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Keynote VII - Sahana as an indispensable tool for disaster management

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Keynote VII - Sahana as an indispensable tool for disaster management

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Keynote VII - Sahana as an indispensable tool for disaster management
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Custom styled map of the whole world served from your server? Easy! This talk shows examples of practical use of the vector tiles downloaded from the OSM2VectorTiles project or other tiles in MVT format. A new open-source project called TileServer GL is going to be presented. This project serves JSON map styles into web applications powered by MapBox GL JS library as well as into native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. The same style can be rendered on server side (with the OpenGL acceleration) into good old raster tiles to ensure compatibility and portability. Maps can be opened in various viewers such as Leaflet, OpenLayers, QGIS or ArcGIS. Alternatively it is possible to use a tileserver powered by Mapnik to render the raster tiles out of vector tiles and existing CartoCSS styles made in MapBox Studio Classic. Other approaches for independent hosting and using of vector tiles are going to be presented as well.
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who do I could you please
come in and sit down be quiet the OK we approaching our last e-mail to and I'm very very proud His from 1 but 1st the nodes from 1 so I introduced the to strong and so you will talk about do the rest of the religion do the rest of this again OK thanks a lot of extra very proud to be here uh and when Mark approached means that it's in bond you sold already you know it's there should have been and yes and a little bit so the
front the uh the relation doesn't tell you anything uh but I can tell you it's the last spring before operates so well I just ask you to bear with me going through by 100 slides I prepared you know in order to really no I didn't and xt market and I have discussed the mark before I said look this is not the typical spatial presentation you will get now now you will see that maps are important and that's part of the and but Marx said and I really liked it and really that was his sales pitches that rather than I think there is a message in it because he got known to a project that we were doing in Germany helping refugees getting on board in Germany and I think most of you have those pictures still somehow in mind uh and and I don't know that this might be coincidence but today date is an anniversary here too and it was in the breakfast that TV this morning some of you might have seen as to date was the day where Muhammed is that the way and actually decided that while he was stranded in in Budapest coming from Syria he would not great and of somehow this procedure and start walk to be enough and you ask a few friends and that became the martyrs of hundreds of thousands of people going to be enough and that you put a lot of treasure into the government's know how do we deal with about that and this is about what this is and what I will cover a little bit to die and now I forget
about that and why am I did across from I would with IBM and the issue while I did the the the subtitle I realize that it's probably easier to fit meaning to data than meaning to titles so if if you're not known to co-opt responsibility terminology or whatever citizenship and I'm in charge you know to to design uh put in action and initiatives to do in order to address societal challenges as idea so it's part of our copper responsibility activities and thus we don't sell anything here and I don't so that I have been 25 years and self don't sell you anything here don't don't be boring and and uh what actually we do is we engage in projects with or strength so we don't throw money BBB don't write checks so this is not what we do we really tried and i t of course you know it's something that you can support almost any cost and so we try to put or strength and data and data management data processing is with the company since 100 years so the idea was also know how can we put this into helping this refugee challenge which started to know a year ago noise
that I I I thought I start with something very ingenious you know about the matter I you see here 1 and but I did that on purpose because talking about meaning for data and and this is really a strength of maps everybody can relate to it so you instantly have a message when you put the mapped down its is because some all every 1 of us wants to know where the where I am in this universe you know what you find here just like you for your convenience and put a little arrow what we are here you know the World Conference Center little bit like the top of the world as well as uh you know about some people will have already realized this arrow points more to Switzerland and 2 bonding and sorry motor was livid lazy to put it really exactly on the point but I think you know you get the message here and now
the the the the the the overarching topic of office for G 2016 was building bridges and I think that made mark also asking the and and there are very few things you which I really is is where I believe this is a great topic because the 1 thing is what is about open source is always would do bridge to the other guy it's always about sharing is about doing something together you know not for a small profit or whatever but you really you were driving something which matters to you together and that's a bond you have together and I can just urging never lose this bond and no that's not always easy now I started as a programmer to and sometimes 1 is so fond of his own approach of his whole algorithm that you get kind of relying to any other views so you know keep building bridges to the other 1 no the other pieces and this is also a market last week to presenting on Sahana you will get to build bridges to other open source communities because that makes you stronger and that's important and I think it was something like 5 years ago a I had the opportunity to present not present was on a panel actually it is crap don't know all of you know it is grounds Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management and it always Crimean you have developers meeting petition and what really struck me there is that the developers and the petitioners they still have a hard time to build bridges so have developers were advocating their projects and their solutions and you have practitioners have said I don't need that I need something else for perhaps something which is not as demanding in all and maybe something easy you know but I think you know never lose this bridge never lose the bridge to what does it do to the other that's important you know and this is this is what maps are about actually that that is what makes me going and have not been 30 years with IBM 55 years and sales and about 8 years and in this job over here you know it's simply is simply so much a difference you know to spend too time on applying technology for the societal good know and that is really something which gets me driving and I'm happy to be
here now building a bridge between you and me and then till already said that what you see here and most of you have recognized that anyhow because before you went over here you properly looked is where is this know this is the World Conference center that there on the top and now the bottom that's a little bit tough because this point it doesn't work very well
I want to see it doesn't work at all and other you see this this red light and this you follow the error you see this this this white circle and she that is the hospital possible
hospital there I was born so it's just a kilometer apart is very close and and and as you can probably see a little bit older so as coming to this venue will uh it is a little bit of a challenge you know this piercing eyes of this over there you know I have known this for many years because in this not in this very room it was refurbished and rebuilt but in this place a lot of debates and decisions took place which xt where about the fate of the country Western Europe if not the world sometimes over here the decision was taken by Chancellor Schmidt that's his chair on now Chancellor Merkel so if you want to take pictures sit there and then you know that the different 1 and so he he he fight it for into 1 you know for the deployment portion tool against the SS 20 nuclear missile missiles which Russia started to put up and that was a lot of muscle wrestling but actually it was key you at the same time it actually brought search of of the demonstrations for peace also up to bond which was over and hold up this is again just a mile from here 90 for I think you know it was hundreds of thousand you know where plaster gotten so if you're over there just think about that so you're in a very with a high voter the location in the world you know which is has been and is not more meaning to that you know but has a lot meaning to me now another map
and you see communicating with max is actually easy no excuse the German but most of you will have recognized that any already it's you know it demonstrated you know and and and visualizing the the the the the rules of the refugees you know from Africa and and Middle Eastern Europe it's not entirely correct and up-to-date because you will see Germany's some will not really a target you know that changed little bit and nowadays you know the the route versus the Balkan countries Greece and the uh Macedonian uh Hungary and then Austria and basically has been closed on you know you have known that by the way today uh you might have heard that in the news Hungary has decided to double up defense just in case that everyone will open the borders again you know so you see good it's it's an ongoing it's an ongoing subject as to
give a little bit a picture of what's behind it the day you see refugees camps in Jordan and Turkey and would up that's kind of the way the guys and by the way Jordan most people don't even have Jordan in mind I mean in Germany we are debating like that you know can be a fault that many refugees you know where to build you know maybe 2 million people who knew who would be that I have to catch up they have 5 6 7 million on a much smaller space and they somehow cope with the tool with with quite different resources and I really think you know Jordan Jordan is is is is doing great stuff and they need all our support and they don't get a lot that now the bottom picture you see that is the the base station off of good optics I a a few years ago or a year ago and that actually what put together with the March which was starting uh this this this treasure you know on the government to start to act and so on August 31st uh which is weak almost from now this
famous work unit came from Transamerica via shuffled that's yes we can get the stuff yeah I also like them today and by the way you you know I think she this was kind of an a challenge to all of us she was not saying I do would for all of you I mean I think that was not a message and what you see here is another matter and it's might never I put down you know in March with all the actions and activities which we have put in place just the few events around it in order to make that happen so lots going around it is not to tell you know how good how well we are you know it's a lot of of stuff to be done and and you see the little arrow with various points to the to the point in time uh where this is statement was done and actually was 13 hours 44 I will never forget that because by coincidence that we watched that like and I was like g which he signed into which often to us know that was that was a new 1 that time so a week
later you know that was the picture at Munich and and Munich-based station so now we had started with a few thousands day peak to 10 11 thousand people hitting all borders each State I talked to market you said you know the front desk was a little bit overwhelmed as you all got in you know the 1st state to get register now you have just ignore links on what was going on at the border you know and of course this was not the well organized anymore in the field you know the the consequences due today uh but she and me nothing what can what what can be get when we get back on track again now
for those who are not too familiar with with with Germany In immunity is of course again you know button-down these yellow yellow circle that's Munich uh that's in southern Germany and then you see another uh circle you know up another
circus somehow in the middle you know which is Mannheim will will get to that and over there you see Germany and to the left alone this is about where we are you know of course you couldn't give all these people in you know have to distributed through the uh through the country and the country and very fast you know the usual shelters we had you know were filled up and they had to find new 1 and so they decided for the state of uh bundle that result Germany you know put something they call called an and the DOS interior list and that's a typical and uh let you know and technocratic to Europe and I would call it's kind of an on-demand perception that uh can which is a large side you can put in you people in its fast you know thousands of people hopefully and have some good shelter you know and well sometimes you know it's it's strange about and sometimes history the opportunities for the future
and here it is you know it's the former Army side Benjamin Franklin village of the US forces in Germany actually the largest of its side in in Europe so huge
size and part of that and of course you know this has been an indigenous kind of 2 or 3 years ago city of Mannheim working a lot the converse is converted in
something else but that was a good uh opportunity actually to give housing to all those people
you see here at a little bit in different in the different again you see how you can play with that and it gives you some some better pictures and what you see here is that is is all those parts you know and buildings you know which which where made ready so that people could move now this is not easy in either I mean you have this idea of the buildings were everything fine you know but just consider these the buildings which had been deserted for 2 years now you can use the flash will work you know you need to do a lot to get that ready so it's not like OK just moving and all down and and what happened
then is something like that you know because uh it was not well organized you know so the red Cross is operating that side uh that got something like 11 hours in the evening a call you know from the the dual exposée so that the means that the regional government now like OK OK another 800 will come in 3 Oct congratulations know where you put it well this kind of your lot in 3 hours and for housing for the next year or something like that you know so and and and that is what happened to you see their health and piles of goods which had been donated each year that was a picture I took from 4 you know the other subunits it also live thrown in you know bad so you know being put out a would lives in and and so on and you can see it doesn't look very German right and see the they're trouble you know somehow it to manage all this and the
output of the war and how did they manage I have causing you put the next she Friday to make a Facebook group well you have shared data OK put it in Dropbox never mind privacy issues source on you know very uncommon German actually and but those excess sheets and you know they grow to thousands and thousands of lines you know any of dozens of columns are actually you know the the PC broke down you you know when they had to restart it and how do you share it and how do you make sure that if 3 people update this damn thing you know it's still consistent it isn't so um so I use a
and for anyone who knows how minority who knows I would expect yeah quite a number so so actually is an open-source system which has been developed during the tsunami 2004 and addressing exactly that type of characteristics you know we it's a disaster response and management software now we don't call migrants disaster don't get us wrong you know but it has the same characteristics you have thousands of of people which kind of overnight don't have nothing in need everything so in so sign as a lot of different modules to address all the different task you know you have to do like managing shelters like managing goods like managing volunteers showing up managing spare you know it's it's a lot of very straightforward data management I mean nothing and but I would say uh which is uh which is completely new invented know what it's done into would need to raise and the 1 is it's uh it's pretty having the the need of all those whom who have to do this mention of line which is important and the 2nd it's there for fast deployment Of course you could fancy Europe's system to do all that and take 4 years to install it properly and customize well you know that's not really the answer you know you have to find something which you can literally overnight and so on I can do that and I knew Sahana and you know I was thinking of I will couldn't Sahana be and a tool to address it and I talked to a to a friend of mine who also happens to be an IBM on words right wrong who is heading a very small entity but had also a refugees measure said well red cross you know you have all the tools don't you know you don't have and so we got actually to Mannheim and started to
help them this is how we religious and this was term comes from this is how some kind looks from on high uh those who knows sign and will see there is a global but again uh just uh left right on the menu bar in the horizontal bar you know you have something called of or not and that's actually the new parties Sahana which we put in you know for the year uh for the implementation in Mannheim because they had also to manage the refugees you know usually you manage all resources around the people who are impacted and not the people themselves know here for diversity reasons they needed that to and that was put in and actually it became the new would be our case a sort of colloids template available while the top so anyone who wants to download and use that can do
so and this is how it happens to see if we can we started November 26 kind of new nation a team of of you know a dozen-plus people IBM us wouldn't here to help I invited also 2 guys from 8 IQ and open-source developers for Sahana within Sahana well and then folds from the Red Cross you know to to get start building so springs as you know it in system which they can uh use actually to manage the site that was you know see the timestamp that was 5 PM in the evening we had already got all 1st come together understanding what is somehow now who has which skills model architect program of test that instructor whatever um then we
walk through the through the can you see here just to get a feeling that it reads not registered no money no food no was a lot new that was their way please don't come all to the best together you know please line up you know if you don't do that if you have to wait for it nothing will work you know you you get just a feeling what was on going on
this is also a picture I took you see their preview concious general but it's the print all of of X she's still telling the people when the next interview will take place where they have to go to the
bus so that they are really responding well to the soon process if they don't see it you know and that miss the they miss the appointment they might be in trouble to get this a little
uh accepted in Germany for this I mean it broke go instantly you know the guys their ongoing we need tale of mobile phones let's do this with SMS uh you know somehow we can do this a completely different uh but the question was was that the biggest problem or not
and you see you have seen that 1 their house you know there was the very easily decided we you know the army was running at all was running it and they said look we don't need any i t to to to manage lived in all there comes a truck 14 times you know we use the result to to Thomas next tropical Council homicide you need for that not enough doesn't make a lot of
sense and then that was all put together and you see the pizza boxes in 0 8 o'clock in the in the evening a we put all together all the requirements of all the stars features we would need then spent
you know as you can see about a little bit more than an hour to prioritize them and and this is must have should have urgent and important
and then adds and it's 9 o'clock 940 you know that was at times we have decided on the requirements which will be put in action that was really tough initially was a leading guy of of of Red Cross he had to make a lot decisions what is what is not and what we need and what not but they managed it and then over
the next days you know lots of springs training and testing took place actually what we did we train the users and with all this stuff which was already about deployable and no and then with the training with the testing of course you know when and and try to find you a where a virus
was still in there so then add a new node November 28 2 days after we started you know kind of version 0 . 3 you know took birth in which he still uh and
then at 10 o'clock in the night you know almost all the requirements have been done so this is the last column is not live few still and test and if you still plan which was realizing we don't need them
really and that kinda like we had decided not to import the I don't know 20 thousand records in a from these exhibitions and guess what they were inconsistent like can be the idea I see closely it has shown the start data cleaning hack you know that actually we have applied for detecting and we had to make a few decisions and then had to take in the some of them and we we took the decision that in the
morning said OK and there are 2 2 options either stop here and you know we tried to do cleaning of those exegetes longer about with the risk that it gets even worse always start deploy with what we have so we really started deploying that what we
have that is the breakfast we got that's the breakfast all the refugees got to you know every day know this kind of evaluation a little bit more you know with that will be a lunch tools and and
then at 2 o'clock in November 29 allow
alive means you know but now you have you know and and a dialog can always some uh checks in the background you know you do the flagging you make sure that you have not consistent state that and once you have consistent
data you can do with dashboard in C. OK where we are that was very important for me she because of use was you would say well I have another 500 take now if you know how do you know with 5 thousand people on the ground you know what where you have still have spent with with that you have to have these and 5 thousand people on the ground so we hadn't implemented a check-in check-out system you know to make sure that you know we we did something what is called a kind of health system you know so wherever they show what in know we will markets in which he or she is still on the premises because they might start wandering off again you know introducing them then and if they're not there for 4 days it's assume they're not the camp anymore because of course you cannot close came to a point that you avoid that no 1 gets in and out without checking it really and I mean if you want to do so it's almost a prison it almost like a prison there's something about what you guys so you always had you know from something which had been a 30 per cent inconsistency and I'm not sure you know what the number is right you know we got down to 3 % and
now this is the map you know you have over an hour on the buildings the buildings you know basic plugged into the apartments you will see for each apartment where disabled can access it there is a shower and so on
and duality and now you can do with spreadsheets nice people analysis you know you know where you are
people are there and that has managing it what you see here is you know in in November 2015 this is the number of people which were transferred from the can to this side to the municipality where they're should start a new life and of course you know it's important that they don't spend months in the can before they get to the municipality because integration only can start when they hit the final destination so if you can't manage that site to come get them out you know it's it's all good it's a vicious circle you see how that moved up you know in in in the same already got to 400 could transfer now in in in January we got to roughly around 700 and then you know march and now it went down wide well yes defenses where build up and the bottom and would should should shut down so not look more came after so by now I think there only 400 left on in the camp all the others are by now they should distributed to the different municipalities
OK so I'm coming to the end also time that when you're here and I said this is a very good relation everybody relates to it don't get fooled you might be somewhere else so be humble In whenever you you think you know where you are in no be opened the approaches to others you know that's the way how
you make sure that you don't lose your orientation that you