Digital colonialism

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Digital colonialism
A global overview
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Beyond tensions of privacy and security, we are witnessing a real confrontation between control and freedom, not only of the individual, but of entire populations and regions, enhanced by technologies and massive collection and analysis of data. From predicting to influencing behaviours, from automation of public services to fully control and the ability to disrupt those, even remotely. From gaining access to a global communications platform to losing the ability to protect the rights of those who are interconnected in such platforms. We are witnessing a different form of global domination and control. This talk will explore the dangers of digital colonialism and how countries in the South are fighting back.
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home the chain a and E and uh if
you land but we are trying to basically do you you have the formatting and dog and so instead of talking to you what we want to do here and
stations to talk among loss because sometimes we feel that the older speakers from the global south all the time rolled today north the told to you have to try to explain our realities and we wanted shifted a little bit and we want to talk among us because it's about time that we talk among all us L about something that is affecting not only us but is affecting all of us all the more but the South might have some answers to these problems that we have today so and the way that we really do eat that is Alan users send American writer and he prepara a timeline that you could say you could follow as he reads these
timeline about colonialism in the past and then x c we do readings and then we will have the conversation and she will read again and you can
tweet and every the tweets again and common and those I we will do it again and we hope that it will start like can of functioning soon but yeah is very extreme I I hope that you you there we does and and and then we would have so and an opening for the public to ask questions direct
and the end of this part of the list of by so
you find out I hi everyone says we have a technical difficulty is going to have to happen is a little bit I'm going to pose a question to not as to why she constituted this when she felt
this was important for us to have this discussion and the notion of being I think we're trying to escape this prescriptive approach to why how we should adopt the internet what it should mean that tools around which we should use that and I was just telling you girls and their parts and
the whole idea of a hack to a song that we all love you know we know that to run the world as gals but we're now at around the world apps poor run this mother apps that's where we're at
of this the tyranny of applications which is 1 for of what we want to address today by its its touches of something bigger it touches on of a lived experience that goes beyond just tell you know of prescriptive technologies OK because getting comfortable alanine possible now so I mean what what what do you guys think when you hear the word digital colonialism are we trying to be alarmist here we're trying to paint a picture of a reality that is unpleasant I we need to just you know all have this conversation when I think I think that debt and 1 of the main issues here and I denied you feel it in the same in Africa is that these new form of
colonialism arrived at the moment that we we did overcome colonialism that happened to us when they're Spanish arrive and there to use writing that America and there aren't enough we can and the British and the derived at the we tried like was movements of emancipation and those capitalism crushed those efforts
basically and now we have a new forms of oppression on steroids are new forms of capitalism even stronger so so as as we saw this situation Embassy of polar plot for example and as we so these these really really really In all its Connect Africa let's connect graphical it's Connect Africa I was not I it it is not only a suspicion is a factor in front of us that nothing good can come all out of it so that was the motivation the primary motivation of of preparing that and has some because I would take the torque is 0 yes he did starts 1991 and the way how he has the internet and eat eat eat the so it looks so into the recent past you know and eat it is an historical somehow and eat eat eat he's with their eyes full that's nothing happened before it so these approach infinity scanner and meaning it is absurd not to look back at history
and and and facts and to do that is to stop excited on I mean
you you have been at the center of the whole arm there and they have opened sadness yeah I think when we talk about colonialism no rights
to bring back to history and mention that never ends but it's on has steroids and is a new sort of imperialism
practices and we can use those 2 terms colonialism imperialism because they are connected to territories and now we have our companies that have more users um and then some countries no as Rebecca mentions thinking that Facebook stand and it has more of a sort of the 1st quarter to Tauzin 16 Facebook have more users then you have tens of China so those companies mostly from the US are also then drivers of their core marked house of the Internet traffic uh there we have the content comes from like 30 countries being below Facebook Netflix and on top of its so those then desire and extending the territory is Jeong US we have no uh juris prudence most of the time and I now the fight are of the countries and it's in Brazil Guatemala in Kenya but also in Europe is to bring the date their own jitters deletion their own values to to the practices of those companies and I know that's not happening so you can go from copyright fights 2 . the protection and so it's a new sort of colonialism on asteroids and the colonized are not only the developing countries absolutely I mean I think of it about number of levels and 1st and foremost you look at the conversation we're having about the diversity of people was actually
designing and building and engineering the technologies using and it starts there and then you link it to the fact that a lot of it has been designed for fast and not with us and especially now when we venture off the the social media networks it's all these ideas of connecting the next billion users this language which there this of for me is dangerously intrusive it's all about we know because we want to come help you you don't seem to know so we're going to do it for you and so it's coming with this idea overcoming to help you how can you be ungrateful and it's almost as old as no room for push back which for me worries me because what we trying to why can't I get to ask what constitutes some internet somebody wants to give somebody in a village somewhere why
they get to decide that that is some Internet of these are the some of the questions are for me make sure as much as I what Adorno Award colonialism to be used in this context to be alarmist you have to look at it in its eggs and exactly traditional definition as an establishment you know or colony in 1 territory to up by political power in this case the technological power for another and so this is where we start and that's exactly what's happening we must have a conversation as so now we we do
a post at this was the idea that like yeah their account is called f hacking go your tastes and Adam will be reading outside is closed down we we connect later to what we here see out of the past and the present and how the past
can somehow explain and give hints to what we can do now OK there microphone on do want to this a very not so the other half of the uses a fair we read this timeline and you have to come following out there having the audience included had queries some clips on on new digital resistance resistance in the digital world let's take the indigenous cultures as an example of digital resistance let's take a look at the Meyer as we all know some centuries ago began the European innovation of the of the idea that the victorious North Central and South America the the Empire Strikes 1st the 1 on the Mayan and Aztec by model by you know consider where subjective to the imperialist powers a long and painful but ionization process it is rarely taken into account that colonization implies the clash of 2 or more writing and calculation systems this amount versus by yes among when the colonial digital culture is based on the number 10 the might digital culture is based on the 20 digits of the fingers and toes that the mother versus by decimal the dough clash Ch In the end the decimal system was imposed us the demonic the however the calculation is not knowledge that I thanks to the Europeans a new regime of time was imposed over the territories conquered as well as the region of knowledge production on thrown in access to information the so basically whether that we were talking about earlier right of how history told to us and how
and how to in the digital if if it is even more culture of of what we when we know when we don't know and and their ability to reshape even history out of the of I
mean and especially with knowledge production the conversation we're
having ideas or how we were taught history the various educational regimes we went through was a very culated form of history even within our own structures yes granted all very and independence cut out you know governments thought
that's the best education system always it for instance that I would learn about the queen and the British Empire not about the mind empire these questions I'm not asking only for the sort of people would designing in the west but is also questions we have to ask ourselves and these are reflections we need to stop putting out in the open forms of knowledge production for instance only have Wikipedia being set up in all these tools for education advancing education through mobile phones this that and the other what we know all the history of how it was able to produce a prick up please content on Wikipedia is just perpetuating what we've seen before and so for me it actually is frustrating to some level that then again the space to opt as this is to say you know I'm coming from a privileged position I should not ask is like that damn guys this is a problem and we need to a be allowed to reflect upon it it is a for some form of control when using words like knowledge to get knowledge in the digital age is to wikipedia it of to google it we need to start unlocking thinking those adjust platforms and not the you know the centers of knowledge will think what yeah and I think that on top of that that is
the censorship that and based on that country of our companies values regardless to the country and coach and promotion of diversity and so 1 in Brazil uh few months ago we had the page of the Minister of Culture and Facebook from page not and because of the photo of
indigenous person that wasn't wearing clothes so rests and then the Minister of being Facebook and said look is them ministerial page put it
back in place and is a non low the Gonzalez our terms of services and so on so we have a new set of regulations that's terms of services that on abide to basic human rights and as can't should so it's uh had a different way of setting up the the deterrent are introduced prudence and imposing values that moral values that don't belong to us
naturally but the West read about internet freedom right right freedom that what freedom of whether a seed only the
only the Macy's you forms of control actually control of IDS and the idea that can be communicated online and the way that those against feet at the narrative and feed the priorities of the not even at minimum estate these these news data that group of companies form in coordination with Brussels and Washington and control of AIDS control of you control of where you are and what you do and ontology even even democracies I if we if we look deeper into what the future of algorithms with the I mean and on the thing of Internet freedom and linking it to his trees is to
think about freedom and that's what has put it has come to mean in different territories that our otherwise not 3 and 1 for me breaks my heart is internet freedom especially as is bit being dispensed as a notion or as a principle for connecting the next billion freedom to have all the the idea of free Internet has come to
mean no cost but not the liberty of
actually having freedom of choice so that the tools and at what is being dispensed is actually think it will be at no cost to you that some form of freedom that's cool right I so you know around the world that but not the fact that you have freedom of choice so it's a complete false trade off that is actually very dangerous and that needs a lot will push back around because if we're teaching people the principles for me the spirit of the Internet is you have to be able to create as much as you consume so the problem with this mobile phone and especially mobile 1st idea is that very few spaces think about it how much can you have to innovate on a mobile phone How much can actually built using a mobile phone so yes been told Africa I other pieces are more well 1st of of all what is actually mean when we think about it we just reading the next billion consumers and not necessarily the next year creators those building goes up by using those laptops now suddenly and nowhere to be found so yes on 1 hand this looks good but we need to be able to critique what that means and actually not just amongst ourselves but in this kind of diverse set up because the different actors involved at any 1 point in time so it's no longer sufficient for me to just have this conversation with local developers have to have at a different structure it just makes me the loud madwoman but is 1 at that but in actually to
respond to that and actually the problem is politics as well because every time
the ghost act and at burden to model and at thinking there where the things in different ways if he's a powerful enough countries I mean you know which loving do all atoms at looking at you know and we we we cannot isolate these problems from the super structures of the DPP dt dt and all the air the frames the mean if if you do something to actually protect your population and have more every sonable privacy policy and and and not creative industries and collected using not soon we'll go cold locally and son Alan not seborrhoea against free trade right that you want to do something and then something aggressively and in numerous East Indies these new model Rueda date of people and you had listed as enemy of the Free Internet of isolated and disconnected from economic and social rights and needed did narrative and actually said dragged into like that narrative you not and on all cool see below it but you know by rooms yeah that's supertree because of course yeah for internet
freedom but for a few years it has been used as an instrument for an external foreign policy in the US so to lose 0 rating to push Facebook into more countries and many goes hand by hand of the war against terror and so once you get this term terminology as activists but because freedom is good if it is not the same as attending and something that
because precisely we adopt the terminology that is imposed to us by language and their way of thinking about a culture of the Valley recently and we and we do not really fine and have different meanings and they can have occupy the language of the activism that we do and I think that that that's a and missing part of an eternity anatomically viable discourse on that this you tried receive tried and we saw the bullying against Brazil recently he had tried let's see what happens in India and maybe alone could go back to
the and how we are used to perhaps colonial practices that
yeah thank you will go back to their Toyotas yeah so different calendars different bands and the indigenous remain alienated from the office official systems of knowledge production not only their and culture days they're all approaches it was riding lessons writing books medicines books the native writing techniques are prohibitive for remain unused due to violence ordered built a regime of work the knowledge is only the yeah here we have a good God experiment the indigenous call it holds quality are the story of there times disloyally and their calendars go into hiding and resistance like the top so the alpha of popcorn movies anonymous according to this kind of say I was on the south or would be magic there the just like the pope on most might be heroes the anonymous Bhopal will survive as an order on this textile and some nautical navigation it has always been at the merely aeration faced with such an adverse situation the 1st 2 factors appear they must protect this collection of knowledge that is vital to the community the figure of the awarding also appears and native who lends the oppressive cold and the skies densest knowledge to the Latin alphabet is is not building also it is not skipped out of the comparable also is a person whose existence is barely documented it could be this a good name used by 1 or several transcribers of the sacred book the contemporary factor the you maybe limited to them says that the year or of the text or the for Yourdon from OTC other people's the shape shift go they use mischief as seeking for loss in industry-standard network it is and a more as being it puts the institutional normalcy on hold the gliotic sometimes so that it also or another animal the set features of knowledge between different words or between different realities so if you will have an estate car and the limited time now our hopefully ordered the variable yield so let's go back to the female viewers and
yes this 1 came up with actually actually actually wanted you to tell you a bit more about their then go and communities well I mean in this case and the
island we had this conversation idea so is the
quality in this case the oppressor or the 1 who's trying to seek liberation because refused to call them the
oppressor just trying to push back out and just thinking about some form of players player is starting to much I don't know how many of you had about what the uncle and have been doing with Wikipedia and Facebook 0 it's a classic thing so you know you've prescribed this version of the internet to you know wonderful great people of Angola and then decided that's great but that's not the internet you want want an Internet that can allow us to access music videos images and animates what are the good people of Angola do they started putting hiding links to all this the JPA eggs and all these other font file formats in Wikipedia articles and then putting those enclosed groups so that they have a completely like up at the close the loop so you know you've given us to free forms of something they took it they have the coyote out of it and its forms of digital resistance that into my and that doesn't speak to the fact that you can't prescribe we can ask us what we want you know it will take what you bring and make it count and now Facebook Wikipedia and others a concept in a copyright issue because how many links can be take down the whole idea is to give these people Internet if you keep putting it down then what happens to the benevolent um idea this just makes the fact that you know you can keep trying this model it doesn't work but 1 of the coyotes so next is going to be an image of something equal and coyotes here and encouraging 1 what pietistic you coming of a that on the public Internet but went to keep the and that's not that bad and gives me back
brings me back to the point of the so-called Internet freedom that ever forgets to address the themes of the copyright issues I mean as you have seen most of the listed countries recently by by an and regime that does not make sense seems ages ago uh that is an only few in the pockets by as we say authority companies and he's not only on their feet in the book of pockets of 30 companies with justifying their part of the survey as capitalism because 1 of the justifications of the surveillance capitalism is we need to track content and we need to track what the school because all the outdoor needs to make the profit you know they're they're out cross their profit that always space never pays taxes in our countries that the fact that we pay actually f from that these new imperialism he's he's precisely that our uh prosecutors systems persecuting copyrights by copyright violations that nothing has with access to knowledge and most of the time that he can make that this knowledge in many many cases of a how to make the ultimate control an ad that brings me back to you I mean the way that we consume them and that we produce and reproduce quantity Latin America I mean that they the humans that the q and so quick particularly because they not only consume content coming from all everywhere I mean from everywhere by piracy it I mean you can find anything about you can find a DVDs from here last year and seeing a mile from French cinema from uh African movies everything and so is the air because nothing is to make everything is allowed somehow so you don't have this mediated access to knowledge and access to content that many countries in the global south have war in a way compared to at the very limited choice and many countries have when they are complying with this absurd copyrights the parallels and how change behaviors and achieves the way people do uh act in society and the allele similar because you have the good content production right natural so In but as you know we
have been and I meant you being aptly fighting copyrights enforcement no through Creative Commons and in what we still have a terrible copyright but if I find a long run to get the civil rights based framework approved for the internet but now is actually the copyright industries pressuring to put put through cybersecurity cybercrime used to change at all and so the querty in Brazil are howling to the moon very loud to try to change it and had given established what achieved but as we have been talking a lot about content access to knowledge and examples of how we have new people have a half of that and perhaps thinking about the forms of control of this new digital the In pair at colonialism or imperialism I wonder if you have examples of hiking and Cleitus that our addressing the form of control related to that and privacy and
there's surveillance capitalism that we leave now sat Sally clear this does
paradoxically make disconnected you who like did did there's many cultures somehow tend to be to think the thing is that even the development agenda the international agenda all everyone this and this the push and this new urgency that's at some point it seems that only in a mobile phone and being connected being connected all the time becomes more urgent than many based the things that need to be fixed in society and on top of that I mean they're they're selling as their top yeah that an app and a C B that we solve serious inequality issues in democracy problems that we have in our countries and leave leave an empowering in many cases even in the global empowering the middle class or upper middle class possible patches plates and and and and reproducing these these very very dangerous and I mean funny that kind of effort you know that you have as you know like Apps for
Democracy gets funding as large as 1 million dollars in countries with
actually uh actually see use here's here's inequality issues and given to like some summary can usefully idiots pushing for the system of uh surveillance capitalism and pushing for the system where Silicon Valley rose so long that that's that's that resistance to that community organizers that speed up to the people of and and this is the have have distance as the guardians of the big victories for humans of the last century labor rights union rights they their right to practice I mean no something guardian actually did these connected paradoxical and those who follow to court in civil rights and human rights the last century have many of the keys on how to respond to this I think it is not a matter magic after that will increase everything I think that use that power of training and reclaiming the overeating character is that we have to Due to be
you know for I think this is the this means that if yeah this is what you want can on the this is not by chance that the people who transport traffic individuals between borders
in Latin America called for you notice the protagonist of the pop on will have to do we siblings that embody the taster hackers figure for the minor they embody Toyota in the book throughout the day the my heroes a boy the number of trials on due date diamond in the oppressors phone cyberspace she won last 1 of whom and it's volunteer this the into the space to do the the loss of shallow that prevent access to the light the light of knowledge the hacker shapeshifter tweens disabled also hindered the friendship between the different means we lived together in the community here we have some fuel mileage greens some sacred clean 1st and you with the final triumph of the plans for the Empire they become the moon and the sun the communities greedy eyes they become whole Due to the cultural hacking we have open access to book on motivated a collection of survival that is that everyone may take advantage of for the time line you can check out some of the music by battle however from what because indigenous mestizos individuals from Western cultures read the book on Wall and they even reinterpret this knowledge in different variations and languages data decoding of closed knowledge is an ancestor of practice that guarantees communities survival when a whole and as well and K. values still prevail the for example are many Latin American populations baseball match to fear such as folk sayings that embody the semi was in that the values the core European values and embodied by characters sanctified by the community despite the fact that the existence has not been felt indicated if you would have a much more on all sides among the most important my afloat St. amnesty so my folks say know what the my line in Central America so as a conclusion we could say before your techniques that factor ancestor of the year is still alive this shapeshifter is still alive each of
the island if you were to give a takeaway about all this and how Hawaii curettage express yourself through this format will be the 1 thing in case all of this is if you go into the somebody that why this might not just a conditional and
historic approach that you did you could set this but she chooses from uh I don't know I just wanted to 2 % the short story able to rule to concentrate tool to have all of all of this long history of ancestral packing practices to better I guess so I decided to take their Meyer as an example because sigh you I know this cultural be better because from what amount I come from what a mother and a I discovered these people were using see hacking techniques for from long way defining the time you know like there is nothing new for for them to resist the gaze that these Italian post impostor and impostor over a position or there there's nothing new for them to facts you know it's a of a very similiar practice for them and I decided to would onto
their over to you don't because the I don't
know where I wanted to express in a very clear where these the overlap between the past and the future you know because I'm speaking about the ancient practices but I am trying to perform this practice as being the terms of very that today's the knowledge so that's why I decided to do it this way and as you can see it I discovered that much among notes that he looks like a big light looks a bit like they're anonymous and uh the mask has uh this and this blue must have some resemblances some similarities and I you I decided to allow us to us to come to a simpler time
timeline that the interesting thinking of matching
money that is there what announcing that can do with that can do people so these and more alities very interesting as well as indigenous cultures across Latin
America had these duality because they have been imposed to leave in a system for 500 years in a system that is not these notes the western created but then again at shaped by then it was imposed on them and it'll be like them all life forms you know I mean I legatees no choice but a or B then add controls they had a controlled by 1 and and so it is very interesting to see how the dynamics of keep these lives that keeping your identity but
adapting and adopting and hiding new identities and in the
indigenous lots of the online and offline now and I think what's nice is that we
couldn't come here just of about the problems of reduced alkalinization and cry about it the hacking approach and having
this historical perspective that it has been happening uh give us some uh hope and
inspiration who are the practices in digital
environments and so I don't know if anyone
has a question Comment 0 and Gould let's keep you
you have to you everyone wants land that full-height Cleitus uh thank you so very much so that I think it's a very useful way of looking at things and I said is as a privileged white men uh I actually feel like an colonized as well by
those industries and government and practices so you you show that the infrastructure and that's the power relationships and still part of it is to deliver through Twitter this massively centralized US-based company so it made me think that maybe were lost generation looking at the device is being used here and around looking at what we are and how we do it but we know a clear way for truly universal technology that belongs to everyone that
we would everyone control it's
free libre software to take back control of the machines is decentralized services where we keep control of where the data flows it's end-to-end encryption when we take care of the keys so he
for generation is lost what's the plan for the next generation how the
children in your countries and everywhere in the world how the teenagers could be made to understand that if we didn't understand it all cells to just to quickly response and respond and
that and we we have to be very careful because there dp PtDA piano and sat had died in our hands to answer precisely with the public bodies is related to that I mean and I mean it might be it against those even to take a day a options that we want to go high and thinks
user interests in our for the insights and before I make my comment and ask questions and I will tell you a little bit about my background so i come originally from russia I leave here in Germany and for
4 years and what my perspective on copyright security and this kind of stuff changed a lot like when international case novel and movie and watch this with this
and apparently I don't think like this anymore but but I do agree
that the like there are some companies you know that all the world and they're all kind of in Silicon Valley but then in many countries including the country where I'm from there's no infrastructure and there is no support for companies to grow and develop and no for government know from people they cannot earn mining and I can tell you a lot of
examples of companies going from Russian become American companies you know just because they can
grow and be successful you know they also wanna earn money so on my question is about the hackers like there's always this resistance you know people like saying it's a OK tool on break the
copyright laws it's circuit download the movies is even though the authors also want you know earn mining
and they don't produce just 4 5 so the question is is like destructive way you know the right way toward just like why the system that you know yes they kind of
enforce you you know from the states may be
on their companies they're more is the Hollywood is at the right way tool actually them to download it for free or it may be like which should more support the local companies the markets make infrastructure for them like top to governments and actually encourage them to warp support this for we have just a couple sorts of that I guess is
like gets the next person quickly address to 2 things that I think we already hacking time nobody has told us to
stop but I would be great to know how much time we have do it both points are really interesting and you're right I mean at the end of the day there people who have been waiting with regional the world to change so many people of the region of the world to change of reading for the governments to get things right for those development organizations aim to bring all these things to them to get it right and I think
we also living in a race against time in that sense of people wanting them locked and they want them now so it speaks the fact that even without governmental without all the power structures which you did not address all have time to address they have to understand that they have they just signing off on like white boy you know their intellectual property treaties that completely the balance of power is messed up so it's really the political and plundered that policy approach should definitely be the right way but I don't know if a country you tell people to keep waiting on the world's change I think there's still some hope because even as as much as we lost we know we're lost their trying to get found we are trying to unlock this knowledge we are interacting we are acknowledging so I think that's how better to get found by acknowledging the lost so I think it's not Mr. necessarily entirely this topic so I think I have hope that we could make things easier he this 1 example that
you can look online later bullied yeah actually will you has certain long-term plan 10 years plan to get what Jeremy wants that let's see they ever achieve it but are they going really well because they use stick 1st indigenous president that knows how to have the system it seems I thank you for the stock is really insightful Mohammed might have a quick question
related to all of Siam from India and my by and has been a lot of time looking at the neck neutrality you fight that happened very recently with Facebook energy the short the dark side of official colonialism but the other thing it also exposes the inequality in the country itself where people like me love the privileged to come to the west and see what the internet like Richard Stallman's was in a few looks like a better people will come from farmers who have no access to this technology so Facebook's narrative when they will critiquing the government trying to meet the empirical open was that while you not allowing us to be farmers access to this knowledge and it actually is fighting its but making worse the inequality that already exist for property judges is on the very talks on how to fight that sort of phonetic the preventing don't struggled to get worse because of this going conversations am
the way I see it is so with all these technologies that we adopting the just 3 up define what already exists
this is a failure of systems that have before this is our shortcomings of the 1st liberation that we underwent different was colonial countries and I think it gives us a big even bigger responsibility is the concentration of people were here talking about this stuff to figure out how do we take it to the next level without widening it further not technology has great great potential to do great good and great great time we have to 1st acknowledge that 1st and foremost and also acknowledge that it's already being applied in very unequal structures and very unequal societies I'm encouraged by what's happening in India with digital media start that are fighting over just organically growing out laughter see that about innovation in Kenya and other places in fits and starts it's happening it doesn't mean it will necessarily address it but
I think attaches to the idea of being a lost or lost in on your way to be found stable generation acknowledging this things that technology in and of itself is not going to get the nation
is not going to just you know powerful make everything right clean and whitewash old problems away but really understanding and under what continuum where applying technology so I think our role is to be awakened on just the technological and 2 but also to political cultural social all of that and I guess through technology as well so it's 1 of those situations yeah and merge this
see those no all 4 of a field times a long time and engineers developing their own architecture of of the internet is used in our cold and standards are neutral and they're
not to have this political implications since is no then there has been um and evolution that awareness of the political implications of standards and protocols that need to go higher in in there is lack of the development of applications and so on on the other hand we need to have our politicians and get aware of this process of these tokenization and be able to question what is internet freedom what how this concept has been used for marketing pro uh purposes just like concepts like Big data is marked use those commercial concerts and and hand at the 1 st stalks not not only that just the
TOC the status of political I mean we need to frame me that's control as that's these layers of control an idea I mean people when you explain that is actually
manipulated behaviorists have manipulated at like lead in your library to full books the meeting and you uh mobility to the places that you're allowed to enter like smart borders is about to happen in and they're rushing to get all their by of the refugees in fact and that that the Russian actually and putting a Sustainable Development Goals their identity digital identity this this is becoming think this is not anymore do computer and you will be everywhere and and no place to hide kind of so it is important to bring into a friend does control and threats to democracy anything that that I mean we we have seen in recent examples in Argentina harbor and so on and have done is in the in the in the in the early cancer there always has a whole press
these 2 is uh becomes the because it is that we are and producers of information about the lesson about everyone
around us in information information is power and and so to who are we giving all this power is I think the core question encounters close a
quote from the feminist movement that rings true across the board for me anyway and some of you may know this but Audrey lot once said you know for the masters tools will never dismantle the master's
house Billy allows to temporary beat him at his own game but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change I think at the end of the day that is what is emerging when we start talking about free and open source software that we think of building alternative tools to start taking a master's house down so I'm encouraged greatly to meet so many amazing people in the FOSS movement and indeed in the key today this morning we're told we maybe be the last generation who last choice here we have to make it count we absolutely have to make it count I think you the
who look at uh and