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Using PostGIS in a real advanced way!

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Using PostGIS in a real advanced way!

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Using PostGIS in a real advanced way!
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A lot of people use PostGIS as a basic GIS toolbox, but very few use it in a real advanced way. To progress towards full PostGIS power, we can first make use of advanced native PostGIS functions. Using some extensions related to PostGIS, such as SFCGAL (for 3D data management), PostGIS Raster, PgPointCloud or even the latest pgsql-postal (for address normalization)... Then we can mix PostGIS functions with advanced standardized SQL features provided by PostgreSQL 9.x itself (CTE, Window functions, FDW, join and aggregate pushdowns…). Even better, use PostgreSQL bindings for data analysis languages such as R or Python to create your own dedicated function set, and integrate them into your SQL queries. We conclude this session with perspectives on what the combination between GIS and data science could be.
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I want and welcome for this summer and talk about them procedure is and so the aim of this presentation is to try to give you some some information some most of you to analyze your own visited vision about some inputs GSN which is possible to do and to play with on as you more no its ability examples JS is already in down we use it to and has a beginning and so and just before 2 good to to begin to to address such effects true to remind that on the boat was right on 1 that is on the gradient and uses them and still and always keep and on the future of and that mostly or morally T 2 and history and so there is a lot of fuel future and available on the on the kitchen you really is on and the and the sum of the Deep Impact and the way you are able to write your own inquiry so if there is a estimate the world like can and we know we can use the and now that arise attention so if you on that so I mean well acquainted the we that is the well the Irene and advise you to give loop and to introduce because there we change the way a tool to write queries in some of them are available at the end of something like 5 10 years of the trials of some of the of the quick new just so 1 is a letter writer who came up on them a previous edition of was great and that on December and you have an example to hold on being able to retrieve has several of them in several and enable lived and the broad points related to 1 to 2 different datasets and so on and it's really an something could change the way to write to your query in per query
and 2nd facts of about poses great collaborating on the warm provide several of and extensions the in use and then I know of that 1 shown as the mean there is central Omnimon handling it was the pitch and was on around and became a really easy to use and so on telephone now what and whom provided a lot of different things and extension and such like such
like related to and the use of Plato not as long as which and then so you all know some and functioning status and examples right and you are able to create your own the functions of inside the poles rate and to write them in the European Patent and so to them later in his career on me so that that's the kind of reminder of what we are able to to do with
the CAS this view that is saying that well not able any more to do to make a presentation in kind of and and and to be existing authority to order and as a feature of an ontology is but the latest for example of kind of all know him and so you are able on this 1 to recommending created from other points that that the point set have and during training and no result in a plan directly using a Voronoi and algorithm and others
along with something quite interesting is that ability to to protect restaurants well-to-do during beginning mainly in we've looked upon says that at that point set and the we and the acceptance so within that we are able to work on the consists them and they're and easy compared to create some and the sectors on on Wong will design and so terminologies and on the closest found that the points so it's so was always has on from from the produce or to create an some kind of and no gathering of unknown motion 1 of a
kind of renewing the future our related to traditional as you may have already known as the reasons there was a tree in this section are available on but right now and the reason knew from the treaty t to the producers and we use a from France for example be difference and freely union and then there is
telephone there is a lot of women kind of from future of 82 and compute the distance computed distance between the 2 sink and 1 of this 1 of our related to 2 strains and the insight was worried about the Levenshtein function able to give you information about a distance from and so the distance between the 2 different kind of string you but on your functions so if there is the same same number and string there is distance at all but 2 of you construal did made a relative from it's permutations in injustice restraint Cytisus increase under a family kind of fun was already the same kind of analysis of Patterns a single we use them geometry
if sum of 1 as a function of the code the stones and assumption is able to give you the distance between 2 geometry on the hand this this task we will increase the number has since as geometry which we are at different so the lady is to be able to do so to know and uses the derivatives to different geometry and the closing of to be effect related to this in the future for instance if you to the visit come from Canada from provider for instance and the
question we came up with the Kowloon we could go on and go on with this kind of feature and you a way to tune to add something new by in this kind of analysis and so and if we took an example and undeserving it took some the our so that I know from and from the union in provider into silence is related to the light pollution sold overrated to whom humanity and and the week from that rests on the weekend into the debate is even Grabau or do the information related to and in the light pollution inside of this is a consider the basic during the beginning it was and nobody did that has a restaurant and we have and 68 to true and false vector and tables so at the end up
with a good some from the user and the operations and and and our intersection not from the so that the and then it was unclear arise the 2 shows the the knife additions and more related to the light
and we'll superabundance OpenStreetMap data and then 1 is really a board to into to computer of density and or sorry teachers easier different that area
at this point that has a question is not only is there any way to order to create that has some kind of the correlation between these 2 and this candidate terms I inside the beginning grade and there is of different kind of aggregate functionality to statistics and then there was 1 of them are 82 to correlation and so we a luncheon had beginning correlations among the functions between them as a the light pollution and the you relations and so the point is to see if there is a correlation between the 2 kind of the set and on this 1 of the good some something meaningful hindered them but movement interest which who Kowloon winter and so on and we took another dataset relate to the distance this time to to road and the related to OpenStreetMap and we don't have only here has a population in the city but also on the past 82 and 2 different the different products and in this case we have slightly increases as a correlation and between the 2 is that and that we can see that if we just took the 2 different levels and that addition of OpenStreetMap that we increase and the correlation of indeed because of their raises several of the eurozone we wouldn't have been a bring it in more inside of particular version at this point we
have to recall that this not because there is a kind of correlations and that its mean something there is a lot of correlation couldn't this in nothing so and there is
something there and so know who the matter for us is so that it's only a kind of and have correlation with up no and that's a really in a special so the is and this was in is it cost a similar to correlation especially and coefficient and that means the same basic 2nd squirrel and and them and so it's so which whom to compute the correlation but this time not on the would that affect lake like we do just before we
learned this correlation In days but some and in
special way usually for this kind of thing we just have to switch to in this case it's true love and then the 1 win suddenly use them and not quite weighted according M we've
there is some some kind of can achieve and an animal a wall making them and these are kind of fun the course by users and then that was by the along with 2 and we would be able to analyze them I wouldn't have said
directly as a result in the development of statistical analysis tool and that the reason you're looking implemented in the place and that's only at this point we have to do to find a way to to and make a bridge between the pies I'll and upholstering and there's a
long long the only just arrived there and it is called on account shaft and that and then and so and extensions I'm able to make the link between the between
was patented the accurately key to this this agencies and from from the important by a landscape by and to try and us work so there was a way to made and and the of the could communicate and they sent it affects so I the on the crankshaft towns and the reason and just some kind of a correlation there and ice would just use them for those with the the said that 382 and especially in which version and so was the first one and we use here's a queen 1 hour and now we know that we check it only if there is a direct special around and regression so the future must be in being touched an end user 1 will try to work the retrieval some nearest neighbor rule move around because of sophistication so obviously issue increases the nearest neighbor number obviously a correlation we tend to be true and that's on the axon we only we only good to on and the global or correlation and research indeed if we if
we recall and found
story with this we have that has
its own phonetic tend to move to to reach 1 is so that was achievable correlation of results
and these also common we this was a wall we learned that the sideboard true and made distancing theory and this is the this 1 and this is 1 of the Islamic is a recall 1 it's always this 1 the women women have been able to learn to create a sense of classification and between to kind of that there a 1 well really strangely and so when you could then the old sports and you 1 would be is a lower support and 2 other
research we want our and gets and the freedom display it sounds and in red that position and also that correlation and that in the rules of the World especially in the correlation
and indeed there is a unique and important to learning a correlation between the 2 candidates that states that just means that cell and you can treatment that they are all quite overdue news on the on this at the end the street and there is no law and placed on the wizard different and use them and the variations are related to human so suppose correlated in the EU you could you could do it obviously find on the most potent where there is a less human activity and so this Frodo that only although the and wonder would district of was some are correlated in would say that you
needed to play out we use on was awarded a the from rock as the 1st wanna that has only and the police chief said that and you need them to and this kid there in history and his own as opposed to 2 works in the being fed and end-user warned with the idea here is the key to it and put story with unit of extensions obviously or do that value we live and in being able to get there then and and to put in your own opinion right and that that the is and and this is the cause of the the costs kids up to 1 and the table water to to lunch and to to make sense to use a correlation you query that want to to check and there are common in the internet and had a common way to to create a new functions and have and to know to interactive reasons statistical respect that patent is useful so sorry for
those of you and as some of them to the list of inclusion so them so yeah I mean there's there's fewer than the entitlement acting as a low wages so they are both need to to major we're
seeing the world and the distinctive with on quite interesting is that this situation and his arm and there is some kind of for breach of between 2 kind of community is always the 1st wall now parallel worried it would yeah yes and you 1 or a teacher who and and that the saliency and taken the city and his and the and the Bush communities on a really interesting as bait on 1 of the things that the of patents that the thing else want and it is a brand new and there is quite so something with a relative for energy needs and they all my wife there's a lot of different kind of from pictures are interested in this and that's and maybe not to them that much interested at beginning and you know in GATE so and distancing them from more widely in opens and pure DAS and this is used for a single reason interesting in itself home we are he would to some of user and is a real this new 1 kind of meaning and this is the kind of comes from bridging because of the hourly mean you've always locked in the sensing and quite interestingly enough all this is a critical and and in and they also have really key to on on to the way as they are and is a the men the makes sense this is the use weighted median indeed and is a statistical of expect no more relation and has a special report so there is something to and to invent kingdom in the middle and to their to create a bridge between these 2 from the to the discipline of equipment and that's it