Re­balancing the offline and online integration

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Re­balancing the offline and online integration
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The engagement of the civil socitey for refugees since last year has been enormous and still keeps a lot of people busy. Especially in Berlin a lot of digital projects were started, but which tools are really being used? What is the right balance between online and offline support, one on one and mass communication and information?
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is the cofounder of migration of network and is the head of marketing right now at your ventures and what code is a stage thank you much so and yet and as you already mentioned and I have 2 more people with me on stage and which I will introduce in a minute which is found my friends ruffian
conceived and and because I'm going to talk about and the rebalancing of the offline and online integration I'm not going to talk about what integration means of whatever if it's a good term to use or not but and I would like to for them to share their stories and what online offline tools they were using and what they kind of ACS level where we have 2 and proceed to words so for me when I and I got into the whole topic and use of client states before and IT last summer I was part of the crew of the 1st set of notes and and the reason I I actually went there is because and when Paul called me up she said like a we're going to build like digital tools for refugees and myself coming from a starter background like OK of course social tools are solution because they're super scalable and therefore we only have to unemployment them once and then they're going to solve a lot so and when you went to some of us and we wanted to not only am build that should tools but also learn from the people who were there which is and why we of course applied methodology like designthinking thinking whatever which involved and being out there happened people and learning about the needs on what we learned and background that is m apart from and all the other things they needed is something that they like in this information so for us and the consequences where they would build an information platform it's still out there it's and not really up-to-date anymore but I mean that that are part of the the issue if you be if you're dealing with information so for me the key and that I found there is and you have to talk to people to figure out like what their needs are and therefore build solutions which they really need and not something that and came up in our minds thinking that somebody else needs and when I learned when everywhere we're coming back and and devils last September so the I guess we can say there was a huge enthusiasm back then and a huge type a lot of people getting involved for various reasons and which was of course and very good at so many people got involved but it also meant that a lot of things were being built not only online but also off line and a lot of and acts were being built and will be realized when we came back instead and a lot of the people working on a lot of things and a lot of people working on similar things not only all over Europe but also all the Germany or all Berlin and quite often people don't really know and what it 1 else is doing what
1 we also saw as that and a lot of these tools have been built without ever involving those whom they're built for them in this case newcomers or refugees and what else realizes that there's and there's a different kind of and different kind of tools that are being built our different needs to be but the to be fulfilled some of them are very short term which meant when where and some was of course it was crisis response meaning that the needs of the people are kind of similar meaning they just arrived in Europe they were and in need of a certain and certain things like food and water information and access electricity access to close and access to Internet but this is only a very short term solution you can you can build band it's kind of attracting or and and it's answering indeed that the masses have so there is 1 solution for all but if you move along that there different steps and you realize at some point that then needs in the mid and long term to get more diverse which means there is not 1 solution for every and a lot of terms today that the more on online tools just tools that were built and last year we're really addressing these crisis response topics and really addressing and like a solution once it's all and it's not only about and where people are coming from the income put everyone in like in 1 part of I want from serious the same 11 has the same needs and such before was talking about and there and what's females needs it's different but many of different give what kids need and it's also very personal and depending on like what kind of personality you have and and I will share a story about that in a minute so I still see a lot of and of love things being started and which do not involve and users and I find it a bit funny dead and these days of 1 talk about user centered design and and I believe I'm rocket is not investing in any company that's not get down from
user research before they're still especiales from the culprits but also from a lot of our ministries a lot of things and being done for refugees who never involved refugees along the way so the other thing that 1 can see you know what I find funny that on a lot of them
people builds and tools for refugees and online tools but on the other hand at some very specific points there no tools at all for example and and and further for example you got to let the user with the process there is still not very digital and which means and somebody could focus on that I know it's it's it's very hard to you and to do so but just thinking about that a solution for refugees does not only was mean that you build an app for refugee but it can also mean you're building an app for an organization or for the volunteers so 1 and example that I wanted to give is and when it comes to legal and make it a bit more concrete and all other ministries have like information on the web site of quite often and also addressing and refugees and which means it's an erratic and pasta whatever but and it's even hard and for faster misunderstand what's going on there which also looks like that legal information is also once again 1 fits all and maybe and refugees you can share a minute said Adam and but it's it's very it's very indeed the issues of very individual which means there's not 1 legal status for all for everyone but it's really based on the individual stories I have an air a friend that actually met on his and that his brother on some also and we were and then read there last summer he's and he's a formal where were he studied law and interior and he and so he kind of knew what that languages like so you really look into things but and everything he does is and he's looking things up and then is calling me a somebody else to check if you really understood correctly so I and at some point I asked him whether an it's been it's making sense of for him to try you read all that information online site could be are basically not because i'd rather talk to you about it or talk to like of another friend about it to explain to me what's going on because I don't really trust information I get there because the never swerve understood correctly so there people from for example from refugee law clinic it's and hits and law students and from all over Germany choir of come together to who they specify in an immigration law tragic consult and refugees who come here for free meaning they are doing that 1 on 1 sentence to being meetings where and of on a specific topic so people can come say hi I'm make in the beginning of applying for asylum so what is it what whatever that I need to do but they do need 1 wanna not trying to put like Emanuel to get the same like a this is handing it out of my views of the society that all information you need what they digitize is actually a manual for the people working for a for them which means basically for the German lawyers so they kind of know what and and what they need to tell people so this is 1 example see and 1 might think that the legal issues very scalable because it's all the same but it's very individual and and in this case it makes much more sense to condense information for those who are helping in and for for those and with section Paul mentioned before and um I was also introduced a rate of the and then found migration have together as a place of people and initiatives and also residues can come together and cooperate and create synergies so this place and yet still exists and to um like for half a year forward and half a year bringing people together on a regular basis because realized and if people aren't come together in person they can do not connect online and joined Facebook groups as much as they want but basically they have to come together and to join forces and to dimension maybe a few and of these initiatives that are a combining that offline and online component and I sort of somebody in the back from the Fugees sitting here for example we should use an online tool it's and unit platform and where where and refugees can ask questions and and they collect and questions and the very general questions and you can fall under threat so maybe you look and you look in there look at look them up and you see that and all my question has already been asked and it has been answered maybe I find my my answer their wives just ask that question again and it's actually people answering which means it's an online tool but it's very direct communication another and very much better online tool and which was not aiming mn refuges that xt at the volunteers as volunteer planner them as some people might know about that and standing which was and trying to and to build tools so and so all the organizations can actually organize the volunteers has been and so the successful in this case an online tool was the perfect answer but it was and it happened refugees but it's not for refugees in this case some other and at very offline and solutions but which are still scaling is end users to which are called with a friend or a and that it had uncovered which are both aiming at Pitt bringing people together the way that they scaling is not because the building something online but they kind of create blueprint of all of the work they were doing him Berlin and scaling it all the German all over Europe at the moment which means the wrote manual and a training people and so this idea spreads without and it
having to be online so and I told you that I am wanted to introduce their mn and my guess here and I left for effort to come up here and roughly 9 met and a while ago and last where belief he will share in a minute how we ends and they cannot fall it the sheet the word so and yet arises from a from gas as the from Palestine dependent and yet and dead did maybe you can connection shared a story how we map into that think it explains very well and how you were
actually using an online tools when you came here to work yet I again when was roughly a and from Gaza so like before your house uh when I came here before I came to europe I just took me 3 days to decide to be in Europe so the 1st thing can grab usage in Europe or not so I search everywhere Facebook websites people asking people how to work there have to be in Europe yeah the 2nd day game which city I want there is like Greece Sweden many countries like it's like everyone can't trouble everywhere this likely is very exciting like from Middle East from Gaza it's hardly to travel is worth so could be 1 day to choose then I choose to be in Germany and Italy the 3rd day as such which clue where and how our how how we can do so I found this application called pharmacists and when it came to generate a start like it's about application showing some difference in Facebook and ordered by time by please so for me like every day and in every day in the morning I do research I'm starting going I want a bicycle some grudging everywhere from ain't until 12 so that I can but my heart so it's like for 3 months so I'm moving a lot and I need a lot of people there II meet friend the by just Facebook someone she wants him with the someone to paint them going on to do with the with the true meaning they spend a lot of time with a lot of work but the love to travel so I fold other needed permission to work at the need to talk about that just paper just because it's about what the grammar engineer should be and you know it's it's hard so I want to do something that I met and my friend Christian then we friends then she here invited to different Caterino was there to to talk to Katrina he want the job is given much of a ship because they have some things start to to work together on with a lot of projects I start to undo it myself so I learned from just start off with small application but the thing is a sign that remember that the implication you using is not enough for refugees right it's a tourist applications such was the case of identities that 1 and not 80 and refugee at whatever lever up until now under normal and the application of the refugees from the outside white on all my wire but the guys like if you have a low application for white people don't use of like we all why I should have asked for application for a few this like our I feel like a normal I can read English they can consider likewise should be something for me I do want to feel like I'm special different not among also look here I have
removed to to the know yet often things the so as 2 maybe some rights little bit would write said and what I what I also wanted to point out is that what I learned over the last year is and basically that the episode the answer which doesn't need additional tools are not part of the whole integration work and tackling the refugee crisis process but it's definitely just 1 part of the solution and can never be on the whole 1 and and we I also think there needs to be a strong focus on building like it will so those who support instead of full those and who actually seeking for a and for information so I was very glad for example when the guy who did the Refugee Law Clinic at some point shared his document with me it which had like all these immigration law issues and their because then I could tell my friends being like a this is where you have to go and X to connect people and and another example that I wanna a given I mean I was introduced that and and as the head of marketing and tyrants so I'm just briefly I don't want this to be about Ireland m as an example of what can and does is and we enabler and refugees and to get access to higher education in the way we do that is by having them study online wherever they are a for 2 years and we do that that is the hour have partnerships with new providers make Massive Open Online Courses we
gather all that content and 2 and a half for study effects at the moment as she actually and studying engineering with us we have business administration and and computer sciences and social sciences and after those 1 to 2 years of the study that this online we transfer and then to a partner universities so they get in a great degree from a apart University 1 other thing that we do is an something that's called direct academics and actually 1 of our and teachers this morning shared a very lovely post on Facebook and this by included it and so dire epidemics works in that weighted and he's a he's a teacher I think he is a professor in Athens and 10 the I think 10 to 15 people sign up to this course I don't know if you and if you study the book not and all he's doing some some engineering stuff but maybe at some point yet you know him and so for example was teaching a lesson last last nite so other people joining in ViaScribe and we show this morning that he had people in their from Syria every Eritrea Afghanistan Thailand Bangladesh and they were based in Italy Sweden Germany never and Austria and so on In this way this is a beautiful online tools but on the other hand in enables very directs and so because and I can talk a lot about how high works but to give you a better insight in how it works I would the last sheets to share some of this and stories and the first one would be an or how did you hear about current and when did you get lost let the 1 I have when I was coming to so from parts I started my journey supply much with the Canadian go over who is a social worker in Greece and the can so we discuss a local feature planning and what my future my destiny and what I wanna do so when I hear about I so she must mean that there is such a platform which can help you and you can access to hydrogen so than I found that it is kind and it was like a new life annuity and for me to his students not to be on the a references and I really dislike to reference also but in fact every child is if the because so many books when you're won't become from the New World window status than but there what parents you page 2 so what ends here you with for half a year now self and and you give can be if you'd like insight in how you're your life as a student looks like I'm sure that no no banking you the source so when we got the blessed with the news that then I ask myself you know only to each of the 2 options do-or-die so I prefer to do so now I'm doing and I prefer engineering because engineers of the architect of the wall because they degrade and model the world and develop the will start with the read and now has become global really is an outstanding boat distant integration current is a transition between digital and traditional so cause it did did life as we know that the in the L modernism reporting so the deck and artificial intelligence ignoring is not obligations it's an option so for you the older is when he came here we had nothing but do you think would you be put you give us love respect and a meaningful life so now we 1 the new of the lesson with the mind set Sundance abide by Considine and so we are also part of we also want to come in front and to participate and to contribute to the was thank you so much and so and kind of 2 to the sum
and what this whole talk is about and what and what the Chief and and roughly we're sharing is and that basically the idea is that we somehow building bridges kind and current in this case is building building a bridge between and being a refugee and having and not having the ability to achieve access University and but always bridging that to them for a that perspective change because he was talking about because you want on our students to be students and then not refugees students but their students and and we not only doing that online but also offline and that's and that's something this this whole mix that I was also emphasizing on
with the different examples what seems to be the right solution I wanted to share diver about and how many honors solutions out there how many of France's solutions out there but unfortunately it's not really died out there to see like how many projects have been started and I can tell it from the experience of being in both over and almost a year now that I've seen a number of anonymous and all over Europe and all of the world and and happy to see again and also a lot of and France a minute and I met and all the year about from and Italy sitting here so we met last year for example in Rome where we were working on things they were people from South America and people from Antilles joining in and right now who and we're also working and between the Berlin Tel-Aviv so it's of obviously a global issue at all so it can be solved globally but quite often taking into 2 into account the needs of the race specific location and the needs of the individuals so some very small undoubtedly that can share is M and a friend of mine who did a and and did research for and bonus incisively dissident she had a look at like and think 40 and different paths for refugees and she was testing them like how must've been used she did interviews but also looked at download rates and all that kind of stuff and it's kind of the results that and and that graphical cells already giving mad and that very few of them are actually being used and and other and maybe some example and that another number directing theories and people people from an admonitions called social collective they're looking more at bringing and everyone together they also did some research and they figure and that all the initiatives just interviewed so in this case I'm talking but and initiatives for refugees that's as 67 per cent of them don't have refugees in their core team they might involve them sometimes but they would love to involve some people but don't really know how so this is and gap this is the other an issue we're tackling so for and I guess for the for the fine I would just and love to the to to come to come up here and again in and what I would like them to ask you and what do you think is missing and and what do you would you like to pass on to those who are
and you know and trying to build tools of trying to support refugees I know that determines and not very much like to hear that is all this problematic but the main thing is your attitude problem due it because that's this is not a skill it's an attitude so we have a lot of opportunities you know there are things that the tools that we just have to utilize we just have to take advantage of and the main thing we need that is mentioned standing and the main things Herman because both of us we have to work together and we can make Germany broad and less regarding munitions world as C and the main thing is to work in a team and maintenance and the impossible was the single word here assume forfeit your along this axis to this make it refugees and have the once is reasonable to me see anything mostly to suppress anatomy amino so can't really find this has been the scene like doctors from you want to make operation so that the total American doctor told them please similar to what you're doing so that all the OK there's a lot of tools with the news that because with things and wouldn't that is not a tragedy we just have a flashlight the and we make a lot of operation so this is this is what was the idea that people didn't have a lot of tools but doing a lot of stuff you can you imagine if you give them tools if you given like like the same people here of the guide to thank you very much I thank you guys get this safe so clearly you should stay here is is that you because it's that so that kind of the the final words that I wanna say is and
again and we have 0 and if you look at the numbers so many people came and how many and things that were done and we have a lot of numbers and a lot of data but and sometimes we forget that there a lot of stories behind that and and I believe telling the individual stories not only because it's such a nice story to tell but it's the way we and how we engage in and I personally and I'm very happy to have and because the graph 3 and as my friends here and not only that testing is also student and with us and rough he's working with me and I am have to rely on on his work in in the marketing team apparent but it's also about and coming together and in being friends and I and I believe that the way to forward is yes you can use a lot of online it is still too and to start a conversation or to keep an up-to-date as and 1 else is doing how you stay connected with friends all Facebook but and at the end of the day it's about and meeting in person and and finding a way to learn from 1 another and I believe that it is that's what it's all about so here yes we are we we have family that's right so if we so think you guys so much for also be here and and Shania story and and yet thank you guys and listening and help we somehow start a conversation about how what the rights or whatever that's balance between the online of and the offline not only when it comes to that integrating refugees using 2 terms that you don't like this that is what we're talking about them but also an idea of how we can all engage together thanks a lot thank you very much if we