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Analysing the practical feasibility of FOSSGIS in military operations – A Cholera outbreak use case

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Analysing the practical feasibility of FOSSGIS in military operations – A Cholera outbreak use case

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Analysing the practical feasibility of FOSSGIS in military operations – A Cholera outbreak use case
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Remaining ahead of the enemy in all circumstances is crucial to any military power. Geographic information systems (GIS) can provide the military commander with geospatial information about the theatre of war to assist with the planning and execution of a mission. Unfortunately, technology usually comes at a price. GIS is no exception. The cost of acquiring and maintaining GIS software licenses, as well as training staff in the use of the software, needs to be considered. The question arises whether open source software, which can be used without any software license expenses, is a feasible alternative in military operations. The problem is that the perception exists that open source GIS software is neither user-friendly nor mature enough to be used in military operations. This study evaluates the functionality of an open source desktop GIS product in a military operations use case. A list of specific GIS functionalities was compiled based on the literature study and by developing a use case. The functionalities were executed in QGIS. Results were compared against results of the same functionalities in ArcGIS, which is widely used in military operations. Results show that all GIS functions tested by this study could be performed by both software products. These results are interesting because it means that FOSSGIS can be successfully deployed by units or directorates that has limited funds available to expand the existing GIS capabilities for military operations.
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kind of of next presentation users Susan Enrico needs analyzing the practical feasibility of posteriors in military operations but the cholera outbreak use thank you for
this opportunity to speak to allow like he said my and this is something that and the call for all of this all articles with professor city and could see and Mr. Anthony Cook that and then of course the topic is analyzing the practical feasibility of was chosen military operations in Colorado procure scholars must
couple business filesystem what introductions from the prior information of the study area and the discussion of the use goes to convert our prior to the requirements for this call are used as the methods that is also some computations and
acknowledges acknowledgment 30 and then of course opportunity for questions wall
conflict and disasters happens G
is a very important tool for commanders but comes at opera this
study this study evaluated the functionality of open source generators distal part are in a military operation newscasts list of specific GIS functionalities was then compared and based on literature study as well as on developing new used the functionalities was then compared in all of this and think you do that is also interesting because it shows that and curators all of dinner and posteriors can be used in a military operational scenario the I would like to
give you narrowed internationals to study so start studying the over the plants area located in the North West province also at
Africa that's about 160 kilometer stalls Pretoria size of course we currently there in Germany and that's where from from South Africa this has been
a mental sort Africa and the rate law clearly indicates the studied the span what is quite
interesting about this study it is based on that it was formed by volcanic
crater all command he and free in the world so it's quite interesting here and 1 of the few see today to derived off this mountains is some built data this is some
nice pictures of the study data and on the top right and coordinate you can see some built up in so some
information about the use goes to clear that and this was a fictitious scenario based on a that like a sit in the performance better linear and this not African National Defense Force listing those prominent vitamin Minister of In order to cut particles discourse and and this was done because that is Davies dynamic national into the with the deployment of bold medical and ability and color of course is that they are
highly infectious disease each week Stella 6 minute both Africa and other parts of the world In this of this
disease of course is caused by drinking contaminated water or food and is often found in areas of poor sanitation crowding war and famine if left untreated it can also lead to the and this investments on poet of militarized endorsed the system operation of it and so for the
use cases requirements were as follows firstly as a buffer area to people thinking of this created around households affected Bakalar and this will then be called the year of operations also some must be identified because it's on important is show the southern Africa met at the office of the system on the where did the contaminated data or the dark most of the stars occurrence all of this and this is easy and
then of course in any military operation knowledge looked at that and is crucial therefore also use to be bold and cholera is spread very easily list of integers it is the rainy season and also therefore of slots simulation there to be able to in in a military operations communications of vital and I in communications line of sight is important and therefore overlooked visibility analysis letter was spirits also large including allegations of output the learning that medical treatment facilities police stations throughout terrific I should point out to be the character of the water thought about what appears regression problems that analysis of life that had to be married In order for the South African army engineer for motion to serious with and fast machine down slope and also closer or the reverse this study was
conducted in 3 stages getting such run some and GIS functionalities was identified as was done of course by doing a literature study as well as the use go and doing states to the means and this effort to arms to assist the functions of the intifada disparaged 1 who were determined and develop and then of course that instead free the GIS functionality based were performed above all altruistic and it was not put off Justin . 2 and encourages efficient to point at the time of the year
In this presentation for this to call our our only that is also fall of this this will be discussed the buffering of data of operations to close but analysis the visibility life and dating also the creation of a lot of showing the location of with the Pacific Ocean from the
intense time that was the buffering data for operations this is the whole test result and this
of course is the cutest default what does quite
important and 1 is that it solves in both Europe alters and q just for a very similar and all of that would have been successfully used by the military operational commander in involved crisis in futures and however
this not the dropped both drop from books in the Buffalo analysis to specified a unit of measurement so this is slightly about central gyrus operator laughter a bit of common knowledge of coordinate reference systems of course and and also think you just the statements to approximate closer to 1990 in order to make the results more comparable to drop just insult and also to my pages most
that result with the regards comparable to but analysis discussed all just result this was the curators salt
and data and this is rendered tourists also or compared and as you can see there is quite significant difference although this difference of the power of results would have been and successful in order to show the come on the way a higher-risk areas of course all and the results mainly due to this type of the kernel function used in the different software products in In alters the kernel
based on the quadratic kernel and included the particle the by work function was chosen to include history of option of choosing any 5 old kernels shots in and
the default is stopped quadratic kernel so you can see that the the the cutest results picked up more us and it was a bit to find the arms of solutions this was the
result of all in alters of the visibility lies that it's data are structured it is that will not be visible from the magnetic position which is that and if you can see in the middle the the black triangle and integrating it shows it that all visible from the magnetic you position
this was the cutest of altered the cutest result on the list of course it initially X this poses a single grayscale go image the properties of the thing which was times to be more similar to the office of salt and the balance fossils facilitator of headache the green colors and interest in the table of contents disposable and not plausible in this
slide the results all to think it is 1st on top of each other by on the left-hand side is to alter the resulting clean and that pity as indicated iteratively it accuses
result was different from don't and on the right was around it been doped off just infant to FIL observer points and it was a bit more complicated to enter into I mean that to be done manually on in just . 3 I've it a new it to a tool that seemed to solve this and also the stood of visibility analysis and the R. in encourages lack of state that the donor that alters initially described as that single band to grayscale image which must then be chance to display the colors of old product the might see to but more complicated
this was the result of the water purification plants the slope analysis that was done in our church and of course the digitizing of the points and kitchen
In this slide the data differences might appear distorted our of there are a lot but it's not true this this slide shows differences of list and want the she intended to software products and it's only tunnel
variances that picked up we set this up analysis products will mobile software operative were very similar and with regards to student of digitizing must appoint symbols of just existing library work with quiet more extensive but encourages new point symbols within downloaded from the Internet in adult is city format and also by combining other points samples all schools in the deployment Oprah left to take note of this fact since in some cases when we deploy in Africa and the Internet might not be available so this polity of but this 50 files have to be done before the operation stops
so in conclusion although operational jurors functions could successfully be performed on both evolve to semantic you just after way in danger result is that all cured as it will need a bit more refining and % cutis initially despite that result as that single parent Kruskal Image did default existing library um also point symbols in octaves were found to be a more extensive in in alters how is new point symbols for loaded successfully engages in a city format and also by designing new symbols the
fact that this narrative symbology in alters is more extensive could be like I'm alters the software of choice when it comes to extensive military I am going to grasp products for stressed give all all military elements access to juries and of course
this fact cannot go without mentioning Armed Forces tries also give the user access to even the most that advanced chose functionalities such as the special and adrenaline analysis functions without additional licensing costs so as support can be crucial in trouble sitting in the military political saturation and therefore is used by certain fees the propriety software in the training data you can expect to get some level of service from that vendor or that the level of employment of 1st charged can vary according to different units alter alternative expressing the military it
is a recommended that at this part the cost is handy if you on alters credit extensive is that it's been you that they use it in collaboration with and other proprietors of Canada's that this
material source growing tool in in the military and we predicted it and drove will be and there you could force Justice last potential to be a force multiplier in the military so as some
acknowledgment for the South African National Defence also found in western studies the University of Pretoria for supporting this study and improvisatory nekatere Mr. Anthony could be that co-authors of this article Christians the
online measures and in the how did you hello where's or was it possible to map the probability of a color of breakout did you get that layer I think that things are mentioned this was a fictitious scenario so the collateral of the initial color of the points where the and digitized zooming into spot 5 image and looking readable they in their study error is that occur so the the I just when most about to support the script offers a computer for history and the and nodes of country launch and support so the contracts should were specific regarding organisations from the analyses in different places so what is said that you see in you can watch support available for force for software and can maybe elaborate on that question to think that is so important to think people initially wanted do to GIC during the synthesis of language support yes but we definitely are definitely better into that and insult Africa and there is also futures support a valuable tool that you can and by all of the customers also so that we are definitely looking into that as a possibility for them then having that support yeah right because there's no more questions that concludes the session thank you and is