Iceland seekers is 1 of the main goal of this model border program is to track would be you call the over years people or staying in the EU theory longer that would you want them to so there is specific tracking door and through this procedure in order to identify those persons and possibly a find them and send them back to their country so if you're excellent security do not have a date in the access to the administrative recommend that you need in order to fight you didn't you might be sent back to your country because you've been identified as university years is of course only 1 aspect of this Marburger package it will actually affect literally anybody traveling in the you out of the EU and also within the EU and this was not initially planned to go over also the trouble interest you because it's a clear infringement of the internal freedom of movement that this was added that the demand of the French government following the attacks and this is why this proposal is somewhat similar to another that have heard
of which is the Passenger Name Record directive which attracts the movement of every flying from the you into and possibly weaving if the Member States wants to which was
discussed for 3 years in the EU with a lot of them controversy and a lot of push back from the European Parliament given the fundamental right concerned for a right to privacy but with a strong political pressure of the attacks in Paris and recently in Brussels the proposal was adopted and 1 week after I think the attacks in Brussels and it's not going to be implemented and together with the smart border packaging was the new types of surveillance push forward by the EU this will create a harmful shady by surveillance system which are fixed everybody moving within the
U N will I think even more at the vulnerable population which are the refugees and the asylum-seekers which gives us leads us to a situation where even though you have the feeling that you have this freedom of movement because you're actually as EU citizen by you resident when you're legally established here I'm talking about of course this theory of cities in the region which is neither you're the feeling that you can move freely through the you that you can take a plane income I can you have this freedom but actually your being control at it for a single movement you're making between your country and this is I would yield a loose called the in the padding of thinking that you or you have this freedom that you're
being control all the time and that's what looks like is our future when we see this proposal put on the table and those can are helps with some new types of technology that have potentially very good use but also being free at the use and for surveillance and altering our privacy you all know of course of the examples of the mobile phone ended wearable devices as clearly an mechanism that can be used for tracking purposes we've talked about them extensively we discussed the use
of biometric a data model for the collection of this data through the border controls so there is also a new types of camera being developed and implemented the other fish the camera with facial recognition of the cameras with which a measure is the temperature uh the 1 with the temperature that we are trying to be displayed in Old French train station by bided National Railway Company in order to identify every traveller that might be more stress
than usual word speaking voice a higher than the rest or running through the train station so because it can represent a risk or it can be a potential terrorist and I can also be somebody who's fearing to Mrs. train but the want to 15 and finally 1 of the and must use device at the moment it is absolutely which uses actually not regulated by you or very few countries is this little thing here that you might have seen the
most of your close it's in terrified tag which that has a very specific use it in order to track the production and the selling of uh a piece of a piece of close gene or a teacher and so the retailer basically put it on a on a store prediction changes any has information of where has produced words can be shifting at which store it's going to be sold in it should be removed at the moment word sold its work the Commission Recommendation indicate that you maybe know that the Commission recommendation is not actually a very
strong uh instrument it's not fully binding and therefore it's absolutely not enforced so most of the time you go home with this text activated
it does seem really begin the tag cat before use but it's just a tiger domicilio candidates covered by all the rest of the time you have in your close so you might keep this tag on for a while some of them are not very uh harmful and automatically this actually does you exceed the story was it but a lot of them so the activated in ways those thank each time you enter a show that has an RFID reader people could be able to fully or movement through the city disk those can seem harmless that we that again we have the pardon of movement like you have is a mobile phone so when we're faced with all these systems of surveillance and all these new types of surveillance developed in whole or the control of movement so it's and your control of your life is being spread around in being further developed we asked each other in the preparation of this that's what can be the alternative inward are the solution that all together at a society we can do to stop this control yes so we
hurt and a few minutes ago about many problems may present our life
mean m many problems in our thoughts in going in our mind many promising of movement so that however I don't want you to go home and be like 0 this 3 women only talking about the problems that we already knew most of them I want to do something I actually the 3 of us with the wants you to do is to well we're speaking here and where we found I just eigen habitat afterwards that you think about ways to improve this because we need to our focus on the alternative and not about the control so my 1st recommendation our offers recommendation for you guys it's innovation for good so and I want to tell you the story of Neil Harbison
at so before main you add 2 examples of sound so so-called sigh works right so the see that our control his life and also rub stands there as and with retains I with him
so Neil fibers and actually could not recognize at colors so that the that and so our was and he was seen dies he could not and I
where you were wearing and Jell-O shared or our red trousers he would see that at the same colors so actually some very clever guys actually develop a device that was improved several
times to the point that ASR of has behind his back a device that actually and tells him that kind of colors that he's seen by it sounds so apparently now he even consider colors better than us and can identify like different shades of of jealous instead of saying delisted say like and scenic and at clear Delaware's some so if you are a part of a starter if your job is to be whatever in a company if your job is to be enacted as of your job is to be a journalist do something that inspired I wanted to get fired really and 2nd 1 is privacy
by design so as I said before if essential actually yesterday have put a lot of emphasis on becoming entrepreneurs I think we need not only to be kind of nice that in whatever job in whatever part of your life you're developing actually that due to something used and if you have any idea in your
mind of a starter for example use privacy is acid at this stock trading of privacy for convenience as at the censuses and he says that actually because he doesn't believe in privacy that actually seems all this devices and are very useful to us that we should as of caring about a privacy because we don't have it anymore the agree I have said no so just in that use the the Privacy by Design embedded in our make sure that you spread the word and we make this word other place because in in is our world so and that is complaining thing it's very good to and find solutions so another
solution of we thought of is that you confuse the algorithms that you fight against the profiling of these companies are trying to put you without you even have been under control because you probably have heard this narrative saying that 0 who red who reads here that dance and
conditions I want to see the hands of a k
to a k OK let's say that these 3 people and I have read the terms of conditions 1 of these obligations of services actually read them right so what do you do I mean
when you see outrageous things that basically they can do whatever you the ones with your data with the use of that obligation so what do you do not much a whether you would add except that I or whether you don't use the application of the service right so that's just an used and our ability to be creative and then for example the view usually by I know that your foot online just there by random stuff for a distance change your name and and make it harder for the
algorithms to actually show on the results they want you to see and the final and 1 that I want you to remind because I know that many of you know already is to use the anonymity encryption and so you state analogy that is out there and to actually detect your life so you already probably know at Tora signal the PNC
didn't use and so many more and so many more services and applications that you I'm sure are going to developed to make our lives and easier right yes gives the you know them
OK so what can we do to fight against the wall spends counter narratives and fight against the fact that
the various actors try to control the media in order to control what we think and what we think and ones above obvious thing is to actually check the facts um because really do it when you read a news when you read an article in new somewhere just try to find other sources in order to verify if that's all correct
because sometimes it's just copy and paste from governmental press releases or from European Commission press releases so it's always good to to do this and another thing that my perspective
about already said here yesterday on stage 1 from and I think we should change the slogan from my perspective I change my life to markers that could I stole my slides um so 1 solution is access information requests um make axis
the document requests to your Government's because the right to obtain documents allows us to expose the actually the inner workings of governments but it helps the a yes keep the state accountable and to have evidence-based discussions and so there's various parts also for the you can you can use for example Astley you uh um or in germany at surfactant starts so another thing that we need as legal protection of whistleblowers
because unfortunately in Europe other still no comprehensive legal protection at the moment was the lowest risk of their careers reputation family everything so we need EU-wide legal protection and unfortunately policy at the moment at the EU level goes exactly into the wrong direction with the adoption of the trade secret service director um yeah yes and then well we also need more media outlets to actually published the leaks in order to adjust the quote them the worked controlling the movement that just have 3 short ideas a recommendation that would like to be to hear from from you guys 1 more idea so another thing which is a little bit in the same there it goes in the same direction as with my and propose data of cation to play with the algorithms to play with the camera by just using this disguise if there is some recognition this dislike which was actually from the forest from there is a great talk was given at CCC which shows like how actually by your movement of the way you present yourself in front of the camera you can't actually false recognition of the camera this is of course not a long-term solution only a short-term solution they should be more in Fort making sure that the installation of cameras does not become a normal thing forced to do when we don't start seeing cameras everywhere but this is a really short term solutions and 0 . 8 to become the next month's strands he's shown us that we've a lot of time and a lot of energy you can take
down the Ferber there is a lot of harmful legislation that is being adopted PNR are being the 1 of them and we need more people like Marx to go to court and challenged those legislation and finally remove all the trackers so that when you purchase a fall when you purchase most endurable the tracking and options on by default look at them online learn are true remove them most of them not all
of them will be possible again this is really a short term solution that you can reduce your finger print and online by removing all the trackers and we have finally 1 which is uh maybe a more general 1 which apply to the whole country and a whole control padding which had only afraid of being different of being yourself the right to privacy is a right to be you can be different to not be like the government wants you to be to not be the normal according the government that the normal according to you don't be afraid to be different because should searching yourself in or start losing the case that besides being yourself emphasizing different that whatever that means to you I you also support our local organizations so I don't know the new I European these arise entry in our super powerful member axis now but you do now you know about them so I hope that you can support as and you're looking at organizations is very important that you actually add to something even just contact us that any other organization that you know we need help so do give you an idea in Brussels registry people beaten with policy all of these proposals that we've seen before 3 people plus and Estelle and her team and also another organization that's it so I hope that you actually get inspired again and now and I would like to hear your thoughts your doubts and your comments your questions and you can all 0 acephalous that unclear also at entry in axis now Mr. websites and thank you very much thank
you Mr. at the good if it OK and thank you very much for your talk in a really enjoyed it and known I want question that might be too specific so already sorry if it's not fair that my question goes in the direction of a lot of the security measures you mentioned and you've criticized the In rightly so a shared concerns a lot of these measures are reactions to certain developments to to the influx of refugees
auto security concerns because of terrorism and Joan the solutions you offered usually went into the direction of of public and private and security and privacy safety and privacy of your data which is all very important but I think there is a need for a lot of countries in Europe and and and in the West for there is a public need for safety whether it's justified or not is another question but people want to feel safe people want to feel protected from terrorism people are unsure and I was just thinking that I agree with a lot of criticism but you have to offer some sort of alternative when it comes to these issues with their with the privacy in the in the personal data you off a lot of alternatives and that there's a lot out there but when it comes to the board so that it societal issues of of safety and just general the welfare feel like this in this country crowd here sometimes lacks the answers to those conditions and I don't think it's enough to just say you safe use it your concerns are not valid like they overblown some of them surely on but the day I think there there's still needs to be demoted to offer in an alternative that also offer some sort of the don't safety measures so for the people so thank you and that's
actually a very important point and a lot of the discussion that we had during uh the passenger name record uh in particular discussion in during the discussion on the directive on combating terrorism would you say that to be very important there is a reactions from Governments afterward predicate acts of passing legislation very fast to give the people the feeling of being sick and what we've been commenting it is the rush in passing drastic surveillance measure giving people this feeling that something he's been done for the safety but actually not changing the security issues was the case already after if you remember to London and Madrid 6 months after the better retention directive was adopted which has not been overturned by the Court for infringing fundamental rights 2 weeks after did brussel attacked the pinata at was adopted execs and concerns in it will fall in parts in the court the issue we had was the PNR directive is that after the Brussels in especially after the parasite that we've asked the French government to conduct an inquiry on the failure of the intelligence because frost as you know as expanded so much here surveillance that people were not understanding the ships so much data hokum your not stop those attacks the French government and the French opposition to the government refused to do such inquiry because we're so close to the political election that either of the results we have shown that during 1 or the other government some other harmful legislation was adopted in order to make the word of intelligence and the police much more difficult for a lot of actually intelligence officer were saying that too much data is not helpful to the work it's using this data appropriately enough heard to Brussels and Paris at that a lot of the time we heard over and over that the police new suspect in Europe the region the just and were not communicating between each other so they had the data they were not making the usage of these data as need be and they also had too much data because the you just need to be doubled the suspect the 1 they had and have this information to the relevant authority which did not happen we asked them whether it would consider putting something like that in the PNR directly then they just said no members that will never agree to that the result is you have surveillance measures surveilling absolutely everything on basis of no suspicion and even if at some point the directive might be useful in you can find 1 terrorist the members that do not have the obligation to share this information with the other countries let's put an example was the PNR directly Germany finds out that somebody is trying to do not in France they do not have the obligation to inform frost about that people might think you're safer with the PNR directed that maybe in practice this will not happen so it's true that we need to propose alternative but at the same time when you take decision in such difficult situation you just pass the 1st legislation of an unstable you not looking at exactly what's in it and you end up editing legislation that harming all of the population a and to be honest we had a lot of lawmakers telling us how bad they felt about adopting the Kannada active in that they were wishing that we would take it to court to fight at that's not the way we should do policy-making hoping that there is someone for disaffected that will take it to court to challenge because you were not able to take the political courage of fighting for the right solution even if it takes a few more months to actually make the situation different yeah and also if if I just might add in order to increase the general security all around the globe to as I said before maybe we have to finally also look at the western responsibilities in the countries of origin What are we doing out there you know uh what I our involvement in the countries where terrorism and of surfaces yeah and also just to act as well and I think the question is right uh at the point that we need to discuss I think 1 of the to encourage people to think by themselves think whether the measures proposed are being really efficient necessary and proportionate and the challenge as they you in our High Commissioner of 4 human rights he said that the challenge for 2016 is so actually I have had that and assured that countries have human rights and their gender as well as trying to find again the fight against terrorism which is very key it seems that are human rights just this beautiful concept but do you know or do you remember that lecture that you're right to life is also human rights you know that your right to privacy so is not something that we like to add for just because the thing here we need our privacy is a human right of freedom especially the human rights so there's prove actually and for example that you and 1 of action against land and estimates and its access that there's evidence showing that countries that are in use more repressive um policies actually encouraged Evelyn me seem more and not the opposite begin the you know that for example after the price attacks words at the French government
decided to to us with a derogation of the European Commission of Human Rights now the UK does not only want to leave the European Union but also had to have a the occasion of the European Commission of Human Rights because they say that they know how to bring it it's a ready meaning that at all of the other countries in the world I don't know how to play human rights it's it's that the the were we want to just have security um and not human rights I where I
want both I and I hope that you did too and I think critical thinking as it's very very important and then just ensure that your politicians here you ends up and that you support and really common sense because for example if I mentioned before that active on combating terrorism that is currently being addressed so the puzzle to the other possible was made and in December it was Dutch in 2 weeks and according to the Commission diamonds they need to our provide an impact assessment to check whether they're measures are efficient and unnecessary proportionate and comply with human rights standards they said that they can happen need to do it so it seems that there is a break on this issue but does not deserve the time had to think about it but then that's where we failed now the Council so were all of the Member States of the European Union so that 28 countries of the EU are already took the position and the European Parliament right now actually at this moment there having a meeting at I had to discuss and how they're gonna really restrict our rights and in the proposal of the become the European Commission they say that this directive respects human rights as like a hot maybe not so that's where where there and I hope you was engaged in armed develop critical thinking this as adjusted and he was with extensive
as as these have time for 1 more question and it is a very quick on because perceived you work it was always about Khan explain where privacy does not the post safety and where measures that are sold as safety measures actually do not increase safety but at the same time
on creep along on human rights so my question always are used seen as opposing safety concerns sometimes that also 1 of the things you have to deal with besides because I imagine always you try to reach people and to get your message across and thus this ever happened that you're seeing supposing the safety of the people that's all that's very seasonal question the yes and is there was actually
interesting because for this debate and we knew this might happen and that's why also we were discussing alternative in other solution rather than the 1 proposed on the table had to not change to discourse like that we had in our experience a lot of the easier text from some politicians that were not in favor of their arguments were putting on the table during the minotaur debate we were we've been cold of being in favor of child pornography of intelligence and in such a difficult issue like terrorism we felt that this uh possibility might come at some point in completed you rate the debate from the shore discussing I have to say that during the can RGB this never came up uh likely at the same time that we're in a really large something which is more than a southern 100 uh citizens e-mailing deployment contacting the horn and calling upon and asking them to not vote for the PNR the political pressure was so high in the other side that the proponent of the measured knew that these will go through really fast so the dean engage with us at all we can have any meetings that possible with the with the rapporteur's in 1 it was just know engagement at all so they were not necessarily attacked in this proposal because yeah from the very beginning it was really hard to opposite and there were no need for a fork for them to engage because uh actually very interesting need the most of the media and 20 minute after DI text in Brussels most of the french media to be honest uh were leading the EU for the attack happening for not having adopted the PNR directive already at so that completely started and I was really strong media spins against the European Parliament for not taking their responsibility elatedly and added Contiki something this abilities of engaging in college debate but not all of the NGO said that are fighting for privacy of our that lucky of our member known observer member of liquidity nets in France last year right after the socially up do attacks have launched campaigns in order to well bring back the debate on an evidence-based
level and France and they got attacked super heavily by the opposition wall by the other side so saying that they were actually while helping terrorism and so on and so it's it can happen but also and saying well at the conservatives also use the terrorist attacks of uh at the EU level in order to say OK now and if uh well if we don't know and push through the security measures that well on the table and very quickly then all those of us who oppose those are actually helping to a well to the law to have more bloodshed so it was very popular that was very ugly so it can happen Phocaean wasn't true but some
the because there was just no major major position against in on the the did it again after the Brussels yes saying that the left would actually adding that carriers would actually vote for the left of which the the cats and radio I would say worried damaging in and year for even for themselves and OK this 1 last question what a little thanks for your speech on must include the whole thing controls moral on between
freedom freedom of speech and of all the privacy the increase of being yourself and the other thing this long control and was a political you're you can't have both you can't have security and freedom paucity of society and lawful individual missing time the point is no more distractions and really the danger to long so like this the terrorists or a threat to society on to the of more used very often as you can see in Spain and France and everywhere else to push the journalists to control people to control media to restriction on humanoids voluntary long we should all articles self-awareness comes from and the crucial taken advantage of it and of the very strange should a sample the In front of still not really normal right I don't know english word for would that's not war right through it all but certain restricted you can't do you demonstration on and the new media no nobody tells a reasonable for example of really big movement of the the people out and also those right on pronounced in the bandit everything like that like and stay in the country with a demonstration without being risking on hundreds of few rule 2 pairs of falling nobody's talking about that and went on doesn't control I really again so that the security of against terrorist war terrorism which is not working anywhere as you can see the and roll low of i think we should focus on on the other side on the politicians yeah the challenges of politicians and the brick global control of yeah so not focusing on the product side but more focusing on what we are asking to lose all those societies we have built up the so in Europe yeah yeah that's
that's a fair point actually in some of the meetings we had with politicians that I've been told that and yeah my and you need to give me Akron creates add benefits for the the relation because everybody's watching mean how can it tell and other voters that
actually yeah I would not be in favor of these measures that the other part of parties are appraising as fighting terrorism what do I say how what's the benefit for the population if I say no and I think that's that's pretty it but I don't think it's as a question of either or as both out because if we win on 1 side and we use on the other side and we're not going to change anything if the politicians and imagine that the politicians are convinced that repressive measures on of the solution but the población ni starts have been very and dramatic and they're criticizing their government this will change the public and amended their their opinion so it's a question of of them from his on town
with whom they get ahead