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OSGeo conference videos as a resource for scientific research: The TIB|AV Portal
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This paper reports on new opportunities for research and education in Free and Open Source Geoinformatics as a translational part of Open Science, enabled the growing collection of OSGeo conference video recordings at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). Since 2015, OSGeo conference recordings have been included to the collection sphere of TIB in information sciences. Currently, video content from selected national (FOSSGIS), regional (FOSS4G-NA) and global (FOSS4G) conferences is being actively collected. The annual growth exceeds 100 hours of new content relating to the OSGeo software projects and the OSGeo scientific-technical communities. This is seconded by retrospective acquisition of video material dating from past conferences, going back until 2002 to preserve this content, ensuring both long term availability and access. The audiovisual OSGeo-related content is provided through the TIB|AV Portal, a web-based platform for scientific audiovisual media providing state-of-the art multimedia analysis and retrieval. It implements the requirements by research libraries for reliable long term preservation. Metadata enhancement analysis provides extended search and retrieval options. Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) enable scientific citation of full videos, excerpts and still frames, use in education and also referral in social networks. This library-operated service infrastructure turns the audiovisual OSGeo-related content in a reliable source for science and education.
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OK well will come on and we introduce you to Peter adult that where I talk to us about how to smartly extracts knowledge from all the great talks that we do it was you conferences the phosphor GE global regional and so on so please can you hear me all he also correlated variable yeah of course yeah OK but I should know that actually have the know-how and make publication of thank you all for being here and understand that I'm uh the last between you the the Rhine and the cruises so is much appreciated it taking it and I'm going to talk about those due conference videos as a resource for scientific research
OK I come from the German National Library of science and technology so I know we have a couple of libraries in the room so I'm among friends and family that sort of cool and of course all
used you guys you also friends and family and the of 1 of the largest science technology library globally we put on inference we have still a lot of books of course but also because Digital and IBM and in infrastructure provider for the scientific process and we have a global customer base which be reaches out to Europe and to divide the world in general
and the strategy is to move beyond the text of so yes we have books for use text in the novel also addressing non textual information especially scientific film much and what I'm going to cover today at but also softened research data the
final video has become an established fact in the research cycle which is just an example thing from last week I got that on Linked and others would never never never know that exists and that's a video on G 6 by of our own Greeks uh and um it tells about that what is cool stuff to do just that technical advice how to work with GP circuit would otherwise be totally closed to it's a good video it's there on you tube so it's preserved findable in a way the question is just like vernacular allowable infected can't be here today and what about the impact peer-review altmetrics like this you get any recognition for his work come back to that later so basically
from the scientific perspective and you and you informatics is sort of cool because we can use these media videos uh so that the sensors to monitor the state of the art of what's really going on at the leading edge stuff like that has not been publishing papers to get an idea that what is discussed in the community we can analyze for these videos that would be cool to analyze the content of the useful trend patterns that would put a hot topics now what I'm not so hot topics and that kind of stuff also innovation and also of course that's something we really do very often you know knows you the liberated concepts which are used in 1 context to another context of totally free to use of self for any kind of good but really wanted was so we can use these educational videos to get ideas for only work in just like a recycle them and and all of this is from our perspective part of the 1 of those verses data-driven science another buzzword is open access 3 0 but for this we need tools we need a way to make this happen OK so apparently just distracted before like at the library if you'd like these and and 3 circles thing so here's 1 of them and that the motto of this conference is of course building bridges so we're trying to bridge the provided proper Cumberbatch between owes you research and education and the memory organisations who make it all happen the guys in the background
and OK before I really go deep into video after they have cover briefly another topic and that's digital object identifiers also heard this before him the session and and also a little bit about long-term preservation is going to be really brief on the OK and OK let's
that's good to some physical exercises that can becomes a couple of times please everybody who has a publication the d y on please stand up OK OK we have a couple of them all right OK OK OK no OK it's late and they let's let's let's just Rose hands who has heard of the concept of the wire used 1 as a citation in and his or her work OK good so far was totally clueless thank you OK it's really easy digital is the 2nd books have ISBN numbers so you can refer reference the book by the number and this is digital identifier's work exactly the same they're like Dr. next you know like that these uh travel box all of these military ID the needs for scientific information they started out for journal articles and books but now this has been taken further into so for to to make them usable for software video and that and Organization for that is that is that they even if the
sites and but they provide is a search interface to search for these . doc acted data to sort of cool I
and these these dualize a are used in a very good growing numbers growing number OK this slide is not working what was supposed to be there it's this
1 1st there be remember this detection of gravitational wave thing was last year elected to black holes collided somewhere out there and this dataset is cited by its it has been doctor and it can be used and never mind it goes this is this is sort of a nicest thing than the than the URL HTML thing and it will be all findable on the web and is also works for video so we use in this
and for video this is a very old slide by biomarkers middle of formatting 10 years ago the statement is there's all these there's a growing number of almost you projects all of them are producing a growing number of videos all this was dumped on you tube and somehow the should find interest would be that would be good to be helpful and on the other hand we have the statistics about the number of and scientific media which we get the wires signed these numbers are going up it's still relatively slow going and this small number but it does the trend it's getting more and more popular because it's useful so we don't doctype
data another thing to do was Dr. tagging humans and science and that's the orchid identifier is just the same thing the string is attached to person and then you can also get a QR code for that if you're inclined to have another
three-circle thing so let's build bridges so the idea is to put this technology together used the wise have the the doctor for humans and Dr. video those you can also be should stop tag all code and data but that was going to be a different the about next year OK so
TIB has launched its own video portal it's this nifty to AV the of the US and it's works in German and English and it provides but you know from you tube and even more and it meets all the requirements for long-term preservation but the library standards and the benefits of our
fault the um OK and exercising show of hands who gave a presentation here this conference on this almost all of you OK OK I hope you dress nice and you and it did come you have before that because all you have are sort of well I think you but you are the video produced the producers of is because all these videos from today's from yesterday today and tomorrow will end up in this and this article OK 1st of all because you don't have to pay for that the library just quality check but there's a legally watertight publishing this indexing according to international standards you get GUI doctor can consist of this of cold uh yeah switching here we have that the you consumers that's like when you when you want what stuff and the cool thing would be have is this really really cool and search algorithm behind it I can only say it through that today are because near the another culpable squared is squeeze 11 with hand right OK that's all automatic metadata extraction because usually when you check in the video in tube you did assignment at title to it and maybe at some metadata what some text what it what it's about but the due dates back to the time machine because we squeeze the video of the mind the video for of important measures voice to text and the text recognition through to get much more metadata to make it more searchable OK so here's how
it works and each you has a GUI link it sort of looks like a U L and if that every modern browser understands the things you can cut paste that your browser get fast forward to videos 1 example is the 1 claim of
frames is the the the the beautiful 1987 Krause video uh and some of you have heard me ranting about that important 2 years ago so it's an old it draws is a very old Julius project started by the user military the head of commodity and did you commercial produced in 1987 the head William Shatner that's the original captain kirk narrative thing it comes with a lot of hilarious footage just like all these all hairdos stresses historic hardware cost estimates the Pentagon is in there and also some some some strange handmade special-effects wonderful just use this link putting your browser general right the takes right to the video however we
can do little more than in the video 1 of the holy artifacts of the gross communities is shown and that is the front page of the historic grass manual which was printed and using that and the was crossed to and this 1 got signed by William Shatner so the simplest thing there and then the cross officer for a while so this is a cool story but if I want to talk about that in that a conference on the scientific paper and citation link for
that so for example the lady who told us the story the 200 she's looking and graph those times was real I can use our portal service you Isaac tation inca OK but so I can cite the whole movie it is 15 minutes i just want that sort of cool there's the video
quote mechanism I can zoom into these 5 seconds we have margin and the thing hanging on the wall and they can refer reference to that this sort of nice it works for all of it's not it is both done automatically for individual scenes but you can also just pick your personal highlights but later on when you want to talk about this strange talk that I gave you continue can just exhuming into all these little language mistakes that committed and just you that that post that if you want to start have so how we doing for
dose to content except for this historic of the are actively collecting the German chapter conferences which is and we have started to collect in the global 1st Fergie and false for North America so all this stuff is coming out and archive the up actively harvesting you to describe the YouTube and Vimeo for the old stuff so that the archive continues to grow both into the past and the and the future I if you don't have to
remember any of these you else all the stuff is also linked in across so you can also find it already and and just to give
a little bit of motivation why we're doing this he is a deadly video that this this to the video over the the the videos from the 1st frost is past conference from 2002 and these videos are still sitting on a server somewhere northern Italy around nearby Trento you get black historic videos and that's it and the younger self often had unintelligible can't be here today and that is Marcus it's like the the qualities of the super grainy it is historic video format and super deadly because the city is around for 2 and a half hours speech and the connection is so slow that it will definitely timeout after 5 minutes max it's not usable meaning so we wanted all of that stuff you want to get it want to make it usable for
modern now the thing is also due Sydney 0 9 um groups there the 1 and hosting provider for the video footage next accept change the business model and all of a sudden this stuff got extinct error 5 to to look at another 1 2006 f from trot also this stuff sits on their service but loops my country browser use there must be chromed could use it because the plug-in was gone so yes there's a lot of stuff this adaptive of cool video content of their but not usable so therefore from the
library prospects that can be heard about that too long now basically that if it is don't about 2 years or what I set up a whole countries offer can on then we think about that decades and centuries eventually all that stuff is you putting into YouTube and SlideShare it ends up in the trash bin thank you I remember all my god I've been renting and better hurry up OK so what impact so that's the thing that was that doesn't work OK
basically what we're trying to do is doesn't connect people and make sure that they get some credit for their work OK here's an example of a
deity that could you please stand up would like to introduce a teenager to you 0 my god that's that's fine that's fine thank you so much OK so you see she's a real person she exists and but this using this is a good example because she has a page at all at those dual weaking whichever but the cost of what does we have from a so this is a success story so when a search for a data side I get for that's the that's the job Doc Tag videos there's a link the DataCite independent organization and these things fast forward through that unbreakable mechanism to all portal which guarantees this content will be available at a reasonable speed now in 10 years time into time so stuff really works so that you as a shining example for OK and this would also work for software and added to if there's a GUI
OK so that has come back to the start of the presentation What of our winters TV signal of his YouTube channel good for however when the search for him nothing
is found it's in this good work is sort of invisible it's not citable in science and that's not fair purity feel that this kind of recruiting it's good commission so he started singing something but just a very quick
look into the future uh meta data mining that's the squeeze of lemon thing that this is an example from 1 of the German conferences it's the substance of the project and by terrestris about it's called Brandenburg greedy it's as the super is a very interesting technology out of you must 3 D data and if you're in a browser but it's also interesting to tale about politics and what people can or can't do with that data so we have a video of that so if this is a
hand-drawn mind map of the topics covered in that is in the in the in the video is of lots of stuff it's like that stuff geology added value OGC standards all that he would never find that if you just go off the title Brandenburg treaty so how to access the OK what did you think of you have to do that he didn't know where you would like to invite you to play with that and use that is all open data proportional it's not an API yet is right now it's just a dumb for all of the RDF we just started with that sum of data and you can you use that there's the thinking and in a triple store so 1 example would be plays graph to mine this all this is automatically created squeeze lemon metadata here that your tips you can read my minor content for the cool stuff that interests you so a triple stores graph databases a 1 way to go the other way would cause it would be a prodigy 2008 is an ontology editor which is quite popular so we just get started if you will find if you play with this you find something cool you don't like it please tell us OK
so in a nutshell the have built the bridge hardware this is 1 of the most bridges and bond and to had to to to wrangle with scientific videos especially shows you the status quo that that that sort of works and if had the portal is becomes of the back and forth GUI enables long-term preserve consent was due video content so we can do all this stuff and this is the time tomorrow
so quota you guys are awesome he do often stuff you it is also please please preserve them because otherwise they are useless so you get some videos talk to us that things are listening care questions sold Germany
certain and just changes
the cataloging was to already a uh I think you also using idea to
use also for for the videos
and also suburban
improvements to cattle dries up arbitrary objects also and humans so um which means that you could assign the same tag so the same descriptors 2 2 documents and tool to researchers for example to my have you plans and in that direction and that's a good question
no I have to be honest I'm just a humble geographer just work that libraries of
pretending to right now right now they haven't been having to having to systems having to the entity in the catalogue system which is fully operational and the 2nd system that's the video system systems so these systems are not tied together yet and migration will be done this in the next years so no we don't have it yet but I have a different looking into how can how
confident are you that the video I did last year in the united fishy both end up being assigned to the same maybe I get different orchid each year and I use the the you
got your own orchids like I have
my here that's my personal doctor thing OK she will get a new orchid at a given time the anybody you a decision to get an augmented for you but each video get need a different deal I and this since there's a collaboration right no between orchid and data scientists susceptible approach and is European project called for in Europe the videos you produce for your you covered mentioned in these your eyes will be linked to the orchid any other questions number of just more
of a comment the really like this a lot I didn't know anything
about your and it's a pity the
room so empty are there is quite a few tweets out there and
people really like this so I think
in the after 1 from this conference there's going to be really valuable so thanks a lot to get final thanks so much for that unfortunately this just this pitch what's supposed you in general because it is is a critical mass of libraries of 1 of the librarians in the room maybe we should really talk about like that at having and comity or something some some means to represent the point of view perspective is analyst you I think it would be good for a is text OK any other ideas comments questions when you think you very much