Introduction (Till Adams), Introduction (Mayor of Bonn)

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Introduction (Till Adams), Introduction (Mayor of Bonn)
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I don't know I don't know I have and I think it
was easier than than it is to be in in the in the case of this is a list of some all the
hi I yeah I did
and so yeah it's a great moment for me for the whole
local you see their faces there so that was a short
impression of the Rhine and the music to welcome you aboard welcome in the Rhineland and real so happy to have you all here it's absolutely fantastic if you plan for 1 and a half years and the people of it's a great moment OK but before we go on I want to go 1 step back back to to
2013 we've been in Switzerland the sitting over there different cannot at the fastest conference which was this a German-speaking force for the conference and 2 things happened in that year I joined the Board of Foster's if and some people a few people were standing around and talked about probably getting force would 2016 to bond and somebody presumably me said let's go and now you're here
you're here from Afghanistan Australia Austria Bolivia Denmark Finland France Iraq Ireland Ivory Coast Japan Poland Portugal really you wonder Serbia Singapore Slovakia Switzerland
random crime you're here and we all agree in 1 sentence
maps software so you see
a map which is much better than text and you see some still some gaps on the maps but I'm sure following 1st videoconferences we will fill these gaps as well and I know
I'm like little bits but you you're a community of like this is a curved booking and it gave us some sleepless nights we had the sum and then that was the end of the leverage and that was all break-even point c can understand some gray hair on on the head and stuff like that because it was very very late so I hope you book more only for the next conference at some guide is in here that was the last booking on the on line registration system Friday nights at the level from Canada yeah
but I have some more maps um see this slide you see all the logos of the happened 1st would you conferences all over the world I had the pleasure to be at nearly every conference I is Portland I'm sorry um and if you count them you see 9 so we could say we have the the tendency force for G conference here and but we proud because of something else because if you look at the names with Barcelona but it may with if k times so and 1 for me as a blind but that sounds great absolutely
OK some words about the way anywhere in here Mrs. as you might know the Plenary Chamber of the former German parliament was used from 1992 to 1999 in city plant is unchanged since the last election so it's always Dorotea historical places him not allowed to change anything you're not allowed to bring your coffee in here as well but my opinion is if I wouldn't know better I would say that this building was built to host the force which conference only OK some ideas
about our ideals normally that's boring point I have to talk about the code of conduct we have so you can read it believed to be the most you websites but we make it more simple this is a binary from official from the city of Bonn I found the general really understand how that tweet and the translation is we stand for cosmopolitanism about mindedness and so does the force G so we make it easy the
friendly others will be also small the Sun also that's and be open because we are an open community today OK before we
start with that conference just if you back because we are at the beginning of a conference but we in the middle of the whole week so we
started on Sunday afternoon with the code sprints in the base camp I see some faces so that there so we took some pictures
just show you some impressions I've been there twice that was a really complex and really look like the people working there I think there are preparing the slides the with OK and
another 1 referred to as so I think maybe you have a short applause for the people who spend their free time to work and our software but we to
Monday tuesday we have 2 days full workshops 42 workshops I guess
was a little hectic to bring all the stuff over their impact the 1 Monday morning I was sweating a little bit but from what I heard everything worked quite
well just some impressions and perhaps a little more applause for the workshop prepares the thank you yesterday we had something
new to force videoconference we called the B to be meeting that was here and other place in on the idea was to connect people and companies so they had to so Kilpatrick which a former that had talks of 5 minutes 20 slides 50 seconds every slides from what I heard on of course was the presented together with a friend of me that work quite well so perhaps this is a new format for a force for you to do kind of pre-conference also
some more impressions from there the
and so just a short overview you
outside so if you the mayor on he's talking sooner
afterward so you had a reception and I really like the idea that there's a connection between a conference in the city that hosts this conference so many many things that we could be at the Old Town Hall yesterday at some
drinks at some talks now
come with a bit more to the city of Bonn what is proud to have to host 3 was due suffer projects with the home here involves the degree project the map and the project and since my colleague Markus middle of moved from Italy to bond he's a chair PC chair of the crust project by saying 1 is also the home of the project no we have for open Source GIS companies here the together over 45 employees purely focused on open source of and we have many many more years business here they're not purely focused on force the yeah headquartered here German space agency a lot still a lot of federal ministries of your and so on and so on we the young
cities which is kind of Science City you want to leave at few walk through the city but we have 330 thousand inhabitants here but they all live in this small images around the core cities is quite small but what I'm talking about I think the mayor of it's a better person to introduce you to the city
so please welcome Mr.
FIL and fear there we it the thank you very much Mr. Adams the warm welcome to false for GE community as the into delegates ladies and
gentlemen we are delighted you came to the city of on and in particular to the G U business region of they become weight almost forgot from me I should be done will reject that he is not able to be here with you to take a fossil genes has grown into the into the real time and face to face platform for genes so you scientists and experts I would like to thank the organizers for their initiative to bring this leading conferences to bond in 2 thousand 610 this to let me say that I am amazed by the number and geographical splits all participation you already told about the present and participating countries so I won't repeat them welcome again and thank you for making it to on and for joining for switching even if we are able to use open source holding but most of all communication and cooperation as a face-to-face meeting once in a while is indispensable for the quality of of cooperation and geosciences of observation and spatial and their analysis research and application find uniqueness images here many of you will be aware of all global key players enough observations science amongst them the German it was space center bonds universities University Center for Remote Sensing and you in spider program of the United Nations Office for the space affairs using Q data to prevent and manage disasters the geo business region born and all international science for use in the region features of these and other relevant institutions on rings 12 among the European ICT helps as the report also you machine Union commissioners found all city places the focus on Geospatial research industry and application in the center of Europe the the internationally rewarded you summer campaign to g of business region of honest raising the vendors the regions regions excellence in the scientific and economic development for new information technologies the June is to conferences and all goes as as follows so for genes are framed by some 27 of our events bringing together Jia from global to local in our region therefore mall been convinced that the participants of this false for conference will be rewarded here in our city you manifold benefits in terms of networks and like the underlying so experts institutions and practitioners the wide use of geoscientific findings and implications solving sustainability links perfectly well to the international grandeur of on which places a special emphasis on sustainability to this year we are celebrating 20 years both you and bond we have successfully shapes in new profile and have become Germany's united Nations city and to help sustainability all you and Campos constitutes the center of the true power laws of sustainability in fact the global campaign on the Sustainability Sustainable Development Goals has just decided to join all you and family and will reach all it was overload from bonds but as a place to call the major challenges around the globe and Bonastre a place to bring sustainable regions to lie June as leading scientists experts and practitioners in Geoscience will be able to provide the durable solutions in this your work is absolutely instrumental 1st saved resilience and sustainable future so thank you for coming to born and thank you for helping us to shape our global future from me
thank you thank you thank you very much have a small present for you it's a dry white wine the wine is grown by the brother of a friend of mine but the Moses which is quite close to
belong depends a little bit different from born it's maybe 1 and a half hours to come from America it's probably closer so enjoy that wine with your family with friends so and they are especially labeled on the back it's special field for g for you that's the advertising partner but if you think it in innovation thanks
on Friday afternoon the wine-growing that 1 will be here the when you so you can test wine and if you want to take a souvenir with you can buy the right
here and when you OK so as the nice introduction that introduction to the city of Bonn that I could do it but perhaps I'm better to make
the introduction to what's happening In the next 3 days I hope the wife he won't crash down I heard it happened and every force which utilize we're prepared a little bit we've been in the when your 1st time was Lionel from the 1st sentence from 1 over how about the wife here so this is for everybody to get don't use it not just listen to me but so have some more I prepared a kind of conference manual and 1 really important point is a 3 year really
policy so some of you will have batches with that funny red green blue dots on it normally shouldn't interest you fixed information is more for you for us so we can see somebody appears tomorrow with the red thought we will kick him out it's just a single data but perhaps it's interesting information for you as well because you you're here for building bridges for connecting people and if you know the color codes radically green blue RGB should be known so you know when these people will be on the conference and the wonder when they're not their own another explanation for the color code was a colleague of me he said corrects for wednesday that's the 1st thing so you really excited and green the 2nd day everything works fine you relax and blue this on friday if you translate somebody's flew to Germany that means somebody's truck and we have another
color code here in the sciences really really important and this is mainly to all speakers and especially to the session chair so we have several rooms and with sessions together so please carefully upon
every slot of 30 minutes which is a 20 minute talk 5 minute discussion in 5 minutes to change room and it won't work if you extend to talk so the session chairs show you a 5 minute 2 minutes and then red sign which means you're out the stage it won't work otherwise so please carefully at time then FIL
point our teacher you all that's a light blue conference teacher which is nice to see that people and that he should if you need any existence any help assistance look for the guys with the orange T-shirts these are always Student helpless they can help you and if they can't help you because they probably won't know
find somebody with the red T-shirts like country with formal these are the guys from local teams and they should help you and just explain that there's another colored T-shirts which is dark red if you see somebody without T-shirts he can also everything you want to but that probably won't know anything the only thing that this teacher chose to you that this person is perhaps a little bit more clever than you because this is an early but OK we send around 50 of these early but
booking T-shirts around the world to attract people to do only book booking received some photographs from Moscow Copenhagen again another 1 from Tokyo so that was really amazing sent the digits out in the world by the way 2 euros 72 Australia future that's cheap power and all the
colors let's hope but not too many attendees colorblind here OK and explore and feel good although it's hot outside very important dreams are served all day not only in the brakes lunches served at several points in the when you so the track is too too long just find another place you get so we have in the afternoon we have some cakes and sweets and you can't hear countless anymore more there's a nice tubular location on the right just go to the right to right there's a small killed by a bottle of beer sit on the side it's really nice place but I guess most of you are here not because of the food and the drinks you're here because of our conference program altogether we have about 180 talks we talks want social you know 30 minutes 20 5 5 this 7 topic talks this is the new format we introduced to force which is the topic talk is like a minute sessions in the room over there and it's dedicated to a specific topic so there's a moderator and introduced to the topic you may have some speakers so please attendance I really like this this formant that 17 notes here really great keynote speakers and really happy to have them all here and they will introduce to several topics that come to that in a few minutes with birds of a feather sessions this is quite easy for us because we just give you a room and you doing what you want to I think even you set yesterday evening something to me I forgot the title but perhaps if you're on stage you can announce that normally I would announce far sessions here so that we reach many many people to go there um we dig out another form we call that speakers Corner informal forced videoconferences I think in Victoria to 7 OK come to that was something that was called the theater Judy character of the cold it's just renamed it to Speakers Corner go outside just in that direction we have prepared something so you can't just attend the frightening unimportant have continuous 5 7 8 minute talk here the breaks we have a poster session the go look outside and place posters will be held at the office of the process will be there during lunch time so please if you have some minutes go over there and talk to the people they there really worked hard to prepare the posters so there talk to them we have met gallery which is behind here outside that room so you can see wonderful maps printed maps digital maps it's still a preparation thing but also nice place just if you have some minutes 3 times I don't want to talk to anybody and I think that many many more is going to happen in the next 3 days we have and this was
around we have a printed manual but we know it's not it has some back for part is floor plan if you look at room number 5 it's not on the right corner so let's call it just over there so marketing your menu and so rule number 7 moved from there today too much too much in the last thing OK some more words about
the program we introduce some key topics because our motto is building bridges and the idea was to build bridges to enable communities and so we picked out for key topics we call them disaster management the population Open Data and land information and in order to introduce these topics to the conference we dedicated simply notes and some topic talks to these key topics and hope to attract our conference to people from these communities so they get an interaction so for disaster management we have a keynote tomorrow morning from 2 must 7 is from Munich every year he's talking at 9 if came from Peter Costa of from IBM and fried in the closing session and police come to the closing session he asked specific while the last person said everybody goes to the closing section so please do it Friday 62 we have a topic talk shot the title was too long something about collaborative mapping initiated from people from 1 here so you can go there tomorrow at 4 earth observation if took the notes related to that 1 will follow when I'm ready here by and response from the European Community and another 1 we have tomorrow noon from the entire just sitting there it's really funny we finish school together she's from you European Space Agency tomorrow if the topic talk open data with the Open Software fits to this conference the Copernicus program on Friday at 11 30 related to open data with another keynoter tom he's talking about change management is a change management consultant talking about open data Friday at mind and the topic talk the same I noticed before Open Data of destruction aligned information with another very an interesting keynoter close tiny come from the World Bank on Friday 14 Boris and if the topic talk gets 1 but also open-source opportunities for land management tomorrow to so please attend that we have some small more items of course you have the sole cuts award In Friday 70 in the closing session we have Awards for the Best Student presentation the best student poster also in the closing session and we also did something new because we heard born as science and I know that conference like this is not really cheap maybe not affordable for students for this we have a student of was where 50 per cent of the time they help us the the other 50 per cent are free to attend anything here and we open our doors on Friday and 2 4 or all students just the coming just with the student card can attend to notice last session and we also have a student session on Friday afternoon which is prepared by Mr. close grievance don't see here he selected for fantastic student talks so please FIL 1 really important point especially because you're a community of like focus hours for the overseas but how
to the financially that the more time so we have 6 so was on 10 runs from the 8 supporters from the many of them have moved outside and exhibition so please go to the booths talk to the people of the booze ever drink with them I'm sure they're happy to talk about what they're working on their doing that really is the thing we can do for their money we have some corresponds 1st use those to you location attacked they gave money responded code sprints they we have a donation from the European Space Agency which was really fantastic and we have for most you 1 really important point he got some money for travel grants and so we have 10 people here are 11 don't know the exact number we pay their ticket and then all the lights to attend on this conference said it's not really cheap conference but this is a good thing we really can't do that we would like to have it and every conference Michael start fighting only socializing for me when I only on the conference is 1 of the most important points
today 90 hours everybody has the opportunity to attend the base camp fantastic location the break party over there it's just 15 minutes walk come to that soon get food their dreams and we have some really special guest I I don't really know what happening there they told me can be great tomorrow we have our dialog events which started 1815 with boarding just use that the entrance of the ship is just 50 meters away tomorrow then every nite so we have our operates in our 5 officially choosing for G pops the last thing and talking about and nearly got out of the 15 minutes and missed at the beginning today's happenings directly after my talk here we have like a taxation it's fantastic like talkers 3 of them of here father like corporate and so perhaps we little bit more fast on that if a keynote from undress fights back from the European Community at 10 1232 variants of the before lunch break and don't forget the poster session over there and of course the speaker's corner so good so the the 1st to talk there the 30 30 we have a k nodes by the premier fits a president of host you here in this room at 53rd we have the dubious at the location attack and the few move so that will serve you copious at 1730 after the program we have the BOF sessions if there are some at 73rd also and the dudes who then we have the map your Bureau but party at 19 as set if the icebreaker party just go out the main entrance and following the science it's a 15 minute walk the there are 7 and 8 I'm just and don't forget
the most important thing was for G have fun thank you 1
shortly from will talk a little about the Duke water and she will explain it for the whole will work hiking morning and
tram actually from GO KEGG and we will sponsor for fast but she's this year and we of course as forms of many fast GP previously and uh like last year we starting with those weights
for best innovative denote by and this year geotech really want to be works but another innovative developer last year we have farmers up on ports and this year we're looking for this prisons so yeah again I will explain a bit how it's work for the voting because tomorrow we will add the views of fraction of 5 persons that we choosing from all participants from g from G plus 20 this year and and you can just voting with the link that we both in knowledge social media so it's interactive so thanks for the because you guys not make sense and afterwards we will announce the best developer worked on friday so please if you name it is actually at this tomorrow please stage on Friday so you will be aware and know what is actually for 1 thousand EUR that is therefore Alice supporting for the best developers so yeah please go and cheque social media and voting for 5 persons tomorrow starting from tomorrow until Friday so this is of the changes that you