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On the cycle class map for zero-cycles over local fields

Video in TIB AV-Portal: On the cycle class map for zero-cycles over local fields

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On the cycle class map for zero-cycles over local fields
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The Chow group of zero-cycles of a smooth and projective variety defined over a field k is an invariant of an arithmetic and geometric nature which is well understood only when k is a finite field (by higher-dimensional class field theory). In this talk, we will discuss the case of local and strictly local fields. We prove in particular the injectivity of the cycle class map to integral l-adic cohomology for a large class of surfaces with positive geometric genus over p-adic fields. The same statement holds for semistable K3 surfaces over C((t)), but does not hold in general for surfaces over C((t)) or over the maximal unramified extension of a p-adic field. This is a joint work with Hélène Esnault.
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surfaces and moderate services where German producer but in the whole of Europe something is seriously John imaginative many of the so this year and I'm committed to building a new plant in air had throwers Russian cities and redistributing it will lead to but In the United of stress this enough material side unsettling for both the local and regional the idea is based on the novel and as an instrument and with you 0 and then there's both of whom they I act of both locally and try to answer the news sources through to his working for services only relating to the history the number of so over years analysts reveal that searches for most of those will be announced volunteers but also to show that the situation is further expected the original volumes and history "quotation mark so the are here so 1st year and conditions industrial and and universe you already has a seat at the back of those generals who through the reserve is not original version was 1st thousands the reservists and in this respect the rule following that this is a manufacturer of conventional weapons and the means were reduction at the end of this Oswald did so with there's a lot in the last year history so weariness variables in versions of its ideological 1 you can overcome the style of Scotland reviews space and the growth of the service simply really is that there's no there there was an average of about 100 grams or is this all about L but it's a litany of anything this year approval but but up the we will consider all over the area or to his or the at the at of the cancer "quotation mark predicted reviewable I am the meeting was over at the time the is components of the items that are so that's where it always here is used and it was during the meeting it says it's important that moratorium on nights out at the season-opening neutral you deserve a little institutional lenders it was all right scene here so sort I of can explain this In truth know that you results lower yes the valuing insistence that all anything this results in a year you're right in his the durables reasonable this was written in neighborhoods recently OK so far as the characters and using a system of so that the situation and the use of force in the the in those areas that is not the evolves most of the rest of his please to 2 this will add up to the 3rd iteration of the result signed the uterus and consult with the most to change all that with a little at the end of the month on the walls of old round 1 side was normal and that this I was not a means of promoting mangled seller the right the difference is the mysteries of the universe and therefore that was handled was going on and on and on and on and on and on it during the pollution was also used as an actor and then cycle goes again which local side 1 1 cycle of violence the ones is that the site of the knowledge of violent history you're invited resulting from a rich prices this if that's the cyclist not for 1 cycles on mobile Is that all there is to it and some of them at the middle of this thing general until the
urine or intervention but also but in link the term it is a variant of the assuming that they assumed this sort on and that the fate of millions of this book to prove this again reduced to use any of appearance of the but it is a very at this and there is 1 point which is that draws on that Muslim it's not interested in doing this is the you to have also not interested persons will be a lot of talk about the resurgence of the invited various forms for proliferation of these reserves as well .period objective is to get the ball out of the velocity but there possible and about environment using his exorbitant advancing into the problem of dueling versions of the Bill of Rights for the the result is really reformulation of using his office so that students that 1 the venues the news the fact that I'm not at the end of this month is demanding an economic and social lives exact so this is the regional force envisages the use of some reasonable provinces which broke from the fact that is researchers throughout the universe secure revise it was a abolished the end of at the time of the year before and after directions because of the weather and use the example of the that enables of the rules of the components of the missile humans at this is because the present problems there was announced here is just the dialog thank you where is the demotion was walking into the intersection at we always sensors and use it landed on the day's components an incense to you go to the artifacts were looted also announced that it had completed at that at the moment only once and for all of them from the did the cycles during the period the modified from the history of this describes them so this the respect Richard oxygen so that was the problem of the user new yes there is business so now we have transformed opponents something which is strictly on as it is he reads so then you have to use their violence special libraries of the duration of the usable the result was that it was a little literature about this focused political legal at the I time I personally that that was the year of our Lord and miss the diseases worsened at the point where there is little reason many of but there was 1 fewer than 1 would have to be revised needs this year to the city's delivery service you sometimes polish on the sentiment was by it's so there is a classification and you use this and if you know enough about the services of I'm sure you're here Commissioner edition rival services or room services that because of the reduction and then using these 2 things you can say problem into a the the great immediately following act so maybe there is something ,comma Jerusalem was little more than an hour later
estates of justification that so that they may be cases in the which generates 2 on Ruffalo services and in such a way that they drove less strenuous this year so that you year give the questions about strangulation of this year's about negative you're translation of his question on our part in general and the effects a former presidential appointees to the of this additional problems you get universal calls soldiers as and once again 1 of the dozens of origin mentioned that his the directions are not right it's only in the United States you don't get it schemes so you have to be part of it to be easy to get together this will diminish the longest period of let's face it so I think of this is that his involvement in the so they use their you know that's what you mentioned you always say objectives this year was that of the all the full views of the peoples of the 2 of you cool car crash said used of variously hopeful indeed there is a probably section the university assurances so so you know so in the last thing about it is the review objected to the union that Verdi assurance to probe 1st of all of this is all about .period United translated versions of these songs that many years resulted in different everything of value in return but this is the case in there just generation will apply people well yes so but the verdict but you know what is the use of the service and the result of the retailer as such the so-called is regular and economical revival of bowls vases from but this is not produced in Italy and I didn't to get the condition that space Israel all calls which and this is what you need to go through that I suspect that continue to local news video of yesteryear to use revitalization of direct usually has a revision to the majority of change and what about the the affair and which will be used to it's a problem although petroleum use use the latest version of the financial means Of the rest of the universe so that's about it because there are so few and and so personal the 1st step of the strategy here is all you can roll his eyes brimming and Yugoslav states at the Museum of Science Hill in every area of the business and the book as the exact story of knowledge if that is available only in general and in particular is National City connected that it's not sororities of heralded the only dozens give us the common if we have the results of a legal proceeding and neuronal In the current than those who the international national-level thinking of you and units in the same way that staff who is through which means here that's a lot of it is from the list of the world's leading lives that they must use policy is very concerned about the majority also was the 1st thing in the universe that is reduced 1st of all of this seems to come from university over the some of the United manager is the city's resulting services the group will get from the major European and the governments is best for the 3 services which are not sustainable uh real know and it's another person arrested on behalf of the reason why the recently disease that is on person in the history of the investigation or that I waited too long In the middle of the USA Today that those fears that without using their resembles viable yes always worth the fight but although there was some progress so we of the ministers of various of his new show the results of this and not always here recent special yes yes the news staff because of his role as being you newsroom to stop with the best the thing of In the of another which many of of the justices they originated from all of this for the good news is that that there is a lot of this if the government to I can result excellent molecules and at a level that act Sorrels said that there is a list of stories using really lost farmers urine and is 1 of his major it's also wrote services are at the end and I really really work with rolls of this size you have like this so
I think utilization and asked me to grant them all up again raises end of at the of the military and assume that something that all of this is our policies that for those who lived there is reasonable cause in act OK so interference and so they have to make assumptions at the the 1st sentence this about the Fayyad said the AI R seems protective services over a financial as you know this despite the converter at the end of at at the at the and end of the Indian has to do with the island is arranged so as you know as I was eventually will for all this is the beginning of this notice that act as an and then there are some very asserts that as indicated at an actor at the back of the head of the woman and 2 . 4 per cent and the world community to act as surrogates for themselves in the situation so it is was known for services during Trujillo's 0 the move our activities outlined in the United States and pointed to 100 and other devices and services hundreds of jobs in the Cantonese opera goes on the other side of the charges resulted from the surgery the at the 1st of the major literary curious for the whole world was little this is very often the case that this fight for familiar formally revoked nominees include services the other countries of the West but for which you have evolved especially in the face of a review of travel services or room services to the highest is far rules we want to communities facing a serious injury through an act as at actor authorities in final many of these the remarks act as is that this is going to the following days in Minneapolis where which his alternatives to moon L so there is an older inventory management and act in the wrong direction and at the university's president of wrong ones and that the materials were present during the human and included is equivalent to stability of the here is is usable and so on the only thing missing the clear digitalization of traditional that unity is among the duties the offer is working on motorcycles and in theory are metals or group estimated Donald because the problem is work as a servant argues about your assumptions about the other has invited you movies Eastern the Europe wrong is the darkened the levels that you were not included in the nineties and so at least the wrong I don't know finish with any information at this point in time at the of results of what is on principle this issue to all the services however will explain the ingredients of the group independent and so on and so at on of and fruit the 2 sides in the same way as well as for the arrival of new neurons in their own of your eyes the size of a small that was on the and those little library users remote
sections of the metal is injected into the small the here in this situation will actually grew up on a dog asserted that the at the end of the season of all some so far and I wanted to and I have to do is also it's as usual in the world of that we're going to some of is enough but it's a process expected to last in during 1 these was not from the during the but there is always some recalling this event I want to come to his home town in the center of the end of the European utilized as the original is provided by combining for renewed the the 1 of reminded all workers it's true that at the the year peacefully in front of the world and the use of In Britain he was the inclusion will also act as the net that you will also find themselves at an AT and AT and Andrew and I want to find the source of must these 1 they and their role in the violence from it but it is coalition here is there and it is here in this case the jury all religions of the world and the others is that the the overseas which I was going to burst back and that the president of the Committee on Economic and at the moment the the Ministry of Labor Minister was State at the back of a car and and consistent with what is being called the various bonuses they're all of you but is just the major part of his birthday is this year to reduce the impact of this on your so the onus is is the related to each 1 of the its of members given generous and because the services related to history that you already knew that I would use this and you can find it relates the safety of the generated by the 2 of them little our using the results of halted but I the government where considerable services Minister of State so you're going to argue with what needs doing readings will be that's a really I felt a lot of volleys use of the Commissioner of of the you always Trade at time the end of the original version of on this new various problems with priorities the ministry and possibly lower but are using your Europe and because you're always Street has been just as bad news from the and on the afternoon of wounds and that this is because the market overall is an underground John always different than it was during this period so it's really that's what was the 1 who is the use of the data in northern and central which were the basis of the others were 1st invited by the National program is on the issue of the is seasonal on the idea that you want to win the disappointment of the the and who is this I of the you this this is the 1st someone on the phone from this you can use now you can use its faced long out when will we
need to know about it on the road with 1 of the injured and to the person with the same result of was that at the end of this week some of these problems so it made just for that in the long series of the nearly 1 out of fear that that his a of the the government of governing the give you use at the head of the authors of the holes in the the 1 .period the information that the rules of the World analysis of America that you can use for this is a new form the history of the relevant to no 1 in the information in that the act at the end of the year is reasonable and the validity of the wasn't used currently the fact that the opening of an international 1983 removal act of the use of violence or is also on walls of the voluntary and 1 of the 1st mentioned were lost this is your own values through the 1st period and the 2nd is the number 1 that's where you use the data from the Investment and an environment is moves to 1 of the most Order of the version of the because of all proposed those requirements for sold in the violence of the the news services unit nonsensical and also in the 2nd half of the year the prosecution resulted in some of the people ,comma reasonable but you assume that you used to the novel Kosovo this year as the intellectually but only in Osasuna's most users will want to organize so so it's been what and on until got to this music during the meeting the services we will get it exceeded the 43 services over the long run by of the year the gives itself history of electoral and dozens of calls for the services over the origin of products is strange you will prove a series of Barcelona and searching for a new reform jump on and I want to finish by actors revealed on the progress of this is now a whole new meaning in the you know this is not the only part of the budget in year this is the 1st of in what will the weather is so the this is to use the all interest Europe we still didn't trig functions as well as they can involved were suggested if that is not true of angering some of the group the group this year and reduced by using area of originally used to I think this thank the there are assigned to collaborated this all we have on the search for a new generation of first-in-the-nation services growers in other parts of it he was changing the hands
1st available to all the other parts of his agenda to just and also over reserves is work of the general well so we were quite surprised by find that wounded at this year's act the fact that is words or both types of video feels of the exists and is to movement is certain I will have to do what it could do so much so in what is the son of a you're Israel case so that we can go all the way to the quality of the information over the green and white on the part of the university but really nothing I can do for you're going to to result in whole world to and here and I think that's what at the top time of his little at the plan was independent and also so once notorious as the site of the known smoking we don't want to get in on the news that the president the incident occurred this serve the whole foreign-owned vertical side of Europe urine from the bank is you can go over and over the years for I "quotation mark this so there's no hold the these the was there's no control over the finest work consists of a number of experts political Adams and another thing which I think will produce the affected is there and you also get examples over the years like this noted that such an example was the services survivors some of your food that is the only ones with so as you get into the service or just fuel which was organized and and the same NEC doubled the presence of the or anything of that if you get on the wrong way you this is the 1st of the Community of either of the limits you never know what think the strange phenomena for its example vanity many of these and for getting users around the results except when the other varieties the month all of the cautioned that because it would answer because it also hosted the local users rely on viewers are veterans of World War respect that also mentioned most of what it said were so that the same white hair dimension which could be interesting because needs for about communications was articles on parental radiation so you reduce the do-nothing anything about the outside world the that's about the only police were mentioned during 3 years in this response during the original In view of the problems of it was an example of the the photographs is visited this as stupid as you rightly the only the world is the to at actor 1st arrive it's known since cited so trivial in relation to the people here and that's something we really going mention you like mission to publicly discuss the use psychological Kansas what is the 1 that you can the fact that fact the good news is that from the beginning of of the end of the year but it was not all the use of inviting all seemed anywhere there is a of the year the vote on the
floor of the various fall
quality of yourself during World following their arrival at the top of the were you more of a world that has site on Monday writing in the journal used to treat the communities of the discovery
discouraging mentioning 1 results all right in the history reasonable origins the Union of trunk services between Bloomberg and the start of each of the services I think has directed want is no the and after the ones Bloomberg In like of this In so you can see the world the modified failure to dangerous yeah just so actually gets to With the injuring 1 I would result in most of the rise of the group so it's not self-correcting in general over the at his offices but in general it's almost it's for a 400 which is in is that it is a set common rights you have them by at the same time during the fall of a items but I think in this version of the free services you want to win so yeah that's a good problem to have special favor so the latter was needs to get these examples In the current such doubts but generally I received in Israel and the 2nd World of the United remembered during the 2nd part of the city in the number of you and you alone and inflationary service is not always the case in the heartland the I'm going to wash them following the 3rd time in honor of all over phone but there is the areas 1st of overlap only so we we have sufficient funding In the case of a dozen or more have to consider that there is more but in the 2nd half of this year she said something about the news that the song about there's some to the limit flawlessly there's a revision the experience of very well during the years that security was saying that so there is a willingness allowed the thinking of something like used you know service is the final result of the year and to this office on the day he by the end and so your opposite consideration of the service and so on the study fuel cycle of conducting any survey injected you the findings of the more more than anything substantive enthusiasm from but if you really want to know it was until of supposed to call the incoming the rise in the in the positions of the militants provisions because of statements made it's because of questions that come to think of something that you mentioned that you would get a duration here guests who could specific the here's what you he went to the out of concern has authorized you're doing enough for her parents the it's really you this is not just to prove general the result is a member of the Major multiple physical mental spiritual leaders from throughout the and and reducing history we work with the the restaurant sort this year and is reported to him and asked how the questions it's the people in the town of this movie with them who will do the right thing to do I guess got all of the military here it's still hasn't yet questions the move is this where is used so you was a question on talk to you soon reviews but local model the government is aware of the strengthening annual I 1 here that you wanted to prove that the security guards during 3 years so what you do is that the 1st thing that because the resurgence of the we concluded that it was not involved in the what was on the loose Of all the organizational we support playing on the end of this notice during the hearing of you to resolve of the devoted to this evening the difference in the the but when you examine because you're not because this is where the real at these facilities mostly through the not it was years this is a phenomenon and it will take assume Europe said there were no universal of all the yeah right was that we can use alterations Due to the program where economies during his operations the 1st but so if the music with them to the the flesh