Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for irregular holonomic D-modules

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for irregular holonomic D-modules

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Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for irregular holonomic D-modules
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The classical Riemann-Hilbert correspondence establishes an equivalence between the derived category of regular holonomic D-modules and the derived category of constructible sheaves. Recently, I, with Andrea D'Agnolo, proved a Riemann-Hilbert correspondence for holonomic D-modules which are not necessarily regular. In this correspondence, we have to replace the derived category of constructible sheaves with a full subcategory of ind-sheaves on the product of the base space and the real projective line. The construction is therefore based on the theory of ind-sheaves by Kashiwara-Schapira, and also it is influenced by Tamarkin's work. Among the main ingredients of our proof is the description of the structure of flat meromorphic connections due to Takuro Mochizuki and Kiran Kedlaya.
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the food is there is still a no on to his following to you that you want to go to the court 1 about of 10 Serie a notables I don't want to be in the
summer of 2 of the old
opportunities what's going on in front of you find that the decision was on the dialog so the total and the for the work of the as soon have please I think there's a lot of amendments most of all there is to it you know can it was all at sea the the problem is not with the that this University of the new and but I am not going salt but there was authorities Seoul was on him so you've got the call and then you have a home there was following his doesn't bode well that if we will finance something it did you gotta do is about alternative sources of energy to the companies involved but I had some of these some politician whose members and almost all of the soul of this size and identified the Latin means laughter over there I find that many soldiers the but but it involved also in the universe to began to think about there In the end the following but he's got to take the fall flat and then for example of the latter but is it the defense
of the interests of wandering in the case of the indicates that the In that Europe was named the debate is locked up the fact remains
that the origin of of the universe of gold a year all along with the different forward their normal she didn't want to fall fault to local I thought know he is the president of the will you In the the world is fundamental to all those who have told from the point of all more hits than that created them the decline on in the use of the Internet community said the fall for "quotation mark the number of times and that is that he have seen it all all the "quotation mark vote on them this origins it is often used as a restructuring will allow the president to Allmendinger that's what it's all about knowledge of might is some fun not "quotation mark the during other than the very similar to that used in part to the conditions that the euro
could well lose for the duration of the health of the our friend and that the use directions it added that political capital to have to find is that you don't know what it it is that this approach is that it will just be aware that the inquiry he did it
clearly this was a student from the most expensive was new the the father who also extending the final of the stairwell during the but many of the land use
because of the cost that but all also have the right to the heart informed
of asking I'm going to come in and you have to move on and the the told the group that but with the standard he then shares in the the fund that will follow the real following but this is the union gender handed you can use from 1 of the 1st half of level of concern the Commission was in I don't know if that's it was 1 of those you have to have some of whom were if you went to the
homeless about the story of the book
would be people the amendment the was
this year what we used to have a variety I want them to now it's on to them we will have to to work "quotation mark so you don't know how to get rid of all so far it "quotation mark this sort of feeling that some of the time that it is fully some people in the battle because of the Book of the year and not on the whole this period of time he hold only but at the tip of the cops the I did he
the control the role of the fear of the universe the following on from there to the people of the universe with
respect to the quality of life in the town of the the 2 of them 1 of them with the
people of the world so that there is no little hope that this is just the next level of these and injuries obviating the home but cable
so that adding resonance from Beijing
"quotation mark present so Alaska 0 you take you take what you have and the solution under the hall here at my capacity is useful if you start with the object easy access to the 1st Hong a solution there was 1 is the relation between on the of the 1 the deal so you have to "quotation mark yeah that
all from the area people want to hear
so you start with the object the easy access you the 1st of the hall as the solution the law is the relationship it was the object I mean you can to yeah you up but at the end of the
origins of home not only has
the will of the people then there is the matter from the fall flat in year who is 1 of the authors of
this world that was not I think this is the also whether race and you have
to do that many players it
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advantage gained more than half of the year and the that In as
follows you get in
and hopefully he did everything but cannot so that it would be awarded to the young Over the years we just say that it is not clear you know what the hell was that this change can be equal for all us for which once
sold it says here that I think it was going on with our government anyway and you find information on TV's
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might do you have
a government that was so
you just have to say that I I right now I think that it is not only more the took a it up and it goes on and on it so I that it is
sometimes used by using money while the the essential that is so where is it basis of the
and was later in the day of the year and
this yet the proposed bluntly that the
president said leaders of
the University of also while the
needle on the walls of the
differences between him and the quality of life of good food but that is still stiff cost to the for the funny thing is going on my mind that the Americans you know a new units for the last and least known but I think that there was no call to discover the constructive and useful if there needs to work on their policies the on the other line division of most of the time USA humans
well but yeah I'm here and it is in the there is some of the start of the war but that
is the president of the World the air ,comma
using but I think it is a
I'm a 20 I think In the 1st half of the Saudis
and spirit of we will the it
was the year of the the president of the quality of the year the end of the line that
immediately the way greedy