Building an Open Source Platform for Future/Connected Mobility

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Building an Open Source Platform for Future/Connected Mobility
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OpenIVI Mobility is a community project to build an open source software and hardware stack targeted at specific automotive and emerging mobility markets: electric mobility vehicles, small volume automakers, newcomer players in automotive (ODMs, for example), traditional automotive OEMs and Tier1s moving into mobility markets, and commercial/trucking manufacturers and suppliers. This session will introduce OpenIVI Mobility and describe latest developments in open source software for connected mobility.
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thank through body for joint for a nice dry technical session at the end of the day of the conference bring peace have you here and so I mean we talking about an open ability and building an open platform for future and connected mobility an end yeah let's get started so whom I and as the announcer said I work as the
security if a small company based in Berlin we employ about 30 people buying history is in software development which is kind of wine the projector doesn't work and because I'm using Linux a set of windows and and so we have a background in kind of open source connected services um and that's really
what we come to this nobility space from the and then in countries this is not to where you guys coming from as well so I'm handy if you are so for engineers or have experience with software a few how many have used Linux a few more and the
more secure is how many of you own a car can more than I expected and because as 1 of the things about mobility is you know especially if you live in a city like Berlin you go great access to mobility services um and 1 of things happening in society is car ownership is becoming less and less common as it becomes less and less necessary to uh the daily lives of people and so what I mean when I talk about future unconnected mobility well what we're talking about is any
emerging technology which is changing the way people and objects move around and and that covers things from drones to electric scooters to car-sharing schemes and will come through some examples of those and in that space that is quite big space and it's an exciting and set technologies that we using the so the focus of this talk is a little bit about where innovation is happening
today and where we want to be happening and when we see a lot of innovation happening today is in the hardware labs of small start-ups so there's lots of creativity around making vehicles and mystical here is the brandy fighter from a company called locomotives and they set up garages around the US Senate and set them up in Europe where you can come and you can play with their
tools if you have a concept they will help you design it turned into a real piece of hardware and have a business model that can help you get into production so kind exciting if you have a cool idea for a new sort of vehicle this and now the company called philosphical they're building and an open source modular vehicle platform so the thinking here is that if you wanna build a new car and maybe your innovation is in the drive train they are not very interested in having to pay a large amount of money for steering wheel because as a relevant to your innovation so what they want is a modular pluggable platform where you can bring whatever you innovative technologies and combine it with free to
use 3 D principle commercially available at low cost technologies
and build fresh vehicles that way M. another thing that's happening is electrification electrification makes a huge deal to the to the difference to the barriers to innovation in this space it turns out that it's a lot easier to build an electric vehicle than it is to build a vehicle with an internal combustion engine and the hundreds of years of expertise that
comedy factors have making internal combustion engines robust and reliable over their lifetimes and is essentially irrelevant if you can just take basically a big hair-dryer monitor and use that to drive you along and so we see a lot of new companies entering space in the nobility whether it's creatures all cars or bikes and but you know the has a couple problems so 1 of the problems is that we need to charge a vehicle and so you don't really wanna be driving around and spending half an hour an hour trudging up your vehicle uh the solution from go agora which you can really see they have a pluggable battery pack so you come pop up your vehicle and when it's at a church at 1 the stations drop your backpack putting you better back in it and you're ready to go so as to not experience a bit like driving a car with all the advantages of matching vehicle platform 1 of the
other anxieties when you're driving electric vehicles about range of knowledge of it was done travel as far as petrol vehicles um and this company rather simple has the approach types I'm there for a year and fuel cell driven vehicle a few so the vehicle takes hydrogen is its fuel C tank up on either literalized or natural hydrogen um and then as it drives along it enters the tank by reacting with oxygen in the air producing water as a byproduct and generating electricity to drive a drive change so that's somewhat environmentally friendly and the efficiency of the hydrogen chain is slightly less than direct electrical um but it moves pollution
out of cities and again easy to innovate here because the drive train is simple because it's just an electric motor to the so we seal of
hardware hacking and that's kind exciting that people can build these new concepts and we can see concept cause but what we don't see here is a lot of innovation in software and the software innovation is happening in the R&D centers of
large large companies billion dollar companies because the software you need to do interesting things in ability is often expensive time-consuming difficult to develop um
1 thing that's coming soon and it's vehicle-to-vehicle vehicle to infrastructure communication so this is the idea that as you cars driving along is talking to other vehicles on the road is talking to traffic signs to road works to cloud and so you can see when as a traffic you are
the head you can see if there's a vehicle coming around the corner you've not spotted and this is difficult for a small company to deploy because the only way this works is if you have a large fleet of vehicles enabled with this technology so this is really being deployed by large manufacturers and governments then there's tropical the tuning so this is happening in the commercial because space and if you have a fleet of 10 thousand
trucks they might be driving a million miles a day and then if you can save 1 or 2 % of fuel costs you eventually said itself a lot of money for the running cost you business and so what happens is when 2 trucks of the same for me to meet each other on the highway days switch to automatic driving and they drive so close together that human control would be practical and not by driving necklace together they get additional aerodynamic efficiency and so they say fuel costs which of the fleet makes a huge difference and but again you have to be operating a fleet of 10 thousand pressure vehicles and that's not where every start-up I make is the and
and then there's things like uh increasingly autonomous driving so there are basically 2 approaches to automatic driving 1 is driver assistance systems where you take um a driving experience is essentially the driver being occasionally told by the computer something's going on like they should
break think ADS falling guidance but the other is completely autonomous driving where you have essentially a robot driving a car is processing the scene is deciding was pedestrian is choosing winds were the overtake is implementing driving strategies this involves a huge amount of AI a huge amount of investment in technology cutting-edge things like uh light are and and sensor fusion so that's again not something you can really think in your garage with and and of course the the big player in a space so this is a consortium of BMW Daimler and Volkswagen who bought here and the big player in the space that we all know about use google will building the self-driving car which is going to have become autonomous and rise up and enslave humanity and so that's that's
there that's the performance the friendly version and so we see this innovation happening and we see happening in large companies with billion-dollar budgets have we bring that to
smaller companies because we don't really want to live in a world where companies like Aruba are deciding who can go where at what price when they're in a race to build the largest possible network of most vehicles and and when they're in this kind of duel monopolies position where they can say how much they pay taxi drivers if taxi drivers even exist and how much it cost you As a passenger to take a ride in a vehicle and How do we avoid
well like that dominated by the players as well as a technologist the favor the resolution for this is open
source then good and talks there and classically that's what
we do as ethical technologists to shared innovation to reduce the barriers and to kind of move society along in a collaborative way and and there are efforts in space to collaborate on right of the source of web the there's a particle drum coach and means for the Linux Foundation if you're building and you want to control the motors and the flight controllers and the cameras and have an autopilot drunkard has an awful a software they can use is quite nice um but it's only really relevant if you moving things that way about 10 kilograms or less because drones don't have that much power on board yeah and and there's a
project called ROS the Robot Operating
System and so these guys are building abstraction
is if you want to do the control systems so think and robots in laboratories all robots exploring the environment and nice set abstraction is nice but others so suffer but again not really focused on what's happening in the vehicle um and then these 2 organizations generating and what to integrate Linux who are actually doing in innovation in open source in the entertainment space so what they're trying to do is cooperate to build it of the source components that go inside the head unit insidevehicle and and this is kind of where Hs came in at company so so we had this background in supplying connected services and when we start a company we wanted to demonstrate exciting connectors says in the vehicle and we wanted to do that without having to license have really expensive vehicle
platform for a manufacturer or without having to sign NDA or any of this so we went to gender went or might degrade Linux and so I was kind of expecting that there would be some code there that we can check out not and they're kind was but it wasn't actually becomes the IDI system there are components there's an audio manager is a media manager but it's not really a platform and is not something that you can check out use and even when you do check our use it the requirements that the systems are really designed for the comedy factors and their suppliers so that
designed for people it's bad experience of things like future now all C C + + which generally if you're hipster with that book you don't have a lot of expensive doing and so we decided we needed something different and we built a platform called on IBM ability
um and this is this is 1 of my own IBM ability boxes and what this is is
some cheap hardware inequality case I really wish she could read sites but and the part where in a commodity case so this is 3 D printer designed the designers of the source of all passing here are available pretty much on Amazon and it's got a high-resolution touchscreen it runs PC hardware is gonna syste inside um it does in principle support platforms like arm as well as Intel
32 bit and 64 bit but most importantly you can develop for this platform like you would develop a website it supports national 5 development environment so if you've got a concept and you wanna see it
on this screen instead of spending years developing your own infotainment platform you can download what we have another life EID can build the hardware for less than 300 dollars and then you can start showing something that looks like a head unit people and demonstrating of concept the it's a dedicated platform for emerging ability and we would laugh this to get wide range adoption and the practically speaking to go into a vehicle in safety-critical situations we need to do an awful
lot more development here and yes really annexation to from that underdevelopment but it is great if you just have a kind of unconnected vehicle anyone making a connected it with user interface this is a really good platform for that it is
designed to reduce the barriers to entry for people innovating inability space so we want you to have to write as little software and by little hardware as possible I want to do is really create an ecosystem where innovators can work together collaborate share their developments and an exchange ideas & covered and what are we done with this we know which this and in 2015
at the embedded Linux Conference in Dublin and Swedish APIs has there will we showed the from running with actually showcased it at Gennady this automotive consortium and twice now once last in Seoul and once in Paris just last week um we act ATS use this in turn lead to deliver demos to customers so when somebody wants to demo
and like um Wi-Fi pairing and Bluetooth an NFC running on infotainment platform this is the platform ATS users to deliver that demand um and we've also integrated support for over-the-air updates
and which is something I'll mention a bit more in a 2nd but that's quite critical for secure philosopher for development and it was to help you manage lost devices watch of from them and what we have on our right now we want to hedge authentication so we we need to know the target so this is not just that devices but also that the users of those devices and we want to add the ability to process data so getting data from the vehicle systems from the device of the crowd and processing in the Cloud I am and on the client side we need to build to straightforwardly integrate with third-party services and things the support of 2 twisted gene whatever and to make a
very straightforward to link the of into the vehicle the software is available is up get help please check it out have a look at the word it give us feedback and tell us is broken toes it works we would love to have people playing with this stuff and we left 9 which take it next and what could you do this well when we talk about mobility innovation Special outside there's a couple things this spring to mind and
there are car-sharing services their speed their bike sharing services you could develop a platform to make parking recommendations to people you could start developing you face of risk based services so often different services based on what people are doing all this stuff you can do by all of this stuff requires plant connectivity and so far of
90 I only addresses the device site it so 1 thing the 80 is doing is taking all of our experience on the outside and making them available to people to play with for free so we have a software service development environment that when when she later this year and basically all of our open-source tools the OTA updates the user management data processing with put that together in a hosted environment and we're gonna be making available later this year for people just to sign up and use 1st small numbers of devices and give us in the back and tell us what they
need their and the really we do want to sustain this this ecosystem it's gonna have support for managing over-the-air updates the user profiles for device looks some forgetting data from vehicles and and we really hope it reduces the cost of inner drive innovation so the more people can enter this space and we can really start collaborating on mobility solutions and and that's basically it so uh that's me that's missing slide and then I'll open up to questions apart from 1 this lies somewhere
thank you very much laughter and all the answers of around 10 minutes for business friends from the audience will once so starts you can non the yeah I think you were talking it's amazing but don't you think your forces them and it would too technical mean I totally get your point of view because I also do some programming
but don't to the go nowadays it's not about the source or like list ligious right on the open source version of over like it is not about the court if you have called the source code from google you ain't going be Google this is much more at them and that the code and don't you think it so your project 1 be a much more much appealing to a broader audience uh for them object should use it instead of Wilbur because that act I would prefer a work in services drawn on through the source agation India have you know and so of course this
is a technical solution and you know The Devil Wears Prada and lots of people have met books and use know I use Gmail and you know building our own ecosystem for this is obviously the hard road and Google is going to make it very attractive to have an app from ability and ending control both ends of a transaction it's it's more a question what kind of society they wanna live in do we want to try and create this ecosystem as technologists or do we just want to hand over control of how basic freedom of movement to large organizations who are very interested in our well-being like I think yes it's a difficult answer but it's also the only alternative to what we're being sold I grew 0 composed and our might was you just make it more sexy you know the and
pattern that's it compared 2nd hidden no more to stuff this is this is relatively success and hi then you purchase them came up with some potential use cases could you maybe elaborate on that and maybe you give your vision of all who can actually I attach to
the much shown here and so 1 of the things and the reason I ask of partnership earlier 1 of the things about who's going
on a vehicle in the future and what we see happening in the technology and a little bit in uh advanced cultures uh western civilization is correlation is less interesting because you know I really need because you can hire TridentCom red most of what you need to use on a day-to-day basis and so what we see happening is instead of somebody owning a single vehicle which is fit for multiple purposes they were rendered minute by minute the vehicle is best suited for that try to do
now so they want to get across town in hurry they hire electric scooter if they wanna move their family to a picnic in the forest they hire an SUV and what we see as a kind
of important in terms of an ecosystem for that is portable user profiles so the idea that I carry my identity with me and I authenticate through open standards to this mobility platform and so I don't have to carry might member account across to under the partner but I can use my identity as often with any provider of military services and that's that's really ecosystem would like to see in terms of profile portability and another medium projects some of you in touch with the talking to cite some
examples I mean you you came up with this sum go-go role of squadrons of I think these are interesting use cases there and isn't something you can so yeah thank yes it is does work with people and who has a say there's lots
of innovation happening space and it lots of new entrants most of the stuff we do in that regard is an NDA and there are new entries into the space of a very strong interest in and not just being 1 platform but being multiple platforms and so we're helping them to build up and solutions to that problem of things
well thank you very much for time your attention and cover more analysis and you're asking the humming a trunk and so have a good rest a conference and things were much my be thing