A Brand(ed) New World

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A Brand(ed) New World
Welcome to Virtual Commerce
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There is a paradigm shift for branding and commerce ahead. How can brands use VR to engage with consumers on an emotional level and drive sales?
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for home DNAm and dozens be thank you
very much a quick check anyone here everyone hear me OK understand boys thank you an said my name is
am a serial entrepreneur in the imaging space I used to work as a product manager and the luxury goods industry of a long time ago actually and so some of these issues in or some of the topics that have always been interested in is and how you can actually converts a emotional brand message by a different media tied to their master's degree in brand management and innovation management and wrote a master's thesis about how to actually convey the meaning of luxury goods and if you had to portray luxury brands across a variety of different channels so something that really got me when I started looking into the topic of the hour is the question how you can actually use that chirality to bring something across that he could never actually portrayed by just putting something online so why do I think this is so important if you think about it we used to have a brick and mortar stores we had of flying commas of language along comes the internet and hey presto we have become must so what comes next smartphones come next and we have mobile commerce so I think it's not a very fast stretch of the imagination to say that if you presented people with the new device to consume media they will also stop consuming things through those devices what's the next device that's actually currently being pushed into the market you all know it it's chirality hardware and the chirality headsets and now the interesting thing about the hardware component or about actually virtuality gaining traction in the market is that we always limited by 2 factors when a new device comes along 1 is the affordability of the actual device and the 2nd is the content that's provided for it as soon as both of these actually match as soon as you get both of these connected you start having traction in the market and right now but chirality hardware is being pushed into the market massively by the manufacturers these sums and gives a very nice example because as you probably know we see a galaxy a 7 day actually delivering these hardware along side with it so the manufactures of pushing this into the market we see stuff like Google cardboard which really allow the core the the access to the technology to be driven into the mouse markets so that's 1 thing at the same time we see up such a splash either you a few hazard of splash the at OK so basically it's it also German start up that just got the prize at South by Southwest for the virtual reality of unmarried and they democratize producing constant for although chirality by actually enabling you to capture content on your smartphone and then convert that to about chirality format so stuff like that drives constant production which means that
in a very short time span we will see both the hardware and the market and the constant being produced on all sorts of different
levels which is why I think that it makes sense especially for Brian's they want to convey the more emotional message than just having a 2 D e-commerce shock to start looking into this topic facing what we did was that of all 1 step further back uh my company is an imaging company and we you have been around for 3 years and I'll go into a little bit of detail about what we do later but I also gave a talk on at Fashion Week in January about virtual commas just the general concept did and what we did for that was that we developed an app and I'll show you that in a moment but let's look at what kind of components we need to actually produce virtual
commerce applications we need a hardware obviously and then we need to show a context and I'm just showing this image as an example I mean basically the nice the lovely thing about virtual reality is it can be anything you could be inside the showroom of your brand if that's what you want to show you could take your clients so you customers into a clearing in a forest you could take them into an actual digital world that's rendered 100 per cent which basically means that you can actually take your customer you consumers your brand evangelists to wherever you want to take them to really show what kind of world they should be looking at 2 we convey what you want them to feel because I mean I am kind of assuming a lot of you you have won 1 of the users who hasn't 1 of your headset yet again I feel free to come and have a look at it after the top
and it's about immersing people and in giving an immersive experience and the more detailed you create that experience the more you'll actually be able to grasp people on an emotional level so whatever he chooses to build and trade as a world that is really a key point now of course if you want to actually look at virtual commerce not just that telling a story you also have to represent the products you want to share and it's really I think people are becoming more and more demanding and what they want to see and the nice thing about virtual reality is that you can actually give them more information this is actually whether thing started because my company is a company that develops technology solutions for capturing products basically digitizing physical products in interactive 3 and 6 degrees and the the next step also in 3 D so basically taking objects from the physical world and translating them into the digital transfering them into a reality that's 1 of the key points that we do and that's how the who Büchel commerce idea started from so actually capturing and integrating the product is extremely important and then obviously you need an
interface so that I'll show you how we solve this problem in a 2nd and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about that because I if been looking into that topic quite a lot lately so the field also by the way feel free to interrupt me by throwing things all just sticking up your hand if you have any questions and
time the um in terms of presenting the content of a virtual commerce app you have different
possibilities in our case we developed and a specific act just because it was the easiest thing to do but actually right now you also have options of using for instance a panorama Panorama or a sphere that you may capture and for instance put on Google business you you have you as that of global business you basically Google Street View has the will stick here right and it's Google Street View for interiors so you capture panorama of interior space such as its and it gets uploaded to the Google service that's an optional thing but basically if you do that you can then showcase an entire store or any environments yeah online through the browser and very very fast download times that's the interesting part if you're talking about an act you always have to get people to install the app to download it at a lot of data volume and there's a bit of a let's put it let's put it mildly it's a convenience gap so if you actually go through a browser-based application and use something like for instance school business you you have the added benefit that the download is very quickly experiences very seamless and because Google actually offers a lot of interesting API is you're actually able to put interfaces on top of that so you can actually show on your web sites on your branded page whatever you way everyone to show it you can actually show an integrated business you off your space and in that you can once again integrated navigation and some
overlays that give information about products etc. so I'll show you how this works and guys if I could have we think the yeah OK so this basically is what's going on on my iPad just to show you so this is just the standard so in spherical perspective all air I'll try and do this the smoothly so it's not too painful for you to watch on the big screen so I can look up and I can down and I can also just quite through the room and what we did in this case was that we come we didn't
puts information behind every product we just did this as a showcase to show what you can actually do with it said by clicking on an item I can actually show item in a lot of detail the and as you can see that the buy button in this case that's not actually link to anything but it's actually very easy to link this to an e-commerce store so that's not really miss you and the lovely thing about this is that you can also give you clients much more
information and much more detailed information than you would usually do in any is random act so in this case the brand we did this together with it's a small Berlin-based label and they do a lot of collaborations so right
here I can go through different information I can watch images and
then I could also start started video this is
just kind of yeah I don't have sound on this right now and I'll just jump through it but I just want to show you how this works so
basically any kind of content that he could integrated in a normal web site you can also integrate into chirality experience and I'm just showing this
to you on the iPad because it's much eaten in much easier to actually convert this to the big screen than the year the art but if you feel like it you can come up after the presentation and have a look at what it actually feels like to be in that room and to look at things so just to give you another example
in this case that would be another fashion items this is actually a nice showcase for what it is that fast forward imaging does we do these transparently crops 360 photos and in this case I can then also interact with that I can do pinch zoom effects such so could we go back to
being this thing to support so that's why I'm
saying the possibilities of what you can actually do in virtual reality all absolutely limitless can really Roscoea client really grasp customer really bring them into
you well you can put music with it you can do pretty much whatever you want but you have the
benefit that people actually inside your world so I could for instance it on my so far and go and shop at the fuII flagship store in Tokyo canónigo like OK so I don't really like the Tokyo store all just hop over to London instead if you look at how brands actually used flagship stores and boutiques to really creates a different experience for their clients that chirality is there way of actually bringing this experience to the customer to the
client inside their living from the as I said from the technological perspective making these creating these applications is surprisingly simple all you have to have is the continent's obviously you the room that you all the world that you want to show and I
think that's really the key question you have to answer for yourselves if looking at it from the perspective of a brand what is it which environment is it that really conveys best what you want to tell you people about your brand or about you collection you can easily change this from 1 collection to the next you could put 360 Video in which we haven't tried it but I know it's relatively easy possible it's just it comes with a few timing issues and stuff like that but you can have actually had put people inside a moving image
and then tell you stories which is why I think this is a very very exciting area to be in right now so that's really my little blurb um and any questions that I could answer about the topic 1 2nd book
I'm not I am within and I just wanted to know about how long does it take to create this kind of interface that really simple and you
have just a few items that they got crown long it's actually in the
actual development time is relatively low I mean basically once you have all the content I mean OK let's just go through it step by step so you need to produce let's say a room let's say we want to capture this room depending on which kind of technology use for that we're talking about anything between half an hour and that's a 3 hours it depends a little bit on how many standpoints you want to have in the example I showed you it's just a spherical route from just 1 stand point if you use the technology where you're actually able to go through the roof likable business you you want to have more standpoints than just 1 and that's as i said roughly maximum let's a maximum 5 or 6 hours for a space like this and capturing the objects or providing the content obviously depends on what you actually want to show some when we capture an object in 360 degrees it the actual capturing process takes 5 minutes per item so that's easy and then the programming depending a little bit on whether you want to have it inside an application that that's a separate unit that would be depending on the on on on the developments environmental a development framework I would say probably between 1 and 3 days but if you go through something like the Google business you overlay and we're at the moment working with a partner who actually do that within half a day to a day development work because they've developed a framework that actually makes it relatively easy to integrate content into that any more questions the
it and how about community building you just told us that we could go to Tokyo tool to shocked and go shopping there but now how about those people who was and in that shop at the same
time in informal but to base can be connected to the maybe 1 day or even today already um I think 1 day definitely and that day is not far away it's already very
easy to integrate of social media with but chirality application so the connectors already there the actual interaction
with the community would have a gaming aspect so you would definitely go for a specific app development in that case and depending on how that happens structure that would be relatively easy the only thing you me then need to think about is the whole question of of our task so you would have to work out how you want to deal
with that you want to give people an actual of ontology 1 just want to have a chat functionality or a video conferencing and stuff like that it's pretty much like any basic website site you can integrate a lot of different things you just have to kind of figure out what it actually is that you want to do but we're not very far from that where was the other question yeah Ivan is out of
was from that tonight Winkler known and I have a question regarding the tangibility of all of this mean I've seen so many the our speech
right now and it's offline and it's all fun but exactly when you talk about fashion and people at the POS and they want to
touch the fabrics they want to your try them on etc. so I to be honest I don't really see the advantage of the art in this the specific application maybe can elaborate on the advantages of the more I think the year um I think it's a question that has a lot of different aspects to it so 1 thing basically I think the main advantage of the movie our experience is the fact that you can actually you it's a more immersive experience and that makes the more emotional experience than just a flat screen experience so that's just from a brand standpoint and that's not fashion specific that's a general thing although as we all know fashion brands tend to put a lot of effort into making into giving their consumers a very interesting and very challenging experience in terms of the actual objects in terms of tactility and haptic I think that's um for instance something that's the ah invites
is to have very high definition and high resolution imagery that actually gives you a very close up you of materials but obviously it is a new view of the material you can't touch it and I know that there is some development in terms of operative a rating below that allow you to kind of interact with magnetic field that's that's a etc. I think that is very interesting from a sci-fi perspective probably in 5 to 10 years will see very interesting development there but we're not there yet so it is a purely visual and audible experience at the moment not a tactile experience I completely agree with you thank anyone else questions good who is it
all ready proven that companies sell more products by using this technology known as far as I
know there isn't actually any 1 gets is actively using this we are at the moment producing 2 showcases for out 1st 2 clients but I don't know of anyone yet who has actually integrated the are with yet so that wouldn't really be any data to be found on that but I'm very excited to see it some tests and some results about and as their possibility to see your own body because I I mean if you have close a new baby wanna try them on they can the on bodies of death is there it's the other of question once again it's a similar thing mean basically there are many different
the ah hardware options and some of them do have integrated cameras and so you could actually transfer in image from the kind of out looking camera into the our as well but I think that's also we're not quite there yet I think it's going to
take a little while until that really gives you an experience that is the experience you'd like to have a mean obviously what you could always use you could get yourself body scanned and then have that converted into another talk and that could be used to actually try on fashion although I must admit that I'm very hesitant about the whole idea of a virtual fitting room I mean obviously there a virtual mirror concepts and shopping virtual and fitting room concepts I'm hesitant as to whether people I'm really going to use that and because I think as a little bit as we were saying earlier it's a question of more gaming than actual real fitting and I think that plays together with the who tactile things until we actually able to create realistic 3 D models off fashion that take into account all the different details of the actual build off the fat of fabric that use standard Jaccard as an example if you have a standard men's jacket you have something like 15 more let's say 5 different materials that decide how the just it fits and
how the fabric moves and how it responds to a body and you've got all the padding and everything until actually able to read convert that into a three-dimensional model that behaves like that jacket would behave if you wore you won't have a realistic experience and I think that let down of seeing something much in the virtual world like when we see perfectly retouch product in e-commerce store and then the stuff gets delivered and you take it out of the box and it's a shapeless crinkly thing and or you put it on and it is behaves completely different I knew that disappointment is going to drive returns but not we actually give you great brand experience some very hesitant about the virtual fitting constant yeah and you know if that is
surrounded if anyone would like to use as a set you very welcome to come and try the year after that I just showed you on the iPad otherwise thank you very much and have a lovely day Hey below good luck had