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How to make a 3D web geoportal

Video in TIB AV-Portal: How to make a 3D web geoportal

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How to make a 3D web geoportal
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Did you ever fly around a country in 3D? In your standard web browser? Without plugins? 3D for the web is an emerging technology. WebGL enables web browsers to exploit the GPU of a computer to create beautiful and fast 3D worlds. It is time for web geoportals to go 3D. swisstopo was able to create a 3D viewer for the geoportal of the swiss confederation map.geo.admin.ch. We'll show you how it was done - and how Open Source enabled it.
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I want again and
accretion from Journal the session chair this is the official there's a shift from the federal Swiss Federal Office of topography and talk about 2 and 3 1 a tends to be more frequent around welcome to the presentation this is an actual movie trait from the web page so our project lead to a great extent flight of cognitive some parameters to feed into the webpage to screenshot that this limit as funding chairs included more elderly so this value that could be added to a geo-portal in feeding the
and you react to work at the Swiss Federal Office of topographic which of course couple and responsible for xi i mean so the development and maintenance operation of the picture I mean the young man is that portal for all the Swiss federal offices and so they make their data to us and they want to distribute it to the to the world now to Switzerland maybe a cunt about 500 pulse-like datasets that are used have 3 30 thousand visits per day on the map portal and many more using our services directly which is more important to us actually you can for doesn't redundancies and G. upon so now we wanted to create 3 D because we cannot do this alone I cannot do this alone so this is of the main people that it actually work there some Ramon name names can become head pose a lot in the from the development of but the main thing here countless distributors an open source projects which we rely on heavily built those and minions as even scientist called yesterday and it will be possible to create something like that so we have 3 D data sets we stop and quite a lot of effort high precision and and we have had domesticable blond jokes model of the college to model which is totally free did not completed yet but the state of the way the book for download only you have to pay if fee and so on but we want to make it a relevant to the general public by a services or while visualizations so you can directly use it and apply some of the data shows some different things I said that began high position that up to 25 centimeters most of Switzerland is around 50 centimeters and evolved to meters it's actually quite low lower the precision so had I didn't put it on the web well great idea at the moment it was in the summer last year I think and maybe a little bit earlier just as the only real 3 D library for such things so there are other libraries coming up but using that yield the arguments on just presented yesterday in the talk but none of these actually use 3 D real so they kind of similar by oblique use and things like that but a lot of really have 3 D world or 3 D Switzerland 1 of it's 84 images that we read years 84 only in of quantitative and we have a role in production system which led to some problems so 1st we faced the challenge the triangulation so all of these data the DDM is actually a regular grid data so every day you have a point the hide information you can use is directed because that yellow you trial no triangles nothing is possible so we transform this to w she had a deformed looked around for tools to try and relate this system it's impossible you don't find anything you can try and relate so you need and what about old coordinate system to do the translation so we actually trying related on the original system transformed all this data to uh projected into WGS 84 the use that another challenge size so of them triangulation we have 1 . 5 terabytes of triangles shape files you order do somewhere and use it directly impossible they so what what do we do synergy as uses this so-called quantized match form of it's an open forum all that well described it's heavily optimized for the well because it reduces the amount of data enormously and is to give to a vet jails of basic and take the file and put into the GPU directly without bypassing or passing anything out and it's compressing the coordinates in quite a small so we decided OK let's use that OK there are no tools to right context match so we're there and the distorted and it took a little bit more time than you thought about the made open source so everyone can use it spite and based on that you can create a of some triangles say finds post yeah as and you can't write Qantas mentioned put it on the last 3 or some other clout structures the great we have no you might have data all distributed in a lot of files but is it good enough you can transfer that is at once and created a nice applications so logically everything is yesterday somewhere in the end everything that's and that's actually also the same principle for tailoring they really music what 3 pyramid team as which is also well described together with a quanta smashed the specification so it's quite easy to spot so this means that the end for a single 3 D view this as a single freedom you we transfer about 1 to 5 megabytes of data depending if they are close or if it's really panoramic so this starts to get usable so we have to match the known trying something to show you but and
quite frankly and maturity able to a so here we have
all of Switzerland kind is also an underlying tension Europe tiny country for doing such things so I everyone wanted to know the number of uh for the whole world so the numbers that we saw the terrabytes is just for sets of so no we have here of freedom Act so this is really
rendered in the browser battle and you see the different time so there are different levels of details to closely on the moral trying to load before your way the last position and the less data
alone so you can actually going this is actually about easier which is
only visible when you want to show the wire frame that I think it's it's not about the his version here the context of so you're going to
influence until maybe
all them really close and you
should be able to see some
roads maybe think of another good location but there it is you have these manage and you can do
that and continue to use that the so what to put on the match actually so what do we put in the when the false diseases wages in Tokyo all your new maps and you have just write it on the train I think that there 2 good idea problem is also known to the maps that are going to have generated in W and here or lovely and all in all these projections is and yet again we have to transform this this for all of our data and again whoever was at the common called presentation yesterday what the projections it was 1 big and yet again we have to project so another challenge 3 project all these layers so we imagine that was a very good but it's too slow for 3 D because a lot of just a coming in and it doesn't scale is enormously rather than what we didn't try because we had other ideas so we have 3 . 5 million native render styles that grew over the years so we started in 2008 and now never owned by the number of times we cannot be generated is all in the new projection system that is needed for freedom it will cause a lot of humans amount of money CPU power and it was that considered the same so what we did we actually took about a piece of open source software map proxy agreed that this general setups over the 2 with the times use or a cloud storage 3 therefore deterrent using the same but for the new times re-projected me opposing from proxy and that proxies is doing 2 things 1st it DOS back and caching so when a request for existing type comes in its time so fast but I think that is also has 3 when the test is coming from a new title was never created it based 1 original dies and this whole set up allowed us to to really be very flexible demand
proxy staff is 1 of the scaling so we don't have to look at it it just kind of so many many request you have many many approx instances no request there are just too instances and then I brought to have pursued tremendously did just that the back and catching capabilities to as so we created this clothing in which allows us to use metrics in that way and it's really really fast and I think the applications for the use of a really huge unfortunately the converse is still waiting to be much so we're the another challenge we face is seamless integration so you don't want to tell the user if you want to use 3 D go to this URL here and saw from a from scratch No you want to have to be in 3 D to be the same application so when you go to a 3 D you will see the same things you can interpret the same thing when you add something in 3 D you want to have it into a as well when you go back so cesium seamless integration was very very important for us the but most of us also of 2 0 3 season library and younger all is be the main torchbearers fractional of his library that just about synchronization between what you have an ontology you also want to show 3 and accuracy is giving a talk tomorrow morning advise everyone positive and participate really die good guy and a lot of good ideas but it's needed for seamless integration just another demo what's the current
state the you just go to a
for so what do I mean by the integration there when you start your intuitive if oppressive bottom want to be a of approximately at the same location as I am now and 1 at the same location is I had the layer here FIL and hiking trails and go back to to want to have the same data display
that seamless integration is very important for the user otherwise you will get a lot of you when you do a search motivated by reasons Switzerland the FIL it from the
side of the have grown in our search engine yes looking
Nuremberg so you want to have the same functionality interested so when you do a search for maybe so by OK it just just fly does that's the way the integration of the same functionality into Woody and 3 because otherwise users will avoid you a lot of work has been spent on doing this so it's not so easy and all of this is the only is a very important component of this so back to this
presentation for so that's now where 3 D Switzerland in the browser it's usable on mobile devices there was only 1 problem this is a really well we not only not but also maintain and operate so what you know it was you know at the beginning because cesium is slowly so much data so simple view created 900 had http MIT Press and ordered amount about 25 megabytes instead on data and straight player state that would have thought also there are many questions about the coast how many of you have how many users with drugs for drunk and installed through D and then end up with 3 D and what is the implication of course so what did 10 people just browse around for 15 minutes using the and then let's say let's see what happened to what if I now want to free the user is able to generate 50 times the traffic that it would use a container we did some small calculations some pessimistic approaches and also that is given and the statement contained 1 number and it was to be that so it was really not taxpayer friendly so it was impossible for also a given this pessimistic assumptions that made to will life so we actually have to reduce its potential coast most of the general challenge the colors and performance on unfortunately or related so if you reduce the amount of data loading yours again performance the interstate coast so these are the 3 principles things that we did to reduce the performance actually use coast and that improve performance so we skip some entities so we don't load every level of the day of the part of the we just load every 2nd so in the new system the amount of data transferred by 2 yeah that's all mad fault probabilities which looks nice actually but it also has the benefit to you positioned at the horizons and reduced heavily from the most used layers reduced the the images that the drapes from the terrain and the code quality by whole again we're going to hold for all still transfer close so really this December 2015 was a it properly but aside so we wanna talk to close to there is a close link and the at any moment don't cut off the CD functionality if the course will expose but usages very and it's really really low compared to to the other I think maybe what everyone know of the
50 or a lot of hundreds to the user going actually defeated we
are kind of disappointed but it was also noted fully free was just Tehran some great players so what is a huge we want to
add stuff and we have more
stuff that's estoppel and and all other agencies we have buildings that some extent so we that all buildings of Switzerland and you want to add bridges that real that names to use you use you know never get around and so on and actually have have some demos of the reports of you want to come to me to do show data integration of buildings the buildings integration is also based on the film and it's on the 3 D times specifications also an open specification about American process institute have and is it really allows enormous performance by bringing in a lot of objects into a bit you so we are going working on that it was a little bit delayed because the departments got involved and but no we can go and hopefully by October we will be able to reason that up containing bridges names a buildings so what did we learn actually process it's not so easy to
create 3 D and apparently they appeal to the general public isn't there so it's beautiful you look at it want but then what is still added value for the user to use so these are probably not personal thoughts on Fiji in the browser or 384 geo-portals don't throw away you to it's important that people use it you spend a lot of them on the floor of brainpower establishing performance platforms don't award that Fredi's might be but it's not that the the that would be there tomorrow during but go distributed actually 3 D thank we need to have a modernization of 3 D data because I just take it to data dragged on it and then that's fine the also you have to find the right use cases of what use it to have 3 D a chip off do you think about 3 D printing we think about slide along a path things like that but you have to come up with something that is really adding value to some people just because technology exist doesn't mean it it has to be a user applied also it is going to direction of infidelity augmented reality Pokémon going and all the staff and the both support for memory or is non-existent it is some built as somebody from the Firefox and tried it out it's not working and so here we have still wait for the support and I think that the single most important aspect of 3 D is how the user interacts in a 3 D world so how do we navigate we all know from the will of the rules that landed around so we actually move an object to be manipulate an object but how do we gain storage the games during the 1st during the world you walk around actually you don't walk around anymore has anyone seen their latest studio and them from this going teleport they don't walk around anymore the teleporter just point and I want to go to you there is always indigenous that Richard literal reality traits so there is a bottom chief maybe creative look to be the final game and I was working the according
so what we have here is actually read the data so it's not only directly but it's really draw belong 3 D objects the other
objects are actually lies
from my for flights from his represents all 6 of vital to the obstacles but what I mean by emotion is this so we had
department you go so now we can actually but that for those who
played a little bit is a first-person shooters you can on
around look around this
amount will adopted would going
but he wanted to train more than a technician was walking around we wanted the spoken word and because
a flying around in much cooler than walking
and you can go even faster when I but is going to short talk about the the
antipodal you're the conducts a photo integer and memory can have an additional stock thank
you for the only thing use them for 1st question had he became a long way in in dealing with the DOS going partly from from to the to the matches to something that actually um thousand quotes and that is a recipe but did you also think about use all the way we can use the results for modeling for instance you I make slot models with the than the measure half which is not necessarily visible in a browser still very is not reducing about that no not at all you're answering this question the putting of against the and turn half the 3 D globes like you've been using it been around for a very long time um but they've never really taken off in any way do you see any sort of killer application or use and I think that in the introduction of ritual reality augmented reality like that and if it's happening in a browser I'm not so sure because the browser is very limiting currently and maybe catch up but the decay propagation on I don't see it I have seen that have to be honest the the neurons 1 you look there's no more questions that's the conclusion of our session this afternoon the much of