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Keynote II - OSGeo: Think global - Act local

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Keynote II - OSGeo: Think global - Act local
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The problems we face as a species are far more complex than potential solutions offered by any single vendor’s products. They are more complex than any nation’s initiatives. To get there, we are going to need to work together closely and across so many national, company, technology domain, and community borders. What role do open communities have to play in solving the tough problems facing society? This talk will examine a bit about how open communities work. It will talk about passion, purpose, governance, enabling technologies, enabling legal constructs, giving, taking, being open, being welcoming, the need for limits, and more. And what does this all have to do with the price of butter?!
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the OK so move over to
the cranium he's so
far as the president of the oath when he's talking a little bit about those 2 owes to Europa and so on some of thank you and then I think you
were false for for inviting always you on this conference to to speak about who is you and I think you all to to control the false logical inference 1st of all
I'm enjoying born I had to look to be a Saturday it was nice weather and I hope you all do well this article of pictures of of last week but I
want to talk about always geo and if I should explain what is so is due in just 1 slide well that's like should be about always due to this a for non-for-profit organization and it's all about the support to collaborative development of open source geospatial software and to promote its let's to use just like in the lightning talk of arm this morning it started in 2006 so we are all happy to celebrate often and anniversary anniversary but ability was also community of communities of open source software projects which is growing every year which is worldwide active true local presence this is a one's life if I should Friday to explain what the ways she was in just 1 sentence and I use a sentence of the former president Jeff McKenna who's said it's all about the community's so you know what that means we should look up what the definition of a community and if you look at up and then making then you see that a community is a group of people that live in the same place somewhere we all it from the internet this and that and in another way of of defining it as a condition of sharing more having certain attitudes and interests in common is exactly what we do as we promote open source to software but it's also in ecology a group of interdependent plants or animals grown and living together in natural conditions but we will see later in the presentation that we also an organism of different stakeholders what everybody doing his own thing forming that community but if I should have the chance to explain what the would you isn't just another sentence then I should
say it's all about the natural and you know what network as well you see and that is the interconnecting vertical and horizontal horizontal lines but also a group
of systems of interconnected people think 12 this year but always you will be defined a new vision and mission and we defined some calls for you and we defined some
internal Goals to define some external walls with predefined also some goals both internal and external and if i zoom in on these both the the goals then you can read that
was you is about to champion the champion the community building true horizon presented told the engagement and draw vertical agreements with like-minded organizations the horizontal the lines representing the local chapters and a vertical lines representing the partnerships from always you do like-minded
organization and today we have already a list of partners and this list is growing up talking to other organizations but now it's time
to explain away due in just 1 experiment so I just invite everybody to to to to take your smart phone to and to type the next message into traitor and I will treat it for you as I prepare to message show you can reach me at my message if you want to and but let the world see what as in this 1 experiment just give you a couple of seconds to type over this the the the
see everybody typing I heard this message that the state coming in OK I think you know the message
I I said 0 is as a community of communities and that is exactly what that communities of open source software projects who decided to work together a couple of years ago what they really do today they are sponsored by
a lot of companies and here you see a set of these companies and if you go to other presentations to see
another set of companies and these companies are providing support through professional services but
if we want to know what is so as you know how can I become member and I think that many of you um we are here in this force conference for the 1st time getting to know to know a little bit more about that would you well you should consider you you don't have to consider to become a member if you want to use the software or if you want to adapt the software or if you want to spread the software because it's open source software that's no need to we say in open source and open source is free not as in free beer but as in free speech well I can see you can always use software as free as in free beer but to become a member of always it's also free as in free beer was also important is you become a member as an individual everybody here in this room can become a member of 0 due and it's totally for free so what should you do that why should you consider to well 1st of all the you should get involved and as for many of you this is the 1st contact if you like the atmosphere if you like parallel sessions if you like the exchange of information but you can start to try out the software you can subscribe to 1 or more of the mailing list because start following discussions so you can contribute you can contact your local group and now it's time afternoon to do some action if you are a developer and we were wrong because print I'm curious if the codes for developers are here so please stand up so that all of us can see that you are active developers don't believe it will be
here in the US 1 another OK so please please please stay standard no I want to ask you all other individuals who are also developers please stand up all the developers and the room OK this is good because this is a conference about software development OK you can sit down what I know how you will
become involved as a developer if not you can go to the code sprints where the other colleagues were in the 1st place and you can contribute and start to contribute contribute to projects who is a user of the Kuwaiti software please stand up all the users
of the always use software OK that's very good if you want to but become involved in a project go to college friends we need users they can sit down again can contribute to you can
contribute than doing what you like of the sulfur how you want to see the evolving can write documentation you can write a testimonial why using another question other managers or entrepreneurs in this room I think so please stand up OK if you want to
become involved in other ways you know that your people use software did you can sit down
again get support from a professional service provider or give yourself professional support to others who uses software and then it goes on who's from governmental organization space stand up that
you people use the software OK thank you if was a professor at age placed you should know that
dual for all it's very important you should become involved and you for all which is the way we teach always use software to students who who who is an academic research please stand up OK what you can do in specific if you can decide the use of the software in your publications this is important you should know that you're going to be you you you become involved and by the way due for all since this year is a part of who is you and it's creating partnerships with all the strong organizations date you
for all already has 109 that world and they are emerging so who will be the next lecture of G of wrong
OK so then about becoming involved what is always the mailing list subscription to mailing this well this is a picture of the subscriptions there are 20 thousand unique subscribers to the mailing list and is growing every year and there are in total 290 mailing list posted biology of every dot on this picture represents 1 unit mailing list and this is
adopted of the mailing list you see that uh the deleting mailing list the q GS user mm with almost 3 thousand subscribers and even for that you mailing lists is not there because it's supposed by always you but that there is also more than 2 thousand subscriptions the so but if we
look into 28 thousand units subscribers in the top 10 most active users we see that they are subscribed to more than 50 mailing list if we look at the top 100 users in the mailing list the acid strength this subscribe on more than 1 the mailing lists and if you go down to the top thousand users we even have more than 5 million English and if we go to the top all that we have to mailing mailings um or more to be subscribe to so due for all and by doing this statistics are done by a couple of people during the codes brands and is done by is your software of course the
so that's no zoom in a little bit of how always assume is working out what is the structure of what is behind that all that it isn't about 1st of all we have the charter remembers how you become a charter member not that simple you get nominated if you become involved and not doing things and you are working together you will become nominated by the current charter members the date we have
312 charter members every year there on new nominations and this
is that the growing girth and of course the the charter members are also spread all over the world there are some places in the world to various needs some more representative so we need nominations from the other countries so please if you come from another country not yet very active on this chart please do something and helpful ways you and you will become nominated then you will spread to wrote in your country the major
task of a charter member is to elect the board
and a ball that's 9 people representing the official structure always you of course these 9 people cannot accomplish what due is doing as a matter of fact they almost accomplished nothing might don't
love what they do if they work with offices they dedicate all other people to to do things offices are responsible for a committee all 4 of the those the project and yesterday
on the reception at the manner we had a photo with all the official offices of always you and a couple of them couldn't be there in that sense it it individual photo so
offices so are
responsible for projects and we saw this morning already all the projects and we have always your projects more than 20 always you projects in different categories we have incubation we have new projects coming to always Chile help new projects to begin to belong to 0 you and if that doesn't fit because you don't apply to all the rules that we set we are an inclusive organization we have a separate category as always you community projects we are open to all open source and your projects so always you projects are really the heart of your organization and this is an error in case normally do should apart should appear a hot note on this but story out there this sorry the
Committee committees
are unofficial way for always due to organize his work we have a comedy for the code of conduct we have a common for the finance and so on and actually the
comedies are the working loss of the organization is there the work is being done most of the work is done by volunteers or on it I think that all the work is done by volunteers from today and then we
have to do that contributed to the OK of course the local chapter of their local chapters today as of
today we have 20 22 we have 50 local chapters in you 25 of them are official the always local chapters which are represented by their own legal structures which are spread over the world which are based on their language or on the region and we have 25 chapters information and I have the honor to announce you the latest um chapter information which is the European local chapters we did a request for exception and status is no information the goal of that chapter should be dual because Due to work in Europe to make Europe more an about open source software and to be used in all sorts of activities that are going on in Europe and the reason it's not yet an official chapter is that we should discuss more In Europe there isn't thought so much discussion on the official mailing lists we are discussing face-to-face so we should change that a couple of things
that are a misunderstanding of the European local chapter there's somebody told me yesterday it's not a hierarchical check the it's not at local chapter that this on top of all the other European chapters no that's not the case
it's another chapter that is responsible for a certain region in that region is Europe and it should address to the government sent to the users of Europe just as the local chapters of the rest of the people living in certain countries speaking a certain language so in this brings
us to the new vision and mission mission that to be a duct about this year and that the set of and after that the celebration of the 10 years to empower with open source geospatial technologies
but I'm not going to zoom in on that presentation arrests tomorrow afternoon a presentation which assumes in on all the aspects of the um division the mission and the goals and how to
reach so I'll going back to the force for the conference we are now in Bonn on the falsity conference and
do you know that almost every week there is a force for the conference somewhere in the world and there is a list of all the for conferences and actually this is the work of all these local chapters and
we saw the slide already on this on the global false G conferences but today they
are on the European level for so conferences
are all and you know what America UK level facility inferences but they're also conferences on a city level on country-level almost every so the only few you I'm glad to be here I'm glad you come here I hope you enjoy the being have to be here that you enjoyed the presentations that you become involved in ways you so that you can do that we can welcome you as new members and that we can keep growing list you thank you very
much you have have to you