Urban SDG Measuring System using the Open Geospatial Data of the International Organizations

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Urban SDG Measuring System using the Open Geospatial Data of the International Organizations

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Urban SDG Measuring System using the Open Geospatial Data of the International Organizations
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As a post Millennium Development Goals(MDG), 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) and 169 indicators were adopted at 2015 in the UN general assembly. Especially as the developing countries are predicted to face rapid urbanization until the 2030, Cities attract more and more attentions for achieving SDGs because most activities occur in the cities. But the activities are closely related to spatial phenomena. It is essential to consistently construct the spatial database for developing and developed countries and uniformly measure and monitor the indicators of urban SDGs which is operationally defined in this presentation as a SDG 9 and 11. In this regards, open geospatial data present both possibilities and limitations for urban SDG measurement. In this presentation, we analyze open database from UN agencies and Multilateral Development Banks(MDB) and measure and predict the urban SDG until the 2030 using that database. To that end, we analyze the related open data structure of those international organizations and develop a UN SDG monitoring system based on the FOSS4G solutions such as PostGIS and GeoServer. Choi, Junyoug (Spatial Information office, Korea Land and Housing corp., Republic of Korea) Hyunsoo Kim (CITUS. CO) Jaeseong Ahn (Kyungil University)
Keywords Spatial Information office, Korea Land and Housing corp., Republic of Korea CITUS. CO Kyungil University
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OK and their continuing the territories of last speaker for this morning and I would like to introduce Mr. Choi from the spatial information of this uh from the career
land and housing corporation is going to tell us something about using the Open Geospatial data all of all of the international organization in Korea so if you're ready to flourish that have but there that's me 2 main emaciated today from a query and then holds information in the cell government the company so be it is a it is used to provide the Opel the warehousing in Korea and listen to the uh provide up with 1 how master-planned Paul developing countries interested country they my
presentation is consist of 5 it's at the end of the main content is about to open data and systems of wilderness organizations and and have analyzed and then I stand and that there is small pattern developed an unwavering scheme for them all and this is this is done by a part of the UN Sustainable Development cause that was approved this to you by the UN General Assembly and in in in this is the presentation of and this is the 2 means of and as it is you have a and B focus on the development of the cities you have and no such as an and testing and more focused on the dual of an agenda that is so freaky overview the coast of New Albany gender was not finalized because you and have it come of 3 components you be had this October so that of this this figure of an there was no final is nice to know that the people that become part of it without main components there was some on several free components of free components and their results are not generally applied to the end of the the palace unit so we derived or the of implications and direction for the of of unease and then the prospect although the Open Data but a lot
of the toll was a study the prom
and awareness using than is it all innovation in developing countries as many people have a focus more on the cities and the units of diseases is presently of entities focuses on the cities then is city center over that of large all that is the another other 1 this year including all the units it is a disease that is only of the global goal is to study the problem two-celled under-resourced and medium development called bodies to take so as sustainable development model of this theorem and the next step that called itself due on Monday it and that it is more focused on the Albany of an area of and and domain and you have this accomplices to set up the new events and that an independent economists agreed on a strategic level of about that the New and I used to bury pieces and is not finalized so we now published under as it is you have 1 and 182 indicators of all as the units easy on 17 and goal is as a 169 indicators and a city 11 has a very small portion of this about this this is goal is as a very coordinated a special filament so I'll it is to the end and and of of what the store of adjacent to achieve goal in especially all costs and the was still very recently from engine that all the data lies and the people you Albanese and and the 2nd on a does post put it can bring the gavel monitoring and implementation on which the developed and developing and developed countries because uh of L according to the global goal so on most of the countries that some countries that developed and some quantities that developed in 3 in case of risk to develop and developing countries can and that can have a problem DDT 0 post post post putting so In this presentation we so they all right into using the possibility and Open Data
all but disappeared agree that today's topic in our are possibilities sold so that it can and uh to some a lot come outcomes outcomes so what is I that there was a UN opens a s in and the those between those of collaboration between you and imposed was community then in this in this talk the date of we analyze the open data from UN agencies and somebody development banks such as CATV and I be to a major and believed bother cool and is and the especially case of all the necessary we take it is possible to develop a monitoring system based on the Open Data and impossible to services such as its you know the to node there are many many
that Germany of of the open source suggesting and that is a problem base that the based some site to provide the best and that the data but is the data that was the most and many of any of the other areas of the best of best amount that the that the source is that is that is needed and In some cases that just did I simply did it provide a staggered had many but they're all users as suggested in Amendment and adequate question and and also some data public space becomes continent such as the World were Asia or Latin America in and
some at a little a little
bit just provide the open they also sees the case so you and you and habitat and they provided 200 the 20 countries and 7 over a hundred other cities and all 100 indicators and uh it is provided by the US his Sicily and season and what we see the the provide all data apple member states and select the new member states but there was a database of open source and that and all that all India but more on the climate perspective of so you provided that those continual book you end of the economy and in this occasion and employment status but was it yesterday but it provided detailed Member State and what of event that but all based on multiple data to the server
the central theme is the image of and it was a cover the back on whole nation and the date is a who provide data in a very variously In case of MTV that test so I sentiment Bank of accountability and Inter-American Development Bank and the system this industry with ageism and provide provided provided that data up within a specific reason continent but they're probably their focuses on the investment so they provide investment denim position information data and so debited limitation to but we have to use this this data and playing and implemented in the is it easy and uh you when and the but then when we compare the systems of habitat use of some of they will collection data collection
scheme such as the G. you all and always to be heavily rely on that it's quantity just esthetics court agency offices and what men could has it's all it is the simple collecting data n and in case of in and the temporary monitoring have at the provide the body of long range of time time spent about there is a very non this data the debate I you know what From provide the full range of data so based
on the same it it is dangerous or it will it as open data and uh motivated incident Wednesday that we we need to have at
the very important point to when heated although gold standards and that is to the management of the metadata and to visualize the data to compare the each country and these and so we have to watch operate properly footprint of education and from there so node to another and in this example is under the planned output and company name was system and the above to stand the but if I of that is to visualize and usually and re re adding we adding don't mind visualizing the net techniques such as the city's ASC to his own eyes the data and the means to compare these constant and using that this is a tedious based based on this is came that is so be adding that is easiest to on top over to another arch-texture but currently the so opposite should I wouldn't be a separately to implement implemented then the on the implemented this is a serious a visualization the
many many more heat up of any went into the global events but especially is very important so uh in in many cases the the properties it will up 111 in some cases it is is the of sitting there and then is the better pretend that so in case of a but it was key tool mobile or they tend be because they did the 1 dollar 50 almost set and need some comparison purposes we can compare the it's a quantity can easily compare them because the row in his country cross country event so in this city of especially we need all on this is situated there will be some sort of an analyte reasonable country bounded in so in this case is really did the appropriate debate basement from the on that they're all data from the international of organizations so our
scheme used to end include functionality to journal of that is that on metadata management that is a number that relevance is already uh existing ODE there to have the architecture and the 2nd 1 is its your income with you to integrate the people that is that you will be 0 anatase concern for decision support today to continuous at 11 monitoring and 2 are implemented in the 2nd the positive re but the right if you are used players indices z is and by adding adding these 2 articles and we can uh but compare these countries to a population implement Canada uh the status of which countries of of of gender using the had candidate for when the man there is a sort of
bizarre up architectural when there is distinct to ordered that is and in the during would appear in the window in reducing the gender the architecture and there is the more needed to I more post it to remain using their own metadata to many many connected data from the various sources of from either users data often data and then we come
compare that these countries this dataset for the purpose of the law including and and 1 way to handle global of angle we think that that there is some of component can be possible is user interactions and we they then the researcher is perceptually similar popular in that is straining them current status so that each country and make a as a subset so the into the narrative and temporally then narrative structure and also used a special time visualization
that is a simple component to solve the dual of the environment and this is cooperation and then
I sat uh so cleaning animation heatmap isotype using this component to be and in some cases studied put the person could housing policy this is a visualizing cheesecake tasteful courtier there and
the question is what is the party over I pull for housing and courtier so we used to call placement intact and this is the 30 you store it for maintenance and explained narrative attempt template to the design design them on the sphere jointly implemented to implement it to import the diagram the
invisible Claudia at all to by all all of the by all on home we save would essentially be without spending 4 5 0 and 2 minus but in case of the metropolitan area we need them we we need use the civil 1 more
time and then the missionaries and they say a agility important explains the data this amendment that in case
of a lot of money so there is some the indicators for
environments that all the and colors that in case of annular beneath it is and that there uh if information Kimmy's net asset and this will be uh so this to some implications from the imaging is interesting its unit that is consistent the U. of others and the the new over
these and there is is the but but clear weighting that each component of the Global AIDS and then and end of the you know some of the money that still In case of you and even as it is Lebanese the solvent always and and the last 2 years of climate change all we want to a source of employment store and of your money's and and either you put you put onto a we want to assume that impressed on the view of 1 isn't that would be what with this this is written good morning but just came in In Tom's over there be need to collect and analyze a confident tend to respond to its parent to all the so there so
but can police unique people evidence and we to have implications for data and pathology In case of although right to the city and cities for all we need
to Major the formal and informal sector the digital using this push information as a primal provided decision support information for the citizen participation and the social the social cultural of unfair and in case in this case is needed to all people and of the social cultural pure light inclusivity and national policy and in the case using the addition especially improved infrastructure that is not from the government agencies or traditional and this came back also from the private sector including officers men and although on governance and capacity and institutional development of positive data between although and and good area and was deposited to data for the NIST international and for municipal finance and local fiscal system improving the transparency and of course accountability by opening a standardization is defined as data and special of things for the financed the the the the and when person 6 suspension of specialist it easy and case of images of this city Paris unit such information can detect all for or expansion of a lot better but the idea that number 6 is very important to the because to we can do more about this throughput is you and also the number 10 also is very important in the cost of the the in the in this case that you need to know that if we provide upper lower housing week we have to detect and at the moment there and this a test uh is is income was at another detention estimate things that important to so In this case of output 6 and tend to be very important to the Jews sufficient information what and
this this is the an energy and as energy is very broad overview but there's a bit of it is some implication from this would be a little and In this interview international variations trying to adapt weighting approach using force forces such as World Bank and that's Lincoln and Institute and to be successful more fruits and college members have to be collaborative In the 2nd more questions you
pretend have to be included to achievable of global unrelated and then such as a player but can be a good example to be used as a monitored of that problem had to develop the father of all players to have to be included in you have to city composite key to equal the rule is you had 17 of october or no so there is still room for participation in Venice the