Designing the future

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Designing the future
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In this session we will explore how science fiction is important for civic society as it is at the forefront of the freedoms of thought and expression. Science Fiction explores the ludicrous, impossible, unthinkable, and by doing so, it expands the possible and eventually, the plausible, probable and real. We will talk about how taking a viewpoint a bit more detached from current events we are able to see different concepts of society that might seem utopic, but which could provide us with new ideas regarding how to handle or at least understand problems in the real world.
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home with time on more commonly home and a
and we have 2
guests here would talk about how science fiction can change the world I am keen as you are to know how this works well come on issues than Jesus of Woody when up and all the avviare he's the director of a talk if world and it's indicator with what comes thank you for this this the right um from bit excited I'm thank you for coming out like to thank the Republic a conference and the local lovely people at this stage of interesting for the past 5 6 hours after thank you and there's a consolidation who's been lovely to arrange for me to get here a little bit about myself unlike consultant am the founder director of a
utopia festival for science and science fiction interleaved um I was recently Program Manager at the picnic Jerusalem and last year was program consultant at the Frankfurt the 3 Biennials moving image which means I have a 2nd peak blood uh but my 1st and foremost love is 1st science fiction and I consider myself a science fiction evangelist end might go today so have you all walk out as the ambassadors of science fiction
yeah and I'd like to start with philosopher it's lovely here yet uh this is him speaking there at the whole field of yes at the occupy Wall Street's and uh
it's a accord apart came back in 2011 and he tell a joke uh to the protesters that I'd like to repeat and I should say I heard it 1st from Adam complements another lovely utopian a speaker who will be speaking at tomorrow so I encourage you to visit his talk as well that is lovely Shisha
so um the joke to the and so it goes it's an old joke from communist times a guy cell from East Germany to work in Siberia in he wants to keep in touch with his friends and he's gonna select let's send them letters uh but he knows that he's going to go from censorship so he tells his friends let's establish a code if I if I write you a letter and the letters in blue ink it means it is true if I write the letter in red ink is false after of among his friends received his 1st letter and it is all but you think the what he says this everything here is wonderful stores are
full of good food movie theatres of filled to the brim and they show great fields from the west apartments are large and the curious the only thing 1 cannot find stories is red ink so
language is paramount is key we supposedly leave in free societies but we like the words to articulate are non
freedoms the language used by those who would sustain the status quo the what the powers that be mostly that of capitalism and recently the war on terror misuses and distorts meanings of words that we use to describe our society in words like democracy information terror and freedom itself and we desperately need reading to voice ourselves the no science fiction it's a highly creative storytelling art form it's a source for unbound inspiration for tech entrepreneur worse for scientists for designers it's a wonderful platform to engage kids with STEM education and the general public with size and ecology but all these lovely to be to science fiction that put aside and suggest to use science fiction as our red ink that cessation creators have a much harder task than their colleagues of realistic fiction and we're going do another talk about the paradox a realistic fiction at a at a different time their stories don't take place in Tel-Aviv of the
19 eighties were brilliant like fifties or New York in the 19 twenties there are no ready-made blueprints for science fiction
the need to imagine to design and start a new world it can be a future it can be an alternave alternative present an alternative past or a completely new world and they need to design it's physics and ecology in its history in economy it's technology it's pop culture it's language and its slang and then on top of
that they need to create compelling characters that lure into to the story they want oats now world scenario building with a what if question and I hope rebels OK we propose a promoting book that is the basic framework of the SCO speculative fantastic creativity and enables science fiction credence to ask basic questions about the structure of reality in society it is the goal for
many of them did to debate those structures be at the nation state the military the corporation the city the family religion citizenship democracy police justice money age gender sexual orientation privacy-identity identity mortality all and many more have come under the
inspection of science fiction creators but my Cadbury this stock and I will go in depth with a few examples and I'll try and quickly cover official pass kabbalism anonymity child soldiers crime refugees in space good fight 10 minutes so let's
start with that of future best kabbalism um the 1st 2 cessation examples were not chosen by me I'm glad to see they were chosen by its verify case I am and I chose him uh over that's your I became very attentive to what he has to say the former Greek Finance Minister and
he's recent set talk and in his recent a job he imagines a world beyond capitalism as we note and here affairs to that world with 2 diametrically 0 posing scenarios describing
them and I quote as a star trek like utopian society where machines serve the humans and the humans expend the energy is exploring the universe and opposing that utopian them at scenario is a
surveillance mad hyper autocracy a matrix like dystopia now these 2 visions visions of
the future are so well know so well defined and powerful on their own that they need that little or no introduction by myself or by uh by by him as a
science fiction evangelist and proud quite unsurprising he chose these modern myths to propagate his ideas
I'm going out to anonymity and perhaps the most well-known examples in recent memory of course before vendetta
graphic novel by Alan Moore a film adaptation by the Wachowskis sisters
but why would extremely different messages these to the novel and the film both discuss the power of anonymity the fillers currently celebrating its 10th anniversary and it actually gave the literal and virtual face for entire movement 1st and foremost dedicated to and anonymity going
on military service um
In 1985 Orson Scott Card novel and is gay that with a 20 13 adaptation to the film by Gavin Hood was pressed in many ways the power of the video games their online debates in the blogosphere our are brilliant ideas presented in the novel but 1 of the
major topics it evokes is military construction yeah and child soldiers presenting a world where genetic and psychological tests to determine if
from childhood will be drafted into the army most wars were and still are thought by teenagers and young adults as well as sadly children still children and we should also remember the child itself is a social construct that are only recently came into prominence the ended James suggests an existential threat to all humanity a defensive war a war to end all wars but is not always the case the by next topic
is crime and let's recall the 2004 Steven spilled the film Minority Report starring Tom Cruise based on the Philip K. Dick story the production has done a moralist job working with scientists and engineers
to imagine seq plausible future for the year 2050 free now
ubiquitous precise commercials and touch screens have arrived much earlier uh than expected autonomous cars will soon be with us but the truly interesting
idea explored in the book In the field is out of Precrime what if 1 could stop and arrest people a few seconds prior to them committing a crime now the ability to do that the stories from classical but the idea is that explored by law enforcement agencies from the US to China and by anti-terrorism and intelligence units everywhere utilizing Big Data the analysis to look for patterns and calculate whether a community a group of people or an individual I have a chance of committing a crime or a terrorist that it would definitely cut lines at airports it major sports events he will increase profits but what would you do to the average non-white persons or the X conflict or any member of a marginalized groups so the good what is 1 saying when confronted with the fact that these methods will save lives and stop terror attacks yeah once again the need for writing it I would be remiss if I would not
speak about mice vibration of the refugee situation with 2 magnificent examples the 1st would be district lines
the 2009 film by South African you'll Blanca uptake take stealing invasion um story in terms of going back on its axis than storing all about attackers or infiltrators but about helpless refugees the marketing campaign that preceded the fill contributed immensely as you can see to the film's conversation about segregation of racism remember the directories South African the 2nd
fill want to explore you is a work of art is Children of Men by holds a quorum 2006 masterpiece of cinema and science fiction and asks a very simple yet very profound what if questions what if
all over the world women stopped having children stuff having babies at all with that single question quorum takes us on a journey into a bleak future devoid of laughter devoid of needs they and with no hope for the future and it's no surprise that the most powerful scenes depicting massive migration and refugee crisis from recent cinematic Mary are from that it's an image from that because the um now a little bit about
space because of being very bleak so a partner search Ecotopia most of these
regions are darkened pessimistic and there's a reason for that the world is you did what can go wrong there were all interested in critiquing how things are today and not big on positive visions for the future and so is a science fiction not to say that some fiction is
storytelling so it requires conflict and that's utopias will appear worn philosophical essays than they would in size fiction narratives but for a recent times somewhat positive outlook toward the future and of the human spirit I should definitely mention interstellar the sober and inspiring I felt uh return to space travel post are disappointments from the from the visions of the 20 centuries science fiction based escapades and the NASA missions whether we like it or not
our future in the long run is in space a
cinematic returned to the star's gravity in 2013 2014 Matt Damon the Martian 2015 corresponds with new space initiatives of recent years it's the whether
it's real masks space X um mission to colonize mars the grew with the X Prize returns to the moon and the newly established breakthrough starshot mission led by Stephen Hawking um aim to reach Alpha Centauri with unmanned is yet Allamanda unfortunately spaceships in less than 40 years site to start summing up and setting
up and the but the cessation as a laboratory for big visionary ideas a place celebrating the possible but even more so that impossible very grew tested taboo ludicrous the what if questions we seem naive but it is hardly subversive is the possibility for possibilities the radical notion that things actually can be different the only way to discover the limits of the
possible is to go beyond them into the impossible that sort of Arthur C. Clarke and that's the heart of science fiction of voyage of exploration the challenge of our conceptions cessation creatives are explorers every step they take
into the unknown expands our imagination in our language be it's big brother cyberspace virtual reality the computer virus that of logical singularity the robot Newspeak hivemind Precrime the
matrix and I could go on and broad she was so many other examples the enable us conversations that we were not able prior they are the prevail years of our reading which we so desperately need I'll end with a quote
from the Bruce Sterling if poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world science fiction writers odd square gestures we're why schools who can link caper onto prophecies a scratches cells in public we can play with the ideas because the garish multi our Paul porogens make seem harmless very few feel obliged to take it seriously at our ideas permeate the culture bubbling along invisibly like background radiation that's me the
right it means yeah the meaning of from different yes thank you very much that you in either a kind of yeah but how do you say it then we didn't know each other before we just had a very similar topics so that it going to be interesting and coming from it for a law personal angle of that that's what we decided and then from long literature from angle and I decided to call this my science fiction is good for us and when I told my husband what I was trying to my thesis that I was going to present a dataset of this interesting you think you can bring that
across is very critical if he doesn't suddenly get away with things that I just saying that OK I think that's that bad from exact started saying something about me and science fiction fantasy for me it's both a medical science fiction and fantasy and I'd like to the focus a little bit on 1st fiction I think most of it is true for both genres I I'm a big reader I started reading before I got into for some reason and and that it was only at the
age of about animal 23 25 for something that I realize 0 I think and act science fiction and fantasy because those of the books that are like most it wasn't like that thought that I was a gay guy just suddenly realize that all this is the all like and he'd take these books on purpose and so on that's how I got into all of this and whole um reading books with an online books of online and it's that's a lot of fun to to compare all of our ideas about science fiction fantasy and it's still my my favorite transborder read books from all over the place so it's not just that yeah and um and other lot of prejudices against science fiction fans a lot about his escapades compares them and it's all just entertainment and made of world it doesn't have anything to do with the real world so on and I don't think that's true they're made of also but they have to tell us so much about how the world that we live in a society we live in a can of give us so many ideas about how to change things not to make the world better and that's why I was and that that's what I'm going to to tell you about today but we do this and alone this this is a
cold reality is already there why should a picture it have you from a very famous German 10 to the right hand you going to have to stay until the end and then I'll tell you who it is and this kind of going to keep you here
and I think it's a very good quality it's the exact opposite of what a lot of people say it's widely read about made of worlds and he said so you to use we know that already is it was already there that's not that's why by should a picture that known to to make up new stuff and not write about the things that are already there and when I have been a prepared for this talk i in I guess that I'm in an online forum and women book club they ask around and said what do you have any examples to have if some of the books that meant a lot to you the torque to be at an examples of moments when you suddenly realize all this story gives me so much more than this historic it's an idea about something in the world today and this I think it's like called him sorry I you're not supposed to do this but someone would actually make a lot of some remarks about David Brenner not sure of the noise and I write existence because my boss told me it's a great work I usually have also sorry Tennstedt Fondazione make me read their own favorite books and that's how I had to read 6 6 books of Joshua Martin because my boss wanted someone to talk with him about and so on and the existence raise a great book it has
so many ideas and he said it's a wide-ranging it that takes a look at Internet at John others in the social media it has some looks at climate change of genetic engineering there's so many topics and David when yeah in Venice words that are not dystopias they're kind of like utopias you on but of course there's things wrong with them because there has to be some kind of conflict otherwise the story doesn't work and and I actually tried to to focus on 2 parts that I think are important they wanna surveillance that from the class or
the I'm I don't speak Spanish the class had a total of n in Barcelona and gives some I think you get the irony some of this and I get my look at today I get by a lot of people don't understand why it's very important to question the little changes to ask why do you have but we have to have cameras everywhere by the have you have to have surveillance everywhere because it's so easy to
say well I'm not doing anything wrong it doesn't hurt me I want security might get that I really get a whole lot of people don't realize that these all these little changes takes freedom from us because that's a little that's just just 1 can write doesn't hurt me I don't have to go there and the robbing anyone on the killing anyone so why should I be a worried about this camera and but if you read a lot of science fiction you use a you see where it all and and then you realize OK we maybe we have to be more careful because now I don't think it's dangerous but if you install that and in many ways be we watch that and then maybe someone in some kind of surveillance there highly everything is watched and some we don't have any freedom anymore they're a lot
of young adult fiction nowadays there review of this dealing with dystopia 9 kind of only Denny adults and had like reading and the this books and a lot of them deal with exactly these topics of of losing of freedom because everything is watched and you you just can't be yourself and you can't do anything that's remotely different from anyone else that kind of cool still thinking that maybe it's not that bad now but there will be a and if you keep on doing this for the next 10 or 20 years and I don't think I want this world
that this some may be the best book you can read in all parts of halons it's Cory Doctorow's of little brother and it's I think it's a must still be free on the internet if you want to read that because Doctor of really cool guy and this is a quote from the book that says it's not about doing something shameful it's about doing something private it's about your life be wrong and human that's what
all the surveillance topics actually about they're not about there being camera than about taking your freedom from you 1 step at a time and is another example maybe some of you remember
that's is something that Eric Schmidt said asset and these on the street view of thing that he said if you don't have something that you don't want anyone to know maybe you shouldn't be doing in the 1st place and I think that's a very wrong thing to say nothing he retracted it a little bit afterward on the set there well that's not actually what I meant by maybe it was what he meant and I think it's important to realize that the very different that of course it's not about me doing something wrong answer but I don't want to be watched with all of these I do even if they're not wrong doesn't have private their mind you don't nobody has to know about them the this is not a great book I think
it's become it ties in the future not sure has a name and a body we with that threat just a few unary showed a laugh at different opinions I really liked it
and its place in the future and they have those little they called apparatus and some what's special about this 1 it's the place in the enough story basically bottom everybody knows about the other person's credit score and also from the trip that the book we use but actually about their probability how
so they have stores about that and so if you're someone was not really and some pretty cool a subtree which you have a problem in this world because everybody knows that and so on and that was a book that really take to me because on of the things you notice there they are already here you on the author of the book you can keep thinking well not quite yet they get but maybe in 5 years maybe in 3 years it's so close to the future that it starts to scare you will be going then there was recently that I I don't remember the name but um it was about rating of friends rating people and so not is just a job or something but it was really about reading people and I think there was a lot of backlash and this started OK maybe that was not a good idea so that everybody could rate anybody as in the well he's a jerk and then put it on the internet for everyone to see and that was that kind of thing that project kind of got shut down but I when I'm wanna try to find out what it was I stumbled upon this and this actually seems to be a thing but it's an at that moment can rate man for dating and as a woman I mean I think that's maybe kind of great but I'm not sure if the general idea is a good 1 but we'll see how that plays out on preparing for the top and
I'm going to have to another topic now I was ready lake outlet when in a podcast I heard of fantasy rider talk about m my right hand the not we'll books and that's what he
said from the question what if you look at the real I translated from German Science kind of and I hope that's all of this gets across when we don't talk about terrorism old-age poverty racism directly but shifted to welcome all of this can be felt but you can't put your finger on it and say I know there's a red about this in the newspaper understand this there it's exactly the earlier nation that helps us understand what it's really about nothing that I kind of know what this I thought OK I get a just have this fold
nite that's my talk summed up in 1 a quote from another person that's great and I actually willingness to have left for movements of any
I read this book this is not a friendly with us sense fiction book at this German book about
refugees it was nominated for the German Book Prize it's a great book but I had a problem with that because I noticed that it was comparing it to to my life some and I was comparing it to my experiences and I was try starting to question the book and its ideas because I was constantly caught up in trying to find out if it if it
was really given actually held up to what I thought I was happening in the real world there's another simple example of something more superficial maybe some it's Macy's sitcoms
or this is apparently Carrie Bradshaw Charles apartment and you know the prices of apartments in the yard and you see how how can they afford that and it takes you out of the story because you think this is unrealistic this is may be great for the series but it just once you try to compare it to our real life is you you notice all the little things that don't add up and so that's a problem with
the books and serious that take the real world because you have and you have the real world right there and you can compare this is me this is what what quickly from even for you know them I and this is enabled by history of my experiences I was I don't think knowledge at the right that stuff I know I'm not professor I'm my prejudices of course everyone's prejudices and all these things acts to this on what I can take from starry because I'm constantly comparing it to my history I have my knowledge I have my my history
prejudices and this is the book by and
antigenic soon and with very great stress recently I think it was published in 2015 or 2016 and there are people like called origins there and origin is some kind of you can you can sense the Earth and the falls in the ship and there's a derogatory term for it it's called rock and maybe when you can't brought out there some kind you noticed there's something there and this is also from online forum and that's Joanna was set that the term rather leans in Newman and I guess the lesser she said I'm wide and all the foot who I'm never going to completely get it but I like to think that this book had me get a little better and that's a good example of why fiction has value site justice Kaitlin entertainment it can also promote empathy and that's what I think is all about it's
about empathy it's about understanding something and sometimes this works better if you're going to take something completely out of your own context if you give yourself nothing to hold on to a but just a completely new world and then you have to make up your mind about all these things and get the idea what it's really
about yet this quote again it's might
have lost he said this in an interview in 2001 with the German newspaper on its side and this is 1 of my favorite quotes of all times yeah we think that well that's another thing we don't have the kind of questions
if the new amounts and if you have some questions to them lead because we're running out of time to catch these 2 persons again you still around and it's the faith in every month to and get your answers time that had