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Introduction (Till) Day 3

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Introduction (Till) Day 3
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This paper reports on new opportunities for research and education in Free and Open Source Geoinformatics as a translational part of Open Science, enabled the growing collection of OSGeo conference video recordings at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). Since 2015, OSGeo conference recordings have been included to the collection sphere of TIB in information sciences. Currently, video content from selected national (FOSSGIS), regional (FOSS4G-NA) and global (FOSS4G) conferences is being actively collected. The annual growth exceeds 100 hours of new content relating to the OSGeo software projects and the OSGeo scientific-technical communities. This is seconded by retrospective acquisition of video material dating from past conferences, going back until 2002 to preserve this content, ensuring both long term availability and access. The audiovisual OSGeo-related content is provided through the TIB|AV Portal, a web-based platform for scientific audiovisual media providing state-of-the art multimedia analysis and retrieval. It implements the requirements by research libraries for reliable long term preservation. Metadata enhancement analysis provides extended search and retrieval options. Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) enable scientific citation of full videos, excerpts and still frames, use in education and also referral in social networks. This library-operated service infrastructure turns the audiovisual OSGeo-related content in a reliable source for science and education. Till Adams (terrestris)
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the good luck good morning
16 so are the the last thing that it OK we stand that they we stand up there so welcome to the 1st day of force for G. and and
I have some words to say unfortunately even if it's not here sorry please tweet the get his 1st even you didn't break the wife promised me yesterday to try you didn't get it I just showed you back I don't know whether our famous force-producing their sphere but we had a ship
cruise and 1 of our attendees asked me whether he can go on to the band and he rocket that was prove OK today sampling His
every morning next we start at the front line with a keynote from Tom I and we switched the timetable little bits so a lunch break 2 days from 13 to 14 hours of course we have opened the Speakers Corner again I think at least 1 of the 2 periods itself is 100 % more than 1 state so feel free that 14 we have 16 notes from Klaus Deininger from the World Bank
and 114 again we have responds lost track so some of the sponsored posts and exhibitors will talk about what they do in the room tunnel and as promised you see in this nice little wine bottles idea to some people uh the wine-growing will be here at around 14 the clock and you can taste the wine and you even can by someone and I don't get anything from that it's just a friend of mine so that will be in the exhibition area at 16 30 we have our last closing keynote political derived from IBM Germany's talking and if you here if you're around please attend the closing ceremony so I promised to to ask everybody to attend at 16 you
see in the signs for the Duke at best developed of what they're always around them so you can choose 105 developers getting that water it closes at 16 if you see the signs they're all around there there's a link we can vote so please please do that 170 in our relate we start the closing session so every year and force for G we have so cuts Award winner this year again there will be 2 awards for the best student posters and the best student presentation that will receive 500 euros each of course we will nominate did you can best developers we have a shortcut from last year's winner and so on 7 June 30 the local team will give you some closing out some statistics some may be good news on people attending this conference and of course we will hand over all the would like to next year's conference and that'll be a great moment for me for us all I think had that last year so please attend on the closing session if you're around the last point most of you did it perhaps already we have this map in just in the opposite side of the registration please don't forget to duplicate yourself is such a nice map just take direct talks put it on the map where you come from so that looks very very nice and so as every
morning although it might be not so easy this morning after yesterday don't forget to have fun even on that day OK I hand over 2 times we have a small laptop changing and we will start the keynote in about 5 minutes