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QGis as a platform: transforming the desktop QGis for tablet use in Flanders fields

Video in TIB AV-Portal: QGis as a platform: transforming the desktop QGis for tablet use in Flanders fields

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QGis as a platform: transforming the desktop QGis for tablet use in Flanders fields
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In this talk we'll take the off-the-shelf QGis you've come to know and love on your desktop and search the limits of customization. We'll transform the standard desktop application to a version tailored for tablet use including a finger-friendly interface, camera integration and full offline editing support with data synchronisation. Taking QGis where no QGis has gone before, we take the theory into Flanders fields. We demonstrate the possibilities of the technology with a use case where QGis is used in the field to assess soil erosion in the hills of Flanders. Thanks to a strong foundation and simple yet powerful customization options, we learn that Qgis can really outperform your expectations, even outside of its (or your?) comfort zone. Bring your boots!
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OK we are go into the 2nd presentation in this Hugues sessions this
time and it's also about taking Q is out into the field and this time it's from Belgium in the going back idea of instruments to act as well as going to tell us how you can transform the Q is desktop into tablets yes I will have some alright welcome everyone let me start by thanking know values still here uh face the Organization for having me and thanks you think thanks to you all for being here and this so version introduction about me and my name is similar to
it's and this is the way it's
pronounced and I'm majestical that's a real bald which is a belgian based IT consultancy firms and I primarily working for the Flemish government which is the part of Belgium uh at the Department deal which stands for databank only confounding we manage and publish all the data about the soil and the subsoil of wonders and reduce only primarily using open-source curious products mostly both induced over added to its spatial light hugest etc. and I do some scripting in between degree these things together and in more or less efficient way and yet the maps and as you might expect and so what do we talk about today and also did a very short introduction about soil erosion just enough so you can follow the case and then we'll jump right into the closer and using judo as a platform and making making it into the tablets user experience and I'll talk a little bit about data synchronization to keep it all work and there sometimes at the end to do a little bit so soil erosion whether that basically is when you feel that ends up on the road which is not what we want and so it goes a variety of problems so measures are needed to how do we go about it and each year the Flemish Government makes a map which classifies each agricultural blocks based on its potential so religion 5th calculated from a model based on digital elevation model etc. so every brought together classification from negligible to very high which is color coded so it goes from green to probabilistically and so each plot to gets the color and based on the classification farmer has a appropriate measures that needs to be taken for example the direction of blowing Institute and now we wouldn't be in a democracy in the former could not file an objection
and so you find the purple fossil relation you origins that he filed an objection and these are not on this in Brussels and they all need to be checked on the field when they're elected or not and this is where the application comes into play so that that an why
did you end up with a prevalence because previously everything was printed out on paper basically in the morning annotated in the field and then read digitized of words which were are 50 fields check but not the 2 thousand feets so why did you choose that was obviously the digital so where we but not remember in longer waste resources printing it and regions fascinating but it adds extra features so we have all maps and data hand at any time for the whole of farmers all files or so you can change planning during the day if you decide to do a lot of things and we have more of maps available than we did when the big rage additionally the the status of cameras so you can take photos of the fields to corroborate your decisions is family offered there should be any doubt about any decisions made and lastly they've got GPS which is very handy in the field to just in the way you are but even at top level it's it interesting to see which side you're on so these are a few
advantages now why did he chose congested builds have to start the atomic application from the basically can you just as is way more than your average everyday desktop just system as you probably know it is a perfect starting point for building custom jets applications and why is that there's a solid base it's been around for a few years has been tested thoroughly and so the basic functionality works and is also available through an API so you can use it in your own custom components which is hugely influenced and secondly it's open source and I wouldn't need to convince you from the fact that this is beneficiary there can act as a source code the only things and clear there's a great community behind it if you have any questions and there are lots of plug-ins already available that you can use and integrating your projects and thirdly it it's a collection of tools languages and toolkits really so if you have a huge installed we did you get all these and other tools that you can use namely of g at all you have your you of but in the future and we don't you can really build anything and you get cross-platform for free says you build your application of fugitive which runs on Windows Linux was it's and and roads a more uh your application does so as well now how do we start building the application 1st and foremost is it's about data really and there others like to think about more interactive applications users think in terms of data and applications are really a means of of working with the data so yeah it's the data is important but so what is data in terms of GIS is the map based on the map is of the utmost importance suggests use it all the time it takes 95 per cent of the screen and you needed to navigate to identify features that do analysis map is really important as a base map we use a topographic map of the energy combined with the sort of things of OpenStreetMap is combined really well openstreetmap has for example the the street names which are not in the graph and we have way more than that so we have imagery imagery is all of us is this is useful in the field student New where you are we have the sort of which basically shows the things you cannot see on the field which is on the ground which is interesting if you need to assess the origin the other water runoff map which is basically a grid uh which shows how the water accumulates when it rains is based on the additional of additional and we have course the potential for
erosion map and not only 1 from this year and only the historic versions deciduous version of the classification we have the Bayes grids where the previous map is calculated from so cover the whole of France and and the previous 1 is calculated based on the books of pollutants of course we have the digital elevation model itself which is color coded from red to blue and it actually changes when you bank or zoom the map so it's always from red to blue or otherwise of what level you wouldn't see the difference between the left and right because the different sources and so of course the parts terror objections in other colors you can easily spot where you need to do all these are in different formats basically every forward to confer a huge is will work because it is huge now
how do make it into a tablet application you can use with your fingers theory is quite simple we want to less things on the screen and the things that remain to be bigger so you can hit them with fingers now how do we go about it but in practice we start removing stuff on the right you can see the thing changed now we moved to Mars that we don't need everything gone we can remove parts of 2 was here the customization option in you just so you can keep only the
buttons we need to remove the panels basically all panels was this work and then we start making things bigger increase the font size which make things more readable With also makes for a lot of downs easier to shit because they have higher because the font size is the same goes for identifies I can get bigger but as a consequence the buttons can lead to so to actually works to which a finger and then we had custom components I will talk about later and that losses make full screen to make it look like it
for when you're using a palette fields you really want the best user experience you can have and this is true for all obligations but even so when you're standing in a field in the mud and it's raining and it's called and so we want the best use of natural user interaction and I believe in this case really the best is no user interaction you want really to do more but but and you will you want 1 button to complete 1 action much maximum do buttons the less but as we need to touch on the last weekend this and so we want to
minimize the noise how do you go about it we make everything available offline because wireless will fail when you're standing in a field at the worst moment so everything is available offline all is a and we have offline editing because there's no point standing somewhere and it will not be able to write your advice secondly the Matthew all the using level so you and zoom in more details appear reason about it gets clearer this is standard Q just functionality we just use a hugely the advantages for the user to the necessary to because certain layers the thirdly and we do all the saving of edits because if you ever something ingest its difficult and 6 steps needed to know how to select the layering need to enable edit mode find the feature added in the added quit exit not could edit mode say again this is a way to do it too difficult if you want to change at all if you change something you want to be so it is about the saving of energy and basically against change something which to everybody 2 words this is part of and lastly you want to get information with 1 touch you know in your data will it might be splits over timetables tables uh you don't want to do to query 10 features to get information 1 but to touch 1 1 single field and get all the information about that field grouped already for and when designing you have to think producer try using it for a single they because they have to use it every day if you join it out of the window by by the way it's not good now is that we know the
principles we can start adding the custom components that make it really free and for tend to use now we start
designing within the context so this is a valid when you take it out of the box you hold it this way it looks great until you want to type something about to keyboard and half of the screen is going which is not what we want and this basically no space left for his useful content so was given this and we turn at 90 degrees which is a lot better because now the key only takes effort of the screen and we have 2 birds left for new things and so we had a tool bar on top with the global functionality like zooming and searching and identifying features and we add the side panel and with the information of specific field you touch and if you get also the contextual buttons linked to this specific field on the side panel on the right the like princess assuming it do it on on the map and now we have the cool stuff which is camera integration if you the camera but on the right hand side of the screen up altogether applications can take pictures of the fields which are automatically linked to the field you're currently looking at the because otherwise later on you will never know which field is on the board when you're done is this close its of dialog with already existing ready to you have to just perceived or cancelation want to cancel God's search so if you did that 2 buttons that to the do boots with the question marking to war against search for former uh by name and so you just type is named research this actually works by using SQL-like full text search capabilities so it actually works it finds what you need and as fast as a search 100 thousand records in milliseconds so it's response of course we have added so if you press and you get another window which is designed to be useful on the left side and less useful on the right side so you can actually slide it over the panel to show more of them out while at and we even had the minimize button on the left side to get it out of the computing because the minimizer button has fallen on screen so we present a new resolution on the left side and it was really complete you know how do I get it back because it's that we had keyword and the edit button doubles as a resource but as can print the but again and there so these are really the detail that make it work and this year we have than another feature i where if you visualizing the the the resistive great you can drop 1 of them on the screen and intellectually alignments to the cells and calculate the average value for it so this is useful if you want to recalculate only 5 minutes left and go skip off to and because I want to tell you this is this is cool tho you you you can actually recalculate the value it should have without some hill in the corner made so fragments and we need to talk about data
synchronization because the some of you might for the elephant in the room now and we have full offline editing spots and we have multiple users under grant and as I said you have for persons on the ground and 1 person in the office and we have also and data and editing so if there's not not making there's something is wrong because this is the perfect recipe for total chaos which is not what we want and so we need to do something about it this is the situation and for debit desktop computer running by by the exact the same code as a maintenance and we have servers sitting around and so we might as well move the elephants to and and add the database become active all uh truly internet which with something called the true Jefferson employing that's what's already available to me by default apples linear an and it's it basically makes the changes appearance server and the conduct of again so we create a single point of truth using this a synchronization by uh it's works with the master table in chess on the server and we have specialized working copies on the client this a number of advantages for us and because on the server there's no extra software or configuration required we could use the same Bush chest database we already had with the same user authentication and permissions the working copy is it's spatial light which is a huge as native format so for singing we do not need to do and important and export 1st because we have data of a few hundred megabytes to take too much time and and people lost the only the data so the differences are being transferred so it's very efficient and fast so the as I said clients can tablets or on the PCs so do your changes and upon the ordered statements to and and that the Office ready for both process and the 1 you have full history available at what level so you can see for each crop who changed what was changed 1 was it changed is perfect when things are unclear rights do it's time for a little bit and I will tried doing thoughts so this is how it
looks like we have that a lot of time on side we can search for a farmer I know rotten filed
a complaint to search we find but we can list
a is running from the external drive in which needs to spin and z all the complaints a file that can take 1 the information about its visualizing the side panel when we can close all this we can zoom into his
complaint we can maybe changed that few so we add these buttons to change the you would just to touch the
button with basically just enables or disables certainly to basically replaces span the much faster and yeah we compress and it may be so as you can see the gravity minimize but here it minimizes
to the the the mid this tiny little thing here burden and maximize but is really close to the close but which is not very handy so we added this button right here to just make a big and so let's say it has sent this to not accept and and the father was tied to field so you write some data here and when it's safe and this 1 input form has validation inside solutions see not not accepted that and it automatically change to green because that's the core had this year so it does some things for users to vote you cannot miss many have validation do you want to end up with the wrong date but normally it should say fostered and this perhaps uh well then again at think whereabouts through the water thank you very much so for this was great the compact city and 1 of those persons who are in the field so carefully what secure fundamental thing
I know there must be a lot of questions here who wants to start we only performance thank you for that presentation and my question is how do you plan to the release some possible if you look to the to the public horrible body of transport currently it's only used internally and others that by 5 persons were observed evidence not published yet and this indicates specifically in this case it is really special is her but I guess indeed some parts of it are reusable and I'm planning to instead of planning to release them this any other questions yeah if if it is harder to to study and so did you ever considered going with the inter monsoonal application mean of the resilience of syllables yet to use for you is already stable enough was wondering why you chose that we have on our freedom in the variable yeah I didn't and that was probably the wrong answer but I I did some some checking before it and have found a lot of projects with you Jensen and would be 1 of them and but then I realized we already have quite a good basis with the standard we we want basically just set of the project and then take it in the field and this is what we do in this kind of cool thank you anyone else who wants to have questions up here and then thank you very much that it was a very great inspiration inspiration