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A Circular Approach to Making
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"From Brazilian Gambiarra to African DIY and repair culture in Europa, makers are exploring more sustainable production methods around the world. This new mindset can contribute significantly to the drive towards a more circular economy and also to validate a creative work done in the peripheries of the world."
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and so but that's Ivalon had a did to host this panel about sickle approach for making movement was basically try to understand how can you bring the discussion that's really important this bubble off maker movement that's growing and growing around the words and sometimes it's really worried about how can you make new products and how can disrupt some industries how can you like make it is for a revolution in this revolution and everything and sometimes we forgot to think about but which kind of system are abusing with these new tools which kind of systems we can make we followed this powerful tools that we have in our hands nowadays and this simple i economy as a concept that is becoming also more popular and is trying to bring a concept that people should look to materials in a way that products should be designed to be designed it again in a way that everything could be circle and you used to used things Mark connects to the environment and the mod friendly not produce a lot of waste so we at a library makers space in real being working with this kind of concept and with this kind of idea for a like almost 1 year and year and a half now and I want people around the world to work on on these we are just like some of them but this community growing and growing and our idea was like just to solve 2 examples about how can we use this kind of concept in the day by day in our kind of you know our innovation herbs in our space to try to stimulate this kind of discussion and us not just the discussion led al soul sound what actions and some projects and some products that can be useful to trying to make a model system and not use this new all wonderful new tools like 3 D printers robotics and trend components and everything that we are really proud to have in our hands nowadays and try to use these to really make up movement to change the system and not to add to that the same thing and ends up with the same concentration of power in few hands and everything so this is why we started this discussion and we could say is that if an action send the and then you can the late at and we can set it centimeter we are gonna talk like 5 minutes it's really quickly because just the shock and 0 just to introduce this object and then we can be more than open to and follow the discussion later outside the giver of contacts and whatever you can do with these and estimate chicken talk from our 5 minutes and then I can be showing our project in a few minutes and we can open for a few questions we don't have much time but at least we can and try to reply and some stuff and then we can discuss outside my so scores send any from Togo of the hello
OK thank you think uh geek all this new edition so you have to really briefly about what we are doing in so many local so uh um uh we have a take that that's society the south of you about in the general debate after the they can be a idea east these uh tomorrow the city will be built by the entrepreneurs a tease out BnB we decided how you keys a a warburg with the side will how you move in this city and toward the start of will decide more than politician our uh planner 6 at r so the idea to can get about the city of tomorrow is to create uh space to launch new type of entrepreneur will will be able to trust from the city so we have we have decided trilogies Steuben put it can't at City and the idea of you know to create a network of spaces like FabLab co-working
space in each space after knowledge business uh we've transformed in this city so we create the 1st uh of this a new
generation of of space which is when our in in without do you have uh about 11 start-up created there and I would like to to show you some some video about these uh the up
the the so without these suppose
that transform 1 kilometer irony so it's it is
supposed to be there there's a bit sunspot for 1 commit it I want to be a
great idea for food for and our own to
be displays who addressed the wastes uh use you for 1 kind of it our so we have 1 startled by example walk along these U wastes uh for that so we trust from you waste in new machine because from old machine in your machine and the idea is to collect all the ways in 1 to our own uh build new matching we've and maybe 7 our send it back to you because you all these Swiss come from the the west so the start please web what's in the 1st 4 due to redevelop is the 1 about treaties this to different printout made in Africa and untidy made we you read you waste we have another that of work on these
there are a these are plastic use you it is Scott so the idea behind Scott is to connect all that that's the 1 kilometres are old things uh put is the stuck it in the lab and transform it in you are in Newport ignite accessories a cool at 6 it's it's a so today strictly what our like true true true to talk about and you you have some question about these were us note by
of the document then thanks to come and thanks covered to invite me the
last minute here to show that the product of the working on for the past year and a finger we can all get something out of it and the cold there the project is called precious plastic and we launch roughly let's say a month ago and what we are aiming to do to posts per plastic recycling so part we saw that the best way to post plastic recycling is to empower people with tools to recycle plastic
so to do these we've developed in a series of machines that allows technically anyone in the world to recycle plastic and we basically put it all online for free and anyone can access and can do the machine in and much of days and we've got a couple hundred dollars and I think of it it would so much better than I can do to explain the the product
thank you is it sounds of all users in the group the duration of the articles of
some of them in the voters fast of on I what did have to complicated with something must this on
political events of evolution the library to collaborate in 1 the the I don't know continues to some if we want to do
here with you and this is this is not what it was in the the people in the final finally found what that that and just like fact-finding sorry
if you here working on the the the sorry everyone let's do it
again the this ball is made of glass
to actually a lot of data you have read from last used everywhere but it also ends up everywhere
imaging of land which is really it's a precious material laying around everywhere for free
we could also turn this waste into something new unfortunately we have we got the machines to do this yourself guarantee for the so we develop machines that enable everyone to work the best that
the start of olfactory With the shredded
small which will be used to create something new
so what you go work for
you with your hands maker evolves to set up a
small production it's likely that proxima
losses pressure cycle or what could be made simple going create little there the fault maker of functional foods or use them to create new
raw-material no you can draw the 1st equation it's something you and we have to suppress the
going recycle all over the world through shared a blueprint of the machine 1 but also a step by step instruction videos lessons about less than that of tricks useful documents a complete package with everything you need to get started ready to go the machines specifically designed
utilities tools and of course materials
that are available in every corner of the world and the
development of different parts in this way you can always upgrade their customers them or even at that time the revised wherever you should be able to build them yourself or find a local
and to help out you have these machines allow
everyone to create new data from plastic set up a production start a business dean of the neighborhood all with this project we want to try and boost plastic recycling by providing people the tools to get started so this is all the basic information people need to
start your own little recycle business anywhere in the world the and they can all downloaded for free but in order for this to have an impact on me to make sure that people actually no it's not possible and the Ganges download and start the yet and as I said the reader can do much better than I can to explain what
the whole project is about but the yeah so since we launched the use of attention globally enough unless there is only that tells us that we have a huge global usually plastic waste and so far we haven't been given my solution to this we have some
solution to collect the plastic but we haven't really come up with a solution that could talk all the usual for cycling dysplastic and turning into new objects that could be used in many different fields of so I would say will open to questions later and if you have any questions to the guts to higher word for how to access information sigh I was responsible for web sites and the identities so don't ask me too much engineering base questions as How might not be able to work toward a sponsor them but I'm most also of the living proof that this machine can be viewed by anyone because last week in 3 and a half days me and a friend we builds the injection machine which is just exceeded the momentum is that I have no understanding of engineering whatsoever so if I could build it anyone here could 2 as well the mission synonymy is basically the maker spaces in the year of the respective problem
area yeah so if you announce shaking is just over there and the peak area outside where that I some hands-on workshops just like the maker space you can find around Republican and there is 1 of the self and presses plastic over there it's showing that people how does it work the have great so have to show a little bit down when some projects that have that landing now I have to find the it's here of currently the germ line but as is that is that is a they can live in this way
and so as I told you before that we started to work with some with some events and summed actions connects to these reuse repair and recycling and movements so we basically do them and fast and started to try to spread around our community and the makers are on the maker space how could they use adds his mind said to try to view the new products and who holds to different kinds
of workshops like this when when people bude some furniture we've like Woods piece of wood that can find in the streets and some workshops just
like the readers have profits to use and you'll uh jacket with the 1 that it are not using any more at things that you are like just like repairing you can do something
new and not just like throw away the things that we already have an sound workshops to repair the tires and the trend components or whenever you haven't was different things on
this way and we build something like really single since then that you can like take water from the rain and then collecting data use it again so was just like something call-waiting breezy we're facing a really big problem of water to have water is in our space in our homes sold was like really part of that that moment to try to spread this kind of content that everyone can do something to have like at least something to do
and we also did that program colored them the amphiphilic back which started like 7 months ago and has to work in all these we did 2 editions of writing and airplane more around the country and basically what it we did was like try to use this gun gap concepts we really Brazilian think demands basically awards that we have that I didn't even translate it because a kind of local link that we have to just single fixed fixing things we've simple materials and things that you have in your home that's really popular around the country a lot of people are doing stuff just because basically is the way that you can repair year-to-year condition air or whatever you wanna do and we are trying to work on the concept that is going down mine sites that use the materials that you have to fix it things and to build something we've creativity is a really powerful mind that you could transform a lot of things not just for a simple repairs so
what we did was a kind off and 10 days societies to residence when we're trying to kind off and throws farm people and embryology style which is mean the 1 who made going gas has was just like working in a concept and we we say that the ability is there was there when the woman Iike waste collectors and like using all the materials we have in our days to be the new meanings to the materials invents them new machines that can be useful are sometimes just play with the words are sometimes just expressed at themselves so we are not just where aptly elves the so yeah and I Zakai no energy but I but I don't try here chain so we are not exactly working in a way that tried to give these cues to people beauty you projects to solve problems in a more technical way even if sometimes it's in the school working on this way but we are much more try to break the concept and gives space for people to think in a different way and be able to have a different mind-set to express their and themselves in various new way to do things so basically we much more focus and culture and arts on this program then technology in a way that like be thinking
about products and was really great to see that basically people for 10 days just wait to different kinds of places where you can find we waste and then you could would you tell out of installations and after a while people was just saying all debts so great cause I've been doing that for quite a long time in our find that's that's important that's great and that can be a major think not just something that I do because I don't have a lot of resources so this is why we try to pushing and show that we can use local culture we can use all this creativity that we have already in our local contests to promote a different way to look to the word and to make better impact and his idea to focus and our culture and make us
and you have connections around the word to which people wiring terracing in on the same approach because sometimes at this maker culture approach not that far and local coaches they're just like trying to give some of the same answers for everyone and sometimes like the consistency is different and then we end up in January of this year in New Zealand's helping the local the local and some local angels with the government to be with a project that was basically with the same concepts try to appertains sizes stimulates the craft cities and all the teachers self work which they already had in their communities to make some social change and make better impact around it and then we designed together we stand on MIT's cut we sat Global calls with innovation consistency which was an amazing process they like was reading this process and so we designed this project we for then Quality make whole it's which was basically at trying to bring to this concept of repair for it the people on the streets around self are Clinton which was like the vnoise most Fernando very
liberal air area in the city of all plant in New Zealand so was just like few examples that thinks that's already working around the words they're much more that you could talk about but maybe it's better to open for people if people went on an act at some questions and talk about it we has to have 10 minutes by these so to have a microphone that's OK the the so it I thank you
Stephen Colbert's from the Agency for Open
culture and I know some of you guys it's great to see here again and thank you so much for
this really amazing food for thought I that have less of a question as much as it little bit of feedback Um to you were mentioning is sampled of open source circular economy being um are you part of the open-source circular economy days eventually familiar with that of the people here were participating in that so just wondering about that and so that event that takes place in Berlin but a number of cities around the world but still focus specifically on these issues that you take up so if you're not if you're cities are not part of that event which will be in June uh my think 9 to 13 to be cool to have you in that global network the other thing which I just want to mention is that in in in this section of of culture we are always using the word open um and in fact what you were talking about i is just the urban scenario is really a closed system we try actually not to bring an extra resources they and so there are times when to use the word closed is it's actually quite good but the whole notion of the circular economy in the urban centers in terms of resources to keep the system as close as possible in order to reuse and up cycle and read uh repurpose of materials and resources especially resources because 1 of the problems of urbanism is the is the waste of of resources so just the notion that we are it is OK to use close sometimes as well so that's all I want to mention that if you're part of open-source with food pharmaceutical there I think Elias from the source them
that they were of the IEEE it's it's over there and he was here before and then all the guys over there this is is over there is the 1 1 of the behind of open source is that we we we couldn't be parts last year because we didn't have time we found out like just this before and that this year we are trying and actually we need to be more connected globally sometimes it's really difficult to know to implement things and to do all this work that we have to do locally and at the same time try to connect the evenings it was globally so it's definitely such like and rate point to bring in something that I think everyone should like and proven this way that is like the conversation around each How can we improve why this collaboration solely at space way to remind definition should be more involved in it you know the gold in 1 of the small thrown in jail problem so so yeah
we also you know we also what do they do this kind of the same things like now focus was on open source and In order cycling so finding the resources like the resources for doing that you know for the recycling and stuff like that seems to be very hard I don't know how do people get used the other into 3 operas question with catastrophic will be at the
OIC days in June and we planning a couple of workshops we've Simon and we are planning to actually build the machine this time there so we're gonna get got all the parts together beforehand and then we're gonna get a small group of people to actually build the machine in the in the time of the festival so just to show all is to make this machine and guess of the so anyone is interested to know more about nutritious plus commission should join the 7 8 on June 7 that the
and progression work with so we have to your question is what where we find the resources the yes for for the you with my example we have known in West Africa a lot of you waste dumps you know or the USA and he's you wish to China and in Europe send easy ways to Africa so you will use
these known quite look on material you can't find it this it not but the inverse is the same as like
confined pretty easily that allied states that if you can find anything that looks like this you be really impressive how how we see these you know and how big they are and how many that in science and time we used the and also sometimes we work we think that it just financed with streets like this waste and this is optimal meaning the was but I mean like the modules for building the machines in here well Davis been going through use of planes to Africa uh gone are specifically
to subtract the ways method as in there and what's what's available in there in the location so the matching can be built everywhere in the world all in Africa and for these we would love to plot son of a set of because then you know it's way better than what we can kind of imagine from here however most of the parts needed for to be the machines are available globally from the some issues we countries that Don dive access to eBay or even doesn't she there but otherwise um it's just metal redefined any work that could and boards and is based on their own on all the machines are based on the plumbing system which is available anywhere in the world and it's the same across the planet and on top of these other machines are also modular so if you can't find a specific deep people part of the machine you can you can Hockett's so you can you can build this according to your needs are your conditions so what you have available rancher so all offended the potential much this machine is we build a version and we would tell you to do them but there is up to you to adopt them to to your needs and get whatever is that want to risk yeah I would say Scott Scott than than known as you go a long been defined uh should you will you will be able to the yet to adopt Amendment to resolve them is that
pretty accessible to anyone with even got and even in Africa but I'm planning to come over the OK so until no ready he's and have my time so we'll be here will be around for the next hours Qaeda limited connected commitments my is stuff I at least me you and thank you for 4 years the the figure free talks and I'm also interested in the topic of the waste particularly in informal processing in the developing world I'm curious if found in the development of the plastic recycling machine in Eureka projects if I if their groups working on the machines they can do similar you waste processing and so like let's melting in a safe way out at you wish this assembly in a safe way and it has a it's even needed or if it's just you unsafe or if there are 2 people doing that sort of work I am in all weather when anyone and it's not if it about some semantics and x and exhaustive if you know many projects that the to see things we busted forward we find as the amount of money now but that out of information around the internet if you will actualize in all these communities around that a lot of ideas coming but and presses pressed it's become really popular Internet the time that the the launch the video because I think a lot of people was impressive about the final products because a lot of people are trying to do things and I have been part of a lot of florals in communities that trying to beat of and prototyping but they did something that is like the final project and I I don't have any reference on this way that is that well and design into the aims of the process yet but I'm sure that a few years in mall factor Morphalou find more and more solutions like that hopefully so the the yeah so do an effusive arcade so yeah it's it's time to finish it sold if you need to have my questions are a few and the contacts talk more if 1 of us will be around so it was great to bring this discussion here and think 0 gene and all that the community has had to have more