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Custom styled map of the whole world served from your server? Easy! This talk shows examples of practical use of the vector tiles downloaded from the OSM2VectorTiles project or other tiles in MVT format. A new open-source project called TileServer GL is going to be presented. This project serves JSON map styles into web applications powered by MapBox GL JS library as well as into native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. The same style can be rendered on server side (with the OpenGL acceleration) into good old raster tiles to ensure compatibility and portability. Maps can be opened in various viewers such as Leaflet, OpenLayers, QGIS or ArcGIS. Alternatively it is possible to use a tileserver powered by Mapnik to render the raster tiles out of vector tiles and existing CartoCSS styles made in MapBox Studio Classic. Other approaches for independent hosting and using of vector tiles are going to be presented as well. Till Adams (terrestris GmbH & Co KG)
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it well then a I the sum people in the red T-shirts my idea was not to stand here alone so please everybody wearing red T-shirts come on the stage we did the
I yeah just 1 spontaneous thing I've thought about so and maybe I
just go through the same the name and say what they did at could Reina from Romania she didn't P R N team after the codes printed and everything else falls below the chair of the program committee Martin we did the real the boat trip yesterday finish my colleague he did the sponsorship stuff to you I come later coast of the travel grants I will not being there it all the PR and marketing material global stuff preparation and so on on your home page contacting program common 2 jobs homepage and workshops that's the most important guy he has all the money or treasurer Oliver told sprints technical guy and helping hand everywhere all the code sprints just young from the Netherlands worked in the P R N and teams and Mark months also from the Netherlands in the PR and empty so was really great of you but before we go on a number of her to have some announcements so it's a good idea to minute now we say start with you thank you are also will make when african and and he is speaking here on the whole false force for G Europe committee and force reduced-order Europe formerly force for g some jointly troops started to build bridges in 2012 in Proc and so this year there was office for Europe because your
everybody's involved apparently doesn't make any sense so therefore announcement but where do you go the next year in Europe for for office for here you go to France version of an ordinal forged and I would like to ask him to come here to make thank you very much so
reliable prepared some slides of something that they have it on my computer orbited fortunately ago motive power of sources so I cannot show anything but still you will be will go much most of will come in nearby
a man level just the way reading just in between Paris and the decision boundary so it means that you can come with your family lives and works in destined for 1 week spend that has we can be always your wife in Paris some density under the city to go to the fireworks and and you can come to the 1st the secure which has
literature I'm I'm always lost being is also used a great conference
and I cannot wait for next year I can wait for a a common way for the forest security for next year to announce the venue I cannot wait for the Air Force which Europe to 2 I cannot wait for it really so why do this on the local false of we always have via the Spanish 1 in March there will be the Korean way in 2 weeks I think 1 of 2 weeks and give you leaving this canadian let me know we will have the all slope sausagey next week if you cannot wait let me come to our thank you all yes I yes and
please come to the Belgian phosphor it will be on 22 of September the day after a mapped under is starting with the was coming to Brussels
at presentations will be in English there will be some translation from English to French anyone else yeah can you
should screen so yes it's true for for G so actually whether we have the moles of actually have 1 week of G 0 goodness I think the most important 1 is the state of the map uh happening and from 23 to 25 September in Brussels so it's not far from here I mean if you start walking you'll be there at time I think this is and that lady at the same time are just before said about where falls for G Belgium though really hot summit which is a Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team and last but not least the velocity of 0 no I forgot what there's a missing maps map but on and then the last day we together with the was our men was you Belgium we will go ahead day so and yet in between in the evenings you can't they simultan beers and chocolates and all those things will win all 4 so I hope to see many of you so if you promise me to choose the the last winner today and there was this box at the terrestris move where you put in Europe business cards and please select 1 who can select
1 of the satellite images outside of 1 of the once OK power that directly from the ease of I think they'll already left not what do we do we take another 1 OK that could be a long evening and so on the model Johnson they
just don't select 1 take it with you the the and now we have some we have some
statistics from our statistical office or OK that's a brand new title barely or statistical Officer um can on a monitor please yes there um and then 1st of all
all the statistics are playing with the preliminary and then we've done the 1st clean up and 1 important thing to tell you is that we're gonna share of course these statistics was you because it's very much fun to play with them and they get also very much information to run a fossil event about what kind of visitors at that we have for instance 1st of all as I said you already mentioned in this in this video 900 plus I think it was a yesterday did we announced yeah we have 900 the people running around here and in well you can count in different ways and now I'm doing a little bit the same color as measured is because we don't have 900 who registered to and your these 3 days over here but if we count the people who were as uh uh at code experience and will be at the code sprints uh this weekend after then we're more than 900 so I think that's the that counts a very nice thing is they have a uh we don't we we come from a lot of countries from
uh several continents about the 70 to 80 % from from Europe but all the continents are represented these days over here as set for and are together but I think I've seen a few were penguins over here and
distribution by country does little or hard to see with the Germany of course is that the largest number then the United States and the Netherlands 3rd and then a long tail of the most amazing countries that you can in imagine from Britain the only have people would have but also 56 countries over all its best I think that's amazing that's that showing how How broadly what a broad community we are and I think that deserves a models for all these 56 countries
side events were well attended as well we had 400 people at the icebreaker in base camp belong and with it the 700 people on their the galley vandal about uh yes
I wish you alive is bored and instruments for outreach 250 use basics use by States have been this distributed over the last few years I think that's worth applause for the which you alive today has
some of you have seen this graph before that Twitter data around a few days ago uh the teachers in there in several sizes there's also a way where you can then measure the growth of our community and the male or female was uh division you can find figures over there then there the we had a a a a shed day over the last 3 days over 40 years thousands of for G related to uh tweet views people are reading it about before a gene which is really a lot
something completely different so that together we drug 800 liters of golfing and that the figures are learned the beer on that the boat in the base not available yet but will be available to very then
photos at about what i'd 800 from or over the river itself and I think you together made thousands of them and I think it's worth while to share that and for a few years we already have the levels of group on 1 of Figure and I I would like to ask you to share your pictures so with the entire community
then the video it is and almost 100 hours of regarding the recorded talks so you can skip Europe and that place and being toward 12 more days after each other uh no well you and you can read something is is that it is a 6 terabytes of video material recorded it's amazing amazing amazing which is the
walls of the city and some smaller figures there are 2 sunglasses and a normal pair of glasses and 1 propaganda laugh at that and you can pick them up at the datapoint data yours if you can prove it and
that's about it so that there will be more figures available in about the or 1 week and I really encourage you to to use them yourself and find out the sum or difference thank you OK some last
slide from our side I hope
you didn't forget to have fun but
and the last good news the even didn't break the wife he but
yeah 20 minutes left OK that yeah we have I think we had a fantastic time I had the little stress at time today Judy came to me took a picture of me and then he said I take the picture now because you're standing and so yeah just most of you have
been on the on the boat but the story is we didn't fall
down although I have to use the dating of and and
that's already the thank you sessions but before we go on with that came to my mind I forgot to name very 1 very important person on the slide so we call them up there is cut yeah she cannot come she's she's from our PC and I think she had a really really difficult job because she was involved in the whole planning process but and then the guy I talked to over 1 year but left the company and she had to jump in for the last 2 weeks but she did a great job and the great support here and I hope you like something like that and now I wanted to pass the microphone from 1 to the next and we just go through the slides and the 1 that thank you and paper that I think I should just couldn't we you just have to look at it and see that coming so and we would like to give a warm thank you to our sponsors we couldn't have done this without you and it's been amazing event and I hope you had a great time here and feel that you have put your money to very good use giving back to the community and just having fun so how I'd like to think we'd like to think data catch source full GOP bundle is Google suspicion group of slang and to account 52 North just cloud card to we have generously geo solutions as she gets the Nigeria places and dual-band got 3 D in individual for 100 by interactive instruments planets and the so a big thank you goes also to our supporters questionnaires and always give will 1st years as a German language took chapter thank you for sponsoring think you for supporting the conference a a lot of people were involved in question is held valid was a lot of things and it was because the process and thanks to always dual to support at the conference and the courts print and where involved to spell very amount then we think location take energy where he was proposed as well and so but I guess thank you and to the that as well Neil suppose also
want to think that the duty which through regional central planning the going hi thank
you for coming to the boat trips and yes spectra and I must say that can say so much I'm really tired because it was the last left boat things a lot for coming and going to the quality wealth and a special thanks goes to the that we see CBT that's the people who own this on and run this place so the technical staff the security team administration and the bunches people that you're much again and so what is the
conference without good food so thanks a lot to boys catering it was fantastic food and helped you like that food today's valid Latin German food it was awesome thank you yeah a big thank you to your
member using around the conference is right now over there is that many major teaches them you will want to show them so they got opposed to you yes and the
big thank you to the crew of the base camp throughout the icebreaker party yeah and the well and we need a
lot of support curated the richest region there's the where this nice people and the orange here it's a big thank you to a student helpers thank you so much and also think you to
Steven Feldman we had many support and that's still saying that when questions and he answered everything and was supporting very well and thank you for this also cingulum
sort use cost you bought was supported also and by just from the last time for support of the world market the view so as a
librarian and quite exotic consists of a committee and I have to sing to just can unfortunately I do not know him personally because I never met him but and I saw the video and migrates saying there's a big thank you to all of you this come here and this is something along with that of the next OK OK but that is the worst abuses so that you but the dual was talking to the catering people and and are some of you like a conference and they were like 0 well you know was OK it was quite different to the dentist conference we had 2 weeks ago 0 good anything shall 0 god what would have been if we wouldn't have had her I came to the idea that a need support in the office and I was thinking about but students from universities so I throwed some text to the geographical department here and 3 people applied to and she was the first one annually if you think about somebody you could support you think a little bit about how could this person be which ideas much you have or he didn't didn't know many female didn't didn't care and so yeah I had some ideas but it's really didn't expect that many many things that hope free we have some other things to do in the next time but yeah it was fantastic thank you OK
that that was more was slower than you close your it's sort of the blood's loaded you know what you
forgot somebody guess differ really he so the some center near that also there were no really eat annuities sold dozens of thank you for your use all this going with all this period this thing wouldn't have happened here yeah you don't so when when you
study is going to be a force for due bombers that on removal to want to use it because so it's very the Lord of work you can't imagine so are when we talked about this and he said were growing older and you should do this before your too old so is that this is our last chance to actually do it use on and and it is the last chance because when the next time run it comes to Germany the countries are in the world is 50 something our by then I don't think will be more on so thanks a lot man and another 1 thank you do OK Sun G. I
remember the sentence you set up last year to me and now I can say the same sentence to Michael Turner and his team so this is our last we passed the ball over to Boston thinking
I people that have a great time and I think you guys a lot I I and humbled by the work you've done this week this is beautiful and I want to start
of the point of a business for those of you have been playing bingo but I still have a prize left so I thought I would do a little trivia just quick trivia about what is the name of i Yvonne's phosphor g show where he wore a suit with ping-pong balls on itself you know the answer raise your hand and size so you can go
1st might that's what you now the proud owner of a donuts model would have actually so
on so we at Boston are very excited about this will hold on there are some slides and you find my way there sorry the trading was going so smoothly than the Boston group showed up thank give excellent so special approach no structure you presentation perfect so
we're very excited to be hosting and been say I will see this over and over again to anybody who will listen please join mailing list we would love to have about to have you be a part of the community and
we've come here in the hopes of listening and learning what you is you would like to see in the next conference I we've learned a lot here about wonderful activities and and about how you very rare that we really are a humbled by by by this event and it just so you know Michael Turner to my right here's the chair and this is you know Twitter handle please feel free to reach out to him and if not him to reach out to me this is my e-mail address and my Twitter handle and I really we are pure listening we're listening through for conference and we really want feedback and to to really try to do all we can to make this all of event really great and Michael work again just a tremendous thanks incredible to the entire bond team and and all the people in the car in this room who have chaired conferences it is clear how much work it is an and we're terrified that but we are also an incredibly excited and in Boston is ready and willing to play in a minute or 2 after a short video of trying to lure you to Boston and we already in our own way we have a great team we've built around us and you'll hear from some of them on the video and we have the academic community the government Boston the capital city of our and the business community behind our efforts on your find Boston incredible technology town and it's an energetic seaside city it's a fun place to be in the summertime it's walkable for the United States got great public transportation we've got it's increasingly out by Kabal we have bike-share program that will be available to everyone injustice short 6 hours from most cities in Europe and a direct flight from over 20 European destinations and so that I'm if we could have played the video we just want to thank everyone and we welcome your Boston planning Michael Turner and and Europe lots and lots of birds in
1901 and I warmly 2 our the
will be an incredible
velocity 2007 in August is no shortage
of things to do here in the Boston area in greater New England and 1 of the things I really like song the
losses on 1 side of the ocean and the other side you
guys around us so that when they go to the
beach makes the dual problem of
right now the use of
time cultural attractions this
museums on the history of the
universe in this afternoon you
always is the largest you also just think it's
a really like literally various his bicycle around there's just so
many different neighborhood of the that I
understand that we have here and I
think people like you and I like to to say that we are not here in the capital the US and that there are are so many ways that the you participating in the and also enables the source community there's a hot meal a lot of time on the back of the pack the curious the magnitude of the long history in relation means that will never change
because we have some great building blocks that are in the
university massachusetts
part of the the National Center the
little Albert has have rate of interest here were here last year the
importantly your In some ways
open-source software opens up the possibility of going the release of kinds of organizations large and small differences time inserted groups such as a democratic approach to deploy the software on the and and right this is something that I would like to
have a lot of what of that source catching into going over the coming up you realization about me you are in love think about it we have a dual index which uses the creation and sold in out everything you have
different from our previous open-source software like is and going and the more collaboration and sharing data and partly because of its presence on the Internet and the the time has yet the topic of interest only basically different from of as you can
see and want community is full of members were military sources and that's a big part of Boston and
possibility hasn't the
committee is made up of members of the government of knowledge in this and nonprofit sectors and all of us are thrilled to welcome our guests from around the world to was 1 what we have an exciting claims
that the from workshops and historical Harvard
University to welcome party
at the heart of rural the with place world-renowned linguist
playing with access to all its including the really cool
hands on something and fostering
new england operates on the estimation of the belief that
kind of disadvantage it's a
wonderful opportunity for you here and you
can't wait to see the faster Boston 2017 from this
new way of OK last
words we wanted to start a new tradition and give us something to you and we hope that you will give something to we don't know who goes to 2018 the 1st idea was to give you 1 of these use we were wearing for 3 days now but I found another 1 and I think fits quite well so this is for you and for you if something getting
really hot and you think 0 doesn't doesn't worry so dreamed that 1 perhaps it helps
what about um wants to see me
really relaxed I'm at the pump now moves to my wife at