Inflatables for Action

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Inflatables for Action
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Civil disobedience with inflatable cobblestones? That's the tactics of the collective "Tools for Action". This talk will address their artistic practice of linking action, politics, and arts and reconnecting them with life.
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but the and the meaning and dozens what
it hello
and yet very flat there to be yeah uh thank you for coming and today I will and talk about the the
today I will talk about my favorite subject and this is the inflatables and why there such a great tool for um actions political organizing and as I was preparing this power point I was thinking of what does inflatable game what does inflatables has to do with emergent and then I was thinking about my 1st experience where I got really excited about inflatables and
um that was in 2009 idea cycle to the Copenhagen climate conference to join the protest during this big summit about some dinner climate change and what to do about it and there was this no border demonstration that it stagnated in front of the parliament in Copenhagen and no 1 really knew what to do and then suddenly they unleashed the ropes of this big and then please try to hold it but then the winter got card of it and then people started to run with it and they were choreographed by 2 wins and it was like a big social amoeba like a floating through the city going up and down and there are people said this was the best experience that models the nicest process and I was also part of it of these running and that was and then there this experience and I also saw the power of inflatables this an object really also can create spontaneous crowd unity something that that trade unions work on for years inflatables just do in a 2nd so yeah um and then the next year and there was there the climate change conference in Cancún Mexico and as artists uh and asking questions about how can we contribute to society how can we get the kind of useful we were thinking what can do how can we do something also for these protesters we work in Copenhagen and on and that was actually the start of tools for action we didn't attend a workshop we invited all kinds of people and we made this 12 meter inflatable hammer and was very intense work this would be like a party uh all kinds of people helped in um then we put it in a
suitcase and then send it there so we stayed in ghrelin but the the hammer when there we had contact with a Mexican activist group and we we didn't really have a clue what will happen but this happens and yet the
wall delegates in trying to hammer out a deal
on climate change the UN talks and
country Mexican protesters have been
carrying a joint silver inflatable Tool
down the road outside on Wednesday 1 group arrived with a 12 meter inflatable hammer blow up on was sent
by the German eclectic electric collective Alsace and collecting Electric
Cooperative system more than 1 sperm can
handle of old alumina and using a lot of old DOS followed made in
Germany hoping to use it and symbolically stamped out the top
places to allow the demonstrators to
symbolically stamp out the talks in
confidence sort of attention laden them out there and constants they're
all in super might be your blood the only source of of 1 of these this year theorem eulogies so they let you see what you got the list of of really only having 1 of those offices here he of the ROI
decrypt police were invariant deliver the habits of the delegates as it was chosen over the
gates we decided on its its area to pieces yeah and
so would you sell was a compilation of different media footage of what happened was that this group and they had this big inflatable hammer ran weighted to defense of this conference complex and then the and the police they threw it
over just like that at least or to pieces and there was a uh but this camera man and within 2 3 hours they fled Warhammer became the icon of the protests of the data so there we suddenly an astute how inflatables can create media spectacles that's the inflatable is almost like a meal spectacle how like blows up into a giant proportions and then deflates again as if nothing happens and yet basically we were art students and we had a bunch of a breast context and we were just spending all the time or press release we didn't you and then this happens and that was the beginning of tools for action and we may different tools for example here in rush hour and with the Russian arts activist group or socially engaged group a cult parties adding we made this 10 meter inflatable song because the song represents corruption how it divides the budget and and it was 1 year after year of silence and there were no protests in uh in Russia this year I was until 30 uh organizers have been also until so this was the 1st demonstration and uh for this it was really good to come with some surprising that something that's authorities don't know how to cope with and and that's why it works and the yeah uh sometimes not totally worker we wanted a I
was in a project to its team my collaborated with here in India and we somehow that involved with the 3rd group it was that there just the time after the Denny gang rape and the woman gets rate in the bus by a group and the response of the authorities is very patriarchal and there was a big feminist upsurge so a lot of uh women started to protest around the country and that with 1 feature group was doing work-arounds domestic violence and maybe sleepwear because the slit there is there is also a tool if you hit by Cypriot to become friends in India because the Donnerstag directly so so we try to find simple as that work in the local culture even when the object and the work is still kind
of work and yet another example was the inflatable cobblestone we 1st tested in a general strike in Barcelona and the whole city was on strike again because of austerity cuts and and then 2 weeks later we tried to uh this is well at the 1st of may demonstration in Berlin just who try different ways of creative tactics because this 1st of May thing is always the ritual that is always happening in the same way and we thought OK let's try to change it to the broad 1 already looked at is it and there are and and yeah this is
the movie that that shows what happens and it was interesting because 1st even the people from the the demonstration
were not then you what it was and also were not sympathetic to and then the whole dynamic change I tried to show the movie no it doesn't work but I can show show from different ways 1 2nd there well again
I get in there here we go OK the class the on before
the end it and and and with
this with this and
if it I know what I and at that time we will and the and so that the and that kind of and what is in the middle
of an annual scholars suspect anomic pulling timing can aficionados will quickly was me thinking about Alaska as something is that we have a baby that I
would imagine as and of who won't get so out money for something is at the level of and so
um basically we didn't have been included in the performance or a theater piece intervention in this demonstration and in mixed it up a little bit and I yes I'm very interested how these objects create situations as adults become children suddenly because they get reminded of their child that they were playing with big balloons and Sally there's this big balloon so were playing
also with skill in proportion and also how the streets turns into a playground and it is the the escalating all kinds of things play in it um the Art any questions maybe later again and
um and basically this tactic then that replicated by different groups and so and getting into the power again 1 2nd please yeah yeah yeah and now I would like to make a John distance in 2012 and as you see them somehow but invited also to participate in protests uh just to make the performance and the last 1 was in December of for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris and because it's in the it's like an important some it's reducing emissions making binding agreements and uh yeah being skeptical about about this whole process and in the group would decide it's that there will be a and the end of the conference there will be a big day of civil disobedience and how they'll do we gonna do this we gonna do this with inflatable barricades because friends is a actually Paris is the inventor all very case the 1st barricades are from the 16th century the word barricade comes from the French word but the meaning barrel hollow barrels were ruled out into the streets of and there they put stones into it and secured with uh metal change change and these were the 1st the barricades and then uh after well this tactic that spreads through Europe and the French people are really proud of this heritage so it's again a simple this really resonates with in French culture here are some examples of
barricades from the Paris Commune 1871 the left and the right 2nd world war even in the 2nd world war the French were building barricades and um when we were there there was just the terrorist attacks and there was a ban on protests at a with the with argument and the big people come together this is dangerous so that's why I proteases so we saw this also is the suppression of their yeah freedom of speech to the right to protest and um but basically this this whole um uh this whole her state of exemption uh really uh makes about the alliance and the politics within the the the protest parties so then we have tools fraction we decided we make the inflatable barricades would be sent them out to the world so we explored to them and for this day of disobedience so we send them through a New York and Westchester this is like north of New York there they blocked and the construction site of the fracture gas pipeline um and the protest happened also in New York at the same time
important and in
London and and now there's also different groups making this inflatable barricades around the world because we exported it's so there's like a really active London Group and here in player of yeah although there was a ban on protests still
happens and actually was very peaceful and contrary to what you think it was actually a party I can show
you this is a handy thing to say is
that if we look at the data and I had a and I have so basically this is a barricade of the 21st century because it's like his small well and it's not secured change but with no problem and you can transported over the whole world so it's like more fitting our globalized economy and this was in December and now I would like to tell you about the future project will be indoor its moons and in on the 4th of June there will be a sum and
I think they were not March happening it's called a they call at this the organizers the day of the German future and uh they demonstrate against any nation of German society uh basically 15 male or not but I expected from whole Germany to come to document and the Dartmouth citizens really want to do something against it but they don't know really how and this is how we get in there and by creating different ways of engagement how people can engage when it's like they can build inflatables without and now we give barricade workshops in schools um and the uh so give very good Wirtschaft in schools and we do the workshops in this theater and then I am with the training set every Sunday and and we also do approach from campaign so for people who cannot make it there they can still support it in a different way for me to school workshops are the most interesting because I was thinking about future generations how do we want to go on and do something against the rise of a phobia right wing politics uh on the right wing extremism is by a working together with their main target audiences like 16 year old student year olds at a dollar sense were still finding identity and then maybe pH into extremism so by working with them and letting them really take action but I think this is this is a I am really excited I think this is the this thing we should need to do um because I felt it doesn't help to all the time choose the same historical topics over and over again and that yes we all know and history was bad but we need to scan of change political attitudes and working so now I want to show you 1 of our 1st workshops this was the 1st Thursday last week uh area but at the end of the real deal with I I feel that it had had at the end of uh these are from the
Finnish nicely under like of it's like from an IDA working group called the you could Aijun and so basically a workshop consist of making the troops in 4 hours then going outside in the schoolyards doing training with
its and that this training I want to do
with you in the afternoon it 2 because what I found very interesting is that you have to put the barricade together and then you can walk with it you can the different formations and choreographies and this creates the instance cooperation working together and so if you start to get a sense of collective actions on a very basic physical level of just working together and um and the front of inflatables have mirrors nearest through if we intervene in the March to block it to put puts America against technophobia in our society as you would say and I have the nest crowdfund movies
uh the crowdfunding just got online on friday and I would like you to support me maybe I'll sit at your and here's the movies units my concentration and
also from the United States and on the part of you you can do it in
the in the in the moment
and the things that were governed by a picture
my friends of mine in the
in the U. of Wisconsin
you you know you can use it in the future of
the the mean of the island the
island nation in the world who would you know 1 of the 2
and this is really the outline
clearly sees this thing that you have
to know the because the church you some of the
more on
all people all due to the
the right if you have
a lot of the of
the of the of the of
the of the of which
you can go and change the world because of the the the the the the about so please read to
me speaker that he can turn come to a cloud from campaign we need support and I am very interested in all your questions think your much out of we immediately opened for your questions and years so we we would like to ask you to speak always into the mike because between life and otherwise you're not there from the White Internet audience so it is that it's sort of questions about the lifetime of 1 of the students because they saw it depends I guess on
the on the right it's that it's in into it but I would like to know how long is the time span of 1 of the students and how many kids do you kind of need to hold out of like a situation where people actually interact with but I can't
so their f Emeril objects and that is also the beauty of it that it is uh yeah it is fragile the fragility is like the power of the light and the power of it and uh in the in the demonstration impaired people were playing with it for hours and hours so it was like a whole day of intense playing and we still have becuse you get holes in it but you can repair it's um yeah so it's a bit like this it's not like forever and as you have seen also we plan interventions are performed to that's the object also gets destroyed because that is part of the theatrical drama they I I like the
idea of all of those infected reshaping public space temporarily I was
just wondering whether this technique what's the of the also on as the challenge of being unit corporations and marketing activities would also like adopters and this it would lose its effect on you you need any response from that perspective yeah
so this is like a basically the main issue inflatables has been always used from the beginning from the 19 thirties by advertisement the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1930 Started New York basically it was promoting uh the uh shopping time before Christmas and this Brady still still going
on 1 of my uh into the groups I'm very interested is from the 19 seventies is like the event structure research group dated events and help what happens uh the due time and so I OK I wanted to show that picture anyway so they did events and then afterward all these events got incorporated into events marketing in the nineties so what we try to do is have a subversive content and subversive I get to a subversive situation because what advertisement is always doing is more like doing a parade or having a dozen installation
something like this and what we try to do is create situations of dialog of interaction what is not and yeah interaction I would say
are creating decision that there must be a provoking kind of a reaction but I think provoke another LaserWriter out 1 sorry but we
have to finish now I wish you the best of luck and on and on and on far away if you want to play with that in facing you will come out and to commit to and then try them the inflatable barricades that 70 have begun to do and like Twitter because basically every q will be a letter so you can
make your analog hashtags so I would like to invite you to commit to in the relaxed area and we will have some fun thank you thank you very much that
graph created in thank room many uh