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Collect & Manage Geospatial Data Edits with GeoSHAPE

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Collect & Manage Geospatial Data Edits with GeoSHAPE

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Collect & Manage Geospatial Data Edits with GeoSHAPE
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Syrus Mesdaghi (Prominent Edge LLC)
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but I like to talk about you which
obviously dovetails nicely
into the you get the precision
right that you can hear me and see if we can switch a screen and the acid as and the figures have more questions about you get a specific stuff to preside was hanging around
it and we can answer this so
of switch back think that you have to resort to don't usually can
arise on and see the so this
talk is about as essentially deal with your geospatial data it's would you shape which but it also uses due date and all talk about this will give you a little bit of background 1st 1st of all of my and cofounder of prominent which were a small company we do with GO and stuff like that and we also we known the tech we don't you shape returned results to contributing to Geoghegan everything as well as well I cover since most of you were here in the last part alternative and adjust accordingly but on giving an idea essentially quick takeaways is if you just wanna start using due date on your machine and get going on in this talk will help you essentially you that more than that so that's that's a great thing so and the name of this and a Jew shape was developed the project that was called out and the rope and was renamed to you shape and anything if you good to Jewish and shaped awards and you find all kinds of links to videos etc. you will also find it you you know all the get out repositories and so forth but a quick bite quick idea about you shape is the goal of Jewish it was to streamline collaboration of land use spatial data between distributed partners Wednesday distributed partners think about 2 different organization 2 different groups that are out there not collocated and you need to be able to collaborate between and In the same way as you know I guess it's a distributed version control for textiles due and its distributed version control for geospatial data and that's a backbone essentially was a backward for this project and this project essentially initially funded and unfunded it so it was beyond an internal R&D project for a for balanced and so this became and that's a backbone and have for this project there are are 2 important things where that you have to have free software obviously you want distributed partners you don't want to hinder people with licenses and so for it has to be also open source as so you don't have to deal with export license and things like that and and the primary use case for fiduciary was intended for you know community interfaces and disaster relief and which you know right there you with different countries and so forth and all of this works a great point OK so and they the 1 key thing to do is I want to
focus that the Gabriel mentioned last thought that is that you get is fully functional disconnected so just the same way you have a code repository would get to make a show of hands really quick and you were comfortable with gets as as sovereign alright most literal so that's good so you had the same way and you have a good repository you close it and you could do everything you wanna do this American airplane enough that you can use same thing which you get and when you come back you can do you can community Hadamard you branches you can sync with get hub or and other people you have remotely and so forth and this is a you can already saw this slide but just to you couple of things again so due shape is a collection of things there's a
mobile and these are all you go to Jewish if the org you'll see them and I'll show you how you can get it up and go to a quick but the idea is that there is no duty is a data store for GeoServer in this context the same way you can use close just put all your data posters if you happen to care about the history of your features changing or you vector data changing he can choose to put in and you take instead of you know put everything Judy necessarily and you don't put everything imposes a and the 2 different use cases right sometimes you put stuff in CSV files of the supremum and it imposes these 2 different data stores and they essentially means different means and you can choose to you care about the
history of your data you wanna see who's done edit and what has changed you wanna put things and you and but the idea is to say that they're just data stores in this context sitting behind you server GNU essentially what it music a catalog you can go and show has really quick was the military regional OK transcallosal said you know as most of you guys know edges server it's more of an admin consul right you don't have you're just random users start uploading things to GeoServer server directly because 1st of all the data are usually has to beyond that so you don't have that was easier and upload mechanism you can as easily control your permissions and so forth so Gino fills that gap so sits in front you serve a mix of user friendly and a lot of ways a lot more practical and and then the 3rd unit has a built-in comes with a built-in clients and but that is not mapped so fast funded project would be created we specifically created map close to close the gaps this
fingers crossed would have had to
close gaps between would
you explore the to of the and to close defatting you forward didn't have the time times and so yes so this is the web client when the when installed you shake you get all
of this and ready to go converted and the kids can start using so quick thing about that so In this is then it
was 4 years ago or so we started this singular longer and we rode in the web client where it's based on OpenLayers 3 at the time was an alpha and beta answer based on OpenLayers 3 and also the angular friend in the whole point was all of these are collapsible just take everything
away I don't want judgments of the skin has been taken away by white space and also the the deal you not be so typical GIS free after duplicate gets featuring before I can click on the map regular more intuitive for that matter C. I. clicker and you can click on features and we have photos attached to them this particular image see was attached was forced by the mobile etc. take a photo of an essentially created feature now and what you see here that the data were looking at again just for a 2 and this is again this data could be imposed just or could be and you get out of it doesn't matter due server doesn't care you were playing doesn't care and should so for the most like said that if it is and you did you get extra additional stuff right get your basic functionality obviously is the use of this so quick things real quick of mentioned a couple of things this was closing gaps for G explorer and opens with local 3 angular bootstrap and and also we we embedded in G and nodes so that if you try to install the the standard package in a package you won't get Malcolm by default but in this process you will ever the biggest thing about them is their Geoghegan integration and that was the you know 1 of the most important things for this project and you know again is a quick catalog and think you can you can save max writing GeoServer you don't have saved maps you have your layers you publish your layers but you don't bundled together and have save so Juno this is another gap it helps closely can see when you log in it did you notice as a have 50 players yeah 48 maps it also deals which users you make groups and so forth but OK Click things here but 1st of all next uploading of data very easy and also downloading a really easy and you can manage groups manager uses deceptive your permissions very easily and and who can you can edit and so forth and so then that's mostly just over the years of query on everybody's familiar
regions server it's doing a lot of the heavy lifting behind the scenes and ends up here and it has a lot of data stores 1 of you can choose for that the jury did the alright so quick complements and you again so that data store focused on version control but it is the centralizer the same exact way that get is it is very similar to get heavily influenced by get but it's not yet and it's essentially right and I you know some of the things that has to deal with learning get this version controlling text
files here your version control and essentially features and layers and attributes and so forth so that's the that's really the key and you can this the same way every process closer together produce commits you create your your at it's become commits are you can do you can pull you can push it converges can read basic and clone you can shallow clone can spot close pretty much things you didn't get the can do the injured and so that did key thing is that you can put everything in it and that's perfectly fine but if but if you have a set of data and you don't keep you don't care about tracking is in its history you probably shouldn't put it and the duke it that that it wouldn't go in there but optimize for other reasons and orbiter a mobile app component of the Jewish a chance that a couple of quick things here about it and that skip OK but now that the main parts of the source of the Gabor was talking about anyone of you wants 1 try this where like what I do and you go to due got or you cloned vagrant people you do have a and you set up a little bit of maybe 20 minutes or so and that you'll have a BMI band all show you those Indians and and there are a bunch of components are PM is that Don on the back there FIL put these together use the all face right everything is random and the center of the Sun sent lecture had no and sort of going to and that's and that when do them and then let's go that and I will but I'm IBM's OK so I have fortunately the running still that's period I
will go on and go to and right so I have 1 b and here
but cannot explain what you're looking at I essentially when ineffective folder I cloned the repo from due shape that are or will soon get help but you can get to produce at the clone twice when 1 of them changed IP instead of the default 110 which 1 of the 1 10th a grownup take to 20 minutes or whatever and came up then I went to that
folder again and I do that 168 going and 120
OK did another vigorous so these 2 have are completely separate and of the important because something shortly all I can log in to the so this is
1 then can make inference in this level this is I have to be
enshrined in here and to complete separately and these are completely separate them in
their own separate user GeoNode you gave everything is completely separated and 1 of them could be an entity 1 it could be any laptop right so if you're going to go you want generous platform type thing there is disagreement 1 basically needs you can stand up on your machine code a lot of work have mobile devices talk to your laptop for that matter sync with this and then every now and then you can potentially as sink to a central server the same like you do you would you would get up right you do your work and you can get changes from other
colleagues and and then you can essentially guide to the main repo if if you happen have 1 of the studies income that way so I have to do here let me go a log all right and and
I and this is generally again but I will go to my and maps section
and let's see what there's only a single man and that I believe I only put 1 layer in here so I will open this way OK
alright so bombing happened closes legend phonetic spaces and let's cut and click on the feature here there were 2 of them there so now by selected 1 of them I could zoom in it to get around it have but to get to the juicy part I will click on show history or what is essentially a the history of changes for this particular feature right because click the tournament in short history on the left hand side you have a bunch of them in there and what you see here is in 2014 and 1 or I wanna exercises somewhere as somebody created feature it by the river filled out a bunch of things and other user another user and other user so over time it's been touched many times and and our yellow means it was a modification green means that I was in addition to these these are merged from it's essentially in the same way when you give repositories you do something you go you and that will emerge from it and that's essentially what happens in the and the difference of 2 R so and so let's take a let's take a look here and I want to go and and see but this 2nd person who apparently was about 22 minutes after the 1st person made that feature out what what did they do what what is that of clicking on it it's as anchors commit only has a single feature you could have a candid with 30 features in there but but in most typical use-cases everything the set up in natural you getting 1 cannot time per event it's a task so this is the case in the mobile app and mobile out there in that in order you get your data there you disconnected completely you go from a features added features and so forth and come back and after a lot of edits knew like I wanna sink back to the laptop or whichever and when you point to build make commit with all your changes come in at once as similarly there there's a sequel like workflows or due packages workflows and do the same thing but the GeoPackage set up that Gabriel's mentioned earlier when the cable will replay your changes so even if you are so you can search and make more than 1 commit out of it if it if you want to do that we're so and parts so bad 1 committee here it there is the 1 feature I can do 2 things I can't show the future on map of already there so I will have to do that or I can show the changes in but
what has changed here that if the geometry it's only when I moved the position while fantastic you see what happens these roles and in right now and but the position was change it's the color is different but what I can tell us that will OK the 2 fields here and in the whatever this field was was changed and others spelling correction there was double and and and I just little grab the random features of the remaining years of there's a double in 1 Summary corrected the spelling here and here also who reported also spelling problems so that would get then that's the that's the future so let's go and and there's a feature here that's is sure this is your of good old at Blaine feature in India right sometimes you're like who who is spelled this alright I fell in 2nd year so why can't she'd write is a speech only had there are I think the 2nd commits obviously the 1st Committee uh was had a problem but but in this particular case can say all Santa Domingo for and misspelled and centered on for for apparently some I don't know why that a look at the 1 about it so as suddenly before created that initially and at this user called crisis came back and correct any conceded timestamp as when that particular change was made at the bottom line of that is if you look at a particular feature and let's say many changes have been made to it over time and different people have contributed different parts of that feature right some some would have edited
the geometry and somewhat of its own attributes and if you're looking at the different fields it might really matter to you who was the person who made that has a particular attribute changed because of which organization they were in or whatever the so and so this is essentially
do not differ between 2
single features and display enough so that you can figure a way around it and also the can also do a out of undue change for this is the reverse and this is that when you do revert doesn't disappear forever and you're good to go questions the Colosseum version is any guesses before revert what happens if you revert anything In addition they just supplies the reverse right uh it doesn't
disappear from history but it effectively if when you look at this area data is no longer there so this doesn't say go and and missed completely when the history of life project just as I want that the reverse of this applies the same exact thing happens here OK so so that's that basically a history of the feature when we go and show you the history of the layer by come to later here
and I will just go incidences there is a history by here as well is a completely different right 1 of them and what changed only 2 that feature clicking show history and the layers says show me all the changes ever made any the lake and actually I suppose there we get worked as you know or you get works but you do know it's a repository deaf right so this is filter a while abide by layered other view was filtered by feature so that was the yeah that we have some interesting looking things here but at some point at so that looks like something I would unfortunate that a lot of stuff modified some softening some stuff in and out of if I click on this particular commits and there's a lot that there's a bunch of features added 1 modified and 1 to leave at ends at yeah so that's the idea for that now I have to in here so let's
see what why I body to try to show you this formula
demands make showman
120 here 1 1
10 there OK and I will open up this now so they both had every post the same report was called as you can literally do did clone here you will you close you the the URL it will call in the repository and and those letters have been published all the mass branches of published right now you can make different branches and publishing as a different layer and and and this changes called repository and different brands renders the 2 cases have 2 separate machines and there was 1 repo With this layer that have been showing you know that it's been cloned on both machines bands out what I can do it I can and so you're looking at the 1 machine and the other so let me go on the solar but for so as you can see these 2 layers are identical even though . completely 2 different machines and their there I'm going to go on a creative feature salt say I wanna go feature and I'll put it up here so yeah except the geometry
of the universe some dropdowns this is using you just the scheme that
access the file to to drop downs and so forth and ended the priority is medium this situation is pending you pick your dates and all that stuff and this again this all happens if you just up a little later introduce shape our due server word unit etc. and you can do the separated in American that
so this guy comes up and I have cited feature now here if I was looking at history will say whatever my username is which is currently happening but created and and it's not on this other machine I will go
here and now I had a single that
I go to synchronize on the other 1 thing is that I yeah so
what I have now now the same wages re-poll has every node 1 at 1 of these repose in the 1 machine
points to the other 1 answers as Israel and if I just using it says a you've been saying data which showed up and here is
a completely different machines right now and other things that can happen 0 by the way it again I just got a notification saying a while you were just look at the screen and something has changed actually want to take a 2nd to show this feature if I click on it and it basically says hey somebody a few seconds ago added a feature this notification is kind of actually cheating or what it's doing is that it just every 15 seconds and it gets the top comments on the report and if it realizes it changed it actually runs it get this pretty much does a due date there and it is shown that did he save it in the past 5 minutes somebody added something and removed over so for it just compared to what I was looking at x amount time ago compared to now and you can generate your report you can say hey what has changed in the current state how is it different than it was yesterday but not all the in between changes so it added feature deleted I care about that but what I'm dealing with right now how is difference so this actually generated this vector super convenient way that get by their and as this element to 1 other thing maybe I can cause a conflict here so I'm going to come to this feature that I had I'm going to do an
edit bands I will change the so this the
type to the 1st
item whatever was so the on the on the server it's different it's
missing person I kind of I'm not mistaken but I will if I was now saying this is not a conflict you completely good right how did comply to generate conflict and encode you literally legal changes same lines to 2 different things even if you change the same line code to the same thing that psychotic site that the feature set set an attribute value and I'm going to go and this other and server that that's a lot of work to do it attributes of the changes seen
exacted tribute to a different value so now we both start in the same place there were cloned from just this guy is a
different state disguised different state I change pretty much the same exact line putting quote and equipment you and if I go to do a sink and to say well would you care to
resolve conflicts because 2 different people change the same exact thing to do different things and and and and then here
here you could say what's going on now what changed here you have a 3 the 3 the 3 way death I can see that they might once server used to say decide the other 1 it's all the and I can choose quickly between this or I can change it to that as you do in year 3 3 we merge essentially ends and if you change a geometry the same thing holds attributes same thing holds an idea what that stuff and I will decide what I wanted here and and here's where sure what others as well you know what this person is with the search and rescue team or whatever you're with the local
government there I the change in the name of a street of probably going to to pick that 1 more like to be correct so you could have hundreds of conflicts here but what sort many times you have hundreds of actual conflicts in your going right it's rare elicited some serious uh step on somebody else's stuff and but the out so the idea is that you fix any conflict have here normal you don't have them but once you're done that now I have a new committee that fixes the conflict by doing a distinct and everything so find the parameter and actually you will have problems for a questionnaire to in questions were caught on this 1 of the questions which are assigned you should let them out of