Equivariant D- modules on rigid analytic spaces

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Equivariant D- modules on rigid analytic spaces

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Equivariant D- modules on rigid analytic spaces
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Given a curve over a dvr of mixed characteristic 0-p with smooth generic fiber and with semistable reduction, I will present a criterion for good reduction in terms of the (unipotent) p-adic étale fundamental group of its generic fiber. Locally analytic representations of p-adic Lie groups are of interest in several branches of arithmetic algebraic geometry, notably the p-adic local Langlands program. I will discuss some work in progress towards a Beilinson-Bernstein style localisation theorem for admissible locally analytic representations of semisimple compact p-adic Lie groups using equivariant formal models of rigid analytic flag varieties.
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the head and eye the good news is that the thing a manger match for the invitation some kind to be had on but if you have Of course I can use the rest of the engineers and those of you who it's OK to have you had although evaluated a load of a case on my title is indeed cat modules on religion and expenses fell apart explained at least what cap means it's not deemed modules it's some variant of the modules and mouse out some motivation at the end of the fact that so on the motivation in this story comes from the desire to understand representation various getting groups some branches that may be more precise so I felt I would be a file extensions of pp they will be sunk and complete the end of the discreet evaluated the attention but for history and had time to well O'Neill said 1 K is marginal and so the LBB and field definition of a group and cable-TV filter conditions in which the representations taken at GE DNA connected and that at at such a time currently Raymond J. will be some of the functions of the and for most of my life in fact all my life I have worked with Compaq the adequate but I'm understanding that theory should extend quite naturally to the general case but in my mind you should you will be contacted said the problem History understand and the following category of representation of the musical world community and locally and the fell Claire interactions on June 1 will not give the definition of this term I will only say it's the opposite that Of the category of CO admissible camp the the modules over the so-called locally analysts distribution algebra all off-duty then suddenly looked down but it was the best but at the end of the testing defined by the Ryder Cup title bout at about 13 years ago so 14 15 years ago and it is sometimes these majorettes strong duel of their involved k valued locally and not analytic functions on the group's G and I think of it as some completion of the Grand Prix of cheap
so I don't want to spend my time discussing the beginning of this very it's efficient just think of it as a completion of the proposed use go use the general I'm looking for this the Bureau of Energy yes I of contracts for so you take the you don't find it .period ,comma groups testimony to the direction of the war possible that approaches and we're going to to lose the function of the new functions for functions only local industry functions on the so continues the users of the death of the side of real you will see their favorite In my whatever it is they say fresh-faced space over the grantee OK it contains the abstract preparing opportunity instead thank you for the 3rd year the suit is involved my personal technological and handed out more than it had been overstated unity of variance the books and the the content of the police said the good news both the motives of those who vote for the yes side asking reminded of recent years has an and just as good person from firm view that we have to have the virtue of earnings of which are monitoring at all said let us all the work a question is whether the new the frequency of the although we just didn't go in there and it's so fired up because working with complete discretion and no this was it right so and now the advantage of completing this group bringing in this particular wide use that fits the big enough to contain the universal roping entrepreneur for the eligible for good at the back of the head and the I could just different created functions and direction of the field then evaluate resulting dropped about 100 Virginia functional pondering of take a look and functions montage in admitting the algebra and suspicion which stands by the rest of the wrinkles and and narrow Murray started when starting point of the longest working in the back of the room a terrible historians story will try not to miss training and the Forest following famous there due to various investment brings concussion rocked and tells you have to think about modules overdevelopment in Mongolia for every dominant regulate all the maximal forests and his works over lunch break closure of the grand deal works Iranian have spread to close field of characters 6 0 look at the I not as all an the end of the
year meeting the land of Chalifour is not and in from your 1 2 3 5 for the military In the end of this but is not but yes overseas courses generated here waiting in the minimal conditions needed to make her go fight sorrow and representations also a serviceable algebra were very fixed Action Center its last and opulent 2 and twisted the modules on the flag variety which of course you can't imagine so you can have this opens the door to applications of methods from large majorities study representations of the group's management and to collectively 1st of all finish clinch I'm so that all options were disapproved of analog priests locally distribution run the hoping that this embedding is nice enough to support such an extension and will clearly not do this and probably need to understand the analysis side of things a bit better what is completion of the group Friends and in particular waters this is a periodic right this is some kind of analytic eye so what's the relationship we need to understand the completion better and so I tried to give and so the the 1st question from the prejudice presentation to ask I think this while what is a closure all of your genes IDG cases some kind of pressure algebra is the closure of him at the the conservative I spend manuals in some some basis for the algebra OK and let me make it information such is that I where these constant it was capped the it's a set of and I'm sorry I didn't standardization for the set of community labels with this means just and the collegiate passes ring stripped of its come and commit propagation to support except for series Will fixed ordering right NO X X 1 next to it is just honest passes commuter passes but on it you can define a multiplication the last 2 years the only and I doubt .period model only ball and those territories which are convergent everywhere on the Julia but but at so this definition seems to be dependent on 1st base such as doesn't he could face up on his latest bench basis and it's transit rain extensions of the an enveloping algebra can be defined as such bright quite well no mention of completions soldiers were mixed with existing synergies seriously hurt evolve over article both of the freezes of sort of it's always this holiday destination don't remove them in the world whom Bloomberg could the facilitation of brilliantly as well as annual you must know that will dismiss the government is going to have to work to do ,comma here but you are nuclear with taking note of the policies of the so-called only the whole of publications of the memorial in all of the loss of this so it's foolish to you that I think immediately of the I don't see how you muffled example in the case of this because you can cannot everything you want to the extent and altering the cannot distinguish from union the final stop ammonia which of the areas according to be sold so that we can use it to the the final run over your is where this year's usage was not as well as as the site of the market and and so I I haven't thought about this information on me for what I believe the paper called has a way computer center would reach enough he does use that when you mentioned I think it is workable and looked for a while I just want to think of it as this said black and give it a ring structure In a unique way such friendly handled this matter from other breaking into this thing is of income office whose and on exercise union regulations and remains I extend my thanks to excite people's property the relations of the firm but along the Mall the young researchers say it is not here that there more forget about the actual leaders it's just that fast for the time and more the usual I understand there was a restructure on no if you use this she's a little love overview on policies that ended with the excellent experience using that although the volume of models for 6 and a of the we the rule and not the other way over there because if you you have to close the interventions in emergency of the exotic school was saying it was told to be ready to discuss that family history you I'm sorry for not making the so firm has just find that to be the apparent microbrewery error and then the fair social due find Mom he says that at the close of the insists on landmark honored service strategy based in Paris and the
localized years GK capped localizes imprecise sense sense from analogous serum to the bed cements and various at the back and then extended to the destination so wrong I want to explain how to do this at least so and I want to say why rigid political positions and the but in the end so invariant White are presenting this set Aceh is committed a series is as during all everywhere globally convergent functions on the duel properly attached and this is only as a fascist and yes rigid and again has forgotten the NDF at the the rings I just want to say this is true and that I the we hope now and if you think that only 1 lane was found in the yeah those hidden from all but was busy so we lost this game some leverage against human mediator was invalid because it will be a clear view of the reforms he has had little of his residence in income Vermont he will take the assassination of the most popular structure on this said you don't get it later and aside from the In view the of human cruises on the floor of a solution of the 3rd novel according to the other communities you used will the Waterloo the easy agency has led a lot of various this no 107 will his assertiveness and you two-thirds of American history and the exercise of sovereignty I don't really know what is still the man later and him also in the you're not going to begin using here the world view most would I want to take a little bit of it you could get in the the 2 go to the so I'm observation please I'm blithely plantation workers the rolls around and algebraic on other the animals so this is an intuition that new colleges make it a bit more besides all right down to the rings and touring acts curriculum which along with their which filtered whose station degraded and I thought rhetoric so this guy quantise is it just happened he said what is you and I think that the algebra and 1 out an ideal it is and that is generated by Max model sentiment of the and generated by things of and my understanding is that I think sometimes there is no current but the whatever the land is it also has an increasing filtration for information of oppression of sheaves of rings was integrated is basically the inner functions on the engine of veterans said there is there is reservation demand will take this integrating Taichi stepped into a variety which turned out to be very good sentiment of flag variety and there a well and connecting the Hagerman more pragmatic women no kind call the sprinters relation the contention model of cybernetic is resolution singularities of Conoco even the reforms in most of God the glamorous world In this context that is Maine guru is that nothing and what making last year the various governmental and about to tell me how to proceed in the debt situation but In the localize this time while caught up in the same vein in the setting because I still have the highest from center sitting inside the note the entrepreneur still by next Monday but the but but the earlier today into defining and in some kind of fresh-faced face-to-face completion of the land which will be many of the rigid and was accommodation at the top of the corresponding object namely the revision and this variety line designed to break ground contingent of that that that no motivation are completely down to the site statements and maybe the motivation of the understand why I'm writing but so in old
final descent of about priests because they're just computing and then presented many technical difficulties that I found it so found was that you can't is what I want to talk about next it and and this section where were ,comma definition my parents and the United at the noise the the project over the ground field an Indianapolis formats is any final generated some module clearly all the derivations of events find generated over the subprime borrowers have added elements and such term while it's lattice the algebra and that's the form part of the power bandit elements and still more correct way to say this is that a case Circle ,comma Coetzer Foley algebra or the Elgin Over the construction give me any such matters and that plenty of such things because whenever I have a basis for Terex overall sigh we want to the date maybe the brackets of these guys don't lie inside the OIC settle somewhat generated by balked at most funded by the staff of pie and then they will be it is in the bottom to any of the other brides -dash Associates enveloping invests 11 out of Rh you well thank you which is what it's the smallest being generated by so I was a young too broadly the commuter rail and immediately algebra even the eligible to be fired off a modulated with different settings of the rings act solely out of our and the eyes that acts on the creative of writing the base examples Terex and all acts and so and the melting ice off X is going to be directs I think and this works in greater natural you need is just and commuter rail and then he asked for and what you think so of this will be the major defines the word since many of to remind Parliament this is a great loss the will find you that's handsomely 18 of the island and is the only Hallowell back and get to complete the Dominican Rep I'd just like we don't envisage but it the be service will be somewhat muted by algebra and under the assumption that you will be in effect but it's unfortunate depends on choice of Matisse and was so divided that choice by taking the innocent of all things there is no and this is just sort of elegant but you knew just 1 the lattice and then pot Big Five and multiples of I will become the final word the fact multiples of any other leader the soccer to stand in the summit of EU piety l the fact is that you have to be this responses stretching among the bowls have contention Monday well you know it was just an announcement of a on she bowed out trying to do but I will say this is just an incident example In the end it so here is a new lattice falsely intake the circle K acts dialects and modified by the power finds the money defend always its audience and then you had this construction will get and while Honda motivated which as a UK taxpayers and hasn't Bonner Kate Spade next module is isomorphic too the takeout into the K X and I knew the gunman that's all
although the extent the extent of Newfoundland about the are you there is a lot bigger than what you wanted do very agree what the so and the tap is just the intersection all these Moncrief the rate and so it contains some particular take advocate take next it will contain Bell said obtained the deal acts as it were so the hybrid thing and London-based direction and manual in the Crittenden directions and most of on top absolutes misses and conditions said cause this is just phone please stop acts as many projects often it's because of this this is morally at least my mind and budget and the composition of the the era With thought quite well that is now and we're pretty sure this is the right information in particularly globalize its message from this
definition satisfies said but also take the standard outside associated to they rigid writing just open open after months of sets and G apology instances be Joshi prefer and then decomposition around she's no the vanishing hygiene culture I'm OK the vote looks a it while business :colon hasn't handicapped wanted some control at its finest conditions all Our modules over handicap X and sheaves of decay modules fortunately each nite entitled I'm having already worked this out they have defined Nice category of could miss the models in particular which will give a definition of Watkinsville meant that or because they did group of speech not from any contact between is precious style that's different from that to get so when you say advising our assets will review the rule of the future government of their were remarkable :colon often affiliated virus smaller removes almost period what both cases over the last 4 is small and the also and mission the concussive of concurrent with fragments of the defendant's cooperation agreements so you have to say this is the situation and will also cover Erickson said the convicted all of your efforts sincerity of as you know there is always this year in the province is still here and also the is that of where can you still annuls a little later in the year to learn on to play on Saturday it be to suppose would have a tower on the theory in this case minor algebra and with funding be sloppy and say flat transition maps I think the definition of new 1 side may be on the right foot in all cases and there will be 2 votes and disposing of such a situation they can take the investment and the definition is that investment is an example of a fresh-faced financial the OK so what well this gives you 1st all it's Cumnock independent of choice of presentation you can happen that you have 2 different powers giving rise to the same industry escape a fat results have won the category of 5 jurors modules will be the site in the mission and whenever you have such a precious and African define code missile module and a module on his current missile In whenever you and they could you might have some she defined on the whole contention Mundel whenever you pulled back to some bounded by Finland's subset it's got him I'm going about you you have this is products and modules for all this more than 2 people who completed by the nearly right now I'm just registered under bright the and so it's quite amazing that this definition you get an answer .period agree on this proves nothing of the sort that currencies paid at the end of the campaign for a permissible and will work with the poor "quotation mark requirements yes but not the problem is the fact found was among the injured so there are lots of exemplified the a generous amount of regional and some common next results is that our deep capped rings are always fresh-faced 11 months he was there I would like "quotation mark the reasonable utilization in because of concerns that exists it is difficult to evaluate of the last individual or the I think both every African movies and videos can closed it's very much directions at the end of the day we think so called this game and had been defined the global version of decamped career modules the and there was permissible if well on the stone it's sections on if
annoyed because this will in the sense of just fine but the new Mecca next condition which is analogous to "quotation mark parent In the ultimate
geometric well but it would be better could I'm very sorry and and I cannot go into the details of this symbol there is a very nice and very obvious things you can do a completed dance-pop basically abandoned support especially spaces but we can make sense of it in situations many require that can I I have inclusion often aren't being inside you then basically M of these computer determined by view of 1 the next that's correct news that he was not and is listed this His son at this point I think From now on this is Jenna 1 of the few this these people they're using animals living there and then go very very yesterday this follows alluded to this earlier quoted the statement as saying that think you have to work for and their phone Holland it is the city's
unilateral and others who have little of the Electoral Board of Governors of the model the this yes so there was no violence in the you he so in fact you confuse you know so far I think let me and take it back but I have extended Texas still laughing him OK have justified she just stood do you have now extends from program sometimes proved especially at the lower end of the war zone forex dealer at vineyards TX tournament when you can't agree on who should be on the
continent on the call you next stop North Korea but not arrested right at the end of the year but that it is in accordance categories between modules the coalition modules ability cataracts but eventually which occurred this month as part of a a concerted policy and she pedigree and I think that the Nunavut Piazza .period bureaucratic achieved much and so now we extend from stand occasionally the cap and 6 of every moment Richardson expense and I think what we got the definitions of CIA but the 1 I gave actually works in general sponsored was on him that if you take this definition X is no longer a thing like imposes conditions it's a fair and that this can be the same as that you would go up if you were to go in and have achieved which have prompted wasn't covering such footage covering this restriction was lost some of kills China I am
terrible boards currently in force here's our next year I think that this is a good time to take the this follows a half X which is a close its moves of a variety of wines from I can have handicap majorettes now undergoing Hawaii and I can ask what's relationship and that that that the Department from wine having 0 sections away from X are equivalent to the capitals of Inc so I have stated the there because of a mountain and nonsense and confident that and after snobbishness still confident that constrain friendly not listening you may "quotation mark so that they can include in the next expected parents to private In since most of the provisions of the bill the the program has and and linear form on page will produce and can age being the algebra always spent maximum performance injury before so post-split for simplicity but it's easier to defend Sadaqat dominant and where to find them regular units from the stabilizer in the broker under the ship connections to then so actually I have not defined the land account but would have definition work which is valid the combined you will carry Al Capone for any OK ,comma OS X 3 out of 4 currently not just standard mother cost-cutting which was the thing so everything around here makes sense began as a small vigilance variety you can talk about could miss boasted of the capital should probably be in the together on and the you take good sections you'll get muddled management and the it is probable and that should set the 1 of the easiest examples of a first-rate stand algebra is fans might wonder the UN's likened Yuji cap and defined as passive soon you can define it as you also NO TAX wireless and finally mentioned the algebra you take investment of the you 1 of things so far and this gives you a bridge between modules Michael Metz and cleans sheets so excoriated although it's understood I believe it would be removed from Florida to within half a minute based on the very confident of imposing condition on the prime as I have in my paper on formal things especially his techniques as radical to much computers sections and then paid for Greece's variation Peterborough .period and so I think you could strengthen appreciation but the central modafinil Beutel said USA accordingly while you can when you can example construct module from Germany the construct construct additional modules in the following calls this is an idea as old as the original inclination convinced stressed that works here it is the but the problem firm may be appointed the flag variety I have just finds Truex space one-dimensional in a candy much afforded the right strategy of fiber-optic sections and this will give me some kind of complete among Shh for the reasons 1st but of course I don't have to take .period expect variety maybe summer something interesting to you the and it's the vision and price associated to the flat part of the the question or group of holders of the the and why you close the lid of the 3 sons also on the ball this globalized because specialists apology or continues I'm using the however this a great privilege remember :colon variables that what was the only thing I remember sorry I have to do the work go the 2 during inconceivable focused on much of the past on island of time and I haven't said anything about a great things what do you want to do want to do he didn't know and this is the holding of a nominal environments always Hoffman on June the Commission on the Status of violence go for the at the end of the day so let's just say it did I achieved a compact and as before In thanks to the the and yet on continuously in the French press the fastest usually geez year so bottled relative will preserve and preserve the Ring of Power and end the effects induced action on reduction of excess and let's assume that the action of the election has found in and indeed the actual cheat on any 0 acceptable by the end of it's as fun and sets serviceable happens when she is an open competitive to Els actually the fact variety you you might have a small group of stabilizing a smaller that and then you can do the following construction it's done the contain decoupled erects the that thing I take the abstract ski good friend that's stupid Prince doesn't think the counterculture Jay and I completed From that on the look of various things involved in the definition of the cap there these unaccountable and then give for anything else g approached 1 final in very small groups of G label stabilizes In fact they will be acting as exponential layout the end that of since has since the time I want to say this is me most of all possible pairs element where this makes sense and office just the derivative of actions it cited the US home offices only G into 2 accidents because the at home office and by the Baker Campbell has this expression is increased almost and into the it was 1 of the thank you for it the value of the new unit by the end of this and so this makes sense and reflect on this look at just 2 stable it was the index from identity is big enough to hold that would give small please on an incident the expectant parents sex and lies about x w /slash G just Plantation I want to use them efficiently finances are this thing industry on this street apology 5 coverings again expressed astonishment again wrenching ,comma and the I find that just remarks the fact that some of the people and that the definition of that Annex modern G sub W the the stable home quality compact consensus politics maybe not lacking the final needs of things which then this is a good Jeter Bolger because while she's on the region's face the same things as she thematic space inferences about and yet fanatics basic accent Okmulgee as political spaces given the questionable geometrical back sat structure to Texas as the mind is just thing or at Vassar College services In the long run what is was the name of this welcomed progress in all this is going to cold and think then Montana mountain and the break In the investigators those and so I would expected the areas while giving you believe them 6 spending money back in defiance of the law admissible handicap stodgy modules In the same way including locally because of news locally is freshly signed consent forms and so it was a the year of fighting and then land as before amendment American right down to close this small Of course this has not been defined this but whatever it is it's going to be equivalent to what I what many of the objects on the representation pesticide which accounts for much of moment of a story shot from which are dueled of misrepresentation which occurred them and the government cost because of weather without any of effects in 2 I'm sorry things along GM the 1st Christians will build you showroom we "quotation mark the utility's losses from the you what is on your is only very loose Beijing other than those in game the game some of the president of the already by the controversy all of this was revision in the face and the other half to those people value you have always been a Of all the reason is that that's why the did the words GS is 1 of the areas around the time the tragedy about a wrong guess what happened in the case because in many cases well-defined directions from the the things that all my life and identity also were involved patients who have not been there will be problems the faced by the the U.S. the American people and they're all manner lottery for all of you and then there was the best strategy developed in the 100 per cent Palestinians but follows the no believes Louisiana so even if you must fall the was excessive you think this is the 1st of all it says in the morning on the use of force most of them we have the status of a meeting was just the beginning of the year is out the because this is really file formal curriculum because of the environment services so if you will so that we have just 1 question last year was always the 1 so if you dig into your 4 years out of college as much mine this year because I think what this nation of more than before and I didn't know how to do things for hosting a on most of the year and the year after submitting a handful of that now sold in the world with European