Beyond driving

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Beyond driving
How a car of the near future could look like
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The world of mobility is on it's way to disruptive changes. Cars of the future will be connected with the outer world and will drive autonomous with an electrified power-train. This will have a major impact on the way the future automotive interiors are going to look like and how they are going to be used. Based on these trends, at Bosch we see the automotive interiors evolving into what we call as the 3rd living space. See and discuss the future car Human Machine Interface and user experience.
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home sound-meaning home s questions we
thankfully interaction our own and pretty excited with my 1st time at the Republican and on thanks thanks for the opportunity to present our some of the concepts that we have thought about in the last year so before I really start with my presentation high I see a few familiar faces so how many of you have been told the Bosch the exhibition area there we have a world a social class in OK would so I doubled this this Bosch concept cars of doing my presentation on 40 minutes but the way I would present and stocked with 2 of the major trends of which are in fact in the automotive industry and then I'll talk more about what we call what you so as beyond driving the I hope something comes on the screen the the the yes so beyond writing on the the topic beyond writings that call other cars in the future would look like so I'm going to talk about how the automotive interiors are going to look like and be abolished College of the totaling space on top what do we mean by correlating space and at the end I'll show you some of the use cases if some of you have
not really been at the Bausch shortcut then you can see from of the use cases right here so let's start off the the the so automated or ordinal was driving something most of you have heard of of this is potentially 1 of the little most
destructive in omissions or it has the potential to be 1 of the most destructive iterations for the automotive industry so does the technology for automated lighting has progressed so fast in the past years that we no longer wonder whether there will be a driverless cars in the future it's it's not the vendor but when it will happen and then it happened so that it could this potential destruction what I was talking is when this happens is going to impact the baby travel the way of business models are going to look like but it has an impact on traffic condition emissions and so on so what you see here of how is is really a vision this is really driverless cars but the way it would survive list cops is is not gonna happen on like that would be different levels of automation of for example below a regulatory altered ontologies in in the USA have defined 5 levels of automation Seidel of automation is this convict manual and 4 up is something like that where it's it's complete driverless cars in between you will see the automation levels in the car progressively going forward there the was still has some kind of responsibility of in the car so what I wanted to kill example could
be that you are in a traffic jam and the car once to take over control from you because whether you are full of passionate curable car driving when you're stuck in a traffic jam you all your passion comes down considerably yeah and and then this passion comes don't uh if the content take all of that part of the drive it is really boring really would rather do something else but that would be something very nice to have so now far far from the user inside the car what does it mean so that the past save I'll take over from you
find I can do you control to the car you know the traffic jam all the contest will you back control to me now during this time what am I doing I'm I'm I read a newspaper am I haven't gone those misleading did benefactors which we should consider when of the take handle a of functions take place so you're the next trend which is
electrified which has been there for quite some time but in the next 10 years we will see considerable amount of change coming here especially because of the advancements in in battery technologies whether it's it's in terms of the cost with whether it's in domes off of
the wall you insight is the weight of the the considerable in Valencia but also there will be more and more regulatory of regulatory restrictions coming on emissions and emissions and this also adds the rate of the Bush for electrified and
finally the 3rd key factor will be built on development of the infrastructure to the same key factors will really push of this trend of don't look at the pushed order but industry further in this direction the total which i wanna republic is connected the connected means always online it's not just about axis singular apps of your your social media in the car was a little bit beyond when you
talk about the color of that we talk about connected we talk about 32 driving which means that you get a real-time data from the Internet about what lies beyond your line of sight which means if you're driving and beyond that go in front of you is there a traffic jam it is getting rid or in the tunnel in front of you is the rule getting more see so these are the kind of things which you get from the internet in real-time and helps you provide much more productivity but it also the possible a kind of a the so predictiveness a bolt how much of a you have so if you if you haven't an electric car you can also determine it is 1 of a traffic jam what does it mean for me going to the destination so connected really brings about a lot of real-time information which you can't really useful planning your current journey the 2nd part of connected is a watercolors predictive diagnostics which
means that um build functioning of the complements of your car can be monitored on a regular basis and information can be given to you know ahead of time but you need to do preventive maintenance of you got that you really have to take your car uh to the solicitation so these are some of those kind of things that kind of so this is of functions which we will see in the future of course there are challenges that we talk about connectivity 1 of the key challenges of security whether someone is going to happen to my God uh can dispose and stop operating the car sitting in his small room in a hotel as to these the challenges of 4 4 from from a security perspective that a lot of advances which are happening a build the automotive world manufacturers and and appeared once they're they're looking at security from a real holistic fashion which means that if you look at security in the way the deverbal or products in the baby manufacturer to and also for the during operation of a that it's connecting to the told or giving updates of soft it all the air so the things which are happening in the area of
connectivity last not least is the impact of consumer electronics and the automotive industry so I comfortable dollars show color when the bushel die this hour the so called 1 premium I would say was in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but the reason why we did it is not just because we wanted would there but because although automotive manufacturers and suppliers now will showcase their latest technologies in the
fetus so the automotive would that that that the number of of the functions the kind of an types and and uh hardware that's coming into the automotive world is strongly influenced by the color topics 1 so we showcase this in in the consumer electronics 1 but this a major gap uh which we see between the consumer would hand automotive 1 but if you look at your smartphones you see a new model coming out every 6 months the life cycle of consumer devices are very short hola when you have a car that the life cycle is pretty big but you might not like your smartphone and check it out 3 months oneself you buy it whole the life cycle of of the car is much longer you would ideally like to call it along the Vandals 3 or 6 months now that the challenge here is users are somehow um used to getting new features new updates on on your devices so you would also expect to see new functions in your the bay the car looks like you like to see that so this is 1 big challenge which of the and and the the automotive industry I'm looking at so
these are the key trends of which are that impact in the automotive industry now I'll I'll come to those core topic of of my talk which wife said as totaling space what is this put living space here and the totaling space you've read the seed of the space which redefines the boldly between the car of the place where we work and what form the total living space is a space variant of you all as of driver or a passenger in a car you feel more secure and more safe but puzzling space is the space where we see that I don't below In the interiors of so personalized for you that you feel that it's almost an extension of yourself the the total space of we feel of the space vary when you sit inside the car you will have a seamless interaction with the different devices in the car and in
in a very wholistic fashion not all this was kind of marketing statements so that the gold is a little bit In told for IOC 4 key areas which I talk about which defines the term living space so 1 aspect
is what we call is no frontiers what does this mean I talked about connectivity of earlier when we talked about connectivity but we talked about how connectivity can enable different features inside the car nor frontiers
means that the the boundaries which other existing today are slowly disappearing the boundaries between what I can do in my car how can I connect from I come to my
form from I to the place where I work but in the real world in the car and the which was 1 on the communication between costs or communication from the car to the infrastructure in these are all the areas where the connectivity is affecting and we believe that slowly in the future these boundaries will disappear I do an example of so whole connectivity and automated automated driving can can come together for
example I I talked about a traffic jam earlier again passion little traffic jam and sitting there but the cartels peace can I take all ICI and CAI starts writing by itself now I have a whole lot of time between what do I do during this time this is a time then this new frontiers is going to come into just I decide whether I want to look at home my formulas is there someone or on my home what is it to secure all I say sure actor from documents what I was looking on or you can go to the extent that you say maybe I'll do video conference with my colleagues from a
copy yeah so these are the kind of features which we do not think about today but these are the features which could be made possible in the future the I go to the next 1 to you I take care of the codices I will take care off you what does that mean it's it's all about safety and security
so if if you haven't noticed you will probably when you get and you have
got most of the technology that enables these kind of safety functions are all under the hood you you will not be able to notice it but the number of sensors maybe made of sensors of video sensors laser sensors ultrasonic sensors there's so many sensors which are being integrated in the car today that the car is able to really how fantastic perception of 360 degree perception of your enlightenment as you're traveling
find far superior color on perceptions so when you're writing your perception is here maybe even you purity here but not you you not be looking behind horror so that that the costs are really equipped so much with technology that they're going to give you this perception and how can we use this perception who make you feel more secure so the especially
when we go in the direction of automated driving I I'm not sure that this this seems to be an illegal how many of you will how sat actually an automated call great 1 tool not bad that's that's pretty
good so but this transition you know transition of going from manually driven car it you have the complete control and and getting into a crowd
which seems to have its on the which seems to have its own mind that that translation is going to take some time the I ended an example of my wife drives my car you in the beginning and I sit beside and for example when the she starts to bother so I get some kind of a funny feeling and it's it's probably the same day for her where in the night than I thought and
just imagine I just have completely she just me completely here but then I'll do all my talk to the why of this funny feeling the another example now I am driving as I drive I see a pedestrian crossing and I see a small child the dead dog crossing the pedestrian crossing the and I see from here I know head of the child going and I know for sure I see the child and would the break and would ensure that after the child by the sign would've Iowa know when I'm driving an automated mode I'm not sure whether the car have seen this where the car will really break then it nears the pedestrian crossing these are the kind of thing which come into my mind when I'm sitting in the car so the need to somehow the of propagate distrust From the cow the cow has to say that OK I seen this person has seen the child go 120 and 1 break that is a tremendous amount of confidence for me inside the car and so that's that's what I was talking about the Coptic scalar field the the next topic what i wanna speak orders extension of mice and this is all a boat personalization personalization to an extent where you can stop with single kinds of personalization you know you can see I like being my colleague vision in like so when she sits in the car she gets dividend in think other hey he sees a great my days got a greater than it
can go beyond its it's not just about the color which also probably about the kind of music that I would like to hear so in in in our Bush uh shortcoming of something called as the movies you you have so many different kinds of music you might have the music on your told you can have music on it is because you can have
music on board and then I would like to listen to some particular music I say K I want this and the model and the cost starts to detect it pattern this gave listens to model not every Monday morning there and there the next Monday morning automatically saves it it gives me a choice of all madonna songs and then as a high rate so that this is the kind of uh personalization where you can go into the next level of personalization is
how how the content start understanding your behavior understanding video goal when you will it might be a little dangerous sometimes but it it'll it'll get to understand you far better and make you feel that hate this car is really an extension of myself in in in in our boss show Convio that in little bit dramatic fashion what you've done is but you into the kind uh there are 7 different screens you have a central display and you just take your time the fingerprint just press on the screen and it's as if you're DNA fuels into the screen and and just distributed across a car and suddenly with with the with the 9th welcoming sound you feed half have been reconcile nicely by my car you can name your call you can call it nicely and it also responds but with your pet names but it's it's it's all a boat of the extent to which we can pose the lights so this is a lot of intelligent victimize solutions in the future which will make this possible don't wear Biloxi see the driver in in mid suspension in in the future it's it's it's just our way of representing it bite wholistic interaction what we mean is you see that the number of functions which are being integrated in a car our rising exponentially no
it's it's and all these functions if they want to interact with the driver at the same time on 1 hand it results in information or or you're actually supposed to keep your eyes on the of your hands on the beat the pick
all this kind of information or order it goes in in the negative direction so be helpful somehow insure that the kind of information which has been which which isn't passed on to the driver of the baby and track the driver this has to be controlled in a fashion the 2nd thing is but we travel to a lot of interaction technologies whether is touch but the you use gestures the mean I'm not sure how many of you know horrible this
of how many of you know but we can also be controlled using your eyes could you raise your hands pretty good
all I'm impressed personal so that that the 1st time the 1st and really I I I
use ideas interaction there was an I had a laptop in front of me and article you'll you could you could control things with your eyes so I said let me check it out and it it was a game of space invaders where you have the same or at from
you know in reading spaceships and and when this was happening I was just sitting in front of my that's just looking at all those wicked ships coming and and just exploring them blasting the moral space it did give me an immense sense of satisfaction that I just do that this looking at them out this trying to see if I got that in my car and and some person just ought to community no wrong fashion I just look at them and you know of course it's not possible right but but the you need to see how can we integrate these kind of technologies in a car in in a meaningful way innovative which really helps you
and variability in international common 1 fashion uh actually use case of so so this is 1 but when we talk about wholistic what ballistic mean wholistic means that of the adapting the interaction with the person not just from the function perspective or from the technology perspective but also looking at
the state of the driver but that he's feeding Josie whether he is not on or ordered with information on these other penalties which you look at the 2nd aspect is what is the kind of situation the driverless finding himself or herself in we good the submission and also the environment but holes in 1 is is that trial currently happening in the nite is that fall the outside it is as the training Eldon just imagine or a lady value laden I fall the comes to an intersection and the columns to give a warning that there isn't speeding car coming from the right how do we give a warning all of this is a young guy
listening Allow below music a similar situation hold you like this person so these are the kinds of things you need to consider it a state of build driver enlightenment situation and adapt the interaction in that fashion so this is all about whole Hollister contraction is what it looked like so I and node quickly talk about of how we created the turret living space on in our car the so in in the automotive
industry from the from a long time we have been focusing on usability
usability is all about efficiency effectiveness I hope to give satisfaction of use all the things have to be done in a way that happens inside 6 seconds I should have all is how my hands and of the ice on the road and it's it's very important here in in in a car it's very important because your main task is driving and not interactive yeah but using your mobile main task is interacting with the so that that's it there's a fundamental difference between how you interact that this device and the way you in fact the car so keeping this in mind automotive industry always had uh usability line but after all I form uh the the the expectations of users whole they want to interact with devices have how drastically changed and the automotive industry also I would say boast triphone enough has also looked at what a got is user experience which means that its usability plus many other things so we talk about emotions that we talk about perceptions we talk
aboat of beliefs but how can we make the complete experience of the person when that person is sitting in the car better how can we do more positive experiences so can be reduced negative experiences in the car
and usability if you really look at it it's a bolt then you are using it and user experience that and many many definitions this our definition user experiences more a bold
before they use during the use and after the use how can you define but interaction that experience for the complete uh complete cycle so the something which we also built so what we do is we really um discussed with users we do use research but they tell us what they feel what we also observe the users because sometimes is a is it good yeah it's good and you you can see from the body
language this person was not really convinced that it is good so you really need to try to read between the lines when you're going of the use of research and especially in the context of use which which means that you brought that at the place where the user is really going to use that function so nor hold a user is going to feed then that use actually takes place the the so far I and quickly just go to the slide because this is what we did for our Washoe possibly be started sometime in April with the user research and so on but
actual car was developed from all this flew oscillators in in in January so what you've seen in this spiral here is really our user experience of process so we plan the user experience activities at the beginning and then like a mention understand context of the user
which means we extensively the discuss with the users of so the users try to understand what what is it that they're feeling which other areas where they feel they really require the solution of this the problem and then the phase synthesize insights of the
found clusters watercolors opportunity areas where we can offer solutions to the users and that any idea can realize which means we do rapid prototypes December the users and if the users find good then we
integrated and go a car the good yes the so now Eileen really go inside what we color as the 3rd leading space so the 1st use case what I would like to
show which I talked about earlier was a you conference in the in the car so let's see
if this works the and
and we are entering the highway you can your conference call dragging available
some colleagues trying to reach me in your conference call synsem tribe in manual mode I cannot pick up a call but the system offered me crime and a high rate the system could take over for automatic drive and that's what I'm doing right now you can also see
T in the cluster displayed we're still manual driving mode but the a in the case of ultimate threat as possible so again by putting both arms at the spartans polygyny engaged now system to go over I can take
the hands from the steering wheel and I can accept the call by simple gesture and the can see 2 of
my colleagues media conference and since we are now in for the Tribunal I can make use of this great infrastructure In a complete different ways I can use it as a complete working
environment also addressing the present a display for example I can also select some documents which are being discussed during the presentation exponent them the place
the but as you can see here with the help of the different inflection acknowledges that we have and the large number of this place I have a better working environment and I have an office because this position as optimized for the Trident position and everything is around me for as a surprise so this this was a use case
white polo 21 what you might have noticed here for you and Martin what is that I wanna make it clear the use of the beginning that the caller informed of driver automated
writing more there's no so it's it's an information to the driver it's available public's it's after the dialog the he or she wants to use it and this hi underwear from from manual to automated should also happen in a particular fashion which is as you say not I don't want my wife His old his his trying so that it orally
and more the but it should be in in a very particular fashion so here the way was you hold the steering wheel there are 2 buttons you hold both bold the buttons are pressed for 3 seconds and then the car gets into automated so there's a particularly you go into automated more the other thing that you notice of course was a video conference your you're really able to use the complete infrastructure so you could really use it like a workplace you could you you had different displays of add at the site where the person could chose the documents and then simple gestures Bush the content of the documents on the different screens so this is this is 1 use case let's go to the next use
case here we talk about connectivity cosmopolis in an international home call
some honestly at our house on training
available someone ring the bell at our
house in the port security systems for forwarding the call directly into or cop since entering the manual mode I cannot take the call the only option that I have this cancel the call but this is small for me to take over since the private and hybrid so that's what we're doing right now polygyny engaged I gave control to the system's knowledge I'm being true in an automated way I can take up their hands from the steering wheel and can start a conversation with whoever is waiting there that
all so let's see what he wants to well I know him he wants to provide a package and for this we need successful to my house that's at different let's take different perspectives from the video cameras there can't see he's alone and pretty well becomes like in these 2 times a week to provide some
packages know I can open the door for him again I
have to come from this with a fingerprint so in case someone else took the car you will be able to gain access to
the house and as you can see it on the
background closes in the front door opens now we can step in the from the package needs a kind of confirmation that he has provided the packets for this I'm sending a fingerprint to him and that of the magic mirror in the
hallway and he receives the confirmation takes over in his system so we as a confirmation is leaving the house and your closes automatically again I checked different from our perspective that material left everything's fine so I can out of the missing theft
so here it wasn't it was more of nor frontiers domination of the whole because they would tools seamlessly connect to a smart home
and also some kind of security where you really used your fingerprint to authenticate so that you can open your front door what you saw gestures with which you can control the camera all of your host to see that the person was in front of your house was standing there is the unknown other other people of which the far probably outside this but the 1st cameras range so these things which you could polycom figure of manage and and monitor from your TA the next the
use case of is the bolt of cooperative driving moons and safety and the we are driving and
covered tries improper trading mode which means with the help of the systems we helping him to guide his
attention right for example with
destined crossing the street from our system helps lot of ambient light and the information
the head up display got his attention in the right and the right place this is also something that
probably have and the intelligence and knowledge that we have all the tribe assistance systems in this car you can't support whether it's without both
including support them to keep his pants and by will make use of the ambient light if a
cop passes nearby as an extension to the
class of text also young drivers
might easily get distracted by using whatever other devices for their and their minds if they get too close to another legal who can also
make use of ambient light combat acoustic and visual warning about this slide that you so here
the use case was about how can be personal color for someone who is learning to drive not learning to use
all the safety systems of and it's it's pretty new how can be communicated it in a for example in natural cover used in light of flora you know the person is not really paying attention and comes very close to the car in front of an How can we wanted the I the last 1 is
about 1 different kind of different way
of interaction with the column what they say the may can see there the center display
this some information about 1 of my colleagues I want to get additional information about but since I'm trying manual today to turn right 10 right since I'm having manual nor I want to address is information non-destructive way so by looking at the road with a simple gesture I can
activate the eye-gaze features can see
depending on which screen of looking at the centre display all the just the display it's been highlighted and now the sort gaze to its central display and with the gesture I can now it's
information that I cannot sponding mentioned to the class discipline and now it's on me as a driver to
decide when it's the right time to read this is can easily see with my colleagues will be in office sometime time and we can have the meeting is scheduled for this spot gesture I can affect the information of the
central display I another gesture I can switch off the case feature and this is 1 example
of a how we combine different detection technologies to access such level of information on how to distribute it among different this place it's always the same kind of gesture was which we address the system and depending on the case where we're looking at it decides whether it's effect in an application cluster displayed on 7 display so this was an example of
whole we combined ideas interaction it's not for controlling review followed them in our tests with users that but it's it's more easier for us to use
ideas to identify via the user is looking at so in this case the cart is able to make all of which display I'm looking at and then if I want to shift information from 1 display to the other i just make a simple directional gesture and so this just shows no in the pretty but the system is meant for that display and I don't want that information for example in the mice sent to the cluster I just do this the it knows that I'm looking at this display and then the direction edition so a combination of this is going to make it more into 2 in our perspective
yeah so what we have done with the shock well what the the kind of concepts
that kind of use cases what I explained to you the is not what we think is definitely come in a car these are ideas the concepts which we never after discussing with users and the user's car and the use cases that as a means of and as an instrument to
discuss so with that people like you know a whole you feel at the laboratory is this in the right direction but do you think it's absolute bullshit but if it is absolute bullshit than than you like to understand why but if you say it's it's
create would like to understand why yeah so it's it's it's a means of a dialog for us to get to understand users and technology and being bolt closer together because if we just focus on technology will come up with great features which at the end will lead to satisfaction so bringing the users and technology together is is 1 of 4 main aims with this instrument and that is also 1 of the reasons why of the gladly took the opportunity of presenting this so here the Republican so thank you war with it few thank you very much for this very interesting presentation and no there's the possibility to ask some questions yes the but the thank you very much for that's an interesting topic at 2 main questions for there's lots of talk about it information overload to about people you always having to be reachable for over arcs and to be honest I find the idea of having to take conference codes even violent votes to be quite scary and I wonder how
much animal research has been put into how much connectivity the is a really wanted by customers especially of are deriving from going from a to B. That's gesture number 1 question number 2 would be a more general that the picture is it's a Samsung do people use in general because I know it's not told believe on to be formed to focus on ever batch driving providing an account because of you've seen so far out was about OK I engage autonomous mode so I take my eyes off the road and I just focus on foot over its music taking a positively whatever
so I'm kind of wondering what about raising so I I completely share of the European to that that there there are a set of users of when I'm in the car I would like to focus on my driving I like to focus on 1 uh there's a conscious participants that when I into the car I should not axis certain things have certain functions but is also we see a fan of users will save the currently is an interference in my life so when I go from point a to point B I would not like to get disconnected from what I'm doing so what we are trying to find out is what is the segment of users the medieval how all segments of users using the car and the idea
is can we offer point cause mostostal ization which means that depending on the profile of the user will sit in the car is it possible to propose my of the car for that person which means that you can have that feature the feature will probably not be available on or recommended for users who would not like to use it but there's no 1 I would say syllable a concert saying that is exactly what the user of a dozen account so that there will be different segments of users and it will be our goal to address as many user segments as possible inside the car I know I have a
question um concerning the security because um I will be concerned about all the information I have or information I have got to give the car in order to use and I'm I just wonder if you're thinking about very secure systems on the 1 hand will probably of course but on the other hand if do you think about systems that the car in only the car needs to know that information for example sample with what is my point a what is my point b what is my finger print what is everything else that does that car have to talk to the internet talk to your company talk to any other company or do you have closed and security the environment around the car that maybe I trust my car but you know I can group get rid of all the information that is surrounded by thank you so I will answer that in in
2 parts the 1st part is now I'll talk to you how we are ensuring security the 2nd 1 is also vote I think you you had 2 questions prone to 2 parts 1 is about security and other visible data privacy and uh support security so that the needle products and the devil right the the address software how architecture is going to look like to ensure security our hardware we we define something called trusted the hardware modules just absorbance and we look at what we call as a security risk analysis we do a comprehensive security risk analysis of all that kind of use cases for the kind of axis points 1 would have but it's the communication channel of literary uh it's it's when you're updating the software so we look at all this and build it into the product development so we make it in a in a secured
uh secure manner the 2nd 1 as for example you are using the same key encryption use key banishment a public-key private-key kind of infrastructure hold light integrate that into mining of device in a secure manner so even at our production plans you have a similar with his offline which can generate these keys and use these keys into the hardware which we are delivering and the total is then you are doing actually softened updates How can you ensure that this update of this connectivity of the secure for example Bosch has broadly blocked a foreign qualities script which specializes in security uh they're being doing extremely well extremely good work in the area of security for the past 10 years so here really
integrating the solutions in in the product of the 2nd part of of data privacy of Bausch itself has recently announced all told solution or 1 summary which is made available on to the users in the color for example for a car manufacturer and the clout
location that the cell location it's evidence to catch on so everything is under the and and European Union data privacy will act there don't take Kepler's of this apart from the fact that you know you have this secure private club told wonders the date of the users but is it really transparent to the user then is my data fitting uploaded or used by the system they it good gets stored and what is it used for and when the user saves as I do not want this data candidate of ability so these are these are the 4 key aspects which we look at so from the boss
perspective so I hope I wanted question 1st
of all I would like to thank you for the uh nice presentation in my opinion it was a very concrete stream what you showed us so thank you much my question is going in direction of communications and I think that the current situation is already so that you do conferences you do communication you do several things in the car so it's it's very clear the next steps my question is the realization of all this communication which is possibly in the car of the future so think of the current situation you do a phone call and quite often you don't have any connectivity of my works 3 years in Chennai media and velvety infrastructures even worse so all these nice features are minus but they're rely on IT infrastructure on a network infrastructure which we 2006 you do not have so how would you go on with this with this problem debt I
share your views completely of and I'm also from India had been staying here for the past 6 years so I I can understand what you mean so I think 1 aspect of what what we can control is of course the kind of technology that we can be there but I I completely agree that we also need a back and the kind of infrastructure which is point that I mentioned earlier in my presentation also that of and we talk about these trends like electrified of connectivity I think it's very important that so for the
next 10 years of optimistically looking at that the solutions these problems how concrete solutions and
I was wondering about thoughts about who who's responsible if there have been some accidents while driving alternate away from the the very very difficult to answer this question at
in the there are multiple aspects of this and that are 1 is in terms of liability who takes the liability uh and and the other 1 was also something which is also a ticket there for example there have been questions and only going to answer you would know questions because I really do not have the answers 1 is is is about reliability was responsible of that have been manufacturers in in in the past who have said for reliability either take responsibility so probably that might get clear that of other aspect like critical aspects there uh there is an unavoidable situation where the court is going to crash maybe there's a bicycle in front of you a Dwight crash into this bicycle rider or I take a left is an old lady wonders way crashed into other on others that's there's attained playing on the right side Whitaker right well it's it's from very difficult to situation I think the the 2 I don't know whether you find the true answers and did they the unconscionable also so with that and other questions these equations which will not be able to call have answers very quickly but
there are other questions which which um become old like of saying that you are driving automated and but there is an accident so which called how been awarded him now the responsibility who thinks that I automated by itself is is predicted to bring on the road the reduction of accidents by a huge huge was item some studies with people's and some studies say 80 per cent but it's also would cause some accidents yeah so if you really objectively without the blue leading the emotional effect if you look at it so for all those people will say we're not even know that they're being saved yeah so that maybe Bentham columns of lies fair but there is some which would be taken because of this technology because it was not able to foresee that and that may very few but for those people who are affected by the sea the compost it's a technology which causes so they did this all situations which the probably in conquering the future a tough tool that use so to this that I mentioned it it is a destructive it has the potential for really destructive innovation in industry the
come to what you're doing to cars reminds me pretty much of what happened at 2 telephones in creating the iPhone that when I think of my iPhone i don't think of it as a full 1 soul taking or making phone calls as well with just a minor
use case but in your use cases and they seem to be related rate pretty much to driving cell it did you think about different use cases because is still speaking about car as speaking about drivers and I'm still referring to my iPhone while it's a name as a whole but it's not form any longer so what did you think about that
and let let me tell you what we have talked would I formed or an Android and and on top of me what we feel is we are not going to go away cholera this this nice little thing which we have on our hands so what we talked about are the use cases when Paul you come into your car and sit in your car that
you'd be wise How can I use now all the infrastructure in the car I mean but the functions of your form which means you can I know what about but make
my question was referring to em although the iPhone is called phone I don't use it as a form basically so what does it mean something completely different to me and it's my extension in 1 case and
I'm could just the car in your opinion have the same potential to develop into something on which it is not refer to being as of the close to move from a to believe that you know maybe something even if you were referring to like um living spaces like in you whatever the cell and I was wondering am what these use cases could be the the B
have looked at 2 2 aspects of 1 is some of the trend towards ownership of the costs themselves in the in the in the future so it could be if if you really dry will automatic if you have a driverless cars in the future and do would you still want to on a car the natural yeah uh so the very core aspect of what you talk about ownership there might still be people who like to own cars and and when they would like to on cars and would like to drive we really feed the living space as as a solution which means it's like all it's your order rule which means from 18 to be so as the other particle mention at the moment it goes into different model vary you are just part of the ecosystem there are countries which which making cars available for you then it's it's no more as personalized as what you would have toward car a McMahon have answer your question if we don't use cases but the other concrete scenarios so when we were doing this of this allowed I was wondering you showed us all these
beautiful the reduce and you explain that is only a shell car so my question is do you have
some experiences in reality could this call are already trifle do expected to drive on the streets and I've got the 2nd question um we talked about the digital infrastructure and uh we talked about the question of insurance what are the most important fields for the government to act and to give you as a company that frame to work in and I have to I have a question from Aculeate close to me he was wondering who is the owner of the data you're collecting and is that the user is a Polish is it's you thank you OK so that the questions let me try to see that I
can sequence it right at the 1st on a boat I talked about was the features now the reason why is said it's a show codevector we want to have a dialog with the user and if they say this you this use case is good then we'll be able to put in a car in sight 5 years you some of the
features we will in fact be implementing uh this year in october yeah so it's it's it's they're using this forest as a trigger for a roadmap which we will define what we can offer so something just would come the CEO of some features would come into we'll some pictures will come in 5 years the mechanism that our the which which the attic and I can make a transition to a 2nd question which of was a kind of infrastructure which is available but what are the kind of for example of the clitic talked about the network infrastructure can I How seamless connectivity everywhere I Goal of Canada the regulations to be made in such a manner that uh for example like adoptable to intransitive electrification can how of enough available to charging stations with which a I can say that I can move towards and it's a car yeah and good question was about what the data the right people the deal that tries to the user you the user can say whether he can for white the data to us or not so based on the acceptance of the user user data and like I mentioned earlier we make a great transparent to the user what we have going with the data the the and if the user wants to do this data begin optional and ensure that this data that I did this is the key aspect but for the user to feel much more confident and and gaining acceptance also to give the data to us thank you
very much Mister highlighting by going there
my main thing