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FOSS4G Bonn 2016: Lightning Talks I

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FOSS4G Bonn 2016: Lightning Talks I
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OK come to form and I really really appreciate on the phosphor G truly introduces some of these foreign words about the program staff can read on your own so let me talk sessions so our 1st let me talk on all over Europe 5 minutes arguing with my son and so this is this was the wrong introduction because I give the most boring lightning talk ever because yesterday in the workshop about open source introduction and I was talking about history and 1 is from Richard Stallman and free software and open source in the guys that yeah was good but you should have shortened that it told us about the software so and I really appreciate it a lot that you talked so much about always dual because in previous phosphogen conferences sometimes we forgot about always due and always dual is the thing that makes this possible it's like in the background that unfortunately has a different name which we thought thought about really hard I wanted to call always you phosphor GT false for is dual conference but not 2 names but then you know diversity so we have 2 names it's the same thing it's just a form of and well so I am always you President Emeritus and played a trick on me and put me on the chancellor seed so if you look here this 1 here is just a little higher than all the other ones and that's not because is more important but our origins like our biggest ever chancellor he was just very tall and he was very heavy so if you look in the infrastructure down there it's a little a little more sturdy than the other ones so I what's this about I want to introduce 1 little simple very core concept of always dual and it is
called incubation what is incubation the purpose of your is your incubation process is to ensure that projects that are officially part of which you are successfully operating open and have a collaborative development community so anybody who wants to get their suffer in 2 ways you and get a stamp quality has to make sure that they are operating in the open and that they have a collaborative development community now if you ask anybody who is a community manager what they're doing I would be really interested in in what they really do because I tried to manage a community it doesn't work how can you manage a community you can manage a budget you can manage things but you cannot manage a community the community has to grow and has to grow by itself the only thing you can do is facilitate something that makes it allows it to grow and I think it was due was what has grown and force reduce the thing where it's always a bond it's a quantum leap where the community gets better so 2nd point for sufferers we have a clear licensing copyright of the code base of the project now you may think this is boring and I know that many think it's boring because I am 1 of the incubating committee members and I have mentored some of the projects the through the process and you cannot believe how many files I have found that out headed is just code it doesn't work we live in a legal system you know you have to pay things you have to hold things and so please if you call put a header into your cold it's very simple and it has to have a license and there's some 40 something nice is that you can use choose from and if you want to understand what they're about and what's advantages and disadvantages asked was due so then you have to adopt the was you operating principles which is like our 3 4 lines like the kind be good the the best very simple and your mentor through the incubation process find somebody like me there's 20 people on the incubation committee and ask them to help you get your called into was due and
then eventually maybe you can read it that means you have complied to all the principles you have a project steering committee of each area of college of license you have everything all the boring stuff is done what does it mean when you graduated it means that the US military will like you more it means that United Nations will like you more it means that the German administration and the ministries and everybody who has some kind of formal background will know that what you're doing actually makes sense and this is 1 of the reasons why we created always g over 10 years ago 10 years ago cheese and old class is 1 of the cool things this is the last time going to do this and after that you know as more younger people are much nicer than the soul a quick
run through graduated project of was dual and this is the web mapping part and if you look at its degree what's the URL of degree you as what's the due June was induced server map and there's something strange there I think it's a version that guides they have to make sure it's always dual so they call that open source map server and so these are core projects of due if you take those you can be pretty sure that they work and that there will be around in a few years to come so map server we have until gave me map server in 2002 I think it was 2003 something like this on a diskette you remember those things will the plastic things we can store data on and he gave it to me and said try this out because I was a proprietary guy they called the F. 1 you know whatever 1 means on Windows computers so that graph because I knew everything about this but suffering so so he gave me this binary and I put it on the machine and threw it into Apache and an hour later I had a man on the street in 2002 just like that while I was like come on where it would have to work in get the license so much to have to pay the so-called is at odds open-source it's what it's open source you know this and kind as all come on down but not there's Linux it never works account install it you know and all this trouble to those foods and not time so that's map ceremonies still around its 10 years ago 11 years old tolerance 14 years ago cheeses that old software while day where you saw stand up please come on 10 you there is numerous that just as 1 of the representatives I knew he was here so please give a round of applause we're pointing at tell us something about for a you is 1 of the young guys he should be somewhere OK if I continue doing this then you are in a lot of applause please I'm running over time so if a continue doing this we will end on friday afternoon because there's so many great people in such great softer sort next 1 is tested
application anybody heard about you just ever before OK do you about model good what is model marvelous little gold open if installed KDE minutes version then it's there and you know users that kids ages kids so we even have suffered is graduated that kids can use in school to get an idea about the world and can turn around it's gold like cancer fit and it's not I shouldn't say google something because he's a sponsor assorted will but there's some stuff on computers that are not like will they are different they have they have other stuff and that's moral he said same thing as q is in a different language and grass chooses like a primordial soup of GIS so geospatial libraries is the really interesting stuff so I'm just gonna skip it because you do not metadata catalogs speak thanks to due account and that you're going to do this little little trip prices W so you have 1 big altered fake thing that does everything is due a cabinets that network is due network had a lot and you have 1 lightest light small thing that's Python CWC w and they do nice things and they're totally different but there is no single best there's diversity so you can choose you can choose between 2 metadata catalogs and 1 of them will do the job isn't that great now we have outreach projects unfortunately public geospatial that as it did in the water but we've OpenStreetMap so we just promote open 3 which is called now we have education curriculum anybody in university and here and not heard about due for all shame on you so please go check out your for all and always you live is probably the best collection of suffer use spatial ever Saul those other projects and that was all from me and have a really awesome conference thank you so you want us a lot of didn't appear great from 0 we don't have some changes here but then I you is did you
think of all of that optimal here
so I did I have mistaken sorry so we we change a little bit step back through time we have to prepare something for him and you're spontaneous also because if I can find it is on the order k minus 2 years should I see the ordering now is so based on th you know there's so Harris are coming 1st we have something the law and order can you OK they that something interesting what's the right then you can
start thinking most of the real world interesting somebody here fit 0 student the it supports the use of these are administered so I think this is good news because it was called 1 of the more different from the that is published but you can
think of it yeah so I'm pleased to stay here is sodium it because you know um many years ago when it was in Switzerland always sits right remember very well when I attended to 1 of the 1st reaction 2nd the force and yes for for GE and ii mixed if it's false test because there are an awful until sorry already said that I was to organize after falsches Conference 2013 in Switzerland so I just wanted to say something about how did we 1 uh the win the and and that set the game or to business and a war against proprietary software so open source 1 so now what so and then but actually
slots by myself and actually it is also about about some years ago when it has been stated but now why your student magazine said it again but it was skeptical family and he stated every major piece of technology of our leading is now based on or is using open source as you probably know it starts with the phone with the Web with the television with the court so now what are really going to going to all have some party or something I I doubt that and and and and let's think about why and actually that was already Oscar tool and each them as I will come back on this
so clean family stated it's not that an enemy has been when each or rank aged and are awarded compared to suffer instead I mean actually as the were or a cold or whatever you know there is still there probably won't change their business plan so that this is small in principle they will move it to the web and memory make you make something like your online lifetime or all licenses but they're not it's actually not sure how we won and how we deal with it and
so actually I am not sure if it's really a Revolution or an Evolution open-source I tend to say it's rather a revolution and so on and so but still there are some so some hybrid a hybrid business plans so we are coming up so the best of both worlds and things like this but let us this thing to think about about what's in open source uh still
needs to do and where the problems are so I'll tried to point along the problems of crowd-sourced projects day or at software or something else and ideals try to see even as things about what could be opened book open and more open for some projects actually are underfunded so so say you have what we are you have open SSL or something which is not softer but anyhow it's a very crucial software for some functionality and and and and guess or if the team or a 1 single nature contributor uh isn't available anymore and or if there is not much money as they should be for renewal processes or something like this so some are controlled by a single company which happened to my has still just very before when the movement if there was a fork tool Maya still minus stay there and now these are the fast about minus the license becoming a closed or something similar and even in their overseas medical system which I am working much with the projects and also we students actually 2 of them are presenting on friday some stuff about the OpenStreetMap software of them and they are not controlled but somehow very heavily influenced by and 1 large company which is not as healthy as I would expect so some other pro con projects are relying on single persons I guess also they wouldn't admit probably they're struggling perhaps out or others have trouble tool and then to put their way into with the community and speaking of community Of course
communities everything that's that's obvious so I'm really excited to be here and I have also know better plan and then on old how tool that I do garden in the community and gardening is another key I wanna mention but they and and this
is something that I side from not by Alan Cohen actually that's a musician by mixtures ecology 1 from statement to canadian and he had a modern very well regarded blog posts about OpenStreetMap past and future and I regard of statement also a software that having a large softer consistent so he sketched 3 scenarios 1 is goes down and the prior projects on the top hasn't been updated since years or or even obviously abandoned than and does that and he is is this tool OpenStreetMap data capturing but that the same applies to all source software and the 2nd 1 is that are above it is that the 1 you would wish to 0 then will will have its gardening so everybody who is just the having a nice clean up Gordon which is up to date and and the 3rd scenario is boring as that 1 to 1 map very very probably get capture every every gloss single thing across the so the legality is mapped to a one-to-one into into a database of so you could imagine that actually and probably statement would allow this because it's an inclusive community but this is something which is then all and its which has or hell around state outdated status and it's something we don't want probably
inventors speaking of gardening I mean really
but I don't mean it's it has to be egalitarian it and it's a how to mix of those Holbrook parts in India in free time or whatever page and that their work and then there's this long tail so it's some kind kind of inverse 80 20 rule straighter % of 2 people or even 10 or are at now of capturing a majority of the data that's what we do and that's what we have observed and which is not that bad and it's the end of this kind
of makes I'm thinking of now there are some of the 4 things which are missing which is another interesting blog posts which was has been written done recently and it's open source in it's lacking in open source software there it didn't work other gets the open source effect didn't stick around on the date of course over data models Open science and open hardware but also open user interfaces which system made-up word I mean I'm thinking of open source software still has the in them I am I mean by pretty impression and some things to enhance from the user interface so a user interface engineers and stay up and come join the community to make open source software even better so we want and
they're probably has its own like um that like evolution and is so when when it's majoring it's not that interesting anymore
but actually we don't need more scientists really toward engineers they'd engineers which take things to the ground and implement things and
that's my last slide so I'm really exciting off off the things to come on safety expecting more force of projects based on a new technology which I listed here and hopefully more open things not only software but also others thank you is that here as Sebastian before we run the same problems that just could you is and binds to the browser you to we all right so everyone in is shown as some go talk to you about blockchain in geo-spatial applications or and distributed systems as well and there were just putting up the slide show now it's under GoogleDocs and then you should be with us in a 2nd but the but while we're waiting then maybe I can ask if anyone knows of Long Chain is this 1 up to a few hands in a chemical so that 1 that's on actually the China now this place where the play button the 1 to the other right the but only those of you that this is it's always I I the parents of because so
sorry about that the rate to go and starting the timer you've only got 5 minutes until really fast right many units and from also metals tools and of freelancer
and I talk about this topic before you'll find more about it on my website and so and
the justice system is always see to the right of this figure a system where all the particles are communicating directly with each other
peer-to-peer but when we look at a map practically all the data was human map visualized and represents only in 1 way or another centralized um structures or organizations or at least the data has been acquired in distributed essentialize way also the day that we produce with our mobile devices and often end up in centralized systems when we uploaded to for instance uh Facebook or Google Maps or whatever and they utilize the data for us and they also monetize the data that would be great if we could monetize our own data instead that we generate enough pockets so well that's where blotch comes and so what is the most famous implementation is Bitcoin it's itself and it's a distributed peer-to-peer immutable public registry deliver on 1 machine that lives on a on a network and no 1 is in charge and all the nodes in the network are equal and to each other and anyone can only 1 1 consider the node and be part of it when the data enters the registry and we use a public private key encryption and I that new blocks are added to this registry everyone's 10 minutes the nodes are awarded to with cryptocurrencies such as speech Bitcoin and that it covers the cost increase incentive to run this network each block refers to the previous 1 in this way
so and there is a hash which is derived from previous block which is then put into the set to the following 1 it has like a fingerprint of a chunk of data you change 1 bit the hash changes that means that all the old blocks trends of of entries in the system they cannot be changed to change them the puzzle doesn't fit anymore and that
leads to that this can be like a sort of truth that runs like a backbone through your application increased transparency and accountability and you
can't however as stores of rich data on the system so you could do that also change in a system call IP for instance which is super interesting thing about it is it's going to be very applicable in our industry as well you don't refer to a file by the location by bytes content and that means that multiple computers can have it and you always pull the file from the computer that's news to you even from multiple computers at the same time this is fast and its resilience now because this look
at use case of if I wanna get by land so I don't just
it's just not a matter between me and the guy who's on buying it for I also need to involve a bunch of people who are controlling the registry or where where it says who owns which part of the piece of land and got a given some money now that's an extra cost it's a single point of failure right there that registry 3 of those people can be compromised 1 way or another and also requires everybody in the area of millions of people to have universal trust in the in
this system so that's where if we can get rid of that overhead will
become a safer and cheaper it's already happening in
places like endurance and possible and Georgia and there's a couple of vendors out there who
are providing land titles on the block chain is a service so the use cases would be
uh were on a B and b they also have a geospatial component of obviously and again there is a middle man was making money every time that client and provider who are connected with each other and if this could be run on the block chain there's already something cool arcade just see which does that then I will be cheaper and more resilient to
failure this is really big also instead of things autonomous devices running autonomous applications many of them geospatial so that's another
big area so just to summarize the technology is there the need is there and distributed this implies system is cheaper to run it more resilient to attacks and failure the the fact that is public the registry and enhances accountability particularly in public sector end so let's go ahead and reinvent existing business models over this architecture and and the new ones as
well and please contact me through this complicit talk about this topic and oracle hit my website or a you can join a tie jacket this like channel we have people from all over the world discussing this topic on us like and besides
unbroken work so please contact me OK the next speaker proper I hope we don't have this technical problems anymore he is a very well known force would you conferences normally this summer singing or dancing kind of 0 stuff like that is really a pity you haven't had the time to prepare such but I inches wanted him to join us in the the opening session so even and will hopefully now presented you something hi I'm human-centered I'm the guy who does that weird stuff right last year I did something 1 point the musical and there were a lot of jokes about my boss right so please don't make jokes about my balls because you will use some of the Code of Conduct Committee the 0 I don't bring you in the songs or dancing I did say there's a couple of weeks ago so I stand by that instead I will bring you to work you might be asking yourself what works the are invention and innovation and true this we tend to mix these 2 up it's a very tall and they vary covered tightly coupled concepts so we use the up so invention is when you create something with your brain and media text right this is going to create something new just use your imagination your brain and your knowledge innovation is when an invention is firstly used it when you apply an invention to make something to make money to make something faster something better something funny to actually applied in invention and the should be kind of trivial to understand that innovation require you there and all of companies and people they just for this focus on the innovation but before but due to the people to that this for you can think of no traditionally we have this thing called operate low and bottom ball and actual properties and 200 years ago the idea is OK so if somebody and then something I'm going to give that person right over dimensions so the innovations he gets with that he will get monetary return so he will have something to make him invent form things so inventing and innovating is good for the whole society right this was true 200 years ago and I do think that today this 200 Old Europe concept is no longer right he does not work the way it was found in fact is working in the opposite way of what it was time for right now all the way to break that these open source open source empowers in the to invent more we felt open-source would you will have these big companies gobbling all the intellectual property area but not inventing and preventing people from that this may we here so let me put it very very excited every real example of happened to make a few months ago the control idea who I don't think it's in the room gets to the top spend last nite in 1 of the visual perhaps the positive mood is your for of the Tour just challenge me to eat about creating what the services using only profanities this would be much easier to remember so I took the challenge and did a lot of research on how to divide the Earth into small pieces to assign a number to each and then compare that number to a string of text and 1 of the 1st things I research was this thing but this is called if I can pronounce it right because the roles neither equal area hexagonal aperture of 3 you did the grade if so this divides the error anarchist he drawn and the triangles in the hexagons and more hexagons more they have very lots of huge lot of very good properties now of this algorithm is protected quote quote by companies so I cannot invent things based on this and it's a big exceeds a good algorithm I would love to use it to make new things I don't know what it could have created with this so I couldn't do this so it turned out to a 22 year old people from the University of Zurich which said describe something cool and altered he drove except octahedron triangular quaternary matched that the concept is is a simple you assume that your thesis spheres we can do that we do that every day then we assume that the years is that all procedural octahedron with just 8 points we take we with flatten this surface into triangles and we should be right triangles into 4 smaller triangles and so on and so on uh appoint members them that's and I have to use this algorithm which is worse than the hexagons because the hexagons are protected by copyright so I cannot invent copyright for
me is that and in the pediment conventions and so if we don't have more dimensions we will not be able to innovate I didn't use that algorithms and it created something called what the facts that call and be where it has the word fuck on the domain name so the if you expect a nice language in this webpage don't know my 1st idea for the for 3 D was to something musical and finally and dancing safer than on getting 1 of the some forms of carbon we you did not do them Ramadan the movie all the it and 1 of the most famous songs and reading in like uh such a fucking mouth think of fucking your by mighty materials of a you remember that song right so I couldn't I do have the time for its so like deep made what the facts wrote a lot of recommendation about it but I can't really do anything pre within right now so please look at it please say the rest of the conditions that we can talk later in the year non-C for work according to of a Feather session right where we can't of triangles that I had to do something pretty for the for the so I decided to something completely is it that I had to invent something deeper than the triangles what the facts so that right now in today's world that there are no blank inventions all inventions have to depend on something else I took some concepts to such said you fencing and alternate gravity things that you can only see with sums of work I do things like triangular mesh driven generative poetry under stream of coding of IP addresses and it created something calls just like a so if you go to your high with the phone and you will be able to walk around the city not paying attention to traffic but instead of looking for imaginary animals to catch you can catch beauty so let me make this for G beautiful with some geospatially algorithmically generated poetry uh and this is in the In the institute where we have the workshops on backs with softmax coldness of appears in front of the TV 46 years singing going where I think only future or something and this is from the individual the building from the for the 2nd day of workshops still being the the depart dream tree tree 15 this is of Adolf which sees drink a lot of 1st later when when he is the energy they have that in the building that this is from the Earth from conference venue lovers quarrel the rhythm of is my fault it uh this is from this building keys finding the model left to the butterfly of mountains it's so peaceful and whimsical and great needs is missing 3 verses from 3 different hikers from traditional oriental poetry they B-tree blossoms on the earth and read ignores and of course they argue their blossoms do you want blossoms to pay attention to you far from the tiny thatched let no 1 else seemed you group have to decide how about singing the people like me lots of butterflies at times mutations it's like behind my back and little red flowers skin and bones it I think this is 1 of year of the past this is the 1st work that I could I think we don't have good food there people asking me durkheim church even if you shut up and different to it has an increased for no particular reason of perfumes don't case did not stops working on my window this is 1 of the hotels for governing the max of where people are saying and then I guess this is silent on the mornings it's a great solar please go out and find some beauty in and you look at the poetry and let me tell you open source use v this way to empower inventors convention so there to feel empowered to then this is the 1st time the following the 1st 4 G be a word that you can do whatever you want with open source you need to ask for permission you need to ask for students license you need to ask for a developer key due are empowered to invent and create a new things with a and what's more important please empower all the so to invent because this is what how we will make society better thank you very much