A p-adic criterion for good reduction of curves


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A p-adic criterion for good reduction of curves
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Andreatta, Fabrizio
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Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS)
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Séminaire Paris Pékin Tokyo / Mardi 14 octobre 2014 abstract : Given a curve over a dvr of mixed characteristic 0-p with smooth generic fiber and with semistable reduction, I will present a criterion for good reduction in terms of the (unipotent) p-adic étale fundamental group of its generic fiber.
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around Her time and time and time again on the way ticket to his Youssouf so I'm so excited at the of the news of the incident and that international achievement did "quotation mark it actually got both of us all along with rises in both conferences for the decision to for changing so this is the user was staging along genes the unity accuses of homes exotic was working so well that I will do all the work the other end of the day and the community the quality of a solid basis also revision of the sommelier is only part of the history of the quality of their own some of the most knowledgeable in the history of indigestion 1 of the the rest is still unknown mom would result is genuinely perfect also covers the huge numbers will remain positive the jury on that is usually the cops all investors anxiety it also speaks in for broad political social fuel using so this is really good June the revision directions it was the source of all hearing it's forward I want to go back Her and the rest of the world In the depending the number is 1 at Kerry's side or exhaled as for all the provisions of the a the 1st set it's the indication at this history using resistance of adoption of the euro and Wallstreet Sony's son fears on 5 years as a because division is assumed that the estate has already lost all already in the western involves the side the adoption of our Tennessee it is small so the soaring however is something of a problem involved violations on the hostages was very very negative about the Longhorns yesterday as soon as the varying Marshall and his borders means anything components of the bombs Foster Jerusalem then so very scientists and the ball the 1st yes is for the quality to the 1 who has who ousted from his residence now what the you were on your he has limited options and the same the you move Europe solely for the whole of the exchange the world is so with the euro so japan all this is wasn't in varieties this has pulled out Russia and the band Italy while there too is so a you but they shouldn't called him on the head of the provisions this is the role of the University of Technology also visited part of the lot and we'll resolve if a visitor from then the Commission reasons reduction is going on as his vision which it is In his son the president of the University of widening as equals in this scandal we have a long voyage of Indonesian on was the rest of the world he was eventually removed economics but the nests of sufficient for everybody murine fighting is the best of social disorder it is answer so the 1st is encouraged by the world over the Organization for which the a few involved of some very versatile was that the will be used to reduce his options that or for that matter ,comma is that these services division is resolved that this includes reduction is due to over so the reason for the proud of the work and some of them although some of the people but unfortunately it is not we really lovely there are more than just do it but we have got through yes L for the moment the consumers especially vulnerable because the interview was not injured there associated with that it was there so much the St is 1 which is what we will but the last number of years here the mentioned the coolant and I would laughter and we'll got procedures so that was group of course the provisions is wrong for example this is a of the the agency program since then that's clearly is so in Paris genes for her the report the physical fiber is
in for you it is a person who the European 1 verse and the progress in appliances prices of a fact the austere that inventory status lost and while some photos of the occasional this session father told The Wall with emboldened the establishment of a 0 liberalization by Lawrence who's right is exactly the question all the all those years we are so required and the actual reason was CIA that means that you all of us here is free the it's industries were around the consists of food usually proponents Wilson reported the incident so who gets what it wants what is special emergency month regional some fire information then there was thing just In the 1st of all of the work force and so this is museum already thank value of all was the research this former it an open kitchen so are all the other computers president resting the 1st phase of doing from the energy is used to solve its own that so on kosovo's assumption of foreign firm and the loan on the 1 thing that residents I don't know that the loss of Kostunica's L all of the congestion and information on so that any of the following also insisted on the searching you so as the transition he also 1 .period 1 of them for example on 1 of the most ordeal some these the position of the rules so that as well as as the the situation over about this was the wife the furor while the new law is following the law of the car as wound up in the services version .period also leave only if you take those representations for all the concern for 1 thing :colon L the Newfoundland promptly g the judiciary process you don't want to get into quarters over Valentin who was hotter and hotter currents what was loss used the fund Have some of the things that she was so this is for me and many in of the business for the industry "quotation mark chores around find means that the being Jew who and the solidarity we need some followers over the years and years of World War II so there are some problems in the 1st column is the effect that the older who results in Israel have found services although introduced so that these enhanced reduction that result is the same June the following are the rules of this area this far in usual composed and in fact the way although proves this year these by adoption In case of we believe this you're actually OK he therefore receipt 2 juror all dimensional surfaced as you know I was using 1 moral on the 1st and that lowering the it is not the the shows that you are after all the various things that years of same the original structure the drawing the wrath of his remittance service is the same as you about grammar and considering that using peaceful conditions or problem-solvers it has His here also in the course of a long series of good really about the city's prodigy for God's will bid to remove the others most and resolved is essentially in this iteration of a certain amount will really Indiana all Oregon ,comma passing through from the youth leader earlier the service of the book that said the completion of his ego has not ruled him out of yes so all of the sphere of this all of this issue change the response from using all of those years of Bolivia's students in the event of war you mean you can check the earliest this results should also think feasible and cruel and improbable stories the producing along with institutions of all forms of all forms of portable the authority to move up the slope areas where you know you're here what is following the signing of influences that you will in change the region is on the part of the also proves that there is a huge issue years things up Europe amorphous institution investor which is usually a small part photo this was designed the use of the lower we have go the difficulty of globalization and look at the dollar and that is the major news to then on their own safety is the close the current Of all the to be
changes in the law Jack again normal the of the thing the region is faulted the border city of Cologne 1 the that's why it's so so what what what what we will do little reason for concern the history in cases where it is the a case of Reagan's solved because this is not for for Muriel 3 insulting division war result the gene model should not apply to the respond so 1st of all institutional How you have a very also this a solution and then will rule on the strategy for cooling "quotation mark questionnaire the most of the character of the waters of the universe I want to get into the myopic to their out of this and there is didn't defended the rights of all of them the because of this section has about the 50 not out of the 1 of the these are referred to review and so not all the all people use since you although in all of this sort of thing is Motorola you know use money was going to have an election that the action is wrong on all this stuff to go up because of you there are some no the busses in our cities we know more about you know more loosely based on Islam 2 From the Nunavut in all the money to loose for the control of the city where he needed to the action the visitors 0 while holding an assault on the following some of the things that impressed so that the history of Europe at the end of of the room was wrong former there's room for it is so very well than normal and reality with the inevitable distribution I wasn't sure you want this what the only thing that's missing a chance to speak with me so as to at the funeral was sold Monday is the walls around deployment his role is as a nomination the Senate in all of this we want to support all of these organizations it is now Australian Ian Thorpe who the this could include the the the limited services you want people vision of his lover of the Health this is the I'm going 2 "quotation mark hold on also wasn't worth the implementation sales in the last what Bloomberg Japan's it seems that what you want provisions the new people going to the shops all our growth so this is inside the development coincides with the elements of the people In the new volumes and this is 1 of the closest horses and for as well models to the houses of the Jedi action is mandatory rooms section so the race that the action this suicide very analysis of all the issues on this here because love each year and involved is seeking more it's a complete understanding and always on the In the the name beginning there you know the answer to all our energies on on the other I don't think there was a lot both of these are we know that the nation has the I should think the story of a woman the very 1 of police said the assault on the market is that in fact is you did you will only be involved in the violence called the was always envisions environment that was the businesses doesn't the man who was involved in this fall and so on
can around in your lines that that are writers locally but who refused to draw lines in something is going on here by the end of October is normally so this is the 1st so I think that this a small thing that the me out of love the on the go it's as if the victory is a unit of the bottle of yesterday people it's all part of the then there the other so we didn't even know where this guy investors will out of luck so it was mentioned then it invented something sort removal that was the provisions you will implement the rules which are often shocked and saddened voluntary and the European in she actions before and after the fall of over there on the river time and this I wouldn't have the little people and this is 1 of the reasons that also also achieve our in-service strong improvement is involved and removal of the rooms it wasn't easy for him and for his future in the new stock in the last year Moody's said something this start reaching Congress where some of you will have to conform with the responsible of its along inside those walls are only 1 woman should also share our attention from those objects who Will move means that for 1 1 remark In the circle it sponsors the middle of this year the problem is that I want them to go to the end and that the 5 of universe that is usually action is sincerely possible the innocence the answers of the past few years somewhere there is no need for that and that and the main concern of the community for England and was informed that he and his family is restored or a military statement is the only on the surface the whole of the than this thing when sold the vessel from the start of violence will lead the modernization of the disease so we the 1st half of nation so Sakharov on and I the think unification so I want to show you that as those for the end of the and the final now remember the ascribed as follows so the fund universal bond the people of the Polish evil acts all members of the UN wanted to find out who did this for either of them along the section large the Institute use of our ability to find personal qualities in the result of years so of the following year .period the people of the world best of our ability to hold shares so what's the use of the people it's about I don't think we are not Bolognese sauce on side all 3 of the through the nominees to the consumer but you you have cited in Bush's honesty bar the the inverse image on the bar of the small users of of financial computer histories that slowly to be and we will refuse all periods of time or just more of In the Walsh's recalled the Vermont section fiber he said that such of event and and also he then he then compile clean you involvement and called for both extreme or full-length dresses are needed to read as a center or all duly she's visual communities shouldn't feel that is no universal if for no reason the EU and the importance of the part of the this is not new moreover there is no longer in the Senate this is not a sin slowly so in it's smaller of the 2 most of the rest of the left and the think of the number of copies you'll be reviewed because there you just by being there in the area inside the death of an unknown viruses are said to be held here so their land leases analysts say all she's emergency meeting of the beasts of the field was envisions the following on critical of the government of yes yes story the necessary the yeah the universities books about the book became law lot of denies his wife was the 1 solos this usually action almost 500 years of of the action on the rest of the what do you do with those of the same quantity wall I was some of were so far "quotation mark I think it is in the United States bottles of Evian and 1 in the history of the world heritage is forced to warrant but now in our case it's not single the problem of the existence because a while it was interviewed we want Bush's dozens of uniformed and representation of the world is
of English at the University vision of the nation's loss this is the 2nd year in a while so it's also shifted to the opposition to the ruling in the morning from Richard the view that the observation all of the people who use the it rest of the division at the at the the firm "quotation mark so that his actions of fomenting will and that correspondingly the adoption of the a routes Europe all the it will be our elements unit of other fire soldiers fired what thought all this work is just is word for against that action on conditions of the Union of jewels is known and what is the elements he acknowledges reversal is as what is it about this for and you can also directly society that is you know from volunteer workers envisions the following fare want 1 should know that that while using the substance of what it would be the envisioned when they want it unique American Falls is altered this fall so that it it's very interesting and alarm that was is that you leave solid he even if he saw New Year's all the hazards in the action In constantly increasing managing action which is usually political vision "quotation mark you spoke on the on my own although the survival of the it was section which is visited the action of the will during the year "quotation mark so what this is the results at a news the option to of and around what is well this is for all I that the strategy for improving our resolve that the release the north the institute at the end of the year which uses more useful for us and for that the only thinks plenty of airlines around the world at the end of the use of falling off recently allowed recognition "quotation mark no 1 wants to go the rest of the league and ruled that the amendment was understandable well this has also introduces and although it was involved and that the conclusions called the long bond on the move false walls so it was and so on the 1 hand and the new law after crude oil from the the university's all along with the rest of us from this commitment the 1st the needs of the people that part about this is that the woman who is the mayor of this small friendly here you you have a lot of small stocks and bonds by sea and there structure defined by deleting the pattern of abuse of the system in the blast what you are involved choosing the roots of .period the some of them wanted full of structures In the long run about so but the rise was the answer is this is just the usual 1 hour and little more than his best component be this will increase when the competition the following is a good life it was resting on the and along the wall structure which is usually both urine and useful as it is set to start in this cultural also conditions on the volatile most of the school all that stands out as a result of the it was a also 2 work this is a re-engineering in moral problems and that was the case so I just want to their people the a full-time student of the political will to some people the for you want to so writing in this way to see that Beatles the head of the nation the people of this fall and the rest of the world over which the the decrease is involved with all those sections and profits of approving the sociology of religion by the rest of this election and this is a symbol of all that is accepted as much knowledge as well as a symbol of the only 1 who whom has is that they're so good resolution all this in the world of of is that over From that in the sense that it is real and growing political emotions for the offense is that it is the hero of the this is broader than the loss of for so this is the was to Locustville communities Oklahoma the U.S. has that volume has this so far only it's more useful lessons from 1 of these the deal is studio that while there is a minor losses at all to the kingdom because of they within borders and so convinced the his year-old the analysis of the or will be but since almost all of the above
individualism and which is beans cleared of all volunteers will go forward also versions In view of the world since I didn't dream or this is really solid citizens of going His your possessions you go along was overall Chris essentially over all the university were sold on this innocence moreover they formed their own is indeed this is suitable all of these institutions so that he is the here this vision that this is still a lot of the canyon called from the overall which is defined along the violence in the more than it's whose invincible 0 and ended a long all musicians the world all news the resolution called the election which are arbiters of good for the alliance the through ball flying the strategy of course and there a lot but in the so I think of the of the day this fall 2 you to local so the only used as being at the money the Honourable along with that of the Argentinian bonds and as you know there is something magical about which there is something in questioning sociology services water and all missions of the formation of the instead so much of it is not at all and says that this is and so there is a lot of it is universally reductions or the versions of former finalist in the area along with his all all the world I'm not going vision of this 1 the I don't think that's similar to the definition of unity of the Longhorns influence in the military junta that he said would have that the final hours the you you can vary exotic produce a musical work so I the only thing missing the police said that you have to make with the several moderated makes it is not like the Kremlin relations so we wouldn't have to In the latest government has agreed assume we have to do what the president to not to say that would be the security they said that excitement program will on and bear the formation of and the the hallways rooms of various the the Bureau of the fuel and get the fruits of it is the result was largely on ultimate clearly was innocent of the multiple aspects of their there from here where so we can be certain that the more the rest of the mouth of the river and that the level of the citizens of Europe the this mentioned that you love yes so that the people of this new period that so good and so some who is that and as following the news is not all admissible followed more will also miss new all of these they follows community and the use of things from the so authoritarian perception now that for most of time the usual thing of all the along Louisiana fall of universal the Roman on and and that "quotation mark involvement in this matter sony's allegedly missing there is reform in the Mediterranean Boulevard the you know that 1 the conventions Poland the accession of relations with leaders of the the decision that there is reason result of a actually ceasefire all you the averages over all injuries changed Greece is the same as well as from the says 3 people have been in the news but the the new information in the form some the heads state so suddenly said so as to do this so the Sheyenne about is the principal means of providing the basis the yeah which is actually really serious alone is a thing from the fire only the and believe that the worst of the calls that over a steel on the other hand so steadily well the numbers and the disabled sending From his valuable Christopher and Sunday In this is 1 of them and that follow are excluded community was often all
well in here and so it goes this conditional on this change to this and it has a long history of friendly while reading services from this was because the ball was in the form In the back of the also all room stressed the 0 is equal to the north of the wall insisted on the no you this change the law release evaluation this financial year research university the fire along with the universal Holger that's also model Of the mention of the international community and as you all know that already improvement in the list 4 room and the government was the only goal on current needs and some of the other were all crazy remind this for the moment on his relationship this he's guy the decision as a musician need my action all the people of all these monsters anything see for 1 the all although the following the the Americans although this fall on people the region although so they have to this although certainly so was set for forth new route the discussion look at the the final not because this is in addition to from this change when he reaches this thing here will of summary and the this recital here something new as the realization of stone president of office was about which described action on international leadership on the use of the something about the books in recent years over the years that followed the results in if you are easier read all of which follows on from good home if use so this this differential and there's also this last step of calling from this formal things and this is really in all states will not be analogies were like the good he's not all of the above all priests because the volume of the Greece is the we choose rules the region's Lari also needed will be at the top of the list of the are you always say that you the book to the heart of the body through the various things to do than Virginia and we have focused solely because this is the wrestled with this option "quotation mark resources so that it wants to but there is also a warning from oversold the jewels of Indonesia's also on view is that it's been since then the new both crystal on a workbench is your view will reduce your views what welcome to part with the Soviets on people in descendants although few financial results-oriented so numerous projects in the crease and the group tool many of the other what could the the they the greatest as you think yeah housing units were sold in Bochum 1 exit are you have a loss of result because of the echo of comparison between this fighters on the and the fibers on the although the results so users of original interesting as long a source of some of the things were really good I knew it was going to be resolved I wasn't aware that as long as it is not on level of use base changes from Verizon Wireless section reaches children competitively and that you only want and what the wasn't all that is left the right side you know this the law and all of our own the side you the fire along the increase which is what so here is all the more about somebody as long as it it's the only when you have the formation of the new leader and for its use instead of universal object the 2nd protocol results really proceeding by the actions of their use was General Powell the index of all these rules but this is the argument because you wanted to there's a lot to from the muscles it's going to be a lot of the United Nations 3 I confused what is involved in existence Indians of the the Senate and as news of the rulings all that sort because you know this is a musical and inserting this on a recent incidents involving consolidators sort of we will assume that you staff from the I just want to diseases and that
is something that I have the honor of most of the people who want to belong to the same period have In all over the territory of the music and the economy would still Bloomberg
finished in front of the same year yeah I know of we have to sort it out under the rule of this year house is the the US Army was Mohammed is possible this on the original is the golden years of pressing the problem-solvers not the please China literally all what you playing and I think
that we can have use the incentives the people yes but it was a legend the January the site it live was the a lot of them there and then Universal guests to the Senate had sold under interim lots of readers in
various things Renault's ruled users move out from the area in the office all of the whole world is mostly war Fitzwater summary all there but the you have rational use of coal the Soviet Union ,comma Russian that you know but the all this year and institutional volume of crystallized this is far more than
that in nearly device assumes invites the solider was so there you Forest proved that he knows no Louisiana Ronald Crystal in the garrison and all others is something stronger the science is not simply won't all these years but you have to redial the Soviet areas there is often a sense about the accepting the most useful timely this was thrown all if you're interested musicians involved all the of secretary of homeland and who is head of battleground I know that you the
pressing need Bloomberg
I have a friend who optional on the remarkable yes but actually my
fault of the universe stumbled is on genes were usually varies from group 1st the computers and since this is the end of the process that it was a so Sony on is scores of the becomes the model the 1st of all the more centrist years ago something field while you go from 1 to 4 it does not so shot innocence as is our throughout the years she also said the we don't use up all the volatility will allow the people of the possible there will be no yes and that the responses social changes OK so then there was the questions so In this idea anything it is difficult to guarantee more often use of offline some gates the agreement is always there was no evidence of that
information on this the having fallen soda forward following so embraced change through the use of this morning is the fire although there are some of it was the on referring research but it is also shared by this comparison the universal vision of no political group of fire and that the result is a fire the presentation souls environment are really in the sense that the city is the losses associated through the long before congressional elections which is the father of this film that is the hope that the loss of inertia is fear of the various analyzes the Austrian 1 moment in connection with the rest of Europe is 0 we didn't you examples he said that the but there is a lot of the original motion I'm going to get you "quotation mark yes because it always is on the rise since I was a little rough the book is so families he just wanted to get isn't so that there are some of the items from the news was and she 2 Hong Kong this year it was so here I should say we have a few words about the work of the citizenry for probable losses for example but analysts from the south of the border from the inside and proving that he is attitude this will result in on them no sides of the stars on the wrong side of the requires someone on the phone and fire
theory but that means that he's results which outside the base and work with the new medication units this is the of the process of strong and analysts and users will be equal to lower the it wasn't working on the opposite side of the hands of In this fall but also the use or pollution version so the work of modern also believes that it is because of the elections were already started he has a fighting was also constraints involved the solution 1 issue used to have control of provision it also a bayou was removed when can when the occasional find the music Pfeiffer carries they survival the cost involved in the use of this growing resistance any of this all the His speech was free on some of the it's also status Port universities and all these elections should crewmembers the rules whenever you find her the doctrine "quotation mark getting it was the yeah the he use said of the drug is good with which they said they never will "quotation mark justifiable which is a fine line you then what actually the Jacoby analytical and also Bloomberg which objectively the study said used to have rejected the lighting 2 there was a major change to the signing of the can we expect will send the year on the the more you play like that section of the week stuff that goes like this think of Delaware who was on loose the you'll find the we will look at the history of show and it is a good deal was offered to and what do you have the game here also the statement because of the "quotation mark you go the other way around the points which included use that Montreal bluff on the it was a similar motion ulcers and caution but I don't think that questions we met with them


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