Is there life in Virtual Globes?

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Is there life in Virtual Globes?
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Virtual globes have been widely used during last decade mainly for simulating observations of the earth from the outer space and navigation experiences over its surface which may be portrayed with various types of views and textures. The present work aims to extend virtual globe capabilities by incorporating three dimensional events on them. Such events may include animation and motion effects on 3D models representing real world living or inanimate spatial objects, modeling of natural resources and phenomena representations and any type of geovisualized activities and demonstrations.
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all right so let's go along with this with 2nd presentation this is a short practice then and
we have Konstantinos invented he's a he's from the technical educational institute of set Macedonia in the northern Greece and she's bringing a very intriguing discussion here and is the life of the troubles like what about the evolving stenography is inside treaty models so this space for you hello I'm representing can also my colleague self useful but those is the development of these things and he just joined the army and I was so you I will show you a video related and I would just show you some steps of 5 our work so the question is a kind of rhetorical question it's a metaphor is alive and the truck and if someone sees
this picture a he realizes that the natural question is is it possible after an appropriate zoom individual club to the spice of objects either leave objects or inanimate or moving objects over a specified or a predefined paths for example this is supposed to be a comoving conditions a whole small link and these are the sea waves is it possible to to create some have specific areas in the village of blobs that we real life and of course the actual answer is of course it is possible since it's a development model so there are 3 stages of course pending cases regarding the processing capacity regarding rendering regarding can many video processing can have some critical issues but to our trying what we did was to develop a tool for creating these believing just by words and and tools to create a function developing a virtual globe and then to to take this just possible to escape attempt to it over the village global deserved 3 discrete stages of the development process so
beginning from creating and just Buchenwald what we did in the previous world in previous work that is under review was to create the digital elevation model and 1st of all I have to tell you that all the jobs these dialog with the JavaScript libraries on top of words yes so uh we used and 3 JavaScript library and 2 with some functions of the j-th for example the function creating the digital elevation model who created but then using the so called the plain type geometry which is not subject to of the presentation we have the next
piece to to adapt to adjust picture over the and digital elevation models that isn't the results and is not a matter it's a poor resolution also for the regional club later our concern is the emotion and tell the replacement of the models the next eastward
static 3 D models over specified or defined by the user dynamically points lines ideas with houses plants etc. the
1st step is to overlay moving objects like for example this kind Of course this was on the sea waves now we went to the
2nd stage to create a virtual globe this is done also by the Library of 3 G is is are a little bit of these tools it's with a step of 10 degrees for many dimensions balance and the
3rd step is a critical step is to scale the world's integer evidence it over the virtual global so let me show you the video I
have the in the presentations had them a link it to you to provide them with the application which is already uploaded to her have and the code of the applications so it's free for use and further extensions the and this is the
video as I told you before uh in a previous work
we developed a tool for creating and just possible worlds constant disposal
world so we have automated uh this is interface and we have made some steps in order to make a presentation to make them overrepresentation of automated some steps so the 1st step as I told you was to create as the digital elevation models and to adjust the text to an important step is to create the values of points and lines and ideas that are going to be used for placing the 3 D models fully automated disposes based that 2 I will show you later the critical groups all 4 of these
interface it is also possible to provide uh in the areas of some pictures that
simulate for example the
way and these are the 3 uh groups that I told you before had our 1st 3rd interface for creating just possible worlds was based 1st of all on a group of creating and the delay in the 3 D surface and turn the geometry of addictive the 2nd I is them up later and consisting single points lines and polygons not going to be used for placing the selected with model so the user can define some paths or some areas all he can improve already predefined vector layers that than would be much with corresponding special objects and of course
after the he can the values 1982 region models
link so after the critical state Our concern was to be incorporated into the top so extending In this work we used some other 3 jails the JavaScript library functions in order to scale and geo-referenced this custom world over the original Globe and the result is but as soon as this is done it is placed all over the globe and now you will see that by assuming coat you can
view the origin of in there some development issues regarding care rendering care guarding the performance regarding some of disabilities of 3 D is functions which have been now corrected in that new versions and to the center of the processes at under improvements the idea of sort you is on Halkidiki have place in Greece have you can say the performance over the Web by using this link and you can also see the code and you have plenty of time so I will inevitably increase there is also another youtube video where you can find more information about the middle of this so you for creating an additive possible worlds all of these 3 D models are available from other libraries used for video games until there are plenty of such models so it's a matter of scaling to them and putting them together to form but I accustomed especially world and then of course to do reference them however there is so I think the video is over has w the
application itself is a set of although it did help and also the code is available why would you because it is a JavaScript decisions as a framework it is free and open source software 1st of all it has a very high penetration on web applications it is interpreted to interpreted and the end of by what client just in time it is not realistic embodiment there is no need for plug-ins and of course IT and service interoperability and called usability it is cross-platform there many advantages it is the extension is based on open GL which is known for hardware acceleration for utilizing the acceleration and also it facilitated the development of the values of just partial libraries like the system to be used and that the focus on globes animations and motion effects on the dispersion objects In our next set is because this called also contains many men are useful in many colds some garbage we have on the process of transforming this called into into just by cell library that would be a providing functions for making all of these processes that they show you a presentation then the usability of this all of the to to prepare to construct sophisticated large-scale user observation that for example that simulate geological phenomenon 2 regions of the atmosphere or even historical events to create some moves with some special objects for educational purposes for example all tool create complicated visualized as simulations by the cooperating with but many kind of models of engineering in order to make more sophisticated the visualization aspect of the simulation modelling so thank you for your attention and I am at your
disposal for questions the willing to achieve inspiring talk is a the tricky question have you considered tying their real-world sensor streams into your animations if you considered would for example and for the 2 2011 tsunami it was possible to get to the gage reading tidal gages from by Hobbit House from no of the American the American agency and these fever curves of the data that they were provided on to be used by k on Google Earth but it was just the data itself it was not the proper animation that what you can do here so that might be interesting to know and we have things thank you Mr. the you very creating notice using as its from games for example for the static and objects but have you also considered uh you seen like this what a physics or rendering engine from a blend of for example which is an open-source software which could dream crucial and well things in the essay in my face degrees physicists so and hard I'm not to working Group physics as it is very important for us to include please exams and JavaScript library physics JS which can be employed in order to rule make and the simulations to be so uh is is the next step and sees of causal associations with the compilation of these visualization framework with the actual learn models from the continuing so it is a very challenging can option this 1 thank you a lot of sense of and time have to get did you want use on a plane DCG slightly altered you extended no we just use that playing the the geometry of the GS and there are many other types of geometry so we didn't focus on issues of the garden geometry or as I told you I resolution or processing we just wanted to to these the issue of representing motions and animations of 3 D objects over the globe and next steps are focused on improving and such like the geometry the because it's where I was so it was a very impressed report what presentation and diet divorce a factor and that is the genius of support so many thanks to physics and and I haven't been for our friends opposite don't you with interface for creating these words if we have time I can put it I don't know under if you think it should be a set I have similar I think that the the other presentations I don't know this
is another question
whom I thought it would be directly connected with the period but you so it is to have women or and fed back in factory
more the environment and it's and for the content it's not about
here here and here the on so this is
a good course in the same concept but this is focused on the interface used for creating the just words here we also have a soul the motion paths purposely can to the value of it and physical
you these Boeing since these lines on the global phase providing the the ladies the geometries where all of these objects I'm going to act these are the steps of the job to create dispersal world to place models etc. and implement motion effects it is also 1 of
the major sources unfortunately this
work is under review since November 15 and 2 were waiting for the progress on it to to publish publish and Of
course the summation of the distances between for
example the specific plants
located for whether they be located Wikimedia functions for considering the whole space and putting them can appropriate density etc. the the to experience if you need the high processing capacity must to render all these subjects but also some development takes in order to rule reduce processing capacity for example if you have 10 cost than horses instead of 1 of course a person capacity required is not 10 times the cost some tricks that my colleague made by
using kernel functions for creating called 6 for a group of models in order not to be uh used by the process of a a steady nice is that you can load my place from game and 5 so if for example you have a and within lakes you
can say put in the scheme and
find these pictures from for example a moving OK and
this is the functionalities
incorporated in our
work is until you now you will see that all these things are just the latest we can be the you don't hide and of course soon but the they can be created how we can be important there can be a library containing the value 3 D models we have a function that stages an extended model 2 feet the dimensions of the world of course we have made a transformation between the peaks coordinates and the coordinates of the design a coordinate system it's just a transformation positional everything was disappeared from now you can choose which Canadian she prefers to to show the quite important is to they can look at this past September attributes of the moving objects for example
the around now you will see when sector you can have a look at at the coordinate the changing for example the fair he she this is quite interesting and there's only that sort of thinking of things years of the the German