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Introduction (Till) Day 2

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Introduction (Till) Day 2
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wife he would went to its tried OK just I have just prepared from some few slides ahead of a meeting the team and discuss a little bit it perhaps could communicate to use please you really have to listen to what I'm telling you now have
1st of all view of the program today we have that mind directly afterwards the next you is already there I'm happy I think he had freelanc talks this morning we discussed yesterday have 12 30 to 30 30 we have lunch breaks because corner and of course alright also poster session and 30 30 we have the next keynote be under harsh and that user Center for deletions and just a reminder from the use of booze which is a little bit here and if you go out on the right side so it yesterday and 5 but here we talked about the using Copernicus data and if you go to that do you make them happy and I will show you how to access that Copernicus data in real time so please take 2 3 minutes go to the booze make them happy that's 7 devoted today here in this room we have the annual meeting of falls due so everybody is invited to join the meeting just to see what happens mainly the local chapters tell what they've done in the past 12 months 1 reminder for the annual meeting you have to be finished at 18 Jody promise me only OK you pick them up because
this slide we have our dollar events boarding starts at 850 if you're in the building just go down there there's the entrance they will open at about 17 17 50 so you can already out to have you on the right side please be in time it's very very important the ship will depart from 1845 so if only half an hour for warning 1 the next reminder if you're on the shit please directly go through go to the upper deck because we have about 5 6 minutes before we passed the bridge next bridge to the top solid we have to photograph 1 shots in that direction and the other 1 in that direction and this is our group photo so please be there we have we have 2 shots OK many at 90 10 around that's the official dollar will start so see in the printed programs what prepared for you that's very important it
is 2 billion times therefore there was so only have they taken you still can buy an extra ticket for the garlic and everybody was the full conference it's time to take care that we have the best with because of this the only control we have to let you in the note takers no the very important so
just to remind you statistically we have 2 seconds per person for boarding so the entire please please follow told to tell it 10 times the 250 . 8 times but really really important and for those who has never packed with you and you don't want to take it on to the ship we can walk you back in room 1 . 5 which is behind that of course about any anybody there will be lot but maybe about the cleaning team will accessible tonight so and you get back on Friday morning multislice because when you will be closed when we come back a compact here at about 11 in the evening and if you plan to deposit your conference that the market has it that yourself makes things easier tomorrow and some nodes in the program I'm sorry 2 talks had to be canceled because of this because couldn't appear it's today on 43rd in the right the involving communities that and on Friday 12 due Jason and ii he server about sorry but they speakers really have reasons not to appear here time uh 1 reminder for the presented please load up your presentation at the residence registration over there will help you just if you if you don't need your own devices please please go there and another reminder for the session chairs become please please take care for the time so it's a 20 minute talk 5 minute discussion 5 minutes for changing the room break our time but please if the speaker finished earlier don't start to the next talk because people want to change the rules and then they come into the talk was already started so please the entire there some miscellaneous stuff and the and please don't forget to duplicate yourself on our phenomena just beside the registration booth we still need 5 session chairs so if you're interested in generalisation maybe in this wonderful room please also come to the registration and if you've forgot your badge today because you need to access the ships please come to the registration they will give you a new 1 happens or sorry the you don't come in the that's pretty clever but perhaps perhaps you may ask very very friendly and they let you know OK another nodes we had some requests about the boss yesterday so maybe there was some confusion for fast food you newbies just to explain that again what is the boss of birds of a Feather session this is a spontaneous meetings of people who are interested in the same topic it's not does it come from last it comes from you and everybody can start boss so if you do that how I go to the 2nd point 1st how do announcement of please come to the registration we will hang at all the support can write you both wanted people to read it so that everybody get some measures message in time and if you're looking for the boss of course you can ask if we know what the registration you will tell you or search Twitter ask the people here and 2 days there's 1 that reminded me yesterday evening several times don't forget that today at 1730 like the clouds in rooms which is over there so just if you are interested in that just go there is to be there and see what happens and if you have a lot of ideas please come to us who will
tell you that they don't forget have fun today