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After 5 years in production the open source based Pavement Management System for Ireland has amassed over 15 years of road-related data. The back-end mapping engine is powered by MapServer and we are looking to improve performance when dealing with more and more data. The talk will focus on how to set up Locust, an open source Python load testing tool, to automatically get average load times for each WMS and WFS layer from MapServer, and how many users MapServer can handle concurrently. A small open source project is currently being written to help this process. Whilst MapServer is the focus of the talk, any OGC-compliant server can be tested in the same way. The talk will then briefly run through a series of experiments to see how changing various components affects performance. These are: Running MapServer on Linux as compared to Windows Using the MapServer native SQL Server driver, and using the OGR driver Map file size Venkatesh Raghavan (Osaka City University)
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the OK and not entirely because
those of the link and it is 5 not and I would like to say that we have a living out of fixed to back so it stick to the time and place it at further removing stationed in because their income and the presented the chairman of the president of those you board and the this is the annually event exchanges and to give you some information about what is going on in the foundation not only with the weather organization it matters but 2 of the projects and local chapters and so on so also look at each those and other of the things so you start off with some information about the is not connected directly revision but as you know that there was another cook in Italy yesterday and 250 people have lost their lives so we had a message
from and colleagues but former delay was community and your forces working to support was to use the same division if someone who can conclude open circulating images of the area's universe of almost please contact you cut the contact from maxi so if you want to add something you can add it so what they what is
just too but if you about what was happening since it is generally this year generally this is met in Holland face-to-face with that that was the 1st system of the of the board of directors of the new ones and then we came out with the strategic plan and of this goal is that we should put hundred based and the the strategic plan I think that some of our board members already presented at this conference I think Jodie presented something endemic presented as something that will just say 1 going into the details but this was also passed on to the to the chapter members that'll give their comments and this was done by it is the EEG-based shared this information about the strategic plans that we had come up with the times during efficient Holland and then we had comments from the sum of those gentleman was
so as you know we have the and gentleman was known but that they made their work at the output of the list because we just had elections last month so a 24 responses we had that kind of related to the strategic objective objectives uh what we should the parameters so as you can see here the involving don't go out of community was 1 of the the highest response that we had that how we should see and the uh the the strategic objectives world the response more than 50 % of the the respondents responded to invoke community the 2nd most so as that this again was a communication communication of vision and Alice equally it is time to showcase how good it communities so this is this the kind of response we got from this strategic plan and the strategic objectives we also all kind of trade do we think of the the confirmed that which what kind of community focus should have and what are the important thing is you know foundation so far this the response was that the foundation of the the most important players in the foundations of the users and developers so we must do something the that make things easier for the users and the easiest way for the development of course there are some other things like businesses helping businesses education public sector and your research and departments but the main thing is that however foundations that should be located the needs and try to support our users and our developers to the maximum extent that we can that source the response that we got from the community I would like to say that there plenty of responses is less when they may be you can consider even such a response conspiracies and these uh questionnaire because that allows us to know what the Holy should uh on this is how we should carry this foundation forward so that it sells all our moon community members in a bit but I think this is 1 of the 1st so so I think that the responses the group that it was not all of them that is what the what the board was thinking and what the gender the communities thinking that is a match soul think that we should continue with this focusing boating out to something Denbo communities and also but tool to showcase our community so considering the strategic objectives the airplane some new things in various committees and various projects so I would like to ask you know a tool for us to to the various committees and media so persons involved in the organization of this foundation to present a brief report firstly and would like to ask the Acting Secretary of you will be for the Security reported that came and because of this because it is your name here so please come and stand this so that we can save time and predefined units of 3 to 4 minutes and let us make sure that you don't miss the boat so again the thank you it will be much shorter I now the mind citizenry therefore if you you are going to have any a paper you should probably contact me and I will be probably the 1 which is going to file those papers and make tasks can compare against city to the case so so much for what 3 so much for what I'm doing I'm also collecting the agreements so memory cadastral 1st agreements of contribution agreements that we are about or who owned by the number of 160 about and they're safety safely hopefully and you're going for a another variety of normal delay all told eulogies contribution agreements I'm sorry go so the and all you'll see unluckily only the new ones you have to talk to the previous quarter and and especially to the previous work of answering President to get also the animal we use somehow into 1 place that means my books of Bible case and doing yeah and I am keeping the up-to-date list of our Members which is stored in our job books repository in quite database and I try to keep it updated so evident I need to occurrences of members of stuff like this this should be properly cast of mind and please contact me if you need some questions for full-time doing I will still makes something focuses on of a of a assault thank you the OK a Michael
Smith Foundation for that cost you treasure just have a slight appear on our current the budget for the year but we've actually increase our budget by about 50 thousand dollars over last year but not all of that was spent last year and not all of it is
actually been spent this year so we're always looking for but activity from our various
committees but to get this money spent actually but and get things done without a number of significant accomplishments we've been able to hire somebody to actually do some paid sack work this year but we've also was you has a lot apple developer account now and has code signing certificates for it was 10 and I was platforms and encourages just is using that for their but their applications but we've funded a number of events more code sprints and we've ever done before so I think that's a really successful outcomes and we're looking to do more outreach and more and we're looking for the marketing committee to start spending some money our website and we have the funds to do it any questions current questions at the end and it
inside a new things
like OK it's and the thank you Ambassador managed last year elections in this year's elections and before you put in just 1 minute and what happened for the charter members efficient 2016 we have a new charter members pretty free the action or worked like a charm no problem so we now have 312 members very good 1 will have new elections soon in September for the board members we have 4 seats up and that thing have for managing the they're are going to see not expected for managing their that their elections in in in September so will have 2 weeks 4 nominations starting with half of September and then 1 week for voting and that that the last board meeting we decide to change it to be the formula for the for the new next year charter member actions remaining inclusive but not using the same thing we we use in the last few years so that's all thank you to the so the next move the the local
chapters instead important part of our organization and here the list chapters that attempted to presented is already contacted me and they have given the the that the we present award a chapter so for those who have not been given in and then on the dollar something of audits at that this deleted the end of the end of this is you know the the sir thank you income so just because we want to get
the better just to 3 words about the German language chapter I arm of course most of the time but some what we use to some organized this conference here well until that most of it but and a lot of people from our look chapter were involved of course and besides that we had to our own language language conference of fast that took place this year insults works on Austria it was the 2nd time where we did not have it in Germany and it was so successful in several ways we combine it with the target conferences 2 and a
half years or up to 2 days of the 1st year's conference and then dogged
started and we were able to come MIT the 200 paying members of our time local chapters so now we are more than 200 German-speaking have some people in local chapter but we have a problem with with the conference next year the fast yes 2017 has no cality yet so we're still searching for the a small university or something like
that that have also the possibility to all stars so hopefully we will find something have to this conference a very interesting thing is that we really increased our on hacking weekends so there's a nice some location in Germany called knocks hotel and who there are these spaces for about 25 people and and since 2010 2015 we had 2 3 packing weekends there and in 2016 to hacking weekends and then there'll always 15 to 25 people from that do on this hacking on different projects the 1st GIS space accommodation and food and drinks and inclusive coffee and beer just a hot stuff people have to pay for their own and the outcome is really really very great army well that I guess are the most important things that we had all the other things are as usual and if you want to have more details just contact me thank you How can we certainly have their day to state OK hello everybody can run that I came to this conference I could announce that the European local chapter also except that information from today I can I can report about the bursts of federal we have just obtained where we have to some discussions and reserve the meeting report on the wiki page you find a link on the Europe wiki page and and I think we we have some made some progress but there is a committee that will start to by the looking how we are going to government do you European Chapter of the bylaws will be the set up so that we can start discussing about the activities that we we want to do and I have only my vision for the moment so discussions should be called yet but 1 of the things that we want to do is to work and to make always geo as a global organizations trauma my acting on the local level and local level being Europe together with the local chapters of all the countries where we are going to focus on specific European things like inspiring like Horizon 2020 research projects like the 1 of to foster businesses in Europe and help as enemies to become straw in in in supporting open source and so on OK that's it for me questions but only thank you very much that in the next few hours thank you so something you have a nice feature on Sunday from Korea and the last DOS you agree and have that it is the 1 thing we organize the phosphatase or confidence yeah yeah I and the next day week we'll have a city these long couples the conference was forced Korea and if you can't follow conference I keep you always get the free deal for multiuser please come to Korea next to each thank you so much thank you for the next city however have even more land is like the so that
1 thing you know the what time of day the technical problems and then but that's not the the pain is problems of this but
this article is that has used to be present in our things report now
accepted as of in all cultures there all selected as Chairman of Pakistan Weiss Chairman the with was organized as a legal entity last August on we got this 1 of chapter or it's March this year and there we have more and more members not much yeah always tend to listen to to any of that I think that's why we give them more in Finland we have organized the organized all oppose immunity the of upon worked there for congress it's 1 day it's so that was
what gave Finland quite many years already this year we have was a keynote speaker at the and end we will have in few months the
below nuclear which is also credits from and you but itself but they only
where all maybe that's the
reason why I need to say you we have a website you can follow the thank you so over the next season yet again and it would be easier to reject thank you can have your still existing engages public are talking CTO always people to just to have more hands in 1 group and we are going to organize for check in October this year which thank you thank you so next day is that it
suggests that some of the so OK
thank you figure some highlights from the low lands as a starting and I'd like to take this opportunity to say what the low are you have all all of the of the Netherlands you have the lowlands the lands is a combination of the Netherlands and Belgium and hollow and this is a part of the Netherlands keep that in mind and where
about the building bridges which is a Dutch majority of course we're very good in building bridges and the digital of chapter is partly about that the classical technical stuff but also about building bridges to other communities and of course the OpenStreetMap community but also to open data communities and also we organize events together with the mainstream geospatial organizations and with university like it with the institutes like universities uh
um in order to build these bridges we use channels so which we of course have in enough Holland as well this is 1 of the famous Amsterdam channels on a very special occasion where market and the perhaps tell more about
uh the channel so we use our own and we started with the wiki but what about 3 years ago we moved to a more or let's say professional website based upon a WordPress and our impression this and the response we get is that people like it because it has a bit more of fancy of look and feel about it plus I can advise to anybody to work to use a website like that because you can easily integrate with Twitter and other of other channels FIL another important thing is that of course from the start we had a classical mailing lists and 2 years ago I think we also started meetup lists and the nice thing is that uh the mailing lists and holds about 200 people the meat of this also holds about 200 people but there's also almost no overlap between the 2 there's just 50 people who are both on the mailing list and a so if you're running a local chapter consider using a meter of as a channel as well because you can reach new people by using it and OK thank you
again some of what members mark is 1 of the board members of violent as treasurer and just and I will have a four-person word a man as a moment we have 5 of the charter members Sebastian earache urine and they and that's about it and
of course we have a nice responses here some some
things on the activities of the and the annual New Year's rings uh I say open historical photography session with some other organizations together and things we plan to do it normally would have our annual always yield a um but due to the fact that Mark and I are very much involved in organization of this event that hasn't been
around for this year and the solvent and so the next step that we have a total of Mory's to speak about the Japanese attempted the right concluded and 2 things that but and all the it's OK just a hi
I'm story Mori from Japan chapter and the habits of founded in 2006 so what it means so the light of day cater 10th anniversary this year and we had been at at we have dedicated to to the Japanese speaking community being are cool Japanese minor such as by loving talk to I mean and and pop music the I can't I can't no time and then he's statistics and they have 576 mating these 2 sub describing 14 cooperate figure shows cells and all I use the log 10 thousand annual operating budget so how do you on kind of very stable of the national eHealth the organization that we have many activities such as all ladies regional conferences import show all soccer and hope title organizers local could use faced in Tokyo Osaka and also hope I and it exhibits and always see open source of conference in Japan and give a lot shows at the geo predated the events and organizes input you without the GIS associations and organizes special session that cartographic of cartographic association and exchanges delegates between Correa chapter in both so
and you conferences and of course enjoy also 40 knowledge which is year-end parties and more so for the health talk the era of
you in any kind of always the dual Japan activities and the penetration of force for is widely used by just visually information also lity all Japan and other national agencies and the used by many local governments and all sold and many commercial organizations so we are all very confident that the force 40 tools is far different 3 use for in Japan and I think it toward thank you very much higher fuel removal menus that would hi I'm good enough I very fast so I have the honor to present our work back home and the local chapter is geospatial . on and as we this year after initiatives for here we will be 10 years in 10 years we have organized over 17 seminaries in Romania in 2 different cities and to be main do you work with be almost only only work with free and death open source software how up to talk a bit about did the community we are about 60 people that we contribute with tutorials articles we give presentations and organize workshops and I'm about a meaningless I think it's almost 9 thousand 900 people at this time from a very
high what do we do all always support and develop an elegant place for sharing John knowledge and you data we like to its so we think that is very important have to have an open and again elegant decent place to exchange ideas no matter from where we come from private for free and phosphogen doesn't matter and we initiated and we support project with the help of the community and for the community and the futurists about adjusts Google a hot and see what's that about and as I said we organize regular workshops and conferences in collaboration with universities and so on well what we did
last year as well we organized 3 workshops that she to work from music to be shot at each workshop has about 120 participants i'd like to mention that everything is a Romanian because it's remaining uh dedicated and an important thing that we started to work on the beginning with the 2014 is that we represent the GI community in various meetings and workshops like for a for example in uh the 4th edition of the East European Copernicus conference in 9 October or you receive members day or in workshops organized by the Joint Research Centre of the the European Union the and of course you'd like to meet in person and to work and then here I would we would have some
nice speeches from our meetings and we are preparing in October of new workshop
for Eucharist so thank you thank
you and we have to model local
step as I think is a daily and look at chapter and then Beijing locally
chapter so look at the the we are around you and the members of the what we have fast with them that is
where and when the members and then we have we have a lot of content with polycondensation right now we are a member of Italian conciliation for Bermudians just he so we should provide courses for all of the 1st 4 people that you want to know something more new and they had a lot of what the good association that I'm working with doesn't we data data and making a lot of activity on the digital divide so we are helping them tools speak about a new Julius field and so on we have to be a part of the there are antibodies that decision and is the mafia's and they are looking for a tool created new web GAS tools map or the problem that can they found and we are really been them about the evidence is very clear organize it then we are going to organize you for the day 1 of the and conferencing October of cutting clearly we turn another community to open an archaeologist a community we have a special session of was given about for Fuji in as he did it is the 1 of the main and conference of what Javier and it's occluded previous section with the 3rd government we need a lot of small and spread out all of our ideas and we are also responsible for the 2 others 2 meetings this year graphs meeting in February it was and then the reason that the European or international conference saying the pedal joined the global the opens just presentation and the integration of you invited to come in Italy and there is still a reversal of the cost is the fuel and the use of a constraint of sort of this so you have to be invited to come yeah
so hello everyone so I'm going to report about Belgium about what we did it and the 1st thing that we did we found it annoys you chapter and if I say we a it's an amazing team mighty uh I don't know the exact number but uh I'm here to represent them but they have done a lot more than I did and so the 1st thing we did is we organized a conference in Belgium false Belgium we had about 350 participants by another thing we did is we did the mapping party for homeless people in Brussels and we did you that evening where we have some people that that gene out about OpenLayers and the other mapping libraries and so we organized or let's say we call organized of Judaic follows a mortgage you've government falls now maybe even more important what you should remember is this next month in September what we change then we looked at the performing monthly or from with God was a good idea we have free college map we have college map them Brussels because next month in Brussels we will have our full for G Belgian conference but there are a lot of other activities as well there is the hot summer so from an Humanitarian OpenStreetMap so the global summit there be the state of the maps summit also the global 1 we will organize with all of them together and missing maps merit and so there will be 1 heck day where we will you go out and work on open strode open source software OpenStreetMap so all of you very welcome I think 22 to 26 of September in Brussels hope to see so could provide remote Spanish languages have and what it will be very quickly than have sites and just the mention that 1 of the things we mentioned yesterday and today on the European meeting we are not that's been accepted but the Spanish Chapter so I know this since so this is 1 of the main problems facing for example we cannot have a legal entity is
seen as an and also we see that we have been there experiencing and decreasing in their mailing list their usage we
think it's because we already have favorable for immature says that called addicted to the English version of this is emitting this or to them and uh project-specific committing lists and also because we have the can get those think which is what the hell is going to talk about but that doesn't mean we are not as strong I think we have more movement than there and we are pushing for 1 on they'll steel philosophy in the Spanish-speaking countries more than ever yeah what Brian most of you not think it does but it's something that kind of after the forceful you 2010 and because once aliki organizer of ability and they like that of the job and they continue working on that despite all the cities in Spain and I could monitor water on Mondays and then there and then that jumped to the other side of the Spanish-speaking community and we but as we have a very strong community Grobler local Rabin when scientists but that's only another place in Mexico City so here and that's the way we end up having like strongest you're relationship but this is still an uh something really close to last and the last thing is
that in Spain where how and when to Germany and the filing identity that is the 2 year so that's that's GIS association so it's not really and going to the end of the chapter about this because it's supposed to uh work for the for the industry of the country about half of the uh north of active for the the matter is going to be get the people so we're going to try to model it he's saying that there are edges and also was in next year thank you so you just 17 out of then we have 15 minutes most of these people OK I'm Stephen I'm the treasurer of the UK chapter we've had 3 years of being asleep after recovering from putting on a phosphor G but we find it come back to life but and we organized fostered UK this year and we had about 180 people for 2 days of the phosphor you with presentations and workshops and then about 30 people at a hack on the final day so we're back in business so you can continue OK right so now I'm steven and I'm chair of the conference committee and is the same person yes you right that we just by my notes so what does conference Committee do the main thing we do is we manage the selection process for the annual foster G. conference around and then once we've selected the so the city and the local organizing committee we try to provide them with some support and guidance wise is important it's important because Foster G is the largest source of income for the earliest years foundation so code sprints and all the other things of 1st year doesn't outraged are at least partly funded by the revenue that we generate through the 1st I was having a moment we're just about to start the call for the 2018 phosphor G conference this is the year when the Conference will not go to North America it wanted to Europe it will go to somewhere in the rest of the world so all those people here who lives in countries other than North America or Europe now is your chance to talk thinking about submitting a proposal to force 2018 and hopefully we can take the false message to new regions the final thing we're doing is about magnitude the independent Republic of Brecht's it will be submitting an application like you very much I'm glad everyone's got so if humor about a dog position of the last thing we're doing is we just had a face-to-face here and we've agreed that we're going to draft a proposal to have a pop following Conference Coordinator supporter so that we can make life easier for the organizing committees and so that we have some institutional memory about what's worked and what didn't work we don't have to reinvent the wheel you can follow what we're doing by signing up to the Conference Slashdot of list journalists and you can even offered to help because it's quite a lot of the is included in this so for much of the of that I reporting on the marketing committee it has been previously comatose we're reviving it and we're in middle of the process we well we for firefighting left right and center so and always durable is in phosphogen North America that have to be put together and thanks to our new member Michael In the marketing committee so we managed to get something there 1 over here that we have Jody who had been working very sort of it well only updating the marketing of society sponsoring policies and Nicholas over there and he is now in the process of doing a redesign update of our design uh items such as our logo and the like and hopefully that will transpire into getting us into the next in this century actually but it is all firefighting and we have to make ourselves with more marketing wise future-proof and so we are starting more comprehensive marketing plan which will sort of give guidance to all um
secondly we have invited all the project leads to provide input we think
that the projects are the cornerstones of this foundation and funnily
enough in less than 10 % that was the reply right so we're going to pass the new projects and
ask them again what do they need from marketing committee it's Christmas interests my little girls always say like all its sent across time so we can ask for everything and I was saying well with prioritize and the pockets are only as deep as they are atom tend to finish off we're still understaffed so anybody who has any idea about how we can put ourselves forward out in this world please step up and say hey I want to join and I have a specific thing I want to work on that's all thank you and and today I'm jury in this context I'm from the incubation committee without a couple of updates of last year the big 1 is a GP same has and was formally graduated uh joint incubation 2007 2050 right on the other thing is is that committee became unresponsive uh and so it had to kind of be reset so we reset the membership list there we dropped members and I managed to vote for a couple years thanks everyone for the understanding during that process so the other fun thing is that the GeoNode codebase has been donated to always jails so the yeah the owner of that codebase formally signed the contribution agreement and and the the leader that project Jeff Johnson has been really active in a team has been working really hard on incubation and the other thing is what the matter serious project which I didn't really fit incubation guidelines has dropped Max just being a community project and the rest and then project also dropped out of incubation in this case they weren't able to meet our our guidance on and on governance principles the site test engine is also proven really unresponsive and the other on the box project has also proven and responsive this project has changed members changement tourists something I was able to ratify today on the mailing list so and thank you to Demetrius 1st something up and will a new application just in 1 just in this afternoon for the SLD editor and in turn is offered to the mental I got a couple other
kinds of news from the trenches here and what we do look like it does look like it was still west you'll be able to relax our stance on on headers and Michael Smith and the border approved a meeting with the lowest legal counsel are policies were set prior to something called the Prony convention burned feel the burn OK uh and so the doesn't seem to be a direct need for copyright headed where there's still an advantage to listing the year license at the top of the files so I've mentioned the various Austria projects will be updating their policies this year it also looks like we're going to be able to do something automated after sealing agreements which will make your life easier he world excellent uh the other
thing and this is in response to a request from the that incubation really focus on being more inclusive so we've come up with a new category here I've always steel community projects in these projects are really focusing on being open source and purpose of participatory but without meeting the rest of our kind of guidelines which are more set up for like big large user-facing projects so this is really to help projects like PG routing audio webcast that wouldn't be in a position to meet on incubation requirements so I'm really excited to see how that plays out thank YOU GOT to and and sorry for machine
wishing you up but you some things doing so makes a speaker can come up to the the
mixing and you have to go to if you the of the 1st 1
is that they don't want to go to the United Nations community
which has been formed
to support the United Nations in adopting open source software writers for the initial worldwide and is OK
uh media Bramalea a sharing this with this is the list of the participants and activities was in 2050 and this was this expression of interest and is still with the meeting is a border and agreed to collaborate such images as in 16 matches would participate tool where workshop ranges whereas uh they project their selfish steps and then you know was uh there was the government's has been defined and the new Member also from are becoming the will join to the user's initiative of governance and September there will be the 1st of his life lasts for supporting the capacity building so so thanks to modulate the the really great job for the dissemination and for training there within these initiatives for the within the UN and then in November there would be the 2nd workshop will
have the and and these are the names of proposal this
is the governments of candidates this is this is a sort and
then the other 1 hermosa co-chairman with the beetle
he's not he was here but you to lose so we asked me to talk before the user is a is a common for body building bridges between science use and that the adoption of what's your software in the sciences let's see
and this is communities
in working group but what we organize he's a town hall which user in here in the in the European just science when young that the rules uh the ECA had the they seem care of participant and the was a very uh . 4 dissemination
and then that will lead the reaction mean we also started this sort of Working Group books on novel Bernardo consensus for all the monitoring stuff and we had it was shocked by it they understand the release for all my and then we are collaborating also project
and that's that's what we're going to achieve a user to try to reach also AGU in America and also an organizing goes your shop EGU European just think you might see so we go to the next only a
few initiative yes the initiative at the UN offices at it in the in the middle of the OK so the next 1 and we don't have a G 0 following lot statements have slaves but I won't use them the 110 labs no although the lawyers and the dual hard lives is rapidly growing and back to educational outreach of voice dual always dual foundation so anybody from the Finance Committee adding it in the In information from 1 sample to speaking about the committee members from finance code of conduct it is there any on the syllable to say something on the side and the system administration SAC anybody wants to say anything about that the more you the sign here we believe in all that have this home hi and what what I'm actually 1 of the 2 people I think working system of administration transducer from the other 1 is sent home we made a decision is this year to pay some and as far as I can tell 50 errors of system administration worked simply to fix of lands to fill the most needed in gaps for example in ends for users the user directory administration tools this is like a like you user registration as far as I can tell from the feedback I got this is working pretty well and fund or was inspired not only to we can do work for or to to work on the stuff we pay him for but also to experiment on well platforms tools we might get interested in just to try it out but we sure ordinary human resources that to well that's the 1 that always when you're doing the volunteers system atoms that can work it's not very pleasant thank you and thank you very much and you have to other communities hiking public theater that we're dating somebody said that always in is the a job and we should collaborative Italy since I don't think this is a very active community a committee website comedy I think that the marketing committees planning the other discussing something to how do we do this and I think that this is not protected reading that it's it can we do so we don't have anything to report so we have 1 or 2 minutes left and then there is nothing to speak of order of great projects but they generate the PAC members of news that he has become following together and hello divide and and the finish area has slaves from markets but we don't have time to see so so just the same the on anything but let we learn and ready for you get it right now I have not thank you the thank you live
and I think it's time to bow to go on the boat and then if you have questions asked during the gala dinner thank you


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