Creating an Internet You Can Walk Through

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Creating an Internet You Can Walk Through
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Shared Studios is a multidisciplinary art, architecture, and technology organization focused on grounding the connective potential of the Internet in physical spaces to create more secure, accessible, and meaningful encounters across distance. This talk by the founder of Shared Studios tells the story of its first global initiative -- Portals -- and explains how the shared context of art, the presence of architecture, and the pervasiveness of certain technologies, creates a new opportunity to continuously connect diverse spaces from playgrounds and public parks.
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a home town windmilling with the users and
thank you all very much for being here and for Republican for having me my team in the goal container I'd like to begin with an important disclaimer which is I'm often rooms with people who know a lot more than me
about art architecture and technology but but rarely is the room this capacious and rarely is the crowd as the deeply knowledgeable as you so please go gentle I n going to tell you a little bit about what this portal is over the
course of this talk and then hopefully you can check it out because it's going to be here for the next couple of days OK so in 1947
my grandmother fled the or Pakistani during partition she fled by train at nite with fires burning outside her window seed moves
to India married my grandfather and he was a map maker and he spent the next 40 years traveling up and down the India-Pakistan border charting it in very fine detail my grandmother gave birth to my mother who spent her childhood traveling through desert sands and mountain passes
before migrating to America and giving
birth to me 60 years after my grandmother fled Pakistani I became a reporter for The Washington Post and I traveled around the world for a year video blogging about how people perceive Americans now this was in 2007 so George Bush was president and the short answer to my year of travels was America was not perceived terribly well but this took me to 12 countries including Pakistan so I was the 1st member of my family to be back since my grandmother fled 60
years before no my grandmother red all of my pieces up to then very scrupulously but she always complain that they were too short and because you know she's supposed to click continue so that I finally centers straight by the time I was in World war Pakistan and she wrote all of my pieces with a great degree of interest you know she wanted to know what life was
like in law for the hit the Muslim kids who she grew up with who now that were still there who she had seen in ages but my pieces tended to be about at the political life in Pakistan about
what a what people in arts and politics and culture thought about the US by told many you know what my pieces might not
give you what you want you know you might not be able to feel what life is like in but pretty soon Google or
Facebook or Skype will create a hologram and you'll be able to plot down on the street and the whore and talk to passes by you know just like that so that was the dream and I assumed it was sort of happens but but in 2009 she passed away
and I the went to law school here and so I started preparing for a life of policy papers and punditry and reading about foreign affairs and politics and began to wonder myself what life was like on those lower streets but you know we in I'm from the United States I was in New Haven and I
began to really miss my time on the road I missed getting on a bus in the
evening without a cell phone my laptop would die i'd have no book to read in the evening light and so the pass the time I talk to a stranger next and those with the most moving conversations of my life because I had nothing really to prove to them it would be over before I knew it and a lot of the social cues that placed me didn't resonate on a bus ride across Mexico or Pakistan or the Philippines and I heard incredible stories about the Filipino woman trying to find her lost father or a Mexican revolutionary uh heading to his final pilgrimages you prepared to die now when I came back to the US by didn't even talk to strangers on the bus next to now also my I find iPhone on my iPad and when I went online even by 2014 I 1 and link tend to get a job or tended to get a date and when I met a stranger it was always to get a job a date I never really talk to someone in that way but is losing myself in time and sharing the moment with them in pure unadulterated focus same time I began wondering what those lower streets were like myself so that brings me and more or less to where I am now I pivoted away from law and toward spot and started to think a lot about that very common the trope that we've all been reading about no matter where you are on Earth that you enter a but they you enter a of a closet for 0 you know or wormhole you enter a uh a rabbit hole and you're transported to another time to another place I started to think more prosaically you know what if you just
walked into your local coffee shops and could share a coffee with someone another part of the world what would I feel like what would that look like an the talk about this idea with a ton of different people who said to me but he said to me you know we already have this we already have spiked why do you need that's other did talk to others who kind of intuitively got that there's something else missing and those people
sort of jumped into action and really helped take this daydreams you know of wandering in meeting someone in another country to a a reality big disciplined the data and so 1 of them is here in front of me named John fracture making weird signals that I'm not sure what they
mean and the and I and really a couple other people started is looking for references and thought will do we wanna build an inflatable structures do we wanna go into a coffee shop you know we want to create the illusion that you're walking through the internet but what is that really mean so after a good amount of time we settled on the standard intermodal shipping container but because it's secure it's accessible it's not that expensive it's
uniform and that so you know my parents finally there they're like the nightmare came through and I body is shipping container moved it into the backyard broke down the fence and there it is now the neighbors got really upset at 1st they said I was living in the container and call the
local police i was not living in the container then they complain that as an eyesore regardless and on that point I definitely agree so I started trying to paint the container different colors to just calm them down you know tried white it was too hot too much like an art parts black made it too hot silver was too precious and finally that I settled on this darker goal and uh unlike the lighter gold that it conveys is sort of the sacred and the commercial you can see through that gold and in perfect reflection of yourself and you can see the markings of where the containers have been and their weights so it it sort of pulled out the symbolic resonance of the container is a choice and it combinators down for a little while on the
inside and wanted to feel comfortable warm and so we carpeted that in this grade uniform gray carpet and then my uncle we see in the back at that picture there is an optical scientist which was incredibly convenient and he helped out with camera selection and lend selection to minimize the optical distortion of trying to get a camera a single camera to create the illusion of that spatial continuity and was all the working on that piece the final act
of that part of the creation was to stand solely outside a portal to and then a bunch of the countries where I hoped we would go which included or on in Cuba and Afghanistan and that the Navy it's really freaked out 1 in particular and to call the FBI which came and interrogated me and the container and then ultimately realized that it was just a portal and not a a a portal that was a terrorist cell which was what the reporting was what I think is funny and to have a terrorist cell in gold telling you where you're plotting anyway so out with that the portal was in its more less can't form and the 2nd
form of discipline came which was people who do we connect now my grandmother had
passed away this was now 2015 she had been gone for 6 years and I don't really care per say where these 2 sites connected I just kind of missed
it but Michel Mokhtar the she really did care and I knew her from my days of the journalist and I reached out with the idea and she got really into it at the time she was reporting for Reuters in and
want to buy in Tehran and she was facing a frustration I think a lot of journalist do face which is at in or on the stories about America
were quite uni-dimensional and in America the stories about Orion were very uni-dimensional and Michel who went back and forth to
both as an running American wanted her friends to actually speak and so this idea that resonated with her and she went to run many many times despite a lot of people saying that you know the government will let you do it or you know the internet too slow really push through it and identified I think the perfect partner In sort of Constantine was there wearing a a superstore costume which is entirely unrelated to this project so of runs the contemporary art space in run in his work is about rounding the connective potential of the Internet in a physical space In particular he I was denied a visa to the US and so he hired a human being in New York to where Google Glasses and walk around the streets as his human Avatara speaking as sort of listening as sort of so he actually made the closest thing to the hollow-gram that I told my grandmother about all those years before so when that all came together I I knew he was just use the perfect partner and he got to work in a building but interior portal so he didn't build a shipping container
he just took a room which you see copper
black with some friends and created more or less the same interior structure as what we but were
creating in the US so this is building up understand jump ahead no
I can't do that so from a 2nd and then
in New York we're in a gallery in the lorry
side and it's an art space
that we couldn't fit a container in there but by that
point I was so committed to the form that we as a team that made 1 inside the lorry side gallery and we launched and so we invited people to enter the portal for 20 minutes at a couple at 1st 8 minutes at a time to have a
conversation with someone in the other portal as if in the same room about what would make today a good day for you the idea for the prompt with that at the personal specific but but not you know why I hope for world peace more
I hope my dog doesn't chew through the furniture you know so we launched and we
at 1st were pretty slow and I'll tell you that this in a 2nd but we're a pretty slow you know a
lot of folks didn't show up so we ended up letting people sit on the portal as long as we wanted and 1 of our 1st people went in and we forgot about you know and 2 hours later he came out talking about what he and the stranger in around who similarly was just chilling there for 2 hours talked about which was everything from the ailing father's to sexuality
to uh you know personal aspirations it see it struck i think the same feeling I had on the bus of losing yourself in this moment in time in a space of timelessness were cell phones don't work where your alone with a stranger uh so that there's a lot of these kinds of stories and I'll tell you just a few that but the important
point now is in addition to the 1 on 1 conversations which we expanded from 8 minutes up to 20 because people wanted more time we had people come back to us with specific ideas for how they wanted to use the portal In addition outside the context of a 1 on 1 conversations so the 1 on 1 conversations took place in the morning to strangers when and we started to get pretty booked up new reserved online you came in for 20 minutes and we had been alive interpreter as needed but people came back and said you know my parents all
are an I Matthias displays might not fit what might you know this is a
video but I'll just tell you about it so this is an example of 1 of the users that people put it but it to they came and said look I'm an artist from a teacher and I would love to connect my classroom or so forth to someone abroad now James groaning as is in running American but would never been to run and his father fled the country and really can look back James as a dancer and has a lot of family in around he's never really danced for another scene of a new to so he created dance for them did it in the portal and had a family on the other end and came out you know weeping and deeply moved because he felt like he said well that he was feeling the same breathing the same air
and uh you know we began to get more stories like this we had classrooms
and I we you know we have like a substitute teacher in on teaching the kids in New York about life it is not as a side note that woman we must speaking right now ended up marrying sort of when they met through the portal so those are 1st portal marriage
uh but they met in the same around portal
but it and so there's a whole host of kind of artist collaborations and then we got a lot of press which was very helpful the the audio again is like not that important for this talk over it uh but we had pressed come from around the world and that was important for us to get the word out by the time these 2 weeks this is really just a 2 week from a flashbang moment were over Michelle and regroup and found that this whole thing was more powerful than we had anticipated that people had come out weeping and giddy in a way that we didn't expect we expected them to think it was cool and I think we began to reflect on why and also then chart a future so briefly to reflect on why I think portals as a structure worked for folks because it was private you don't tweeted or Facebook at instantly we can record the conversations it was fleeting time limited it was across a pronounced form of psychic distance you know or on in the US for very loaded a and those 1 on 1 so you were performing the most talkative guy in the group and dominate it was an isolated moment in time but I think the most important facet of this whole project and of wanton in particularly was the association of the World of art the idea of purposelessness because people came to the portal like you would come a bit to a painting more of sculpture out of a sense of curiosity uh hoping to be filled with joy or ambivalence or a boredom or or ecstasy you know who knows but not necessarily get something not to get a date or get a job and that association of purposelessness also allowed people to create their own purposes for the space to reconnect family to connect classrooms to do artist collaborations to entrepreneurship dialogs and so forth so who are having done those 2 weeks decided we hit something luckily indecisive those December 2014 so as not that long ago Michelle for a job Reuters I had basically check that all school anyway but really checked out now and start working on this when I just a few weeks after I got an e-mail
from all need to have babies now all need to have heard about the portal through BBC person and he was a computer science professor in Iraq Afghanistan and said look I I love the idea I'd like to join the portals network and that my response was you know great so I get a container handling it tears
wherever and let's do it you know there was a much of a structure so I was kind of surprised at all
need actually did bias shipping container bring it to his university a hurry why University outfitted in a gray
carpet uh with a paisley designed unlike ours but still very pretty and then
I can solve the technology in which he's doing in this video there and that's only a
couple a week later by February and early March the portal was up we had a launch event with all sorts of local leaders and it was connecting the sites around the
world by March out this was the 1st permanent portal the other 2 are temporary of the 1st real container portal and this is the view from the Afghan portal of in this case a San Francisco portal so as you can see because I know I have a really shown you what it looks like on the inside the
vision is you enter a big a start shipping container that's 20 feet long
were you know 6 meters long and as you look down at you see continuously into the other containers you don't wear goggles you don't wear headphones you don't where there's nothing so the feeling of being unencumbered is quite important ended up it opens up as you can see to the city perceived
as videos are working yeah they are so that this portal inferred using for all sorts of things uh you know like this dance competitions story-telling competitions uh entrepreneurship dialogs no uh all sorts of things that every day there was a different use for this portal with or growing sites around the world so over the past
year now we've grown to a number of sites and Aldus flash through a couple and then give you the list but this is Washington
DC This is Mexico City
this is Miami this is New Haven and row wonder this is a refugee
camp but in IDP camp in reveal a rock this is San Francisco looking at
Afghanistan at nite this is artery
Assyrian refugee camp in Jordan
but this I'm not exactly sure where and this is a map
of where we are about 14 months and With of similar process of people reaching out to us saying we love the idea and working with us to get a portal figure out how funded and staffing now I think the important point to pause on here is staffing running
portals noticed exist in space they are uh their staff their rooted in a community which give them trust which give them to reach they're staffed by people and each portal is staffed by what we call a portal curator who provide life interpretation is needed but also programs the space of you come up and say we want a host of global tech but dialog on society right we could then reach out all our portal curious and they could program locally so this is a you know from Newark New Jersey to Havana to sort of an Aron to only down here to Honduras and uh this is a Lewis from Milwaukee at the now uh all of this I was again faster than we had anticipated incredibly exciting to see people take this idea and run with it in the way that they did but for me uh 1 of the moments that really affected me the most was when a Cuban woman who fled Cuba I went to the portal and had her 1st conversation with someone in Cuba in decades and she I was old shoes ailing a little bit and was generally down and came in and spoke to a person who grew up on the same street of her in yeah then she did this from Washington DC this is a little clip of that I government is so you got this is all the time that I know that many many years ago and that very morning hole here and so I have no idea what it looks like now on the it is a very exciting that you not me not me out your you you so that you don't you you'll you'll have to really go up so that it is a very good yeah the and you and I want to use it for I'm going to say on my notes that they have the full year it would be a lot of you know what will be the tool houses knowledge necessary so but obviously this affected me because I reminded me completely of my grandmother and the type of things you might have said I and she's been a lovely supporter of portals and you know are connections around the world since no
no it the next little piece tell you is about another person who went to the portal in this case in New Haven and came out with an idea of her own Her name's Tracy Mears she's a law professor at Yale and she works on criminal justice and race in the United States and pointed out very
reasonably that the divisions within our communities within our cities within our countries are as pronounced if not more sometimes in the divisions between around in the US so she proposed creating a dialog between inner city communities in America and the other
sites within America on issues of race criminal justice and police community relations yeah so just
2 weeks ago we launched our 1st domestic US portal pairing between but Milwaukee and in particular a community in Milwaukee a zip code with the highest incarceration rate in America which in turn has the highest incarceration rate of any major country in the world but in a homicide rate of 250 per 100 thousand
and this community is now connected to others in dialog on race and criminal justice and in this case it's being anonymously transcribed and analyzed by these red yellow researchers to see how people construct their narratives of the police because surveys tell you how someone feels a moment in time but dialog tells you how they arrived at that emotional place yeah that and they're using the portal for all sorts of stuff to including video game
competitions which I think is what this represents well I self portals
is not really about uh you know geography in particular it's more about creating a moment of a certain kind of space and prompting in our a moment in which that we converse with someone on like ourselves for no particular purpose I think that now we think I should say now uh as always but maybe even more than a prior points dialog across these forms of distance for no particular reason are particularly powerful in our just as a quick aside 1 of the conversations that took place in the portal with Afghanistan was a drone pilots in America would never spoken to an Afghan though flew over the country all the time and another 1 was a Defense Department contractor who spent 4 months in Afghanistan and said she had never
had a meaningful conversation because each encounter was so predetermined it was so instrumentalized OK so
what why is it important and I think we think that right now we have a consolidating mass media we have uh a number of forces that ensconce us in our own communities and that can be great but to carve out moments in which we go outside of them has value to I think several reasons in particular no 1 reason is and this is probably the most obvious yet punches hardened stereotypes of other people it literally creates room for that new ways of understanding what's going on it doesn't necessarily have to yield any form of agreement were liking of 1 another but it should at least complicate a picture with the image of a human face the 2nd important reason is it teaches us about ourselves to
look at what we've normalized in our own views of ourselves and question and think of new possibilities and finally if you think about it art and politics do share some similarity that fundamentally the ground it sits on is indeterminate meaning we continually question and collectively decide what our values what do we enjoy what do we care about but those values really only come from dialog when or when you trust summer speaking authentically with no particular purpose about what they truly believe what they're truths are so that is a sort of meta view of up its value but you know the another way of thinking about it is we want to enhance existing public spaces and create out of any local park a link to a global public space and we want grow the portals network where ever anyone wants it so that people can use it in whatever ways they want starting with what we recommend that 20 minute dialog with a stranger and then moving on to really anything people can fathom but we also pop portal tense so now playing a little bit with that the idea and
when you think about this idea it's a very simple 1 it's ageless timeless and has pretty big implications i think for public space in particular which are but doesn't have to be a shipping container obviously but it doesn't
have to be in a container that it can be video walls like this which are uh something we're launching in 2 months to take street corners and
connect them it can be playgrounds where you go down the slide in Germany and you pop up the music in Botswana I think you know they're
infinite ideas I mean we have like a huge store of them but this 1 is in a year and Tiergarten you listen to the sounds of tougher square and they're talking to you here but you can penetrate these wormholes through space in an endless number of ways and was then becomes important I think is that context you know why are we doing and why would you do it is it to be neat you know to sell more speakers you know or is there a context behind it which is about something bigger and so with portals because of the people because of the community because of being in a place like this there is that context of what I call purposelessness but that's not the most compelling description perhaps probably a better word but it openness to multiple uses a welcoming of people
across forms of distance this is just 1 other 1 other of our ideas and which is you know this also as endless ramifications for you plop down in 1 city in your someone else yeah
so in that kind I wrap this up for me the arch has a particular value in teaching me about ourselves and our values because it is a space where we have that moment to reflect and what I noticed about portals looking back on it now is a lot of the decisions I made that I thought were
for 1 reason or another white is like really hit on something very deep and me and tied again to my grandmother at 1st the
gold collar the gold color and so reminded me now I realize of the little gods and goddesses my grandmother used to keep on
her dresser that it was the same shade of gold and the carpet that gray carpet was the same the
same as this movie whole we used to go to that was covered when I was a kid nasal of running up against the walls it felt safe but I think even more
deeply it was a sort of attention that she gave and that I'd like to think it perhaps is the attention a grandparent can give to they don't story about brushing your teeth are putting in a bed but which was a focus of great intensity and that you know not to get too religious because I'm not but that does also make me think of that part of my heritage which is Hindu when which thinks of the idea of that bowing down to the divine and someone else's work imperfectly trying to
recognize that in that in there in the ether through the container there's something in there that always good and that premise that idea I think motivates me and a lot of the team and
so that is a that's what brought me here to you today and what brought this portal front now I am going to close by saying
that kind of magically yesterday all BB actually popped out of the portal that was connected to Afghanistan here physically which evolved in the dream and that's because 2 weeks ago he moved to Berlin for the next 2 years so he turns out to be here with us today which is very exciting and I just met him for the 1st
time yesterday after us working together for the past almost a year and a half so only women have you come up and say from another perspective and then will take any
questions you guys might have thank you so much and it was be some out of
over 1 of my name is a major has a marriages to do that on the young uns runoff from Afghanistan then as the young the computer science professor in Afghanistan which
of I usually don't like to stay around from I will tell you why the leader of 3 years ago we started at the Afghan development inspiration Bureau wearing it so well but young Afghan students of with their innovative ideas to make a business out of the ideas just like in small in Canada and have been quite successful in in the past 2 and a half years of operation
so as far as I remember myself all I always had this idea of connecting connecting people cultures unknown languages together because of it doesn't matter where we are from rural from this earth and that that will matters and that's why I don't like asking people right you from I'm usually ask them has more I like you more better known
as I'm I showed you of when I saw the news about 4 on through the
are kind of told myself that this is it this is what your was looking for and this is the thing that all can connect Afghanistan to others rats mice you to other of the rest of the world then out because no 1 knows Afghanistan no 1 knows what's the really major Afghanistan denizens pretty unknown just a reminder Hall is ask yourself what comes 1st you remind you when you hear Afghanistan and where is it true that from yeah the definition of Afghanistan right now is just war bomb killing terrorists times to Taliban and course media for that floats because there's a wrong perception that they created through all the world they're now how what well how we can fight against this idea is just by having one-to-one dialogs and discussions and through this portal that while I'm not in the team
created it we can have 1 to 1 dollar and by by the way that we can explore the cultures and nations where on without any means begin begin just go there
and explore it as much as we wanted to just lose yourself in the time In this talk about that's that's the biggest thing that a portal can and can give you use the she noted people all in the past 15 years 15 months of operation of corrupt
4 0 in Afghanistan of experienced lots of things that things all lots of Laos talks
of dancers in the world lots of you would love to dance in Afghanistan and the disease that really pretty normal thing there and saying in wrapping wrappers there are 2 people painting together from right to United States were given we have ice I've seen prize in the world that they were just cited in news and just like some people were sad about then out I myself extrinsic truly the different thing just that when I got to Berlin portal and I saw heroic world where I created and I will talk was stock and to my friends Barkan right it was just like the review the use of of the issues as having gone to a place of about 40 45 years but it was just 2 weeks ago that I was in it was really a creepy feeling that you see your friends for body front you just like as if in the same
room you're breathing the vendor and that was really nice ice strongly recommend you just go experienced coral and you will see are how beautiful it is think you for this great idea and
things everyone you know which is the thing you affair
fusion often few so well that any questions to the portal and the hello everyone and his or means the mutual friends I'm merely from only God I was at the portal and was exciting experience and I want to thank you for bringing this in but I mean there was 1
idea I have a question that I have 1 common 1 like it always make my mind occupied about the gaze of course there more people in America they want to know what's going on in Iran but rather than the other way around so I'm going and then we are likely living in Americans every day getting media and Hollywood I'm in the you know which much more information about the United States and the average American has multi 1 so how to what you know this so that there's this kind a litany of of could
teach you can make of this which excluded from the speech well addressed now so yes a 1 is of course this idea of you know is this a place where rich Westerners go in and talk to the others I level need to respond partly that but I would to say this about the wrong for and we just lost 1 it's so hot as well as the point of the portals network is not that it is the US and around the user point that is run in Mexico in run an event in around in Kenya and run in the US and around in Berlin now the power of that idea is sure each of those pairings
loaded each of them is loaded and and yet because you do all of them it's
saps some of the stress of anyone and people come in with a variety of different purposes
some probably do come to gaze and find out what it's like to be a Syrian refugees and some Syrian refugees come in looking for a visa interest or a job that is life that is world and so I don't think we're reinforcing it so much as highlighting to the extent that's there and dealing with the questions of this world that we inhabit putting people head on in those conversations but 1 thing about the around the world and I was excited with is the heart with Mexico in particular they know that Germany Berlin years coming up here Mexico doing opinionated teaching class for or on right and wrong doing something similar and a creative performance about you know the purple farm and elections right and so assassinating dialogs about cultural creativity political regimes life so I think that what you learn across the network gives it its enduring value rather than any particular pair but only do you want me that's a question I think I was
of I was the impression of people
talking to on their American counter but that might be because conceived as bad guys invading the country I mean of course it was a a trailing experience for
people with you you saw it in the 1st hand and my 2nd question to you on worries about funding did
you do crowdfunding or did you get collaborated on universities companies held here you get a lot of
experience is Iraq's people were
Afghans there were quite of surprised and excited about that because all when you walk there and we talked with a person that you think uses them in it but he's not it brings peace by itself all you bring note knowing another person just give Zecchina piece and every time a person of that was inside the world has them when they're out how is a course how was it and this I wanna do it again I was super exciting and I want you more I want to have more talks that was all 1 of the things that always happened and I've never seen anything right on the yeah uh on the funding question the funding question is there a great 1 because
we don't know quite yet what our sustainable model is but I'll pause on that point
because the idea here is that portals as a network is itself a piece the idea of shared can be teased out across institutional domains it originates at least in part with the idea of people buying shares in the Queens vessel that goes to the US and then the queen's vessel brings back gold or doesn't and people either happy or sad so from a commercial note comes in emotional
valence and portals is about exploring the idea of shared in numerous instantiation in a physical space in the virtual space in the Legal space immunome early didn't bring it up at the legal issues of around US are massive but in economic space relatedly massive uh MediaSpace masses so how do you take
the idea of shared and critically applied
across domains that's what we're trying to do and were by no means there but 1 way I think we wanna do it financially is to think of shared the think of portals as its own global economic unit which is very hard to do because of all these legal things I where anyone who joins the portal is equally invested in that network so in practice we have no money doesn't mean much but every portal curators paid but a set amount everywhere on earth so we don't expect people to staff the portal anywhere for free uh because you know just as part as a means should be free but when we raise money crowdfunding was 1st that is it would is that if it were durable enough so that would be great for crowd investing I'd love you know that we find in practice we are making money through uh institutions who all are hosting the portal for various lengths of time and basically the shorter length of time the more we charts and that helps cover the whole network because you bring value to portals when you connect for permanently work for many years and those are free to subsidize 2 we find we find a way sponsors whatever but a but if a very brief well you joining into this network is incredible vibrancy and your only there for 2 3 days we don't really get to draw that much from you but at least you can help us operate so we're in the
process of the financial model but we're not going to do it like lazily right it it needs to be done with the same care I think that we have cultivated the human network and the physical network because we're not Facebook you know
we don't scale it takes a lot of listing just a move a container knowing that
a lot of lifting to bring a community around it and the financial lift varies country-by-country but but is not negligible so you know you can go online and do it on our website and earlier welcome to is well appreciated and my uh my 1st want to thank you I think it's an absolutely incredible idea that you have a more personal question and at
the beginning you was saying that it all started with a daydream that you had and I think maybe we all have daydreams especially I have also savings and was wondering what to help you the most to turn your they dream into reality and when the checks Julio realize that doing it I'm no questions because of
people like John and Michelle anomie but you know that it's a daydream and I talk about it and I have a lot of other DE genes I talk about and nothing happens I think it's a great idea but no 1 else's and this 1 had its own cohort of people like I said somewhere like deeply skeptical a lot of people were like you'll get that you have to give people free stuff but some just jump and so Michelle only uh and then a whole bunch of people from around the world has both Michelle and I were journalists who traveled around the world a lot of help we could t is this idea out you know even the prompt we thought about it for 6 months you know collectively so the Dejean piece was manifest because other people got excited and I became accountable to them and they became accountable to me and we moved in together and I think that that was really important I
got some of the scholarship for loss school so I was in dire
need to go work at a law firm there's no question the economics were important that we could afford to at least take a three-month risk and but at some point also but it was an idea that clicked with my whole life and everything I've done from when I was a kid uh has always been about trying understand my you know I grew up attending to the Italian and i'd like no connection to India and I called myself or mind you know that because I was really ashamed of Indian my mother when she fled wanted nothing to do with it but I found in my paintings for example a lot of the the esthetics that were there manifested in the so anyway uh long long way of saying other people and finding it to be the truce idea for me that I'd ever had yeah
so I think that's it's about a week thank you
very much it so I think a thank you generate clear you amend no