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Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology conference opening by Ullmo, Krépès and Gromov

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology conference opening by Ullmo, Krépès and Gromov

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Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology conference opening by Ullmo, Krépès and Gromov
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Synthetic Biology is heralded as a novel approach to the engineering of biosystems that will set the scene for a flourishing knowledge-based bio-economy. Benefits for the fundamental understanding of biological phenomena are also claimed, as rational construction of a system based on hypothesized design principles can be used to test assumptions. The keywords of synthetic biology are rational design, decoupling of conception and fabrication, standardization and component re-use, modularity and hierarchy, orthogonality and context-insensitivity. However, each keyword raises questions of desirability and feasibility. These questions remain ongoing areas of inquiry for the field and require multi-faceted approaches. Beyond the current hype surrounding it, what is the value of synthetic biology for the progress in understanding of biological systems and for the establishment of new biotechnological production platforms?
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so welcome everyone so it's really a pleasure to have this impressive conference in biology here at IHS so the first thing I would like to say is really to thanks for organizer ha ok pest which I come off and nagamma was over so I would like also to thank it is a badge as well who did wonderful work of organization and also the Scientific Committee the speakers and we have a wonderful ISA speakers and also probably the discus descriptions which is a nice notion introduced to maybe invite Misha and I really think it's a nice way of organizing a conference and it's I hope the discussions you will have between biologists and mathematicians will be very fruitful so I would like to maybe explain a little bit what is ihcs
because maybe IHS is not on the roadmap
of the biologists in general also in a few words IHS was created in 58 by an industry olio Madonna who wanted to create a an institute on the model of Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton so he wanted to have a private foundation and the idea was to have the scientist at the highest level in math and theoretical physics at the beginning and to host a program of visitors so this was a great success from start because he was able to attract really prominent scientist and for example for example out of ten mathematicians hide at Institute seven were awarded the fierce middle and we had some really first-class mathematicians like gluten geek Anita or Misha here another so around this small College of permanent professors we have some semillas scientists at the highest level also and we host a very huge program of visit so every year we host more than 200 visitors from all the world and which makes something like five hundredths month of visit and for example I mean one-third are American based so we are really international in this aspect and for example in the last 10 years we host 60 different nationalities so we hope that we are able to create an atmosphere of discussion and I hope you will feel this atmosphere during this conference okay we are structure is a really a private foundation in the interests of the public and we are supported by the French government who give us half of our budget annually but we also supported internationally by some main scientific agencies as NSF yes see the Swiss found the max fungus air shaft or the Belgium government and over the years we also have been able to create an endowment fund who now represent with the interest 20% of our budget so we are mainly so as I said oriented toward the theoretic aspect in math and in theoretical physics but we have tried to have an eye on biology and
I think we started with Juanita who was a permanent professor here so after some important work for cows theory and differential geometry he tried to create the basics of mathematics for morphogenesis and I think then the next step of institute was a Misha who after infinite number of contribution to mathematics started to be really fascinated by biology and and want to contribute to 30 Cola specs of geology and he tried to have here a group of people able to interact with biology and to organize seminars to invite some very top level biologists I'm trained Institute and to maintain a discussion between mathematicians and physicists and another aspect is to try to do this by organizing this kind of conference and so I'm really glad to see that this kind of conference attract a lot of people and I would like to really welcome you and hope you will have a wonderful week yeah all right everybody good morning I'm not most like a pace or two minutes I'll be representing Kiev Don Juan was the head of juniper and so I'll say a few words on what is juniper and what is and and where the cooperation between juniper and IHS originated so first of all Gino Paulo is premier by taken by therapy cluster in France and possibly in Europe with over 80 companies and 20 academic labs and 20 technological platforms it's located in Paris area and the southern suburbs of Paris and has been involved with systems biology since 1999 and in synthetic biology since 2005 notably we're the first network of scientists in synthetic biology among other things and companies which are interested or using or applying synthetic biology the Institute of systems and synthetic biology has been created there and Gino Pauline founded in 2007 and the first synthetic biology platform called Epstein was founded there as well in 2009 and I should perhaps mention also a Master degree in systems and synthetic biology which started in in in 2009 as well so now a word on the cooperation between the asta to do de tweede scientific ihes and Gino Paul since at least 2000 as far as I can say was based on I believe on the realization that there is a need for cross-disciplinary T in the new type of biology that was starting with genomics and on the base also on the fact that the School of Mathematics and friends is very strong and so it started there as dr. Ouma has said with a cycle of seminars and also with some conferences and I believe that this is both appealing to biologists in this transdisciplinary setting but also to mathematicians in different ways inspiration and contribution direct contributions as well so in some sense this conference beautifully illustrates this this cooperation now I'll I'm Fonseca PES and I'd like to say that this cooperation was also illustrated in some sense with by the the scientific friendship between Misha and and me and others during all these years and this conference or the idea of this conference originates from wishes I really from Misha initially after some discussions that also included later the members of the Scientific Committee we converged on the notion that we could use this conference for a critical assessment of synthetic biology its status its implicit grounds groundings and and and more specifically through an examination of what was the status of its keywords or should I say buzzwords related to engineering so this is a good occasion for me to on our behalf to thank all the scientific committee members who worked very hard to prepare this conference and some of them fortunately can be with with us and we'll be sharing sessions of course we thank the speakers I will thank them even more after the after the speeches thank the math mathematic mathematician discussants who can possibly get some inspiration from this conference but will undoubtedly ask disturbing questions be aware of that thank Nadia Moro sofa who organized the conference as a scientist based here at IITs of course it is a major saw and her colleagues for what they did on the logistic sides the poster the web pages and many of you have interacted with it is a bet about their own the preparation of their own trip and finally I'll I'd like to mention and thank our sponsors course formosa's ihes but I'd like to thank Gina pearl the concierge you know Regional Council of the Paris Area consider a general ile-de-france the Institute complex systems of Paris area you see the lab acts of mathematics Jacques animal and also the European systems biology Network which has been directed by UAI who was part of this committee and me during eight years and is ending at the end of this month and in some sense I think we hope it's going to be a very nice ending to this to this eight year network of systems biology and to be sure a lot of the ideas that I have in mind or I had in mind as I was preparing this conference also came from discussions over the years with Udo - so now I'd like to hand over to Misha come off to say a few words downstairs on my channel where those who once may have little sub sessions and there is a paper board where you can write in pencil so if you want to have some meeting and some group etcetera
just to schedule to fix it yeah that's just practical and generic just again for biologists to have an idea why mathematicians at here and so what brought the switching and the background to the starting point but now of course diverged was that you know there are this emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria and of course from a recent great problem what to do that it's silly
father I will not know maybe best thing having humanity for mathematician potentially a very interesting how they have the he'll handle it and be a mathematician believe we can solve any problem we can sort of us but at least we can pretend we participate on this listening to biologists and salut you just here to convince us it's interesting problem and maybe we can say couple of us began imagining we help us all