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Motivic cohomology of formal schemes in characteristic p

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Motivic cohomology of formal schemes in characteristic p
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The logarithmic Hodge-Witt sheaves of Illusie, Milne, Kato, et al. of a smooth variety in characteristic p provide a concrete realisation of its p-adic motivic cohomology, thanks to results of Geisser-Levine and Bloch-Kato-Gabber which link them to algebraic K-theory. I will explain an analogous theory for formal schemes, as well as applications to algebraic cycles, such as a weak Lefschetz theorem for formal Chow groups.
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sections of acts and it will on call show the useful life of the there's only an the lowliest and just the 2 of them as this is just another 1 of last and company has I'm getting 1 states the ministers business but to abandon the the good so this is the sort was always now going on named international part of the and that the central government we left hand side of the sense site of the word and eventually loses sight along with increased along 1 of things and fully exert assets you have to prove the solo album reservations about the naming cycle accident outside on all these in the meat using the argument that 0 there was word said we approved the 1st step is to check the areas and then continues to holders unsuitable sense as the ball is in much of the was findings with colleagues in the present generation of many of the qualities with difficulty is knowing where a lot of and there is is risk that the final and so was the inventor very generals a lot of oranges on an arbitrary FPC always generators receiver God since the new ruler I'm not all that money you don't want to to the services of your this so I was aware because of that the it would be dangerous yesterday was focused on the national news I think all of this is the sponsor and they're not going to be different the source of the problems out and that the quality of the history of on America this book so that the people of the United Nations don't know that so you know when you do that is defined as the trusted and the other sections of the local unit of visitors to look at the bottom of this agenda which includes yes this is but the that in the at the center of in the the quantity and 1 surmise longer than I have in this complicated and the thing is I don't want to go indicated reduces the results of the arrival of the College of Law in operation In the name of the government and voluntary has been scene of quality and so that users of my small town along the wall of kids for which you knew was that there was no last season because quality and that's fine so was the Alvada injury to identify and object when the call the long axis that once catered mainly will was 1 of and it agrees to obtain Eiffel himself for being assigned spaces inside Christian holiday an ax and a single and a walk in the park the year will be a critical but you know what were rather believe these are not that women there's of and assembled we will review our policy is not doing something in the US nationals living in the UK this is a 1 moment and the need to think of this bill is about the people who followed the collapse of the difference between the species entirely the house however the use of the political leaders of the year the visit and I'm very sorry about this but you need that will it the truth is that it covered from overseas so what so you need to use the fullest utilize people nowadays by the hour Mix sarcastic this fall to compare Armenian doctors accused history yet gave the game during the concluded alone um ideas on similar colonies characteristic is on perhaps synthesis of all of the but I can't stand that the parents again this summer with bad shots operation the area is this the government and the government located in the center of the political will of the people I do not think all on the other the suit in his sole control of its strict form of policies to have completed the regions don't you so I think that In this case policy that thing for duo with former knowledge only hold on to because that was yet has been on they have concluded a description of the development the seat but lot and I was really excited receive now regularly and you mentioned the foreman of the yes and no gentlemen inspecting the existence of some other what they want during World War the following "quotation mark the the cost was non-Indian hold on all was I have been here because this is such that the if this is not the kind of thing that it is they are not on our own please and that was installed with you In operations the judge I don't want we been hold on to good use monster I knew say he had money the challenge years and we would have won the last of jobs the you yeah I don't see while it seems to me that we should generalize who the case of as it would take some clothes of the law that some John monitors on relative something that divided city and denial the but in the view of the moment the the end of Britain yeah nothing think devoted to the production you the world the question is agreed the companies will have a look In 2 1 at the on can so there is a lot of the was the conflicts in the former Wow if you another the buyer was In I mean you can insult all science to lesson comes out of the room and as soon as something that is very behind-the-scenes something that is the sooner than previously assumed variety along as and then I have a lot of my complex sitting on this something that it was because of all the stops to I'm going to do when any on the ice wall Aziz and in the summer of Rome modes of Congress also stated that it in a /slash associated he the article most the of down and for us this our material only just collapsed in the I would normally be original sources the yes in minds of the programs in Caldwell but it doesn't do anything more than that only down and you regional only the something OK thank you for your questions for you no more questions from it this is this isn't it worse said he did of at the time of the year at the Senate in isn't In the 2nd Littlejohn 1 thought that there is a lot like contending that the socio-economic and preseason injury to the counsel and duties on and the that 1997 right as the basis of this the rest the world since the of the year was the use of the repeal of the moral hazard zones and then you use I kind kind of just because of injuries to cater all farmers the moment of Bloomberg was also and that human continue its prominence as the all and it's not called the at the time that it was a politician and completed all bits that Is there was all this get me an answer concerning congestion I cannot even take some positions more often I never did something similar there has been some military launches a well-educated in while the radio industry kenyan following the dimension of variety so I already carried as members of the law and I think that the minister from all of this the and you will not be possible now motivated by the end of the on the arises when intellectual maybe analysis indicated that she would always love reciprocity a preview of :colon 580 of body yesterday saying it was the least after the 2 of relations the among the better for it the Russian version of the and as a friend of studying hard and fast food and they wanted to promote lack of style and incidentally as the incident involving I fly through and from India the recent areas moves around the occasional while the latter but it turned out that the elections will you know about but everyone uses the 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that you can be