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QGIS and database based system for managing urban drainage system data

Video in TIB AV-Portal: QGIS and database based system for managing urban drainage system data

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QGIS and database based system for managing urban drainage system data
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Based on QGIS and a database model for management of sewage system data, several tools are being developed for preparation and management of drainage system data and graphical presentation of the simulation results of urban drainage systems. Main focus lies on practical applicability by consultant engineers and the flexibility to connect to different simulation packages. By using one system for data preparation for different simulation packages, a higher efficiency leads to reduced time and costs. The data is stored in a database, either SpatiaLite or POSTGIS. The tools are developed using the database functions because of the high efficiency.
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thank you very much so where our country's Arrhenius through to each other's and that's from Latin where I work only I think 5 images 1 and 2 and so on OK so some of the online name circuit because I work at the University of Applied Sciences that means that 2 universities in often when small that is CEO and fast a feature and the big 1 the RW th were studied 20 years ago and the the University of Applied Sciences more applied so we have this lecturers and professors we have a very small
contact area near contact to the students are different from the big university where all the staff members to the lectures and and then the exercise and all these all these terms come back to the to the students but what I want to presented is not really complicated so that we want to realize Stewart's system data management system which is not a special thing I think some and also doing this with Q is is not very special some uh but uh the reason why I want to tell you about this system which we started to develop this the 2nd point I have to tell you but is that there are some very interesting points
that make the philosophy that we choose to interesting the 1st and the 2nd point we start with the project last week because I'm supported in this project by 2 consulting offices but that is so that the 2 were consulting
offices in non-ferrous failure a and in adjusted off the project is
funded by the National thrombus failure and the government of North and Westphalia sold the consulting offices only have to pay 20 % and then they said well when I only have to pay 20 % then I give you the job to create such a software of the software will be developed under all the rules of open source have
heard the presentation this morning that 1 has to deal that more about how old to really manage the the the and then the rule was how to work create open source software and how development and how to choose the right license so we will have to deal with that also but yeah the IR system I want to
present 1st what's what is the main goal of services to which uh data management system just see here a typical maps and but perhaps have to submit so some some other information for you I have been working for 11 years but in consulting offices pregnant doing practical work with planning of which systems so I know of all the software but that is what I'm teaching now at the University and all the practical problems none of the problem practical problems is that in a consulting offices and that is 1 of the interesting points with the software the software is dedicated to be used in a consulting offices not for example in the authorities that because the the main
goals which is what you want to do with the software is very different but in a consulting the office he will have to work very flexible I come to that point later here you see a typical
map Stewart systems and to form with which you can edit the data and yeah but what do we want to do with the system is a typical work
which appears in the consulting office and I have to to get urban drainage system data from a municipal office which asks us in a consulting office to do the planning to do a simulation of this you just and data to improve the system the calculated designed for example new area are a recreated the system and to read dimension eyes it's so we have to get the data from the municipal office we have to verify we have a preprocessing and then we have to do with the hydraulic assimilation and so he had written for this goal we take external software there are a lot of software apart packages of with which you can do with these huge system can hadronic calculation but 1 well known internationally known as the rest of you and M. software from the United States which is still free but which is not very often used in Germany uh although I find it very interesting I tried it's that some some weeks ago and the results for a good after a simulation of this huge system but uh 1 looks at the results of the analyzes from Prince per plans the opera Prince of map of this year's system produces cross-section salt to work with always but you see here written in black the other points that you can use with our new developed system and the simulation only 1 point here written in light blue is done with an external software appropriate so so well these
are some software packages which are commonly used in Germany but the project will and it seems to be so being mainly but deal with this first one has to next time of the year company members have been in the United States I think 25 or 30 years ago took the and code of S U S W M software from the United States took it to Germany changed it applies applied it to the German situation and then and after some years of of of the of the coat of degree developing the code they mated a commercial software package from that which is so this still used in Germany very often but sometimes you can see that the origins was is seen you'd have them and software package and the other uh software packages that are used in Germany it's is nearly similar not not the same as an that or the packages that I showed you here for packages of the 5th 1 DCS w m but because in consulting officer problem very often is that we don't use only 1 software very often have to use 2 or sometimes also free software packages and this is 1 of the interesting points if you ever and take commercial software very often the software is dedicated to 1 software package he suffer packages have uh a graphical user interface and a lot of functions in the software effective for preparation of the data but is always for this 1 a special software package that this is a disadvantage of this 1
reason why it's a good idea to create as a system but
with which you can do with the same work with different software packages to create a workflow in the office in the consulting office the uh which is not depending on the special simulation software that you use OK different points which are uh the tools that are combined so think the software development develops more and more but tool combining different software packages and to rely on the quality of these packages and the the the part of uh software creation becomes more and more of the art of finding the right of the the core of the the good libraries and the good packages and put them together this is 1 of the very interesting points in open source software because the the number of of of of packages is so huge and and the the number of choices that you have this is so huge and the possibility to combine these but I think it's really good but some of you surprised by databases spatial light and post this term I'm planning to make a switch which 1 do you want the program languages Python some because of its flexibility and because it's included in Cuba's button but what I found in some months ago only is how easy it is in cuba is to create forms that's very really great and I think it would change our philosophy deliberate because of these very easy creation of forms OK perhaps acclimated to the point of yeah but what is the main task what we want to fulfill with our software package data import because very often but with the consulting offices and uh I told to start can't calculation and then they get the data and they always told the data is perfect you don't have to to work verify anything you can start to the calculation and ones and I know and it is wrong by 100 % but and sometimes I tried to do not to accept the data uh that I was offered to uh because sometimes the data exchange Firestone to uh in uh contain all the information that 1 needs sometime it's better to directly contact to the IT department and ask them if they can give you the origin of as much money down sometimes there's is more data included and it's better to take the state and sometimes it's easier to take the stator because very often the data comes in forms of simple tables and to import the table is sometimes easier other then to use the fixed so the data exchange but methods sometimes not always but so if 1 uses duties as the management system it's very easy to import data from any form of that you know that that and that there is an ASCII table data database data are other things there is 1 . 0 mm yeah there is very easy I don't have to tell you a lot of about it so you can integrate a lot of data so if you import for example these Huige system data and want to see the channels and and and all these things and then you uh important background that it's not a problem miscued it's very easy to do that 1 of the goals is to visualize the simulation data but and so yeah database
dies designed now comes 1
interesting point database designed with the can project that's the name of the project to come written there on the top corner the database is very simple they to be the database has a complex structure and in indexation in primary keys and all the things I have put away all these in Q content of the tables are simple that makes them useful for ingenious engineers and all database specialist so if you have a lot of primary keys and so secondary keys and all the things they won't use the data base that at all or most of them some yes but most of them from another point is the functionality and that's an interesting point I think not only for this subject but for a lot of subjects I am a fan of I'm I'm I like very much using this spatial functions in the database and not that's interesting point not the space of functions from the from the is because when I take the step to use the spatial function from the database that I have 2 advantages that is a combination of and spatial functions they have very powerful I have uh I created some other software packages which take a lot of advantage of this combination database and functionality and spatial functionality and databases provide the functionality which is not included in the cube or another cases software that is the indexing so if you combine tables and how of these and you 2 tables and the key combination is very important then you need indexing graphical geographical indexing from sampling posted gives you have the and the the dual index which is and it's very very fast much faster than other methods OK yeah this is due to this is the most important point told about that uh here uh another point is written which I mentioned before that is I want to create a workflow when I work in a consulting office and I can only create a workflow using this huge data and when it when I worked there independently from the simulation package the but some we want also in cukor and software creates the possibility to view results but permanently because it's typical workflow for a consulting engineer is so important the data preparing these simulations and so on and so on uh simulating that means export data from q come into the simulation package and then you the results correct results and but in a few again so for a visit ionization unique longitudinal cross-section for example or what happened at that time visualization of of the flow of water level and and so on and so on and must be very easy so we must work on a click and it's not very difficult to extract the data from the result files from the simulation packages and use them python is there to be the key to the to success so it's an iterative process of and the other with Q gives you get also a lot of other functionality which is very interesting in a typical consultant office plotting the map the of the huge system is a lot of word I and Q now since I think a year or 2 is very powerful in this tried some weeks ago to for example take such template uh which is important to use in consulting offices and and uh this is created with the the typical CAD software out of cut which is very common in Germany exporting this file into SVG file which you can for example and it with the software with the Free Software Inkscape and then imported into stores this as a template and then you have perfect plants I think is very cannot be produced in a better quality of than this for example also in and out of that but yeah this is all the steps of the workflow that you can establish in engineering Office
and this is this is the the the main goal that we have with software what the project starts it has to be finished in 1 in 1 year and the 1st results of the 1st permanent preliminary versions of the software you have to be have to run in the middle of November I promised to the 2 partners and we will see how it works OK thank you very much now I'm free Fourier question few yes No will say what 1 of
the most of so we use it to you about
some of the of you get all this is there has to some I uh at least so if you look at the XML file and it the Iraqis structure can be divided into 2 tables this philosophy behind the XML I sometimes don't understand why the XML structures are getting so complicated because I think it would have been thinking that they would be easier to handle there would not be that the complex well I must admit to the 1st step to import XML files we have the idea some weeks ago will be to take a lot of the stuff that has the maximum then import the data from their work and that with you that but we will we are planning to to well there there are very powerful deposits XML parsers with which you can extract the data so I'm I I'm sure that this would not be a very complex and the only a complex thing will be to understand the the the structure had to have is yes but you also I lose my area of interest is the is the start of the run he had lost the core years or there is and the you have to minimize bias but for the muzzle and I don't I'm not planning to have to work right any assimilation software on our own in because they they also work so far developed the software packages and when I worked in the and the consulting office we and started this simulation package for example which is included in this to make sense it is a single X a file so you could put away all the data we from from a stomach stone in only starts simulation by providing the file and that's the method which we would use if possible but but it's not not really necessary easy work of the turn around time to change the data and you can export once again or synchronized this is very important we want to review and we are sure that the the process changing the data and so on and and very important to the simulation package and then run again serine and and all that must be very fast so it must be must only take some seconds not more than that but it's it is now possible and also sold by importing the data directly into the database from the simulation package he has lot be millions of dollars on sorry that did not and that is that there are but not really reverence for example I it took me some weeks to analyze the database structure for his TermExt on there no working directly a database of fiber database come and so the with the prices Python in the database interface side directly connected to the to the fabric of database so not not really wrapping because rapid makes a distance between between the software and the data much bigger but I haven't done that my mouse come up you use the good things in this this year the problem is the nations from them well not the the 1st that the as far as use that so the you know all even the idea that in and and sorry in of telling them that you don't about it you could have project which is that are that is 1 so the problem the is right you here yeah I heard about that but I haven't looked looked into and the I have to where do a little bit more research for example on Friday there's is another presentation also intruders scientists system data management OK thank you finally thank you